The Cloudcast #270 - Are Container Standards Forking?
Published October 7, 2016
39 min
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    Brian talks about why there are rumors and discussions in the industry about “forking” docker and other potentially emerging container standards.

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    [NOTE: Towards the end of the show, I got one element incorrect. I mixed-up the OCI and CNCF. OCI is focused on container standards, and Kubernetes and Prometheus are governed under CNCF. The mistake does not materially impact the area of discussion around Topic 4a. Apologies for the mistake.]
    • Topic 1 - Are there standards for containers today?
    • Topic 2 - What is a “fork”, and why would there be talk of a fork for docker containers? What does it mean to “carry patches”?
    • Topic 3 - Why are all of these discussions happening now? What has changed in the container ecosystem?
    • Topic 3a - Where do the container orchestrators (Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm, Nomad, etc.) fit into all these discussions?
    • Topic 3b - Should customers/companies care about all this standards-body or vendor hand-waving?
    • Topic 4 - What’s the difference between OCI (Open Container Initiative) and Docker?
    • Topic 4a - What are OCID and CRI-O?
    • Topic 5 - What does all of this mean going forward?
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