Woke tripe
Gave it a try for a few episodes suffered through their competitive discourse but they totally lost me and surrendered any chance credibility when they blathered on and on about how they “own” their whiteness and racism. They couldn't say enough about the rag white fragility and anti racism and we need to have these discussions with our children.
I love 555
Thank you Todd for insisting on this episode! It was exactly what I needed. I have been listening to Zen Parenting off and on for a number of years. Every time I start up again I wonder why I stopped listening in the first place! I love everything about your podcast. Thanks for being there for me!!!
fantastic podcast
Allie Boh
This podcast has helped me so much with my parenting style. I feel so peaceful after each listen
Helping me through this very unusual time!!
I started listening to Todd and Cathy about a year ago when I found myself in depression and anxieties because motherhood just felt so unnatural for me. Todd and Cathy have made me laugh so hard with their humor and light-hearted conversation, and also cry because I finally felt like I was not alone in this. They’re insightful, authentic and non-judgemental. It just so happened that I decided to join their third podcast Team Zen right before Safer at home was ordered in California, and they decided to do more talks during this time! This support group and community led by Todd and Cathy makes you feel heard and seen. Encourages everyone to do our own work with empathy and resources. Can’t recommend this podcast enough!
Very Helpful
I really enjoy the consciousness conversation and the willingness to be open to learn.
Do yourself a favor and listen!
AbbyB 4
I have been listening to Todd and Cathy for over a year and I swear it has been the number one reason for my personal growth as a human, wife and mother. I turn on one of the episodes and the beginning jingle and Todd’s voice starting the show instantly puts me in my much needed headspace. I have become more self aware, mindful, considerate, and overall a better person. Great job guys! Keep trucking!
So relevant and respectful
I am pretty hooked on this podcast. I love how Todd and Cathy model respect when they talk to each other, and take time to use current and thoughtful language to discuss important issues. I have a five-month-old son, and enjoy this as a break from all of the baby advice I’m consuming; there are some deep themes in the show for any parent at any stage. I feel like I’m preparing a little for all the talks and challenges we’re going to have down the road, by absorbing these ideas and philosophies now. Thank you! (PS I always hum along when Todd starts the show! Do do do do do-do-doooo!)
Todd and Cathy podcast re: loneliness of men
I’ve heard it said, “women connect face to face, while men connect shoulder to shoulder.” Usually men talk about things over activities 👍
Refreshing and enlightening
I appreciate that Todd and Cathy keep it clean while relaying such valuable information. Because the show is clean I don't worry about my kids dropping by while I'm listening. I enjoy listening while I do weekly food prep and Todd and Cathy keep my family first in my mind while I'm preparing food to nourish their bodies!
Listen up!
A dj love
Cathy and Todd are just great! You will finish each podcast having learned something new.
Really enjoy this podcast!!
I've been listening to this podcast pretty regularly for almost 3 years! I live in AZ, I have 5 kiddos, my oldest is 8 and my youngest is 8 months. I cant quite put my finger on why I think this is so good... the topics they discuss are relevant, I enjoy the way they communicate with eachother, they have kids that span from elementary to highschool- I like that they dont focus on parenting tips and advice. For me- the've opened my eyes to topics I think about but have yet to take a deeper dive. They have influenced the books Ive read and the way I think about being a citizen, a parent and woman.
It’s okay.
Starz and Angels
There has been some really good episodes but a lot of times they fall into couple bickering which even though that is reality it can be discouraging and the antithesis of zen. I think people seek this kind of show because they are suffering as a parent or in their marriage. Only white people would perceive their reality as zen which is rooted in enlightenment but they are far from it. They also talk about things that are completely irrelevant and take so long to get to the point. Like who cares about movie stars. Isn’t that part of the problem of constantly comparing ourselves to Hollywood? These people have built a shrine to that ideology.
High vibrations!
