Sam is a boomer
Hilarious and Informative
This podcast is hilarious and informative, and since I made it a part of my daily routine I feel great being up to date on the current happenings in the political world and hearing the progressive take on major issues. Sam is a very smart and funny host with always interesting takes on the days news. I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in progressive ideals and political news in general.
Very informative
They entertain the audience with a comedic, intelligent, “true” left perspective without being a snooze fest.
Fact Oriented, Great Sam and Micheal Dynamic
One of my favorite sources of News. Sam and his team never fail in making an entertaining show based on facts. Seder is one of the few progressives that can take the piss out of terrible ideas in a humorous non-offensive way.
Best, fact-based progressive reporting; also 100% consistently ethical
Paul Polito
I’m from the (deep) south: as a liberal (and argumentative/combative guy), I have many “opportunities” to hone my rhetorical/debate skills. I *thought* that I had chops, but the first time I watched Sam - politely - deconstruct some guy or another; it changed my tactics. Calm rebuttal is something new to me, and the effectiveness is stunning. Putting my cash where my mouth is was a no-brainer. And I feel a certain kinship to Mr. Seder, as both a Utilitarian and a Democratic Socialist. Let’s recruit THANOS!
Total crap
0.1/5 stars
Never ending straw man arguments. Also, horribly unfunny.
Left is best
My favorite progressive show. Perfect mix of digestion of the news, interviews with smart interesting guests and fun shenanigans. Just became a member. If you have a friend on the left, recommend this show.
Informative And entertaining. Please don’t stop!
I’m addicted to this show
I found Sam right after Nov 2016 and my husband and I and three Blue Heeler puppers listen religiously. After years of snoozing on NPR and PBS we are awake and plugged in. We have added other great pods to our list through MR like DissidentPeasant, Chapo Traphouse, Redirect, Antifada, Michael Brooks, the Creationist Cat, the Serfs, Eyes Left, Hell of a Way to Die, the Bruenigs, Pod DamnAmerica, Hear the Bern, useful Idiots, Liquid Flannel , Trillbilly Workers Party, Democracy Now, intercepted and the Dig and we learn so much from them All. Sam is our steady and we are so grateful for him and the MR Crew. #Bernie2020
Sam Seder is much funnier when....
Michael Brooks is impersonating him 😂😂😂🤪
This is my 2nd 1 star review of this junk podcast. Will it show up? Probably not.
Likable Bernie Bros
I am not a Bernie Bro and these guys are. But I’m giving 5 stars because I love them anyway. Sam has got to be the most genuinely charming host out there. Emphasis on genuine. He’s real and he’s smart and he’s funny. I learn things and I laugh! Great show.
Sam “pause it” Seder is the best
We could all use a lil more Sam Seder in our lives.
I love tic tic tic. So everyone else can just get over it
Best political podcast
lakers exceptionalism in iowa
You want a truthful honest progressive podcast that’s not smug and condescending then this isn’t the podcast for you Sam doesn’t have time for the jibber jabber
Best political podcast
Most insightful commentary on any media. Amazing command of issues. Funny. Listen. You will not regret it.
The best political podcast
This isn’t the best “left” podcast. It’s just the best political podcast, period. It mixes in-depth analysis with more survey-like daily reporting and opinion. It debunks centrist distortion. It does it all with humor. Thanks, Sam and crew.
Left is best
Left is best.
It’s a win-win
Corey P-T
It’s a win-win-WIN!
Left is Best
Left is Best.
Entertaining but biased. Opinion, not news.
Skeptical Lib
I'm a liberal, and a loyal listener of many years. I listen to Sam Seder & Co. for their depth of knowledge and their occasionally provocative questions, but they leave no room for any opinions that aren't far-left. They are unabashedly pro-Bernie, and never show the generosity of mind to entertain a different point of view. The co-hosts create an echo chamber. They never offer counterpoint to Sam's opinions, and what's worse, I find them extremely irritating. (Michael Brooks, if you're reading: please find yourself a new "funny voice.") You won't find reasonable debate here, just narrow and aggressive leftism.
Far left/bias
Very little room for nonpartisan/moderate views and skews heavily in favor of Burnie sanders. Constantly bash more moderate Democrats and establishment. More opinion than fact.
Truth and Entertainment
I've been a member since day one and I'm definitely the better for it. I ain't no John Doe but I got my new phone to call Sam using their great app. The addition of the AM Quickie shows only increases the value of this podcast.
Foggy N. Ocean
Thought you guys might want to know that, when I try to share an episode of your show to my Facebook political group, I get a message from Facebook that it “goes against their guidelines”. Who knew that they had “guidelines” all of a sudden?
Always enlightening, perennially entertaining. A must-listen for anyone on the Left
Mors Invicta
Shout out to the reviewer below who said, "Don't listen to this show. Try Pod Save America instead." Don't ever change. -E
For people who care about the details
No other political commentator on the Left comes close to matching Sam’s knowledge of crucial policy details, nor his ability to conduct engaging, informative interviews with impossible consistency. Also, it’s probably the most popular show of it’s kind that isn’t afraid to have on Actual Socialists. Five days a week of this stuff, folks.
