The Cloudcast #267 - Microservices Memoirs
Published September 9, 2016
35 min
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    Brian talks with Lachlan Evenson (@LachlanEvenson, Sr. Solutions Architect @Deis) about their journey from a v1 to v2 hybrid cloud, how they created internal “ambassadors” for the cloud, how they better understood developer needs and started the adoption of containers, and how they thought about monoliths, microservices and the use of Kubernetes in their new v2 platform.

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    Show Notes:
    • Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Give us some of your background in building cloud environments.
    • Topic 2 - Prior to this microservices journey, you had already gone through building a v1 cloud, that was very IaaS focused. Talk about the goals of that cloud, as well as the feedback you got from the “customers”, which were internal developers.
    • Topic 3 - Eventually you built a v2 cloud. What was the focus of that effort?
    • Topic 4 - [Culture] “Don’t break up the monoliths”. “Have ambassadors”. “Stay in the success zone”.
    • Topic 5 - [Containers] Talk about how you got developers to embrace containers.
    • Topic 5a - [Opinionated Platform] Many people talk about having an opinionated platform, but they focus on the side that runs the applications (e.g. container orchestration). You focused on being opinionated on the developer pipeline. Tell us why that was so important.
    • Topic 6 - [Consistency of Applications] What are some of the basic things you had to think about with microservices as you had to deal with things like network latency, tracing/logging, etc.?
    • Topic 7 - [Kubernetes] You've been involve in the Kubernetes community since the v1 announcement. Where do you see the community today?
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