The ServerlessCast #1 - Project Fission
Published January 24, 2017
24 min
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    Brian talks with Madhura Maskasky (@MadhuraMaskasky; Founder/VP of Product @platform9sys) about managing distributed cloud platforms, the evolution from OpenStack to Kubernetes in the market, the demand for Serverless capabilities, Project Fission and the use-cases for Serverless.

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    • Topic 1 - Platform9 has evolved from a hosted OpenStack platform to hosted Kubernetes and Serverless. What trends are you seeing in the market to bring these new offerings to market?
    • Topic 2 - Both containers and new, cloud-native/microservices applications are getting a lot of attention. Do you find customers tying those two trends together, or is adoption somewhat independent?
    • Topic 3 - Let's talk about the serverless offering, Fission. Can you give us the basics of the technology and your thinking behind making it open source?
    • Topic 4 - What are you hearing the market about serverless adoption/interest, and is there a specific set of use-cases that you're initially targeting?
    • Topic 5 - Are the Fission and Kubernetes offerings linked together? If so, I'm curious about how much of a role you see containers and Kubernetes playing in the future of serverless implementations.
    • Topic 6 - Since Fission is open source, do you primarily see if being run on your platform (or a public cloud platform), or do you see a place for serverless application on-premises for customers?
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