If you love movies
You’ll love this podcast!
Too Good
Sean Leavelle
Can’t believe how freaking hilarious this show is. Has become my favorite podcast.
Great pod!
So funny! Love the dynamic of the hosts and love the special guests! Give it a listen.
Funny podcast with great guests
Very funny. Helps if you’ve seen the movies they’re reviewing. I got one actually like listening to the live shows.
Skip the live shows
Been listening to this pod since the beginning so I’m keeping the 5 star rating. But the studio shows are 10 times better
This is the best podcast ever! I love Paul, June and Jason so much and think this show is endlessly entertaining. I’ve listened to every episode multiple times and have been to multiple live shows of theirs. HDTGM is the best!!
The best relistening value
This podcast isn't just a podcast, it turns into a way of life. Non-stop entertaining and I can relisten and still laugh just as much as the first time. I hope it never ends.
One of my OG listens
When I started listened to podcasts there were 3 I listened to regularly: SModcast Comedy Bang Bang! How Did This Get Made 8 years later, guess which one I’m still listening to! Phenomenal work. Can’t wait to see a live show one day.
Hours of Pure Delight
I discovered this show when looking for more Nicole Byer content one day. I have been giggling to this show ever since. I have gone to great lengths to listen to all the episodes available because it is well worth it. If you enjoy good humor about bad movies, listen to this immediately! If you love these hosts as well, look at their records and watch what they have been in. It is worth it. Give Jason the babies.
Too many podcasts
I don’t have time to listen to everything I want, and a lot of content I love gets set aside for long periods. But I’ve been with this one since the beginning, and it never falls behind. June, Paul, Jason, and the great guests have gifted me with so many bizarre and wonderfully awful movies I would not have encountered or visited otherwise. And occasionally you get a bizarre story from Paul’s childhood to everyone’s stunned silence. Perfection.
Look forward to it every week
This podcast is how I start my weekend. It’s the best. Hilarious, insightful, perfect for anyone who loves to dissect movies and loves to laugh.
The live shows are the worst!
James Howlett666
This used to be my favorite podcast, now it is terrible and the live shows are unbearable. The Drop Dead Fred episode was particularly painful. It is all literal screaming and yelling over one another. They go over the top to play to the audience, especially Jason. Take it down a notch broh! June used to be great but her politics, which I agree with for the most part, have overshadowed her performance. She can’t see anything funny through her ultra-sensitive political lenses. It is a shame! The early shows were so great. I don’t know who is writing all the 5 star reviews. Friends and family maybe? A bot? Because they seem fake and they are waaaay off base. The show quality is in a hard decline.
Only good if you like funny good podcasts about bad movies
Great, funny, good
Paul asked me to write this review. I’ve only been listening for 6 or 7 years. Would listen again!
The perfect accompaniment to bad movie night
The funniest podcast for sure
Love these guys it's always hilarious I literally have to stop myself from bursting out in laughter at work The only way this could be better is if they did every movie that came out I'd love to hear them pick apart superhero movies and comedies too
Best Movie Podcast, Hands Down
Only listen if you want to laugh so hard you throw your phone at the wall.
The Greatest Podcast of All TIME!!!! TIMe!!! TIme!! Time! time
(With echo effect) All joking aside, this is the greatest, funniest, awesomest, most amazing podcast ever! Watch bad movies! Enjoy this podcast! Listen to the minisodes! Repeat! Also, go see them live if you get the chance!
Ad Astra
This podcast makes my day! I just went and saw the movie Ad Astra and I seriously hope you guys consider doing an episode on that. Love you and keep it up!!!!
Love this podcast
I’m new to the podcasting world. I tried this podcast based on a recommendation from Tessa Bailey, romance author. I have not been disappointed. I’ve been listening for about a month now and listen to almost every previous episode I can find. This podcast cracks me up every time! I highly recommend to any movie lover out there.
Love it
only name i can use
Love the pod cast
Leaving a review for the algorithm. Keep up the good podcasting.
Used to be...
no longer subscribed
The show used to be good, now it’s just nonsense, yelling, screaming and hateful June thinking she’s being snarky.
Give me that baby.
Read the title.
Ideal Coffee Podcast
When I accidentally have too much time before work, I sit and listen to this podcast with a cup of coffee. it is bliss.
Truly the highlight of my day
This show has not only changed how I watch movies and TV, but also made my life better.
Great Advice
So much wonderful practical advice! I always feel motivated after listening to this podcast, which is not an easy feat for me.
My favorite podcast ever!
Been listening to HDTGM for years and each episode is better than the last. I’ve even traveled to Chicago and New York to see them live and they’re the best! Hands down my favorite podcast ever
My Favorite podcast hands down!
