My Monday’s got a lot better
Love the chemistry between these friends. I find myself laughing and just enjoying these conversations. Monday’s can be gloomy and dreadful so this helps a lot. I only wish they could do it daily. Big Fan! Thank you!
Major and Minor Leagues
I’m sure this has been said before but I think that, since the gyms in the Galar region are based off of real like European football clubs and stadiums that the major and minor leagues will function similarly to how they do in the English Football Leagues. Basically there are several leagues: The Premier League, Championship League, League One, League Two and so on. Basically, the way it works is the clubs compete with each other throughout the season and the team at the top of the premier league is declared the champion. The bottom three clubs are relegated to Championship while the top teams in Championship are promoted up to the Premier League. It’s a bit more complicated than that but that’s the gist of it. I don’t know if this is exactly what they’re going for but I feel like it would be a fairly interesting idea to add to the games to make it feel more like England
Great podcast!
I’ve been listening for about 40 or so episodes and have fallen in love with the podcast. If you are in for some laughs and (some) information, then this podcast is amazing! I live in NYC, so I can’t tune in to the live-streams bc/ of school, but if u want an nice long show with the Most amazing crew, go ahead and take a listen. - Keila
Still Don't Know Why Minnesota Is The Best
After listening for a while and constanly listening to the Minnesota propaganda, I still don't get why Minnesota is the best. Love the podcast and everyone on it!
on the most recent installment of this program, two hosts proceeded to rant about an EXP share feature they dislike, but week after week they complain about people who are upset that their favorite Pokemon might not make the cut for the next game. Using Pokemon (retirement) Home as an excuse when we have seen no features for it yet is pretty upsetting. Plus the Pokemon of the week stopped being interesting when they started doing like a cliff hanger type thing instead of having the hosts guess after hearing the clues. I'm taking my business elsewhere
A True Look
Alex the unknown
I’ve been listening to this Podcast for about 5 years. I love this crew so much. Steve, Wil, and Greg are the best crew. They should be the main three for many years to come because I love their chemistry. Each week I tune to hear what feel like old friends keep me informed. My only complaint is that I wish the episodes would last longer, if you can call that a complaint haha Keep up the good work boys, and I’m here for the long haul
It’s super effective
I love this podcast because Break Music. How do you done it.
So clean I could wash my dishes ❕❕❕
Such a fun, informative podcast for Pokémon fans!
Johnny Lamotte
True crime podcast fanatic but this is my most enjoyable podcast I listen to! I mainly only play the Pokémon games and occasionally catch up on the show but I still enjoy all parts of the podcast. The whole crew is awesome. Thank you guys! Keep up the awesome work.
Just started listening
Such a fun podcast. I just started listening and I’m addicted.
My go-to Pokemon podcast
Great Podcast! Very informative about the Pokemon World. I love the pokemon of the week at the end and everything before :) thank you for doing this and keep up the great work!
Must listen
If you enjoy Pokémon in any way, this is a must listen! They are so entertaining and funny, I’d probably listen to the hosts read a dictionary!
Love it!
Just started listening to podcasts! Y’all are my very first! Love it so far keep it going.
Great listen!
oFLoDA 40
Was looking around for a Pokémon podcast to replace a previous one I use to listen to. I came across this one and glad I did! It’s super informative, a lot of great laughs, and overall a joy to hear! Keep up the good work!
Woo nine years
Hope your podcast sticks around for another nine years
Love you guys
Congrats on 9 years
Hey Jerk
First, I am a big fan of the podcast. I believe you’re the best Pokémon podcast out, all around. However, your recent put down of Pokémon duel bothered me enough to actually write in. I loved Pokémon duel personally and there’s quite a following around the world. The people that play this game, while few compared to Pokémon go of course is not small. Pokémon duel was the 2nd most installed Pokémon mobile game of 2018 with over 39 million downloads. The belief among players is they’re closing down Pokémon duel to boost downloads of Pokémon masters. I will be boycotting masters as a result. Pokémon duel is an awesome strategy game imo and I’ve been huge fan since its inception. This has been by far the greatest Pokémon game to me and I’m sorry you don’t see it that way, so, quit now Frauds!..
Not only the best Pokémon podcast, but THE best podcast!