Lefty deliciousness.
Political, topical + hilarious. Come for the interviews, stay for the Rightwing Mandela fun half.
Desperately needs an editor
The episodes are insanely long, three hours sometimes. But if the huge dead air gaps every few words were edited out, you might have a tidy 45 minute show.
If I could give this zero stars I would
Provides zero evidence for half of his arguments. Usually just tries to incite emotions to make him seem right. Talks in circles and has no idea which way is up.
Captain yum yum
I like Sam but I stopped listening out of annoyance of the woman in the background constantly trying to be heard with an awful fake laugh. Anyone know if she’s still there? If not I might pick it back up again
Top rank political podcast
Excellent show. Probably my favorite political podcast. The level of detail that Sam and team puts into various political issues is a real treasure. I love the honest no frills presentation, and the shear amount of content that is delivered every week. Highly recommended.
Pros & Con
Yahweh abides
AM Quickie: Great show. Informative. The two hosts compliment each other well. There’s only one con. The two times per episode when that god awful “Quicker Quickies” voice sample annoys its way out of my speaker. Makes me want to jam a screw driver in my ear. Please don’t make me jam a screw driver in my ear...
Left is best
A milli28
Hands down best political podcast.
Sam is the best
Period. Stop.
Great Show & Check Out Some More News too!
Sam Seder, Michael Brooks & company put together an informative & entertaining show with heart, grit & pride in every day Americans & world wide humanity at the forefront. We need independent media now more than ever before so support these shows when you can & help build a nation for the people by the people!
Best Political Podacst, period!
This is hands down THE best political analysis from a left / progressive perspective out there, honorable mention to TMBS and gotta shout out Intercepted as well.
Love this podcast
One of my all time favorite podcasts. The 2019 net roots conference episode is essential listening for every progressive. Keep up the great work.
Eleven stars!!
If you’re a human being then progressive policies are mandatory! Sam Seder and Michael Brooks and all of Majority Report deserve the Nobel prize for common sense. Thank you to all of MR for speaking absolute truth to trumpandrathals!
Smug and Condescending
Listening to this show for any length of time is like being forced to talk to an incredibly odious person at a party. Seder and his hang of socialist-friendly contributors ramble continuously about far-left policies through the lens of pedantry and dogmatism. Even for people who consider themselfs on the left of the political spectrum, the content here just isn't worth listening to. Try Pod Save America, The Daily, or The Weeds.
Ugh. I tried hard just now to listen to the show, but it was so slow — slow moving, slow talking, full of pauses, just not keeping my attention — that I am turning it off and leaving this rating. There are a lot of other shows out there that are so much easier to listen to.
Best political show out there
Just Enough Humor
Jesuś de Gordo
To distract you from the 3rd climate scientist in 4 days that comes on to tell us just how bad it’s gonna be. This show is awesome.
Smart & Funny, despite Churchill
Mr. Anthrope
If Churchill was right, that if you're not liberal as a youth you have no heart but if not conservative as an adult you have no head (or brain - I'm freely paraphrasing) then Sam Sedar, et al, may have discovered the fountain of youth. Agree or not, this coterie knows their stuff. While I'm the violent centerist that everyone hates, I find it much easier to deal with leftism with which I may sometime disagree than rightism that seems to dissemble and blissfully glide over the truth (or as I like to call it, "reality") as they see fit. My point is that this show, IMHO, is much more about hashing out positions - often with a heaping helping of humor - than being properly left or unfortunately right. P.S. That they live stream EVERY WEEKDAY on Y Tube would earn a 6th star if 'twere available.
Sam and Jamie are great
Jumpin' Jehoshephat
I would give this show five stars if Michael Brooks wasn’t on it. Sam and Jamie are the best. I listen to Jamie’s podcast too.
Great show
Been listening to MR since the days of Air America Radio when Jeannine Garofalo was Sam’s cohost. The show is as good as it’s always been. Sam is a good political analyst and gives a refreshing perspective to the one from the corporate mainstream media. In addition, Sam regularly books experts in various socio-political and economic topics and asks insightful questions into matters of great importance to all of us, but which get little to no attention in the mainstream media. If you’re simply looking for propaganda, then move along because you won’t find it here. Faux News is just a couple of taps away.
The Best Show Besides the Best Show
Long Tine listener. first Time reviewer. Smart, savvy and funny political and cultural commentary, interviews and conversation of the current state of affairs.
Not independent don’t fall for the description.
Don’t claim to be independent if your not going to be independent. Republicans didn’t brainwash their voters to vote for Trump just like democrats didn’t brainwash their voters to vote for Hillary. What a joke.
probably the best and most frequent-posting progressive podcast out there with a well educated team spanning all across the left
Topics 5 - Presentation 2
What Dem wouldn’t love these topics? However, this crew needs to cut the fluffy talk, verbal pauses & excess subjectivity. If we are all gathered around some fire pit getting high, the uhhhs, umms, diversions and excess laughter would fly. Not on a podcast. How about more informed debate rather than all the speculation & side chatter. “Less is more.”
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