Gabe MN
You know that feeling you get when you read a book and every page you open up resonates with something you have always felt but not realized? That’s what I get from every episode of ZPR. Cathy and Todd are at a high level of consciousness and can help raise yours by listening. 👍🏽👍🏽
Informative, supportive and non judgmental
I recently discovered this podcast and I like it a lot. They provide information and share studies. They also are transparent with their own ways of parenting at your best and without perfection. You can identify easily as a parent. They also talk about working on ourselves to master our response.
Where have Todd and Cathy been all my life?
This is the podcast I wish I had stumbled across 8 years ago when I became a parent. The discussion and guidance has been just what I needed. I always questioned the way I was raised and didn’t want to do it the same way, nor did I want to reinvent the wheel. Listening to Zen Parenting Radio helps me commit to being my best self, and gives me the focus I need as a parent.
Love these two
thank you podcasts
I get so much from this podcast. Two loving people, who also love each other, having hard conversations and sharing their knowledge. Great one for parents of girls!
Connects on multiple levels
Thank you for your valuable and insightful show. You both compliment each other so well and love all of the practical and down to eart advice.
Almost as helpful as breathing
Holly in AZ
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years off and on. Sometimes I go without it for months and every time I come back I’m so thankful I did. The parenting advice is incredible but the human advice lifts me from my core - and usually when I need it most. Cathy and Todd provide an invaluable service by just using their voices, their words, their hearts. By being themselves - their true selves - they allow me to find my true being....and I’m sure so many others as well. Thank you Zen Parenting Radio - you are a true gift.
Heartfelt Thanks
My only solace in just recently finding this podcast is that I can listen to older recordings throughout the week. Cathy and Todd put language to feeling: every episode taps into self-awareness and channels it into authentic practice. I love this podcast.
Funny, Practical, Inspirational
Love Todd & Cathy. They always bring to the table terrific advice on how to be a better parent and a better person. They compliment each other very well; they're funny; they're down to earth; they give real practical advice AND feel-good spiritual inspiration!! I feel grateful to get an hour with them once a week through their podcast!
A treat and a treasure
This podcast has become a weekly treat for me. I always come away having learned something valuable and with a feeling of positive energy. Todd and Cathy share meaningful insights and nuanced framing on a variety of interesting topics. It feels like I have made two like-minded friends. As a mother of a toddler and twin infants, that feeling of being in community is a real treasure.
Keep on Truckin
Todd and Kathy, I've been listening to you since Nov 2016 (when I left my abusive spouse while pregnant with our only child) and have gone back and listened to a lot of episodes prior to that. Despite being a loyal listener, I never right reviews. (This is my first to any podcast.) I am directly responding to a review in Ep 5463 which picks on Todd for calling Kathy "sweetie." On behalf of bitter divorce people everywhere, let's set the record straight: Using a pet name for your spouse because you genuinely love them is not a problem, it's a goal to which so many can aspire. Your kind open discussions with one another have reminded me why I was not where I belonged. It's reassuring to hear a REAL couple take on life in an open grateful way that embraces each other and grows together. If ever I find myself in another relationship, it will be one with which I am with someone who honors ME as you both honor each other. NEVER stop being you because an ornery curmudgeon found fault with your style of communication. Keep inspiring us. I for one certainly need it. I know I'm not the only one.
I am their target audience!
As a new mother and voracious podcast listener, I am so happy to have found Todd and Cathy and their Zen Parenting Radio podcast! I had a difficult time finding a podcast that resonated with my new motherhood "hat" while maintaining my deep need for self-development. Then I found Zen Parenting Radio and it has checked both of those boxes, and gave me some new pieces of information that I didn't even know I needed before I began listening. I am thoroughly enjoying the way they weave current events with their own trials and tribulations of parenting. I feel like each podcast is tailored to me as I am deeply involved with today's political climate, but they give me hope as to how to navigate this landscape without losing myself or becoming too disheartened. Thank you Todd and Cathy for giving me a podcast that feels absolutely tailored to me! I look forward to learning and growing both as a parent and a person with your guidance every week!
