The Cloudcast #253 - Jumping Inside Complex CI/CD Systems
Published May 24, 2016
21 min
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    Brian talks with Shlomi Ben Haim (@ShlomiBenHaim; CEO of @JFrog) about social software distribution platforms, the challenges of CI/CD systems, how non-tech-centric companies are embracing software cultures and if there are emerging ways to make new software development easier.

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    Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us a little bit about your journey with JFrog over the last 7 or 8 years.
    Topic 1a - For anybody that isn’t familiar with all the things that JFrog brings to market, can you give us the high level overview?
    Topic 2 - There’s lots of talk these days about cloud-native apps and microservices and software eating the world. But I feel like there isn’t enough discussion about getting all that software into production, which is the most important part. How well do companies understand that challenge and what tools are available to help them get better at testing and deploying?
    Topic 3 - Everybody wants to highlight that software delivery can go faster, but it’s a complicated system with lots of inputs and outputs. Let’s talk a little bit about the key areas where companies need controls in that delivery system - either for managing lots of inputs, or managing security, or making sure that updates don’t break too many things in production.
    Topic 4 - There are lots of Silicon Valley customers that discuss and use DevOps because their core business is technology. Can you give us some insights into how this evolution to “every business is a software business” outside of technology-centric companies?
    Topic 5 - Building software is difficult. Are you seeing any trends that show you that there are new ways to make it easiest and more accessible to more companies?

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