I have been benefiting from Albert Mohler’s The Briefing podcast for several years now. It is my go to source for true news delivered from a Christian perspective. Thank you Dr. Mohler! God Bless you.
Interestingly Informative
Dr Mohler does a tremendous job of applying legitimate Christian thinking and biblical principles to the contemporary cultural, political, and social climate.
Point of view
WKS Kevin
This is described as an analysis of events from a Christian point of view. But the podcast is a single voice, and only from his point of view. The notion that a differing point of view is un-Christian, is pretentious and condescending. Not all Christians have the same perspective or opinion.
Giving us a real perspective on the world.
Wretched sinner
We look forward to Dr Mohler sharing with us his current research on topics in the news and around us. Thank you Dr Mohler!
A great source of news
Mr. Mohler provides a balanced view on politics and always points out why Christians should be aware of these issues. This a great podcast for anyone who is looking for a balanced source of news.
Doom and Gloom
Peter in Illinois
This podcast has so much potential. I am thankful for Al Moehler’s careful watchfulness over the quickly changing and degrading culture of our day. But I find myself almost depressed after listening to him for more than a few days in a row. His words help us how to think biblically about the things happening in society, but I feel ill equipped on how to go out and engage the culture with the love and knowledge of Christ. We have so much hope to share in the forgiveness that Christ offers us. I wish I could say I finish each podcast energized to go out, ready to love all people and tell them of God’s love and desire to transform them. But I usually feel worse, isolated and rejected by a world in which I don’t belong.
The Briefing
Remarkably insightful by widely read and articulate host who analyzes with Biblical critique and scant criticism.
Very informative
Very Informative
I listen to the Briefing each morning and it’s a great way to stay informed!
Daily double dose
I am so thankful for this podcast and the daily news it brings with a biblical perspective. Watching the news isn’t an option with little ones around, but hearing relevant events that I can have “adult talk” with people about is so helpful. Not only do I get the news, I also get to hear it in light of the Bible and how it applies to me as a believer in a crazy mixed up world.
No power on Earth
hesling is for all
Jesus did signs and wonders as did the apostles, and said “ greater works you will do”. Your mocking of healing is disappointing at least.
Grateful for this podcast
I appreciate treatment of current events from Christian perspective but especially as it deals with topics like ‘healing’ promised by certain ‘church’ groups after news of Bethel trying to resurrect deceased child. So difficult to explain to many Christians who accept this as a promise of the gospel and why this is a misunderstanding.
Avid subscriber but recently sorely disappointed
I love listening daily to Albert Mohler. However, I’m very disappointed with the criticisms on the family and church praying for the resurrection of the little girl. It’s way too easy to criticize churches like Bethel, or Joel Osteen or mystics or Baptists or any other body of believers. But we as the Body will be known by our love for each other. We are all different parts and can’t function properly without each other. Be discerning but stop criticizing other believers who are genuinely seeking the Lord!! This creates a further divide in a time when we so desperately need to be unified as the body. Furthermore, if praying and believing for the resurrection of my child is only a risk to my heart, I would gladly take that risk. As far as damage to the Church’s reputation, calling on Him and believing Him for a miracle only brings Him glory and He is big enough to cover over any so called “damage”.
Always Time Well Spent
Every episode is thought provoking. I have frequently gone away and bought the book discussed. Dr. Mohler has introduced me to so many wonderful authors. I always look for the next episode.
Insightful and Even Amusing
George Emerson
Al is always worth hearing and sometimes brings me to laughing out loud, as was the case today (12/10/19) in his last piece on the $120,000 banana.
Not helpful
Captain Jiim
Much of what’s covered on this podcast is hardly “news” but rather handpicked stories designed paint progressives and LGBTQ people in the worst possible light. Mohler apparently thinks that being a Gospel witness in today’s cultural landscape is to keep voting Republican and fight a culture war. How’s that worked in the past? If you want political analysis from a nuanced Christian perspective, check out The Holy Post or The Church Politics Podcast. You’ll get something more than some angry right wing talking points.