This is easily my favorite podcast--and now I've seen so many movies I never would have voluntarily watched! Best podcast!
The Best
Michael lambert 06
I absolutely love hdtgm!! I listen all the time. Please come to Denver soon!!!
June has ruined it
June’s politics have ruined a once funny podcast about good bad movies.
Team Fred all the way baby!
Best podcast ever.
Was great, now political
One of the funniest podcasts around till June started getting political. I care to laugh at bad movies, not get shamed for being a white man.
Drop dead Fred
So much yelling. The girls screaming is so bad. Like an actual argument where louder was better. You never even explained the premise. The two "pro" people were so bad. I'll never listen again. So insane that they have microphones and still yell.
Funny Stuff
I love how this podcast involves participation! I make it a point to watch the movies the week before even though most of the movies are dreadful. Lol.
How did THIS get made?
If you like people talking over each other this is for you
Great show! June is my favorite
I love the show. Paul is funny but June is who always keeps me coming back for more.
June June June June June
SLP Bloomington
An amazing podcast made even better by the lovely June Diane Raphael! Keep asking those questions girl
Please dump June
June does everything she can to make this podcast not funny. Thankfully Jason’s way too funny and transcends that stick in the mud. Paul is also there. June kills the funny at every single opportunity. She wasn’t cast as the “Nottie” because she couldn’t pull off hot after the makeover. Her patriarchy smog bit was a stupid and unnecessary interjection. Jason, if you read this, go solo. Quit carrying these latch-ons on your back.
Beat podcast out there
You can’t get any better then this! You will laugh, you will cry, you will yell out of frustration. Give it a listen, it’s bonkers.
Handjobs From Highschool
Much like handjobs from highschool this podcast is always a good time, and they also make a good album title. Growing up I watched all the movies, including the bad ones. I've continued that tradition throughout my life so I've seen a lot of the movies from the podcast already which also creates a similar feeling of nostalgia that thinking about handjobs from highschool would invoke. The utility of this podcast for me is its ability to make me feel like I'm in a conversation about movies, I for the most part like, while also drowning out the loud open mouth chewing my work neighbor produces throughout the day. In a way Handjobs From Highschool is just a euphemism for the nostalgia we all feel from thinking about those sweet yesteryears. So with that being said thank you all for the handjobs from highschool, five stars. P.p.s. Lookout for my album coming soon. #HandjobsFromHighschool
Could be awesome but 1 male host so annoying
Would be great except the one male host is super annoying, interrupts, yells and talks over everyone. Please Stop dude.
Would’ve given it 5, but Jason Mantzoukas..
I love this podcast so much! One little problem though.. Jason Mantzoukas.. He talks over everyone and yells way too much.. It would be the perfect podcast without him in it, the guy is in love with the sound of his own voice and no one’s opinion matters except for his, the narcissism just astounds me, get over yourself bro. Other than that, June and Paul keep doing what you do, love the podcast when you guys are talking and all the guests that you have on, I always skip forward when Jason starts talking though. Sorry not sorry.. 4 stars!!!
Should be 4 stars but Mantzoukas is awful.
It’s a great podcast, quite funny and interesting to hear certain facts or info on a lot of these movies. I will say, Jason Mantzoukas is extremely annoying. I mean to the point where I wanted to turn it off. He isn’t funny, cannot stop interjecting and try to steal the show. He talks wayyy too much and drags out the most predictable jokes.. it kills any momentum the podcast has.
Consistently amazing. You don’t need to have seen the movies to have an amazing time. Years ago I started with movies I knew, but quickly subscribed and never miss an episode. The live show in Durham recently was awesome! Love Jason, June, and Tall!
So funny! You must listen!
I will be going to a live show and I am SO EXCITED!!!! One of my top three!
I find the show pretty fun...
Le Doinel
...but Paul Scheer’s ads kind of ruin the tone/mood. It’s just depressing to see someone whoring so hard for Heinz and Squarespace. Other podcasters don’t kneel for cash with this much conviction. I feel like I’m listening to BDSM play when Paul starts worshipping the sponsors. Dial it back, man!
Needs a spinoff
Love the show, been listening for years. As a fan of the fast and furious movies, those episodes have been some of my favorites. However, as the quality of the fast and furious series inclines, the less it fits into the parameters of hdtgm, as I think it is pretty obvious how they get made. Therefore I’m suggesting a Hobbs and Shaw style spinoff with June Paul and Jason, along with Adam Scott and Nicole byer just focused on those movies. Keep up the good work
This is difficult to listen to. Everyone talking over each other. No thoughtful discussion. Everyone is just trying to get the laugh over each other.
Best podcast ever
hahn conker
If you like bad movies this show is the bees knees. It you like comedy - bees knees. If you like good things - knees. This show is what is up.
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