Content entertaining why not ...?
Consider Adding another podcast of The hour on n why not archive both segments on ? And cannot find morning show archived . Seems your opportunity, make money
Missing Mike
Born in NYC ... Raised in Hoboken... now living in Las Vegas... I have caught the last 2 years of the BEST!! I will miss his VOICE OF THE NEW YORK FAN ... NO QUIT NO SURRENDER .... Hoping to hear you again ...God Bless 🏆🙏
The Pope
sugar bill
GOAT of sports talk. He’s the avenger for NY sports fans and a true fan himself as well as a sports historian.
Simply the. Best
Mike is Simply the Best ever He will be greatly missed as part of my day for decades
Not good boring
Big Ke^
Complete snooze, bad radio Zzzzzz
Great Analysis
No one breaks down a game as well as Mike. Love the analysis.
Still The Best
Still the best and most knowledgeable person on the NY Sports scene.
Why Only Opening Segment?
When Mike had his own app we got to listen to or watch replays of the entire show. Now Entercom only allows the opening segments and interviews to be podcast. Stop being cheap and put up the whole show!!!
Your a joke mike!!!! You lost you way!!!
Your a bum. Retire.... again. Then stay retired
The New York Sports Pope
The best to ever do it. You come at the king you best not miss!!!
A National Treasure
This man is a National Treasure. Without question the GOAT. I make sure to listen as much as possible before he retires (again).
Things get bored
Mike offers great post game opinions. His insight on many things is great and very substantive. However, week after week with managers of Mets and Yankees are getting boring. Talks with A Rod not Joe Girardi have no values as well.
Jason Giambi
Jason Giambi
Francesa is a has been!!!
TMKS is the best sports talk in NY. Time to hang it up, Mike! You were never the same without Mad Dog.
Li guy
divers means
Francesa makes other radio shows painful to listen to. Tiki kay lagreca no thank u. Long island guys are just built like that.
legends never die
agreed not in touch with younger audience but he’s always been a “u adapt to me, i won’t adapt to u” kinda guy. fact is that mike knows his stuff, is right more than wrong, and provides a different type of in depth insight that others hosts cannot do. (betting lines is one of these examples) but we’ll always point out the wrong and the awkward. to me, that’s the fun part of the shows, bc his show lacks comedy, we need to laugh at those moments more than scream at your radio moments. *lastly, think about this... think about a few people in the sports world that u hate (that aren’t ur favorite teams)......aren’t most of them really good at their craft?
He needs to retire again. This time for good
Richard. B LINY
Retire Mike
Time coming to a close .
When Mike left . Missed him on the Radio. Glad. He back but you can tell is losing touch with younger audiences . Radio legend . After next two years time to retire.
Back Afta This
Is the best part of this show. All the highlights and prank calls.
hoo boy
mailing it in big time these days
Lacking in formatting and content
I was looking for more Yankees content so I turned to the guy who I knew was the man from my youth growing up in NY. The formatting for the show is terrible with no long form the 2 to 15 minute clips are just no good. I’m already listening to the Michael Kay show and was looking for a second perspective and unfortunately Francesa in this format is unlistenable. Also I don’t know who is producing right now but it’s the middle of the baseball winter meetings, the Yankees are about to sign guys and there isn’t a single thing about it, come on. If your not going to bother to do it right they should just leave Mike off here and keep him on the radio.
Too many ads
D2G Expert
I enjoy many of these segments. But putting two ads in front of a 2 minute clip is ridiculous.
Desus and Mero brought me here
Never listened to Mike and never will but I'll die for the Hive
Still the best
He makes every show pertinent and interesting. Never miss him
It’s over
Jay realz
His takes are just an old man shooting from the hip and not seeing how out of touch he is. It’s really bad now. Should have just hung it up the first time.
Mikes the BEST
I live I East Providence R I I’m an avid Giants and Yankee fan I listen to Mike everyday. Sometimes I get in my vehicle and drive just to listen until I discovered Radio. Com, I walk 7-10 miles a day and guess who I listen to on my afternoon walk, Mike’s perspectives are second to none.
Samuel G.
colorado paisan
Yankee fan who loves listening to Mike out here in gorgeous Colorado. He won’t sugarcoat it. More Yankees and less Mets, Jets and Giants.
Numbah One
Mike gets 5*. Radio Royalty. But a bad job by Monz. Small cuts? Not very well suited for podcasts of today. Get me more caller interaction. Best Francesaism? ‘Get the points and get to the room’ Mikes All Stars? Nate McLouth, Brandon Inge & Bronson Arroyo. Please no more Bernie Williams Jazz career segments! Less horse racing is good.
Mike you’re Mets rant is like a Don LaGreca rant. PLEASE put full shows on because I’m tired of like the 12-13 minute episodes. Just put on four hour shows
Only 20 minutes of the show!
Christ, can we get the entire show please?
Too short
Make it longer. Other radio shows are from 30 mins to 2hrs.
Not enough
Why such a small amount of material? Put at least a full break of phone calls. We want to hear that more then interviews. It’s a call in show. Nobody listens for guests. We listen for Mike and Mike taking calls.
Longer Segments!
Mike is Numbah Won but you can just put these little snippets on!! Please put on large blocks of the show. Thank you.
Why a two-minute podcast???
No one wants to download a two-minute segment of the show. It ruins the flow of the broadcast. Even if you want to place advertisements in the middle somewhere to generate revenue, can you just upload hour-long segments, including callers? It’s a sports radio call-in show.
The Best
Great to have mike back,unreal ! Can’t believe it! Every one on the fan must be envy mike is back,he deserves all respect from everyone he been there longest there they must not like he came back like boomer he shine mikes shoes! Kay must’ve Cry ! He said oh no, it’s true some are jealous Kay ,boomer give them hell mike!.
I mean this guy...
This guy is a freaking bum get over yourself
Welcome Back
Yes he can be brash and at times obnoxious but no one gives better insight then Mike. Welcome back where you belong!
Mike Francesca
Yes let’s see the whole show
Numbuh 1 ughkay
Please post full show
Great to have Mike back!!!
Bobby Santoro
The criticism of Mike’s return is just silly. Mike’s the best at his craft. The afternoon drive show he replaced was unlistenable. Welcome home Michael. Looking forward to your future plans.
Washed! Shame on him
Zachary D. Sm.
Washed and past his prime. Hasn’t been good since mad dog left. If you like old out of touch, sleeping gas bags this show is for you.
Post the entire show.
Apple springs
Post the entire show.
Fix your days. Smh
Please fix the dates with the actual day of the week. You have Wednesday the 14th. Should be the 13th.
McAdoo/ Manning Rant
Animal bricks
You were spot on!
Pope is the best
Thanks Mike. Please continue your show. I will follow
Opening Rants
Funnyman 88
Why don’t you post opening segment of shows where Mike tees it up I cannot ALWAYS be available to listen at 1....sometimes I’m in surgery working !
Mike is pretty entertaining
If only the whole show or a best of could be made !
Most informative
I have been listening to Mike Francesa for last 25 years and he is one of the most insightful and informative sports personalities and knows what he’s talking about.
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