The Cloudcast #241 - Technology Trends Outside Silicon Valley
Published March 5, 2016
35 min
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    Aaron and Brian talk with Keith Townsend (@CTOAdvisor) about emerging technology trends, how Enterprises around the world differ from the Bay Area, the organizational challenges of containers, and his CIO/CTO advice for large companies.

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    Topic 1 - Let's talk about your background, community involvement, and in particular your recent move from Consultant to IT practitioner.

    Topic 2 - You stay up to date on most of the modern technologies, but also work in large Enterprise in the Midwest. How different is the Bay Area echo chamber from your view of the world?

    Topic 3 - Let's talk about containers and DevOps. How do you see that fitting into today's IT organizations? What has to change? What won't change?

    Topic 4 - We're seeing more "overlay" technologies in the market, from containers or SDN or aspects of security (we talked to Illumio on Eps.239). How do you see those working in silo'd IT environments? Who pays for them?

    Topic 5 - If you were a CIO, in an industry that's getting more competitive with a digital competitor, how would you start thinking about allocating resources, uplifting (or rehiring) skills, organizational culture, etc.?
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