Jimmy is a needed voice
I don’t always agree with everything jimmy says but there is no denying he has been far more accurate in his reporting than 99% of the analysts out there.. love the show will continue to support the show- take it to both sides and continue fomenting discord jds and crew!
Less “F” word would be nice...
Invaluable in-depth info on both Parties! Jimmy & Co. do all the right legwork. This production gives insight not found elsewhere. Only problem is I can’t share with my Conservative friends like I can with my more Progressive ones because of Jimmy’s language! My Conservative friends should loosen up, I agree, and they would learn tons of great things from Jimmy. But if they can’t get past all the F-bombs how can I get through to them?
Good politics middling comedy
Bunny Cub
The comedy on this show is like a Morning Zoo show or something even includes the Zoo Crew fake laughing in the background. Good politics though and I appreciate his perspective.
Nice MAGA hat, Jimmy!
Joel Slentz
If Vegas allowed betting on whether or not Jimmy Dore would join the “whataboutism” the right does whenever President Cheeto betrays our country, I’d be a millionaire. Listen to this podcast if you are a Trump supporter, think Democrats have anywhere near the same level of corruption as Trump does, and are “left leaning.” You can count on this podcast to try to blame Democrats for Trump’s failing as a President. How this guy doesn’t have his own show on Russia Today, I’ll never know. Unsubscribe!
My Prayers Have Been Answered
VoteForGod OurOnlyHope
2011-me is jumping for joy! However, Present Day-me is bitter and furious (I cannot be happy or content with the current state of America). It’s a great relief to hear a popular, progressive voice of reason call out the blatant corruption and speak truth in a time where politicians manipulate the masses to gain money, power, and control, and allow fake news to run rampant. The current establishment is dishonest by default (and growing greed), has become corrupt to the core, and is not being checked properly. To know that there are people with a platform as large as Jimmy’s standing up to power and exposing the realities so many Americans are helpless in trying to overcome is a major sigh of relief to everyday working, struggling, and often times suffering, Americans. Ron, Stef, Tim, Paul, Aaron, Jimmy and others have become a powerful voice of reason in a seemingly hopeless world. MSM has distorted reality almost to the point of no return, and I’m grateful to all of them for standing up for politicians like Bernie and Tulsi who are being sabotaged by people in high places, and they are not afraid to speak truth to power. THANK GOD FOR THIS GROUP OF “JAGOFF COMEDIANS” lol WHO STAND FOR THE VALUES AND RIGHTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!! Without this group I would still feel alone in my thoughts and beliefs. It’s the most refreshing show to watch and listen to for someone like me. Someone who cares about everyone and wants to see the future take a turn for the best interest of the American People. MORE CREDIBLE AND TRUSTWORTHY THAN ANY MAJOR NEWS OUTLET AND ANY SOCIAL MEDIA VOICE. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!
YouI baggins
The team can hit on some real points but they quickly go full leftist and it pushes me away. Stef Zamarano is the weakest member of the team, always frothing with hate.
Hilarious show but not interested in nuance that doesn’t prove their case
I love this show, the impressions in particular are amazing, and their chomsky-ish ideology often leads to very interesting insights, but ultimately they treat it like an ideology, not a hypothesis. Listening to Jimmy rail against Rachel Maddow is no more enjoyable than listening to Ben Shapiro rant about AOC, and listening to them misrepresent other peoples’ positions while soapboxing the virtues of an untested idea about how to run a nation and an economy... it’s the simplistic hubris of the revolutionary: “I don’t like this system and mine would work better”. Fascinating, but calling it a news show would be misleading
Telling lies about other ppl telling lies isn't funny
I see he likes to pick on Maddow for reporting on Russia/Trump but her reporting was true. Did he bother reading the Mueller report? Doesn't sound like it. Also it's not out of the question that Deutche Bank might have had Russians as cosigners on Trump loans bc the bank has a history of being involved in money laundering schemes and have had to pay a fine. Maybe it turns out Russians didn't cosign, but it certainly wouldn't be surprising if they did. Spreading lies to make fun of ppl you accuse of spreading lies is not funny
Best Podcast for Politics
Dr Purple
Not just more accurate than MSM, funny too.
Seriously disappointed in Dore on this latest episode where he stands in front of the live audience and screams for the destruction of our economy and capitalism. I have been an avid supporter since the 2016 election. I’ve raised my eyebrows several times and Dore has changed my viewpoints on several topics. I just cannot stand to listen any longer after this hate filled rant.
The best podcast
Jimmy Dore is not only hilarious, but he always seems to be on the right side of history. Definitely has the best BS detector in news and politics.
I’m begging you.... please put your big boy pants on and talk to David Feldman!!! And Sam Seder as well You guys are all on the same side and we desperately need as much unity as possible. You all agree on the major issues but disagree on how to tackle the road blocks in our way and achieve victory for the American people over the corporate overlords.... Save this so-called bull crap circular firing squad for the candidates themselves....COMEDIANS UNITE!!!!
Jimmy Tells it Like it is
First saw Jimmy on the Young Turks. As TYT was captured by the Russiagate idiocy, Jimmy remained skeptical. He’s got a great bullsh!t detector and is willing to call out the Democrats and American imperialism while still cracking a joke.
New fan of jimmy Dore
Love the show. Found the show a couple months ago, I Listen religiously now but I fast forward through the “phone calls”.
