The Cloudcast #212 - Big Data and Mesos
Published September 4, 2015
28 min
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    Description: Aaron and Nick Weaver (@lynxbat) talk with Derrick Harris (@derrickharris, Senior Research Analyst @mesosphere) about the latest in both the big data and cloud native apps using Mesos.

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    The Data Center Show Podcast
    SCALE Blog

    Topic 1 - Many of us know you for the excellent work you did at GigaOm. How did you end up at Mesosphere and what are you working on these days?

    Topic 2 - You write an excellent publication called “SCALE”, which is focused on large scale data centers and data analytics. What trends or new ideas are really interesting to you these days?

    Topic 3 - Big Data is an area that you’ve covered for a while. The data science skills are really difficult to find. Are you seeing anything that’s making it easier for companies to engage big data technologies?

    Topic 4 - Let’s get back to Mesosphere and Mesos. Is this a technology that we’ll see lots of customers using (large # of customers), or is it a smaller # of customers but with really large usage models?

    Topic 5 - Sometimes we wonder about revenue models for companies that are based on open-source projects. Did you understand this when you were an independent analyst, and how do you view it differently now that you’re at a vendor?

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