Sound quality improvements
I love love love the show. I’ve been a fan for years, since Norman Rockwell, and I especially liked Titus the show. I’m just a fan, but the sound quality of your podcast varies so much. I listen in my truck and it’ll get quiet and I’ll turn it up a bit and then it’s like your shove the mic right up to your lips and yell. That’s my one and only critique. Work on the balance of your audio. Aside from that, keep putting out what you feel. We feel it too.
Should just be Titus
A Jester
Bradley isn't funny. At all. The kid isn't either. Would love if this was just Titus, he is hilarious.
What happened? This last episode sounds terrible.
The sound suddenly is low and tinny like it’s recorded in a bathroom. Had to put volume to max and still couldn’t understand half the words. You’ve had audio problems in past never this bad. I love your show but had to stop about ten minutes in. It was bad. Episode 411 is bad as well. What happened to the sound quality? Heard an older episode and it sounded good. Also you have gaps again where you obviously had a video insert but there was dead air on podcast. Please either fix or stop doing video. I listen in car as I drive. I don’t watch a podcast. Thanks guys. The quality improved by leaps this week. Is the sound quality why your guy was fired?
Podcast is ok miss Titus TV show, Thanks for the funny!
It’s okay
I use to listen to this podcast but I started noticing that Titus doesn’t really have an opinion it’s whatever Rachel says that he backs up. Like he can start going in one direction and I’m thinking yea that sounds like his opinion than Rachel will say something and Titus will completely backtrack and forget about his own point and just back up Rachel. It’s kind of annoying. Like at times it’s pretty great but but than shell just have Titus ranting about the same things and I just can’t do it. If you’re a fan of the president you should just stay away from this podcast
Current and funny.
Some may not like hearing truth, or can’t understand how humor works. They both make a great team. The guest that come on are great.
Boring. Not funny
Blahp blahp
If you want to hear a washed up loser that’s been riding coat tails his whole career. Tune in here. Nothing interesting. Nothing original. Relies heavily on his co host and producer.
Lame af. Not funny. Annoying
seagull pup
Dude is a hypocrite and a racist. Go look at his past tweet regarding Asians.
My take on a meme
Some of you have never listened to episode 400 and it really shows. Obviously, anyone who listens to this podcast has listened to the first five minutes of episode 400, but there are some other people who really need to listen up. An articulate and hilarious podcast that makes you think, and brings forward great topics. *Trump voice* It’s so good, one of the best 😂
You two are awesome! Love the podcast!!
I love episode 402
EricL in Portland
I was glad to hear the discussion regarding epilepsy! My niece suffers from debilitating epilepsy. She has a VNS, and it doesn’t always provide a cure. Sadly, there are some federal laws/oversight that doesn’t allow trying cbd peoducts, despite the evidence that it helps. I’d be thrilled to hear you use your clout to encourage support for federal support for the use of cbd. My mother in law uses a product that helps with arthritis, better and cheaper than pharma solutions. Love hearing you both rant every week! Thank you!
It is too funny
I been listening to the the podcast for 2 months my coworker told me about it and it is the funniest podcast I ever heard so if you want to start your day laughing listen to this podcast This guys keep it real
Titus is the Bomb
Not to say that Titus is going to detonate and take out a populated area, but he is dynamite. Titus & Bombshell are an explosive combination that will blow your mind with their insights to the armagedon that awiats us all. Baisically, Team Titus are awesome...and thanks for the laughs. P.S. Interviews with Kathy, Brad, and Richard were fantastic.
Great Show
This is a great podcast, I learn so much about Titus and the nation. I wait all week for this podcast. I love learning more about Titus and his life, this show makes me laugh and cry.
Always fun
Have been listening for quite some time. I have a long commute so I get to listen to the older episodes. Thanks for the laughs and view.
I’ve been listening since the very first episode. Definitely a much needed chuckle every week.