One of the ONLY guys telling the truth in media today.
Rob Vanden Akker
I love the show and the no-holds-barred style. Jimmy Dore is not afraid to stand alone and call sellouts out for who they are. In a post-truth media he is telling it like it is. Love the show Jimmy.
I started out really liking this show because they did and do shine light on many of the problems in our government. My hope was that open thought would win out but it seems as though Jimmy is becoming a caricatcher of another angry liberal who isn’t caught up in corporate democrat bs. Holding Dogma over select topics limits the potential of this show to be great.
Can’t get enough!
Belle of the Brawl
Jimmy Dore is brilliant at making you laugh while you trudge through the nightmare that is America. Great show, great guests! An absolute must for any American leftist.
Hilarious and honest
Great accurate news source who keeps things real and has great perspective.
Love jimmy
Love jimmy
One of the best sources of news out there. Just the right amount of comedy to make the horrors of the world more pallettable.
We Don’t Agree On Much, BUT....
Reggie 92
I really respect Jimmy’s staunch anti-war opinions and his quasi libertarian position on most things. We definitely don’t agree on much more than that, however I still enjoy his well made show and I think it’s important to listen to and try to understand how others think. The impersonations are very funny, too.
The man with the plan
Jimmy you are the most informed jerkoff night club act in the podcast game. Thanks for the information. Keep it up bud!
Gonna miss you
Jimmy Dore is absolutely fantastic. He pulls no punches and tells it like it is. That’s my kinda dude, right there. I loved him on aggressive progressives, and I’m sad to see him go. I will keep watching his solo show as long as he continues to do it.
Highly recommend
This jag off is brilliant
Jimmy Dore is funny and fair
Should have been listening long ago
Top 3 of anyone’s best podcast bar none
Wonderful, smart
This is a wonderful, smart podcast; we need this voice right now.
Never miss an episode.
Suuuuupppperrr social justicey
nh ca
Knee jerk progressive thinking
Laugh or cry?
Brn Wlkr
Thank you. Great show. I’ve learned a lot.
Makes you realize how much our news is comprimized by revealing REAL news.
Truth does not lean to a side
In deep48
I get my news from a jack off night club comedian and I’m smarter than everyone who watches the “news”. Thanks Jimmy
Customer Rating
Michigan Reviewer 2.
He is funny, informative, and on the forefront of what is needed in the U.S. One of the best podcasts on the net. This guy and his guests are one of the must-listen-too podcasts for any American who is Republican-Democrat-Independent-Libertarian, etc.
This show ROCKS! Funny as Hell and on point!
Funny as Hell and on point!
Very important way to learn in the modern day
I gave this podcast 5 stars because it’s incredibly important to have resources like Jimmy Dore’s podcast to learn from. My only criticism really is that the “phone in guests” are often repetitive and not funny as a result. Maybe I would like that part more if they did less of them or varied the different voices more.
Brilliant Show
These people have created a show that keeps you up to date with the latest happenings of the world while also giving you a good laugh throughout. Listen all the time.
Johnny be good 345
The best political/comedy podcast going! For progressive liberals, it’s the best podcast in America. Conservatives will at least find the show hilarious. Neoliberal corporatist Democrats? Sorry, but he punches you guys all day long. If you’re a republican “lite” corporate democrat you’ll hate his show. It’s hysterical though, and not to be missed if you’re from any other political persuasion.
It’s like, so great.
Thank you
all sentients
Thank you Jimmy
Best Progressive show....anywhere.
Jimmy always speaks truth to power. Highly recommend if you want nothing but the truth.
Hey yessAe😂were r so desserts a
Full Throttle In Your Face Non Mainstream News
Jimmy adds humor to the serious issues of our political and social discourse, while giving a perspective the mainstream media will never give. Truth!!!
Jimmy dore show is truly amazing
Jimmy Dore and his team are doing well beyond expected especially when they are comedians and not law professors but what matters is honesty and straight forward in world full of deception and lies
Pretty good
More episodes are needed to keep up on current political events. Hearing a new podcast that has last weeks news sort of a turn off. Other than that pretty good stuff just wish solutions available for all the corruption talked about.
Jimmy _Dore Show
Much love to Jimmy,Stef & Ron long live the Jimmy Dore Show! Speaking truth to Power with integrity and humor! The best on the Internet! It is amazing to me that a jag off comedian have so much passion for his country that he puts it all on the line, taking flack almost every day on the Internet P YouTube or Twitter I’ve always gauge how well he is doing by how many of the fake left for the extreme right come after him. I never have facts they cannot dispute has so the best I can do this mirror. But that’s why everyone loves Jimmy,Stef & Ron Because they not only speak truth to power But they do it with passion integrity and truthfulness.
The real McCoy Dore
Great podcast and better views. My only wish is that jimmy had more than 1 cast per week!
Jimmy Dore is important
Jimmy Dore is the most relevant commentator working today. Progressive and proud. Great show, must listen.
This guy doesn’t know economics
Z Dubadingdong
When they discussed economics I cringed so hard. I’d be shocked to discover these guys have any economic education
Great, Fresh POV
Jason Thome
A refreshing liberal leaning point of view. Not the same as what you will get from corporate sources. This is true progressivism. One that holds Democrats feet to the fire, to make them uphold values that make them different then the corporatists who dominate our system.
Great podcast
Funny guy love the way he explains things
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