The Cloudcast #288 - Understanding Public Cloud Spending Trends
Published February 10, 2017
39 min
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    Aaron and Brian talk with Mat Ellis (@matellis, Founder/CEO of @cloudability) about the evolution of public cloud spending, the knowledge level of cloud buyers, how AWS is trending vs. Azure and GCP, the market for Reserved Instances and how companies are beginning to think about Serverless computing.

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    • Topic 1 - Great to have you back on the show. First off, how are things going at Cloudability? We see that Cloudability is now managing the costs of nearly 1/3rd of all AWS usage.
    • Topic 2 - The last time we talked, most of the public clouds did not report revenues, but we’re now seeing that broken out. Give us a high-level view of what’s happening with spending in the public clouds? How has it evolved over the last couple years?
    • Topic 3 - Cloudability has always had a strong focus on AWS, but what are you seeing in the market in terms of demand for Azure, GCP or IBM’s cloud?
    • Topic 4 - Cloudability focuses a lot on not just cost awareness, but helping companies be smart about planning purchases via Reserved Instances. How is the learning curve evolving for the market? Are their secondary markets emerging for Reserved Instances?
    • Topic 5 - Do you get asked a lot by companies to help them compare internal costs vs. public cloud costs?
    • Topic 6 - Let’s talk about “serverless”. How much interest do you hear about that, and what sort of costing questions are people asking?
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