Makes it more enjoyable to be a Jazz fan
I love driving around and listening to the great insight and analysis David provides. I'm just 21 years old and plan to listen to this podcast for years to come!
Can I give 6/5 stars?
As a life long Jazz fan who moved to Texas three years ago, this has been the best place for me to feel connected to the team we all love. I look forward to my commutes from work now! I hope I can one day try the mudslide it really that good? Go Jazz and let’s bring home a championship! Thanks Locke for your passion, you fuel mine too! (Also thanks for buying the new mic, and more interviews with Boller would be cool!!)
Have some hype for dessert!
Locke's podcasts were an entertaining hype-rich bridge between the 2018 and 2019 seasons...before the crushing reality of tha Jazz having too many defensive liabilities fully curbs all optimism.
Helps me connect in Texas
Lived in Utah for the first 12 years of my life and been a jazz fan my whole life. David Locke puts on an incredible show that allows me to feel more connected to the jazz family. Keep the numbers coming.
Locke is a lock
This guy has analytical abilities others dream about. Thanks for the incredible analysis! THE place to listen for true Jazz fans.
Nerdy Stats Show 100%
Love the stats and in-depth dive David does on this show! I have become a huge Jazz fan since moving here and am loving all that I can get about them! So pumped for this upcoming year and getting a chance to watch and listen to David on here and on the radio! His enthusiasm is contagious and I appreciate his willingness to temper expectations or to just acknowledge something that he thinks is wrong with the team and help us feel like we are a part of the team! Keep it rolling David!
I love the passion and information that you give. Keep it up
Great Podcast
I love listening to this podcast. Very insightful and always backs up his points with numbers. Great work!
Thanks and Sorry Locke
Thanks for putting on the best sports podcast that exists! I truly don’t think there is a better podcast out there for any sport and for any team! Keep up the good work! Secondly, David, I walked by you as you were pulling into the arena for the Portland game. I didn’t want to bother you and run up to your car. I was trying not be “that guy” but I did want to show you some jazz fan love so I guess this is the next best thing! GO JAZZ!
Best Utah Jazz Podcast
When we hit 1000 5 star reviews Bogdanović will find his shot. #TakeNote But seriously, I’ve tried out all the Utah Jazz podcast, and I find Locked On Jazz to be the most insightful of them all. David Locke tells it like it is and has data to back it up. I’m also loving the new microphone. I admire his enthusiasm and passion.
Nothing but Jazz, just the way I like it
So appreciative for this podcast so that I can keep up with the Utah Jazz all season and not have to listen to radio hosts trying to be funny. David gives realistic expectations using statistics.
The one listener from Nebraska
Locked on Jazz makes staying up to date with the team extremely easy and has really changed how I view the game of basketball. I have been listening for two years now and have learned more from 30 minutes a day with Locke than I thought I ever needed. Embracing analytics seems to be the future in all sports and this show really delivers these numbers in digestible portions. Keep up the good work and go Jazz!
Creative use of analytics. A must for basketball nerds.
David is energetic and passionate and does a great job of creating an entertaining and insightful listen about the Jazz and the league as a whole. I think that it is impossible to judge every team in the league fairly based off the “eye test” or by looking at basic metrics, so David does a great job of using analytics to help you understand why teams perform the way they do, especially if you don’t get to watch them regularly. This is my third season listening, and it is just getting better.
Awesome show. Absolutely incredible!
Sev Rhymin
This is easily one of my favorite podcasts! The way David approaches and evaluate the game really works. I’m happy I found this podcast a few years ago. It strengthened my line of the Jazz and introduced me to the world of podcasts.
Been listening straight for 3 months (:
Love the pod. Been listening to the podcast for awhile and love the numbers and your take on the game. Can’t wait for the season to start. Thanks David. P.S. if I’m your 1000th 5 star, hook up a fan with some tickets. (;
I started as a Jazz fan listening to this podcast to fuel my fandom. Over the years I have realized I am a locked on Jazz fan that watches Jazz games to keep up with the podcast. Locke provides detailed analysis of the Jazz. He is a big numbers guy but gives you insight into the human aspect of the player and team. He invests his time into having an unequaled understanding of the team and league.
Fun and interesting!
Trevo G.
Been a long-time Locke listener, was actually the first birthday he announced when he came back to Utah radio. Love the analytical perspective while not being dismissive of the eye test perspective. This is an everyday listen if you are a Jazz fan!
