Best. Techno. Podcast. EVER!
Drum Code is quality techno/electronic music. Every episode is chock full of great minimalist drum & base music. That’s what we like! Adam is always in a good mood (which is important for a podcast host/DJ). I like that there’s usually playlists of the music that’s played. Keep up the good work!
For several years I have been into Trance. Still am and always will be. As of about the past year or two, Techno/Tech Trance has been on the rise and I am right there along for the ride. I’ve always heard Adam’s Drumcode is the cream of the crop and its true! Deep, banging, sexy Techno ftw!
Techno Blaster
Great guest mixes by popular DJs around the world and a super DJ name shoutout/ DJ name drop (drumcode live) in the very best part of the podcasts!
20 plus years of quality techno- and tech house with amazing live sets to bring it all into perspective.
The BEST Techno Podcast EVER!
By far the best Techno Podcast I have ever come across and that's saying a lot because I have been around the seen for many, many years! I am almost 15 years Adam's senior but his music keeps me young and keeps me going strong, in my car and especially at the gym. Every episode is top notch unlike some of the other podcast out there that are hit and miss. Keep up the great work! Drumcode For Life!
While the inherent repetiveness doesn't lend to all moods in your day, the implicit, transcendental, and subtle deep vibe will blast through occasionally; and when it does the feeling is energizing. Really good.
Always Amazing!
Oh my God! With every episode, Drumcode keeps getting better! Listening to Drumcode gets me moving! Looking forward to many more episodes!
Top Techno Podcast Available on iTunes
Consisten with new episodes, perfect amount of interaction by Adam who does a great job of describing the set and what is was like to play it live… I can’t listen to anything else when I am at the gym!!! Looking forward to seeing the drum code crew at Enter during WMC!
Tech house to the fullest, mind blowing. Adam and/or his guests never disappoint. This is truly grown man music unlike the rest of the progressive scene that’s gone way mainstream.
Words can't describe
There are no words that can describe how awesome this podcast is. Listen to it and change your life for the better. Days are brighter, your boss is not so bad, your wife looks hotter, your pets are the best, your car is the best ride ever, these are a few of the positive effects that come with this podcast. I think it also cures cancer, but the data hasn't come in yet. Adam Beyer is a god.
Setting a standard
With EDM(uggg hate that term now) all the rage at this moment and most of the podcasts having zero soul and the same tracks played over and over, Adam Beyer will actually take you on a full musical journey. You can imagine him playing his sets over a full night and they are very enjoyable not just a sprint to play the heat of the moment. Every dance fan should listen to this, and you can listen to it any time of the day to feel good about it.
The Best Techno Podcast Around!
Patrick Welch
This is the best, most consistent, highest quality techno podcast around, bar none! If you love excellent techno, this is the place to be! Thanks Adam...
One of the Best Techhouse/Techno podcast out!
This is the bangin' stuff you have been looking everywhere for. Enjoy
If you like deep techno, mixed by masters, subscribe to this
I have been a techno dj for 15 years, and any dj will tell you from trance to house, harstyle to gabber, Drumcode is a staple in your crate. It would be a lie to say that so many EDM producers are not in some way inspired by what goes on at drumcode. Adam Beyer needs to intro , he is as big a star in the techno scene as anyone, drumcode by far sets a huge standard in what is played year to year. If you like it deep, funky, subby , stop , turn up your subs, and get busy right here. Techno never forgets. . .
Good DJs
Drumcode is great for those who love good techno..........IF ur a fan of the label, you should check out ************************************CHRISS VARGAS********************************. He is a well respected dj from NYC. I hope everyone enjoys his music as much as I do
a m a z i n g
It'll Make You A Believer
T Novaa
I always strayed away from listing to sets other then the ones I made weekly; that is until I heard the Drumcode podcast. It is by far the best techno around week after week. There hasn't been a set yet that I didn't like. Keep doing what ur doing Adam.
Techno at it's finest!!!
Haven't seen a review on his show recently, so I'm going to put in my 2 cents. I usually listen to trance and I occassionly will come to Adam Beyer's podcast for my fix. I had no idea at first what I was getting into, but these sets are really satisfying. It's when an occasional live set is thrown in the library is where things really take off. That's when I started listening regularly. If you really appreciate techno then this podcast is for you. I have yet to find one that can match this one.
Thank You!
Pure ear candy! 'Nuff said.
Thank you Adam Beyer!!!
DJ Reverend Ric
Fantastic every time! Great Techno and House or combination there of. You gotta listen to these!!
Consistently great techno/tech house
amazing guest mixes, live mixes, and great studio mixes from Adam Beyer. One of the leading DJ/Producers from the very healthy Sweedish techno scene since the mid 90's. And for those who don't know...Sweedish techno is better than sweedish meatballs, crepes or IKEA.
Best Techno Podcast
There's a lot of great techno podcasts out there but this one is consistently my favorite. Tracks are great, always an available tracklist, and Adam Beyer knows when to chat and when to shut up. I'd give it 6 stars if possible.
Great podcast!
Putting (self-proclaimed #1 dj's) to SHAME
Swedish Steel, Fortified
For those who know, no explanation necessary. Msr. Beyer stands as one of the iconic figures in global techno today and helped redefine the field in the late 1990's with Cari Lekebusch, Joel Mull, Alexi Delano and others from the Kingdom. Drumcode represents the finest in high art electronic compositions. Enter only with an open mind...You'll leave transcended.
Fine Audio!
Very good podcast if you like good techno.
Monkey Knife Fight
Great driving house. Amazing
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