I have been listening to the show for about 5 years now, I honestly hate myself for not writing a review earlier! This is the only podcast I can bring myself to listen to weekly, I never get sick of it! I love all of the hosts/hostesses, and they all bring their own kind of humor and perspective to the show. I wish I could rate this higher than a 5 just because of how much I enjoy the show. I am a donor to Steve on twitch, and his whole streaming life is nothing more than a good kid-friendly hangout spot. I appreciate you all for doing what you do to bring so much entertainment to all of us. Keep up the good work! P.S. I personally believe a hotdog is not a sandwich😂
Great Podcast!
I love the balanced, nuanced discussion they have on the podcast. Especially since the national desk fiasco earlier this year. I look forward to listening every Monday
Great podcast with mostly great host
It’s super effective is a great pokemon podcast with plenty of both great information and random banter between the host and his co host. I listen on a weekly basis and enjoy sbj, will, and Greg even though Greg disrespected mudkip the best water starter by saying no one likes it which could be considered a cardinal son but other than that awesome podcast
Let me tell you
Truly the best Pokémon podcast around. Never disappointed in the quality of the content . Amazing hosts and community. Saving Monday’s one podcast at a time.
Don’t care about Pokédex.
Favorite Pokémon Podcast
I love the podcast, it’s my favorite part of every Monday. Always a blast to listen to. It’s very well done and I love each of you, Steve, Will, and Greg, and the flare you each bring to the podcast. Also Steve is best, fight me
amazing podcast
I've been listening to this podcast since x and y and absolutely love it. always one of the highlights of my week, and all the hosts are great and really know their stuff! Will is my favorite though
Great people, great info & a great Podcast
24th Virla
Was looking for a good Pokémon Podcast I could listen to while working, and this is the one, these guys are a great mix of different opinions and backgrounds and it all meshes really well, some episodes are heated with great arguments that give great info either way, and some are peaceful and just collaborative thinking. Love this cast, all you guys are great, Will, Travis, SBJ, Irene, Micha, keep up the awesome work!
When I grow up I hope I’m as cool as Will :)
Keep up the good work! Will is my favorite and I appreciate the quality LGBT representation on this show 🏳️‍🌈 Also more Irene abs and Raschelle please 😊
Love the show
zack flanders
This is a great show to just play and relax to or when you going through the elite 4 again. Always makes me laugh. Thanks for the great show guys keep it up
Easily the best Pokémon podcast out there
I was going through looking for a great podcast and I found this and I love it because they always talk about random things and get off topic and it seems like an actual conversation and it is also super relaxed.😄 PS found Steve streaming and said hi
Funny and informative
I love listening to this podcast while I’m at work it makes time go by. Keep up the great work guys!! You’re all awesome!
Amazing Podcast
I usually have not been a big podcast fan but I started to listen to a few of Steve’s and from what I’ve heard so far it’s great. I actually found his podcast when he was mentioning it in his live Twitch streams. The interaction between the hosts are great and they get along so well! I will definitely start listening to it more often!!!
Great Podcast and Hosts
I look forward to this podcast every week! I download it first thing every Monday. Although the content is great (between “Pokemon of the Week,” news, and fun audience submitted pokemon related questions that take my mind to a state of reminiscence) the usual cast and crew of the show is reason enough to return week after week. SBJ and Will make a great duo while current cohost Greg is just the sprinkles on top. It can also be said that the inclusivity of the show and hosts is a great thing to see (or hear) in any media. You’re all my favorite!
❤️Will needs to be the Host!!!❤️
k e l l a n
Amazing podcast! I listen to it while I’m in bed and I love it! BUT! Will should totally be the the main host. At first I thought when SBJ was on his honeymoon, the podcast would completely fail, but it was much funnier with Will, Greg, and Bobby running the podcast. I love the podcast normally but was much funnier with them. I highly suggest you listen to this podcast. I get really excited every Monday to listen to this amazing podcast. Please NEVER stop making episodes! The show makes me so happy when I’m feeling down. I hope you continue to make episodes of this podcast. Thank you!!!! Sincerely, me(kellan)
Rainy Baptasto
Always hilarious which is great. All of the hosts/guests are amazing. I don’t get to talk much about Pokémon in my everyday life so it’s great just to get to hear ppl talk about it honestly. As a queer woman, nerd/gaming spaces can be pretty hostile a lot of the time, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that everyone on the podcast was very welcoming and kind.
Amazing Pokémon podcast!
I listen to this podcast every week on my way to work. If you love Pokémon, good laughs, and to keep up with all the latest news then please check them out! :)
My Review
Hey I’m Ben and I have listened to this podcast since it first started and I have watched most if not all of the Twitch streams and I say that it has only gotten better.
