The Cloudcast #269 - Putting Docker in Your Brain
Published September 23, 2016
40 min
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    Brian talks with Nigel Poulton (@nigelpoulton, International Man of Tech Knowledge) about the evolution from VMware to Docker communities, teaching ops/sysadmins about Docker, how to keep up with the faster pace of change and where he sees the Docker/docker ecosystem evolving.

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    Show Notes:
    • Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us who this guy is that keeps popping up in various Docker-related sources of information.
    • Topic 2 - How does a Storage and Virtualization guy get into Docker and containers? We thought Docker was for developers.
    • Topic 3 - Between the book and the training videos, what has been the feedback from people, especially VMware admins (or any I/O Admins) about how they are learning Docker?
    • Topic 3a - How are Ops Admins able to keep up with the pace of change with Docker, especially since they are used to 1yr+ update cycles from VMware, etc.?
    • Topic 4 - Let’s talk about the Docker portfolio and the docker ecosystem. How do you see those two things evolving?
    • Topic 5 - Are you hearing much about Windows and containers?
    • Topic 6 - How do you see the next couple years of this ecosystem, as well as the virtualization ecosystems playing out?
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