Hated this show
This sounded like an interesting premise. But it took halfway through the show to get to the dating stuff if you'e looking for what the show is supposed to be about. They read the letter and then talk about themselves. So they get waaaay off track. Also I found the very loud, nasal voice of the female and how she communicates to be quite unpleasant and irritating. I listened to the whole episode but wouldn't listen to another one.
I think this show can be quite entertaining and engaging. Jaimy has some wonderful and passionate energy. She seems quite authentic. But two things bother me. First is her husband Eric who seems to be subtly belittling her throughout the show. She will just laugh it off or say, "Oh Eric!.". But his constant but subtle jabs at her (the type he could easily say he was joking or she is just too sensitive) and his smug attitude detract from the show. The second thing I don't like is the constant marketing of theirs and others products. When Jaimy says, "I got a makeover today," you know what is coming next. How about "I got a makeover and on our program notes, I'll provide a link to a really cool (free) site that can help you change your look. Don't mean to be so harsh. Like all daring shows, it is basically opinions but it is a fun listen. Jaimy puts her heart in it. Eric seems as if he has been unwillingly dragged along. It's fun!
An hour of pure entertainment
Real practical advice with an entertaining and humorous edge. The word is that it is "addicting"
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