Recess Rehash: Here’s Lemons In Your Eyes
Published October 13, 2016
46 min
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    Mark Mubarek, Amy Young, Rob Humble and Corbin Weaver are here to discuss the AMA's policy to support the ban on direct to consumer advertising of drugs and implantable devices, and how such advertising makes the doctor-patient relationship complicated. Will drug companies retaliate by advocating for bans on advertising doctors and hospitals to patients.  Researchers in the UK may be about to get the green light to edit the genes of human embryos seeking answers to why some miscarriages happen.  Are we approaching the slippery slope? A neurologist wonders why Ted Cruz's face is so unsettling.  And we note with interest a number of recent public health news stories in which officials suggest that women have the primary role in undesirable health consequences, including Zika/microcephaly and alcohol-related unwanted pregnancies; now South Africa has chimed in by tying scholarships for young women to virginity in order to prevent the spread of HIV. And Dave forces everyone to practice their clinical skills by answering random people's "health" questions from the Internet.
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