The Cloudcast #286 - Balancing Monolithic Apps and Microservices
Published January 13, 2017
37 min
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    Brian talks with Burr Sutter (@burrsutter, Director of Developer Experience @RedHatNews) about the Java application community, how companies are managing their existing applications, how they can ship updates faster and with better quality, and the evolution of microservices in the Java world.

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    • Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us about your background (developer, technologies) and some of the things you’re focused on these days.
    • Topic 2 - You’re well known in the Java community, and the Java community is going through some changes over the last couple of years. Where is Java in it’s evolution from monolithic applications to microservices?
    • Topic 3 - One of the talks you often give is around this concept of “breaking up the monolith” (BUM). Give us the basics of what this means.
    • Topic 4 - For companies that have existing monolithic Java applications, what are some of the basics that are helping them ship faster or creating better quality code? Is this more about evolving middleware technologies or is it more about evolving culture and process?
    • Topic 5 - Let’s talk about microservices in the Java world. There is the Spring framework and elements of the NetFlix OSS tools. Is that the evolution of Java, or are there additional options for companies?
    • Topic 6 - It’s January and everyone would like to get in better shape for the new year. What’s your Java application equivalent for people to eat better and exercise more? Or does everyone need to join the CrossFit of Java?
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