I look forward to every Monday! It's like hanging out with my friends!
Love this podcast
Guadalupe Muñoz
Love this podcast, very informative and fun to listen. All of the hosts are hilarious!
Pretty much the best Pokemon podcast of all time
Not Hawken's work account
I listen to this podcast on my work Mac and my personal iPhone (Weird flex but Ok) It is pretty great honestly and I enjoy it every week. Keep up the great work everyone! P.S. Will needs to learn how to like Post Malone as a person and not as an Artist ;) P.P.S. I appreciate each and everyones personal opinion and it is okay that Will doesn't like Post P.P.P.S. Did you know that P.S. is short for Post Scriptum? Thanks Google
Long overdue!
Irene 💜
I really can’t believe I haven’t written a review for this long, but I’m going to take a second to do so. This crew works so incredibly hard to crank out quality and entertaining content. I know that conceptually having a weekly podcast about Pokémon seems a bit...far fetched but they’ve managed to do it for nearly 9 years! I have been so thrilled to have been a supporter of this show since 2011 and I cannot wait to see what the future brings! If you’re taking a moment to read a review, take another to listen to an episode. You won’t regret it! 💜💖
This podcast is awesome no matter what aspect of Pokémon you are interested in- whether you play competitive, are a shiny hunter, are addicted to the TCG, or if you picked up Pokémon Go yesterday, this show is the best. The Slack community is great, and the Alola Vacation podcast is awesome too. Thanks for making the show SBJ and crew! From, Dakota.
I love listening to this podcast every week. Thank you for being consistent! Also I wouldn’t worry to much about makes episodes shorter. Keep going!
The Best Beeping pokemon Podcast
The flexible cast keeps their fans up to date on everything of Pokémon. The perfect podcast for those on the GO with Pokémon in every way.
Guys, Firstly, I definitely appreciate the amount of detail and knowledge you both put into the play through for Let’s Go. This was the first of my experience with the show. You guys have great team chemistry and the banter between you keeps things interesting during long segments. I really would like to thank you both for paying and bringing attention to the nonexistent people of color in the Let’s Go series. As a life-long gamer of color, this matters to me as not many titles or content creators capture this issue. This podcast is absolutely amazing for that and I will keep listening for great Poke news!
This Podcast is Getting Me Through College
Hey all!! This year I started my first semester in college in Chicago and one of the things getting me through it was booting back up Pokémon Go and being able to play it walking through the city. I’ve been a lifelong Pokémon fan and having Pokémon be such a big part of my life led me to needing even more outlets of expressing it so I quickly and feverishly searched in the Podcast App on my phone for a Pokémon related podcast! Lo and Behold I discovered It’s Super Effective and I am now an active listener keeping up with all the weekly uploads, enjoying it immensely and listening while walking through the streets of Chicago swiping around my phone catching these fun little Pocket Monsters in Pokémon Go. I love listening and hearing the thoughts, jokes, and commentary on Pokémon as a whole and being completely absorbed into the world hearing all the news of Pokémon! Thanks for this wonderful podcast, I owe my college success and homesick days living in a brand new city to me to being able to listen to this podcast on a weekly basis. Rock on, It’s Super Effective!!!! ⚡️✨
Great Content!!
I love listening to this podcast! I've always been into Pokemon, but this helped me understand so much more about the games and the series. The content for episodes is always exciting and provides a fresh perspective. I suggest it to all of my friends who play!
Maybe not for everyone but it's OK
Floyd Larson
The host keeps talking about how he's played pokemon for 22 years even though it's only been out in USA for 20 years. This podcast is sometimes full of weird flexes and gatekeeping, but if you can get over that it can be worth a listen as it's well produced and often shares some good info.
Good but could be better
So I would like to start by saying I love the lengthy talk about certain Pokémon news articles and anything related to Pokémon however something that I have hated from the beginning is that 2 of the hosts make sure you know almost every single episode is that “HEY IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW IT IM GAY” which is fine whatever. But I came to this podcast wanting to hear about Pokémon not about your sexuality. The host is a cool guy and surly deserves much more than he gets. Anyways worth the check I listen to this every week for almost a year now and besides that one aspect it is nice to have a great podcast.
Sentret is The Best
Thou Stuff
I love the podcast, I love the stream, I love everything about everything about everything about this whole thing.
It's Super Informative
ISE is a great podcast for news about all things Pokemon. Weather you got caught up in the hype of Pokemon Go or you have been a player since Red and Blue version. This show is very fun and informative.
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