Funny and informative
Love this podcast, well done. Will you be hooking up with a company to offer this on a shirt? “Fight Stupid or Stupid thinks it's right" Been using Harry’s for 6 months now, even use it to shave my head. 👍
Love this podcast
Love this podcast, listening to this podcast gets me through the work day, I have been binge listening for weeks and I can never get enough, every Friday is like Christmas where I get to open the best gift a new episode of Titus podcast, the only thing I don’t like is that it only comes once a week and that all the old episodes aren’t on here just a handful of old ones, keep it going guys, you are the best!!!!!
I miss Titus
I used to be a subscriber, then Titus went off the deep end with “Orange man bad” syndrome... it’s been almost two years and went back and listened to a podcast with Ray... it was nice. I subscribed again.... one episode in and Titus is ranting about Trump again... I want to be entertained, I want facts... I listen to Joe Rogans podcast and although he’s not a fan of Trump, it doesn’t overpower and consume his show... I miss Titus... when he at least looked at both sides good and bad... oh well
Just the Best
Jess Barton
This is the only podcast I listen to. Bombshell and Titus are the best.
Love you guys! Thanks for all the hard work. Now go get those wings, maxi pad!
Great listen!
Titus & Bombshell are awesome! Their live shows are fantastic, and the podcast is wonderful entertainment. I’m working and listening and laughing out loud, it makes time fly. The March 22 podcast with Rachel’s Grandma was wonderful!
Another maxi pad gets its wings!!
Love this show! I wait and listen every week! It’s insightful, with enough wit and intelligence that it’s not just ranting- but with enough stupid and hilarious personal pov that they don’t talk down to the audience! I have been a fan of this podcast for years from early early early on. Bombshell is great and helps keep Titus on the tracks! Keep up the great work guys!!!
Perfect End to a Long Day
I've always been a fan of Christopher Titus. After I downloaded the Podcoin app, I started browsing podcasts and found the Christopher Podcast. As soon as I played the fisrt episode I started laughing! Great to listen to after a long day! Can't wait for more!
Not great
I recently went to one of Titus’s comedy shows and had a great time so I thought I’d check out the podcast. Kinda disappointed, just an echo chamber. Sorry man I like your comedy but but beating dead horses isn’t for me.
I actually don’t use pads...
But far be it from me to deny a maxi pad its wings. Titus is hilarious, I love listening to Rae Rae and Fetus, and the guests he gets are a lot of fun. I also love that he calls out the people who deserve it, to include the ... ahem, “man” who is supposed to be the most powerful man in the U.S. Gonna have to get me a “Fight Stupid” T-shirt.
Trump basher... original. Good job.
Love these guys.
Been listening to the podcast for years and have not had one bad episode. I was a huge fan of Titus before and now I can’t get through my week without Titus, Bombshell, Willy and whoever they have on the podcast.... miss you fetus.
Christopher Titus Podcast IS OUTSTANDING!
Diego Garcia Rocker
Christopher Titus, Bombshell Rae, comedy done right. Do yourself a huge favor, download, subscribe, laugh.
Are used to listen to the show all the time. Now it’s gotten too political. I don’t like the way they make fun of their interns and then turn around and tell you you shouldn’t be a bully to people and that they’re just joking and you are another difference but no one else is joking and you should know the difference. They pick on other comedians for their jokes and they ripped apart President Trump when they have no more material to go to. And I did not vote for Trump. There are other podcast I can make you laugh without making fun of their interns and putting them down. Oh yeah message to the host black voice is the same as blackface you’re still imitating a black person
Love the podcast
Been a fan of Titus’s comedy for many years, and Love is Evol will always be my favorite. Love the Armageddon update, and the cynical nature as that’s always been the MO of the comedy. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep listening!
Always Funny
Consistently Funny
Love this podcast! Consistently funny and informative. Do yourself a favor and follow this podcast. Chris and Rachael are very real and open about their lives and opinions.
Titus, Bombshell, I am very saddened to hear about your loss. I am so sorry. I have been in that situation. I had to hold my dying dog that someone shot. I was very choked up to hear you talk about Abbot. I can tell what he meant to you. We love you guys, keep pushing on.
