The Cloudcast #289 - Enabling Voice-First Ecosystems
Published February 24, 2017
36 min
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    Aaron talks with Alex Linares (@linaresa, Co-founder & CPO, @VoiceLabsCo) and Terren Peterson (@Terren_in_VA, Alexa Dev Champ, @CapitalOne) about the emerging voice operating system market, driven by products like Amazon Echo/Alexa and Google Assistance, as well as the range of applications and data analysis being built upon these platforms.

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    • Topic 1 - We’ve got two great guests tonight. Adam and Terren, please introduce yourselves and give us some of your backgrounds.
    • Topic 2 - Let’s talk about the “voice-first” market. It’s no longer cool for people to use their telephone for “voice calls”, but talking to computers is an exploding market. Give us the basics.
    • Topic 3 - Terren, you’re an “Alexa Dev Champ”. Give us a sense of what the Alexa skills mean for your work at Capital One? How does this tie into the future of banking or credit cards?
    • Topic 4 - Alex, Voice Labs is focused on the analytics behind these voice services. Can you give us a sense of not only the technology behind your analytics platform, but some of the interesting use-cases companies are able to create with your analytics?
    • Topic 5 - Cloud Computing has completely reshaped the role of IT and how developers interact with resources. How is this voice-first movement going to reshape industries, or open up new industry capabilities?
    • Topic 6 - Many people know the physical devices from Google or Amazon, but these capabilities are being embedded in many other devices. How far will we see the voice-first capabilities expand? (cars, phones, etc.)
    • Topic 7 - What’s the best way for developers to get started with this technology?
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