The Cloudcast #281 - Monoliths and Microservices
Published December 13, 2016
32 min
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    Brian talks with Anders Wallgren (@anders_wallgren, CTO of @ElectricCloud) about evolving technology and organizational culture, how to think about monolithic applications in today’s business context, the challenges of microservices, lessons learned from good CI practices, and emerging patterns to evolve existing applications.

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    • Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. We had Sam Fell on about a year ago (Eps. #219) at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015, but it’s good to reconnect with the folks at Electric Cloud. Give us some of your background and focus at Electric Cloud.
    • Topic 2 - I’ve been reading several of your blogs lately about monoliths and microservices and how companies manage transitions. Let’s dig into that a little bit, especially how you frame the evolution process.
    • Topic 3 - I feel like people can talk about DevOps and transformation and lots of other stuff, but if companies can’t do Continuous Integration (CI) well, then a lot of this stuff won’t ever happen. From a technology standpoint, is that the place for companies to start?
    • Topic 4 - We hear many people talk about using the Strangler Pattern for breaking up monoliths, or re-architecting them. Are there other well-known ways to manage these transitions?
    • Topic 5 - Obviously moving to microservices, or just building microservices makes your company a $Billion dollar unicorn, but what are some of the downsides? Not every company does very well as managing high levels of change and distributed-ness.
    • Topic 6 - Can you give us a few examples of companies that have successfully managed a monolith to microservices migration?
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