September 26, 2011
Enix's Dragon Quest series was an ostensibly unremarkable RPG when it first came out in Japan, but it soon swept the nation and is now a guaranteed blockbuster. The series was less loved in America, but those who stuck with it -- like us! -- got just as much enjoyment out of it. Ray Barnholt and Alex Fraioli return for a game-by-game chat of the entire Dragon Quest series, including speculation about its upcoming online sequel, Dragon Quest X. //
December 21, 2010
In December 2000, Sega released Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast. PSO not only brought back a dormant RPG franchise, but it legitimized large-scale online play on game consoles. But after PSO, what else was there? Rather than tackle this in writing on their outdated web site, Crunk Games' Ray Barnholt and certified Phantasy Star nut Alex Fraioli harness the magic of audio to review and reminisce about the Phantasy Star series in the 10 years following PSO. Including making fun of PS Universe. ** ** Artwork: Erin Mehlos
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