Hate Dennis
Lil pee pee’s sign off needs to be “shake-squirt”
If you’re normal the crowd will accept you
Sophia Handcuffs
Been a fan since I stumbled across 5th Annual End of the World Tour special on Comedy Central (Which an ex forced me to turn — that was a red flag). Love the podcast. I’m the world’s oldest 32 year old so it took me a long time to get into listening but it makes the workday a lot more enjoyable. Seriously love everything y’all do — and Rae’s the funniest.
I loved the show Titus so I checked out his podcast and love it. I may not agree with everything said but that’s what makes it great the difference of opinions. Some episodes I agree with him and bombshell and fetus. Other times completely disagree.
Podcast Booty Call!!
😂🤣 I didn’t hear anything past “podcast booty call”!! I love you people 💖 Thank you for being in my ear holes every Friday!!
How much does your soul weigh?
Glory of the Lord
1... 2... 3... DENNIS!!!! Smart and funny podcast. Get a good laugh on my way to work inthe morning with this podcast! Although Dennis needs to go
Hey guys, check me out!
The Death of Dennis!!☠️
Alry Wellington
Do you need help to Kill him? I volunteer!! Down with that annoying Tard in yo head PLEASE! One love👍🏼
I want more Dennis
So glad I found this show. Wish it was on more than once a week
Love it!
Your podcast is awesome but when are you coming to Hawaii to do a show?
Free Titus!
I listen to Titus podcast regularly, it brightens my day when it comes out on Friday. I live a ways from his tour stops so I love having this podcast. It’s like being able to stalk him and not have to worry about a restraining order! That is a joke. But seriously, love bombshell, love Titus, miss fetus, and pretty on the fence with Dennis, but overall great podcast. Always makes me laugh.
Love the podcast ... thoroughly enjoy it. Definitely enjoy it when "Dennis" shows up. If he gets booted, at least do a separate 15-20 minute podcast featuring him for those of us who like him.
One of the best podcasts (sans Dennis)
Thus used to be one of my favorite podcasts. Ever since Titus started doing his “Dennis” character, I couldn’t listen any more. If he ever stops doing “Dennis”, I’ll start listening to the entire episode and give it five stars.
Love it! Thanks
I love this podcast. I look forward to it every week. I vote to keep Dennis. He's so funny.
Awesome podcast
So many things to say. Funny, and at others just straight to the bone serious. It can be engaging or irreverent but always interesting. Not many funny people can challenge you the way they can but be welcoming at the same time. Great show!
The cure to road rage
I’ve been traveling a lot for my job and was in need of something different to listen to on the road. I am a huge fan of Titus’ comedy specials so I thought I’d give the podcasts a try. I listened to the podcasts from August 3 & 10 (2018) and the podcasts gave me about two hours of bliss that helped me forget the grind, anger, and frustration of congested NYS thruway traffic. I am hooked and will definitely be listening to more of the Titus broadcasts in the future. I love the way Titus can paint a picture with his stories and to give his audience a better understanding of current events and issues. I actually loved the way he and the bombshell “Tickets” herself would get off topic and talk a bit about other things because it shows a different side of Titus that you don’t really get to see in his specials or when you see him live at a comedy club. The podcasts are so down to earth it almost felt like I was having a conversation with them even though all I was doing was driving and listening. The discussions were really insightful and as always I am glad to hear the extent of research Titus does to write jokes and these podcasts. The cherry on top of the podcasts was getting to hear Tickets reading funny news headlines and all the nicknames Titus had for Trump. Since I am new to the listening to podcasts game and have no idea if it’s been a topic yet... I would love to hear Titus’ take on topics like climate change and how the current political climate has been trying to dismantle certain programs and laws pertaining to climate change, endangered species, medical science, etc. I don’t know if he has done a lot of research into it but it’s a discussion as a fan I would love to hear. Thank you Titus for continuing to be a voice of reason in this crazy world.
Download this now
Giving a maxi pad it's wings. I've been listening for several years and it never disappoints. My personal favorite part are the new stories and of course the German accent. If you want a good laugh, download the How to buy a car podcast.
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