Kaiser Soso
It's not for me Sweetie. Too annoying Sweetie. The guy comes across as very strange and disingenuous with his stories and odd demeanor.
Finding space
This podcast has helped me tremendously. I have learned a great deal about how to stay connected to my 4 children and especially my husband. I find the podcasts from the earlier years the most valuable because they are more focused on parenting and family.
I laugh! I cry!
Keep the movie clips coming, Todd! Zen Parenting Radio is fun, honest, and warm. It helps me to remember to bring my best self over and over again.
6 stars
Vanessa Janek
Margaret Mead once said "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." And honest to goodness, Cathy and Todd Adams are spearheading one such small group. Zen Parenting Radio isn't just a podcast about parenting—it's a podcast about living, and about challenging ourselves to become the empathic, connected, and clear-headed people (and parents) we all want to be. Listening to ZPR never fails to make me "feel outstanding," both as a mom and as a human being. It's my go-to podcast for any mood: happy, sad, annoyed, introspective, or just in search of a good laugh or reference to pop culture. Cathy and Todd deliver impactful, thought-provoking, and universally applicable topics every week in a conversational style that is as fun and easy to listen to as it is wise. And the archives are a gift that just keeps on giving. I can't say enough good things about it. Love, love, love this podcast!
Love, love, love
I just want to say how much I love your show. I get off track, but when I finally (again) find the time to listen and it seems like you're speaking to me. Just me. Yet somehow I realize by the end of the podcast that there's a whole tribe available to me too. Thank you for all that you do. You're passion, wisdom, honesty is making the world a better place.
Love it!
Love listening to this couple. So much respect for their style and the guests they bring on.
Not just for Parents!!
Being a parent of young children is what first made me tune into this podcast, but a year later I keep tuning in for their sound wisdom on how to be a good human being, to grow, and to have healthy relationships. This podcast is definitely not just for parents. Expect a lot of talk about current events and pop-culture references.
Thank you
Cathy and Todd: My wife and I have been listening to you both every week for the past 18 months and appreciate all that you share on your podcast. It seems like every topic you speak to is what we are going through in our lives especially as it relates to raising children. It has been very helpful to know that life is messy but we are able to make the best of it. Continue the great work, we will be listening. Sincerely your loyal listener and tribe member, Scot Vienna, VA
Good for the soul
WNC Sarah
I've been listening to this pocast for about 6 months and it has quickly become one of my favorites. I really value Todd and Cathy's down-to-earth, accessible style and practical, loving guidance. I initially tuned in to find parenting inspiration (I have two young kids), but found so much more - including inspiration for how to be a better, more self-aware human being. Episodes cover a diversity of topics that are relevant to anyone, even if you don't have children. Thank you, Todd and Cathy, for your humor, wisdom, and authenticity.
Let’s help spread the word <3
So I’ve been listening to these podcasts for a little while now but the most recent episode (#441) really touched me. I felt like after listening to it, it was now my duty to write a review in hopes that more people would learn about Zen Parenting Radio. The hosts, Todd & Cathy are so down to earth and make you feel like they are close friends with you. This particular episode, they had a guest that needed a liver transplant and I felt myself tearing up several times. I truly pray that he finds peace & happiness and I continue to trust that his highest & best good is divinely unfolding. God is good. Namaste
💙 from Colorado
Todd and Kathy I’ve religiously (and spiritually😉) listened to you both for years and I consider you my inner guide to parenting, self-awareness and just great informational nuggets about spirituality and mindfulness practices. We listen and love all the same peeps so it feels like home to me. Thanks for all the goodness you put out into the big world...keep on truckin’ Desi from CO
Centered and Grounded
Amy Rose in Kansas City
I get so many helpful suggestions from Todd and Cathy about marriage and parenting. My weekly dose of Zen Parenting Radio keeps me centered and grounded. I send all of my friends here when they are struggling.
