The Secondary Application: Bragging vs. Confidence
Published June 28, 2018
57 min
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    How can you brag about yourself without bragging about yourself? We are taught from a young age (most of us, anyway) not to brag. It is better, we may sometimes be told, to show confidence. Listener Rachel wrote in with a question about the secondary application: how does one confidently talk themselves up without coming across as a braggart? Lucky for Rachel, we have Daniel Schnall from our Admissions staff, on hand to help Mark Moubarek, Kylie Miller, Aline Sandouk, and Gabe Conley with some great advice about how to sell yourself on your application and also back it up. Don't want to look like a chump? Dan has your answer, Rachel. Plus, Kylie wants to feed the (med student) world, and the group plays Doctor Forehead. Do you know the terms and concepts Dave found in the news last week, and why they were even being talked about? Meanwhile, everyone knows ortho residents don't get enough exercise. Skinny, pale, weak, they're practically collapsing under the weight of their own skin. Which is why we're relieved that someone took pity and created a peer reviewed(?) workout routine for them, using common materials found around the ortho workroom. Get swole! Is the NIH doing it's job of funding innovative research and fostering research careers? Doesn't sound like it. And the AMA goes all in on a call to ban the American Dream sale and ownership of assault weapons. Are you a gun owner who feels like the AMA goes to far? Do you want advice and don't want to pay for it? Call us at 347-SHORTCT anytime, visit our Facebook group, or email We'll talk about it.
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