Wonderful Cultural Considerations
Viewing the big picture through your God-honoring eyes each day is truly appreciated - thank you for using your gifts of understanding and communication for all of us lambs -may our Father continue to bless your eyes to keep seeing, your ears to keep hearing- A faithful listener, Christine
I start most every day listening to The Briefing. Each day Mohler offerings helpful insights to understand the events of the day through a biblical worldview.
Good info but
Good biblical perspective however hard to listen to his dull staccato delivery. Seems to favor articles mainly from New York Times and Washington Post. There is occasionally a reference to the Wall Street Journal. With the evidence that the liberal media is biased one would think that they would be suspicious of these sources rather than giving to them a place of respect.
For Christian and non-Christian alike
scum in the Falls
For anyone who wants to understand and comprehend how biblical Christian’s look at and understand the world around them this podcast is for you. Even for the non-Christian, this podcast will help you get a better handle on how biblically-minded Christians think and provide you something more than a cartoon of the Christian worldview. Dr. Mohler takes up to the day articles from the nations and the world’s most influential news sources and breaks them down into the simple facts and highlights where those facts point. A twenty-minute breath of fresh air.
Listen to these daily! Great insight on variety of stories. Always presented clearly.
Spot on
Tripp sound man
Wisdom that is hard to find in this day and age. Mohler covers topics that evangelicals care about in a thoughtful well articulated manner. Every believer should listen in.
One of the clearest voices in our culture
Thankful for Mohler’s Biblical clarity and historical perspective. He is a brilliant thinker and an excellent communicator. Thank you, Dr. Mohler, for your faithfulness and dedication to this work.
World news from a Christian worldview
families first 99
Appreciate this podcast and Dr Molher’s careful analysis of the current events in the world. Look forward to listening and learning each day.
The Best Ever Daily Podcast
As a pastor, this is an invaluable resource. I listen everyday, without fail. Very succinct, daily news from around the world and how Christians ought to respond. This is the best way to stay current with current issues. It’s a must-listen for every Christian.
Understanding what’s going on, through a Biblical worldview.
Dr. Mohler has one of great, Biblically, informed minds / hearts of modern times.
News coverage is narrow
I listen to this podcast a few times a month. I respect and agree with Mr. Mohler's position on many issues; however, I have trouble with this podcast's description as an analysis of news and events. It seems like the podcast only covers news related to gender, LGBTQ, and abortion. These are very important topics, but I would appreciate hearing his perspective on a broader range of issues, like education, immigration (this in particular), the impeachment inquiry and the 2020 presidential election.
Fantastic Biblical Analysis
I love the way Al disentangles the knots of culture through a biblically saturated mind! I listen everyday and keep up with what’s happening around the globe through “The Briefing!”
Follower for 3 years
Albert Mohler is one of the leading Christian intellectuals in the world. We are truly blessed as Christians to have someone so trustworthy to help us have a Biblical worldview. Thanks Albert!
Rebecca Norton from Maine
Invaluable for serious Christians who would rather not listen to biased secular newscasts. Thank you for serving us with the truth. May God bless your wife and family and any others who support your work.
Every Morning
Every morning with Dr. Mohler is a good morning. I try not to miss a day of his podcast.
News we need to hear!
Dr Mohler’s insightful podcast is the first I listen to daily. He analyzes current events from a perspective you won’t hear from news networks. Keep it up, Dr. Mohler!
Trustworthy on Christian worldview but not on secular falsehoods
I’ve been listening to Albert for years now. His theology is excellent. He is a Christian truth seeker. However, he doesn’t do to well when discerning secular lies. My biggest beef is when he says “Our federal system is still working, the constitution is still operational.” How many planks of the communist manifesto are in operation in the states? Answer: About 7. What percentage of government is unconstitutional? Answer: Over 80%. The constitution is hanging on by a thread and Christians should know these truths too. Stop voting Democratic AND Republican.
