Fetus' Favorite Armageddon Updates
Published March 2, 2018
75 min
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    While Titus and Bombshell go on tour Fetus is surprisingly given control of the Titus Podcast.  With this newfound power he picks out his favorite Armageddon Updates over the years for all of you to enjoy.  For specific episodes check out the timestamps below:

    [00:01:24] Candidates and Daddy Issues
    [00:05:19] The Gun Podcast
    [00:09:00] Hate Cast
    [00:13:30] Speed Saves, Slow Kills
    [00:18:20] Oscar Podcast 2013
    [00:22:17] Christmas and The Year In Review
    [00:25:00] Smells like Somebody's Putin
    [00:28:10] ARMAGEDDON PICNIC
    [00:32:00] Support the Troops! ...yeah right.
    [00:38:50] GRANDMA GETS A NEW CAR!
    [00:42:50] Stand Up or Die!
    [00:46:40] The Death of Willie "Jello" Johnson
    [00:50:15] STAR WARS IS RACIST!
    [00:54:00] Why are we so Dumb?
    [00:58:45] If you don't like Prince you don't like sex
    [01:03:00] THE VCR INCIDENT, A FABLE.
    [01:07:00] Chill Whitey Chill...
    [01:12:00] Take a Vacation or Get Cancer

    Fight stupid or stupid thinks it's right!


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