Kill Parasites or they will Eat You, August 8, 2019 ONE
Published August 6, 2019
58 min
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    As we state in the headline, Ms. Frank is quite matter of fact.  She says parasites are always eating away at us and the cause for most diseases.  Keep them under control and health and longevity is yours to behold. Barbara tells how growing up with a cow, lots of milk, that was always heated to at least 160 degrees, before drinking. Ayurveda medicine, said to have its genesis in India, has long advocated heating raw milk to kill parasites Demodix parasites cause baldness and live also in the face, eyelids and the eyes. Turpentine was used in her family's heritage, yet at smaller doses than recommended by Dr. Daniels Essential oils are fine to consume internally as long as they are organic, and steam distilled, otherwise not to be used internally A woman calls in to praised Barbara on her work who she diagnosed with breast "cancer" and helped her body totally release it Liver flukes, that Hulda Clark talks about, get into the brain and are the cause of Parkinson's and other brain "disorders" Some emails: Does the Rose Cream that Barbara sells reverse a receding hairline? Can she explain how often her cream should be used to restore a thick head of hair? Docs told a friend that she has calcium nodules in her brain. Dr Daniels described that as parasites surrounded by calcium.Have you ever heard of that and what can be done knarnly joints on his fingers. Could arthritis be caused by parasites? But after doing all that she talks about will the parasites come back ??? Or is there an ongoing protocol What is the shelf life of Barbara's products?  Should we store them in the refrigerator? What is the intended use of the Rose Cream with Copper Peptides compared to the regular rose cream?What would Barbara recommend for helping someone with schizophrenia? What products would be helpful for someone with partial paralysis from a stroke years ago?
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