Best podcast I’ve found yet
I feel so fulfilled,informed, and inspired to be a better parent after every single podcast. I really love it. I also share it with everyone I know! Thank you Todd and Cathy
Love Zen Parenting Radio! Always come away w/ self-understanding & fabulous insight on my husband & boys.
I love these two! I am a 43 year old stay at home dad, that strives to be a better Father and Partner. After I listen to an episode I feel inspired and have more tools to do so! Thanks guys. Keep on truckin!
The Real Deal in Parenting
Todd and Cathy provide insightful wisdom and guidance on the journey of parenting and deliver it in a easy to listen and fun podcast. They have influenced my family and work. Their experience as professionals and parents is essential listening for anyone looking for a mindful approach to parenting. Thank you for what you do!
Fun format, invaluable words
The laid-back format hosts Todd and Cathy use for their show is disarming and fun. Yet the topics they cover are incredibly important and salient to the daily life of raising kids and being present with ourselves. In an age where everyone want to tell us how to be and what to do, ZPR invites listeners to look to our own inner voice and knowledge.
Love this podcast! So helpful.
I’m a 30 yr old single male with no kids, I’ve learned so much from you, enjoy applying it to life and seeing the many benefits. Thank you!
I can’t get enough!!
I’m binging majorly on your podcast! I began listening to your most recent podcast and quickly fell in love. I’ve now started as far back as iTunes will let me go “11 mistakes I’ve made as a husband”. Love you guys! So many “a-ha” moments, tears and belly laughs listening to you guys! Thank you so much Todd & Cathy! 💙
The best predictor of your well-being is listening to this podcast 😁
These guys are great and listening to them is so grounding. I love their personable uniqueness they bring to their conversations! The take of self awareness being key to all aspects of life is something that’s very important to me. Their discussions are relevant, real, rooted, funny, and engaging. I highly recommend this, even if your not a parent, because like it or not, wether you have kids or not, we’re all parents... at the very least parents of ourselves, and who doesn’t want to get insight on how to relate and parent yourself?
Refreshing and Inspiring
I Love ZPR! It’s not just about parenting but kindness, compassion and being human. Their insights translate to all aspects of life and you get the male and female perspective! Sometimes I’m pretty convinced they have been reading my journal as their discussions directly link to my struggles, concerns and thoughts. Listening to ZPR is comforting and inspiring. Thank you Todd and Cathy for sharing yourselves and making footprints on my heart and soul! Much gratitude.
My favorite podcast
Thank you for all you do, this podcast is truly wonderful and eye opening!! I listen to every minute, each and every week! :)
Jess NH
There is just so much meaningful, helpful information. It inspires me to be a better mom and a better, over all, person!!
Zen Parenting is great for even "old" parents!
My children are all young adults now, but I still get so much from Cathy and Todd. Self understanding and awareness helps me help my young adult children navigate their lives. I wish I had this podcast when my children were young, but so happy to have it now. Also,I give Cathy's books as baby gifts - love the last book of essays!
Love Hearing Both Sides
Lovepat in Italy
I'm a looong time listener and an expat mom of a cross cultural, tri-lingual 8 year old. I really appreciate the model Todd and Cathy provide for a healthy, functioning couple who are practicing concicous parenting. It's nice to hear about how you work things out, taking responsibility for your part, and support each other. We don't get to see this very often.
Thumbs up
Very positive
Aha moments!
There is a feeling with Zen Parenting Radio that we're sitting around together once a week having a conversation with Cathy and Todd. We're all living through the same sorts of life experiences, sometimes feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, and sometimes, like in this podcast, rising up out of months of introspection and seeing that we can only really manage our own development. And doesn't that reflect the podcasts intention: that our children will thrive if they have parents who are paying attention to their own growth? Thank you Cathy and Todd!
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