The Once and Future Kings of Geeky Podcasts
An informal, drunken and highly-underrated foray into all things geeky. Nathan and Lang are consistently hilarious, witty, and on the cutting edge of nerd culture and wargaming. Their greatest weakness lies within their greatest strength: a tremendous lack of focus. They discuss a huge variety of topics and switch games fairly often and update fairly infrequently nowadays, so they’ve never gathered a huge supporting like the primarily WH40K podcasts out there. But if you want to stay current on wargaming news and enjoy being around gut-splittingly funny folks, this is the show for you. Plus they have some great interviews with authors like Dan Annett. I would very much enjoy a discussion of Warlord Games’s current gaming and modeling range in future shows if Nathan, Lang, and friends ever decide to pull the mic from the stone and take up the mantle of podcast kings once more. Despite the above weaknesses and potential lack of new content, I rate them 5 out of 5 foreskins.
Street Samurai
Yeti Money
I like scotch. I like warhammer. I like this podcast. P.S. One guy drinks white wine out of a box.
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