Locke’s energy is infectious and I love it
I’ve listened to Locke on the radio for a long time and now on his Locked on Jazz and larger Locked on NBA since he what I think was 570 back in the day and then of course his time on 1320. What I have always loved about David is his clear love for the game and how that manifests in his work. I’m not sure anyone prepares as hard as David clearly does for his game work and his podcast work and you see this show up in his interviews, when he often surprises some of this guests with info they didn’t know or thoughtful questions they hadn’t considered. Yes he gets deep into stats, which I personally love but I know others maybe just tolerate, but he also produces content that is very accessible and consumable by casual fans. I’m not sure how many of his listeners have spent lots of time living outside of Utah, but we are very fortunate as jazz fans to have someone of his experience and passion creating content for us. There probably aren’t half a dozen guys in the country doing the kind of quality work that David is, and nearly all of those who are, receive a lot of national recognition for it. Honestly, I hope that the Locked On Podcast Network continues to enjoy lots of success and growth because it might be the thing that keeps his work in our market (plus the skiing and biking I hope).
Incredible numbers podcast
Locke’s analysis is incredible. The numbers he focuses on and the passion he has make for a great show.
You gotta love it baby
Auston R
David has made being a Jazz fan so much more enjoyable in the regular season and especially the off-season. He has great insight of the game and makes me think about the game in ways I would never would have thought of before. I wouldn’t mind hearing some two princes in the intro though! Thanks David.
Locke is the GOAT
If you’re a jazz fan, this is the FIRST and (depending on time restraints) the ONLY podcast you should be listening to! I’ve been listening to Locke for years. He has developed what feels like a little family of Jazz fans. We’ve met for morning coffee on YouTube, google+ google hangout, periscope, and Facebook Live. This guy really is amazing! I honestly feel like he’s another father. While we may not agree on everything, I respect the hell out of him! I feel like a proud son when he shows his face on TV. So let me “Break it Down for you” Here are the 4 main reasons to listen: 1. We’re/You’re FAMILY! Locke May not be able to get you to meet Joe Ingles, but he’ll break down his game for you. He’ll also interview him in a way that makes you feel like each of these players are your brothers and Quin Snyder is your old college professor that took you under his wing and still keeps in touch. Locke does touch on some political topics that not everyone agrees with, but as my father (of basketball) it’s to be expected. I do not particularly agree with everything he stands for politically, but I’m not the kind of person to remove people from my life just cause I don’t agree with their political stance. That’s just just stupid! Also, if you meet him at a game, he’s either shy or has a lot of work to do, but he will take a picture with you! Just make sure he wasn’t struck by a shirt launched out of a cannon during the game. 2. His attention to detail is beyond what anyone else can give you. He knows EVERYONE in the basketball universe! He has the best interviews from all the best analytical minds in the NBA. He is the only podcaster that can give you a play by play so well that you feel like you were actually there. Then make you giddy with excitement for the upcoming season while also curbing your enthusiasm with a little dose of reality. 3. Analytics. His deep dive into the analytics will make you go cross eyed, cry with joy, then shed tears of sorrow. He’ll make you yearn for PAAC Friday only to change the name to Points Created cause it’s easier to explain but a lot longer to say. His deep dives will also help you understand why the jazz are good or why they lost on any particular night. Does Locke “geek out”? absolutely but we all do in one way or another. We’re fan(atics)!! 4. Cause I said so, and you’ll be sad if you miss out on this podcast. Also, this review took me forever but I love this podcast so much it deserves time for a good long review.
Listening in Bama
Great Podcast! I try to listen to it every day as I am driving home from work here in Alabama. I like David’s style and have been a fan since before he left Utah the for the Northwest. Keep up the good work.
Phenomenal podcast for Utah Jazz fans
David Locke provides phenomenal insight into the Utah Jazz. I haven’t missed an episode in years. I mostly listen on the bus home from work and I love the mix of stats and stories to make that ride enjoyable.
Love this podcast and our Jazz
David’s podcast was the crutch that got me through the long hot summer. His knowledge of the Jazz and the NBA is second to none. Thank you for the show and for the guests you brought in to entertain us fans! I feel part of something really special!
Keep it rollin Locke!
Love the daily show of a team I love
Great show
Great podcast, numbers don’t lie, and Locke is great with them!
I have always loved this podcast.
I have been a listener from day 1 and love the insight Locke brings everyday. keep up the great work as usual.
Can’t get enough Locked on Jazz!
Must-have Podcast for Jazz Fans
Steve Loveless
I listen on my lunch break every single day. Can’t get enough - great stats, great commentary, unrivaled access to the team. Great work, David!