The Briefing
Annie K❤️
Thank you Al Mohler for all of your insight on politics, controversial issues, and just life in general. I appreciate your Christian perspective and the ways that you challenge me to think biblically and critically.
Perspective, truth, gospel
This is my all time favorite podcast. Personally, I’ve never been invested deeply in news or politics but I love studying religion. As a Christian, I recognize the importance of staying “current”. This podcast gives you a taste of major news trends with the foundational Christian worldview completely devoid in modern social media or broadcasting. Don’t be brainwashed, listen to this podcast. Dr. Mohler has an uncanny ability to see through the muck and cut to the issues at hand.
An absolute treasure
In “The Briefing,” Dr. Mohler provides an objective analysis of various news from around the world. He then secures a consistent biblical response to that news, every time. I’ve never heard anything like this. It’s not like a Fox News talk show; it’s more like private seminar, rich with quality content and thoughtful reflection. God has truly blessed this generation with the wisdom and intelligence of Albert Mohler.
Gross. This Christian is offended by this podcast.
Dancing cook
Wow, as a Christian I’m so grossed out by this! Total right wing mud slinging trying to be shoveled at us with the label “Christian world view.” Christians, put your good listener ears on and thinking brains in if you keep listening. This goes as far at undermining democracy and freedom of press as all the things Mohler claims the progressive left does. Would be nice to hear him analyze anything from Fox News in this same way 🤔
Mohler helps navigate the biggest stories
News stories can be depressing, even intimidating, if your worldview is significantly different from the source’s worldview. Thus, I typically no longer read the kind of news Mohler references, but his approach is to look the stories (and sources) in the eyes and find the truth. My approach was a bit more cowardly! Listening to The Briefing everyday is a great way to stay current and stay grounded. I never know which story will come up in conversation at work, but if I listen to The Briefing, I have a stronger frame of reference and can more confidently discuss it. Even better, Albert Mohler is showing us how to interpret news media. Not by setting up an us vs. them scenario, or blasting out streams of insults and hyperbole, but by reading these stories carefully through the lens of solid biblical knowledge. Thank you Dr. Mohler (and presumably, team!) for modeling this for us and tirelessly providing this to us day after day.
The best podcast!
As Christians, it is so important to understand what is going on around us and it all happens so fast. Al Mohler gives us an amazing podcast for news in a Christian worldview!
Promotes the worse parts of evangelical Christianity
The Best
777 Dreaming
Great perspective
I enjoy the arguments presented in this podcast. I have been listening now for over two years. The only thing I wish is that the articles discussed were still linked in the show notes.
A rare treat
Zoe Ixthyz
The Aug 15 episode of the Briefing was a special treat. Dr Mohler is an excellent apologist and expositor. This is my exposure to his wry sense of humour. Perhaps one must embrace political incorrectness to see the cheeky humour in this episode. If you haven’t been gobsmacked in a while you are in for a treat!
Love hearing Mohler's Analysis
This is a great Podcast to think critically about the news and the meaning behind what's happening. I love the way Mohler shares it. He often groups stories on a theme and hits 2-3 themes per episode. This is one of my top 2 podcasts. I listen to a lot of them.
White Horse Inn
I love this podcast. Good theology. I learn so much!
How to navigate the news
This podcast really helps one think biblically about what is being reported in the news. Dr. Mohler often brings to light the real story behind the story.
Daily dose of reality
Practical thinking for today’s world
Timely And Balanced
I appreciate this morning podcast for the timely and in-depth news.
Extremely One Sided
Mr. Theapprater
I find this podcast really hard to listen to as a Christian. The episodes basically only talks about LGBTQIA issues, most often in a graceless and unloving way. There is much more to discuss in today’s culture.
Great cultural analysis
I have really benefited from listening to this podcast. It’s unique in the way that Albert takes news stories and articles and breaks them down rather than just commentating about cultural issues in general. I feel like listening to his analysis has challenged the way I approach the news and opinion pieces in general to ask deep questions and not just believe everything I read or hear. Thank you for standing for truth in the midst of cultural turmoil.
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