The Cloudcast #223 - Surprising Facts and Monitoring Docker
Published November 27, 2015
14 min
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    Aaron talks with Ilan Rabinovitch (@irabinovitch, Technical Community & Evangelism @Datadog) at DockerCon EU about his impressions from the Day 1 General Session, 8 Surprising Facts About Real Rocker Adoption, and the practical aspects of actually monitoring Docker at scale and the challenges we face today.

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    Topic 1 - We just left the Day One keynote. Thoughts about the state of Docker and the Docker ecosystem in general?

    Topic 2 - There is a post from Datadog called 8 Surprising Facts About Real Docker Adoption. We’ll have a link in the show notes. It has gotten a lot of attention (was it mentioned in the keynote) and provides some great statistics around Docker. Which facts did you find most surprising as Datadog was developing the post? (For me: Larger Companies are the Early Adopters or the Stickiness of ⅔ that try it, adopt it)

    Topic 3 - Let’s move on to Docker. There is a series of posts Datadog put up about Docker that are worth a read. What are the challenges to monitoring Docker? (short container life, lots of tear up and tear down) You talk about a “Twilight Zone” of monitoring in traditional applicatications that cover the vm and the app but leave the container as a gap. Standard metrics don’t work anymore, What are the new metrics?

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