Great numbers and insight Go Jazz
David is awesome he gives a great podcast and postcast after games. He brings a fresh look on the jazz and brings great relevant content! Thanks David you do a fantastic job!
Listen Everyday
Pete in PHX
David’s podcast is the best thing outside of league pass for a Jazz fan outside of the SLC market. I have really appreciated him keeping me up in the team over the years so I feel like I’m as involved as my friends with season tickets. The only downside is my inability to find a mudslide cookie in Phoenix.
Dose of Jazz action!
Great daily dose of Jazz action. I wish there was a Jazz game everyday, this will have to be second best. Thanks David!
I appreciate the game more than ever before
I'm a born-n-raised diehard Jazz fan since the days of Stockton & Malone. But ever since I started listening to Locked On Jazz, I've been able to appreciate the game at an entirely new level. I now watch each game with a better understanding, so I actually ENJOY watching each game - each play - more than ever before. (Not to mention, this podcast is the only thing that gets me through the offseason and gives me my daily Jazz fix on non-game days.) At this point, I never miss an episode.
Huge Fan of the Jazz and Locked On!
Absolutely love the geeky numbers and the insights provided by Locke! His continuity and closeness to the team allow him a unique perspective that he brings Jazz Nation! Keep doing what you're doing!
Great info, smart info never miss an episode.
I love all the nerdy in depth numbers, I was a casual fan when I started listening about a year ago, now thanks to Locke my friends think I’m a jazz expert!!
Mack Taft Huge Donovan Fan
Mack Taft
I just love all of the information about the Jazz and all of the talk and interviews with the players
Jazz fever!!
Listen every day. Been here since the commercial free coffee siping days. 🙌🏼
Best jazz show out there
cj spida
Best jazz show out there listen very day, continues to exceed expectations and never gets boring
Great insight and perspective
This is the best podcast for stats and in depth review of the the jazz team and games. I have listened to a few of the other team shows because I like the hosts from the Locked on NBA podcast, but, in my opinion, their content is not on the same level as Locke’s. He goes into every episode with well researched topics and is rarely scatterbrained unless he randomly comes up with a good comparison stat that is applicable. I listen at work every day, and love Locke’s breakdown of plays and things he notices in the games that most of us miss. I have criticized his calling of the games on the radio, because of the seemingly obscure stats he brings up during the broadcast, but I love to hear them and the statistical deep dive analysis in the podcast format. Possibly the most impressive accomplishment of this podcast is that he manages to keep it interesting with good content during the off-season when there is very little going on. Locke, unblock me on Twitter, I don’t know why I’m blocked @Jdearden10 !!
Cade Monster
Powered by coffee and mudslide cookies, David brings an energy and love fo Jazz basketball that is second to none. PURE. UNADULTERATED. PASSION!
Great pod!
Locke gets into the weeds in the best way. There’s no better place for you if you care about Bojan’s QSQ or Rudy’s legitimate claim to being a top 10 player in the NBA. Keep up the good work!
Locked on Jazz
Locke always does a phenomenal job providing analysis. He makes the offseason survivable with situational breakdown and opinion of team moves (draft, free agency) and pregame breakdowns.
Awesome podcast
Listen on my commute everyday. Loved the interview with Conley! Keep it up.
Best part of driving to work!
Austin Hafen
My drive to work is so much better with this podcast. It’s apart of my daily routine! My favorite Jazz related podcast!
Best podcast
Best podcast for in depth info on the Jazz. Makes me proud to be a Jazz fan, and David Locke makes me want to pursue a career in NBA broadcasting.
Good to know
The most in depth Jazz info out there. Gotta love David’s excitement! Go Jazz!
Love the geeky numbers!
Best Jazz podcast out there. The geeky numbers and insight make me a better Jazz and basketball fan. Thanks for all the preparation. Unlike many podcast full of merely opinions, it’s clear you care about your content.
Jazz Fan in OK
I’ve been a Jazz fan for nearly 40 years, but I live in Thunder country. A friend turned me on to Locked on Jazz late last season. I love how this podcast helps me stay connected to my team especially thru the offseason. The inside info, the stats, the interviews, and the postgame wrap ups are awesome. Locked on Jazz has a fan for life deep in Oklahoma territory.
Great podcast!
Such a great podcast! Thanks for making it easy to follow the jazz, especially all summer in the off-season. Also, I stopped by The Store and tried the mudslide cookie. Life changing! Thanks again!
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