The Cloudcast #259 - Multi-Instance vs. Multi-Tenancy in SaaS
Published July 14, 2016
28 min
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    Brian talks with Allan Leinwand (@leinwand, Chief Technology Officer @ServiceNow) about the key characteristics of an “Enterprise Cloud”, why architecture is important for SaaS applications and how customers can achieve high availability in the cloud.

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    • Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us a little bit about your background (lots of interesting companies and roles) and what you’re focused on at ServiceNow today.  [Maybe talk a little about what excites you about Enterprise apps vs. Consumer apps (e.g. Zynga)
    • Topic 2 - Technologists (mostly IT Ops) tend to be drawn to IaaS services because it looks like their current data center and there are lots of moving parts. SaaS (and to some extent PaaS) gets less attention because SaaS is supposed to hide complexity. What are the basics that many companies miss or don’t understand?
    • Topic 3 - You recently wrote a blog about Enterprise Cloud and Multi-Instance vs. Multi-Tenancy. Don’t things like VMs or Containers provide enough abstraction on compute resources?
    • Topic 4 - What are the realities of Security in a Multi-Instance vs. Multi-Tenancy environment, especially as it relates to audit and compliance and potential hacking?
    • Topic 5 - ServiceNow lives at the intersection of ITIL and DevOps - essentially the transition that many companies are trying to make with their applications and operations. How much of these transitions are the tools/platforms vs. people vs. architectures?
    • Topic 6 - What is your guidance to IT teams and developers as they start using the cloud more, or integrating new applications into their business?
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