Too Techy with Micah
I love your show and have been listening for years, but it’s getting a bit too techy with Micah as cohost. I miss Megan!
Not to be missed
Love IOS today! Each episode gives many useful details. Love that hosts encourage listeners to call, Skype, email questions to problem solve. Lastly, I appreciate their honesty about Apple products when there are problems that Apple needs to resolve.
Excellent - like the old TechTV days!
Leo and Megan are wonderful and should always be broadcasting. Very friendly and helpful.
Keep your with your iPhone and iPad
Camera Mam
Leo and Megan go over what Apple has been up to in regards to ios. They will talk about apps to help with everyday life as well as being a lot of fun to listen to .
Great 👍🏻
I enjoy watching Leo and meg talk about iOS stuff. They work well together. It one of the more fun upbeat podcasts by TWIT
Not for adults
I used to look forward to this podcast until I found myself fast forwarding a lot. All it is is childish selfie apps and games. Nothing relevant for adults. It’s good for teenagers.
Wonderful and informative, listened to the audio version of the podcast but now switched to the video version, much better and I don't have to wonder what you're doing, I can see now what's going on. Great work keep it up
Love Leo and Megan
There may be more serious programs about the technical background of IOS, but this show always reminds you of what fun hou can have owning a iPad or other device.
Entertaining iOS show
An entertaining podcast with good production values.
New format, bad results
Loved iPad Today. However the new host is completely inappropriate. It's fine to have homely woman as your lead if you are hard hitting and intense, but the world does not want a dumpy looking host on a show full of fluff and entertainment. Even my wife remarked that she was surprised such an unattractive woman got work in a video program where she is not a subject matter expert.
One of the Best
This is by far one of the best podcasts from the best podcast networks around! It is a great show and I love how funny Leo and Sarah can make iPads!
Sarah and Leo are great fun
Dent De Leon
This is a fun show! I have been tuning in for about a year, have caught up on every back episode, and look forward to it every week.
Love this show
Leo and Sarah are a lot of fun to watch. Great apps.
Good but very offensive episode
I was LOVING the series but there was an episode where Leo laport made a racist remark saying can you imagine Dr.Dre with his "joint" walking into apple I was and still is deeply offended and I haven't seen an episode after that because of that remark and now I officially switched (like all of their former workers) to Cnet and Appadvice Daily.
Geek TV Awesomeness
Sara and Leo are easy to watch and listen to. Have discovered many great apps due to shows great content.
Going Downhill
Then Again
More facts. More research. More informed opinion. Less complaining about features you don’t know exist or don’t understand. I come to you because you’re supposed to be experts. Lately, it’s more like listening to my less experienced friends just complain because they didn’t take the time to ask. Want an example? In episode 191, Leo and Sarah spent way too much time complaining about iRadio filtering out explicit lyrics. Somehow jumping to the conclusion that bad words were a paid feature. After wasting too much time on this complaint, someone pointed out them it was a simple setting. Honestly, Sarah and Leo… you should have known that before spouting off. You looked like just another uninformed “news” show spewing unfounded opinions. Do your research. Oh, and the bit about the spider in the studio… not very professional and certainly not worth the air time. Tighten it up.
Difficult to watch now
After seeing how poorly Leo treats Sarah off-camera it’s very hard to watch him pretending to be her friend on camera. I will continue to watch only on episodes where Leo is not present.
Love this!
I was an early iPad adopter, had a new one almost every version, and am always looking for information and reviews I could count on - this podcast does that! I really enjoy watching Leo and Sarah as they review new apps and when they get new hardware. Thanks for the great show, guys!
Twit Podcast
Drew Williams - Wright
What a person expects on any Twit production. High Quality, high in production value in every show. If you ever have a tech. question on gadgets, iPhones to Windows, your are bound to find it in one of the many Twit Podcast. They answer questions on how to's to app. reviews for Apple products. I weekly listen to 5 Podcast and the quality is in every show that goes out. Lighthearted and jovial atmosphere as if they are in your living room. Great chemistry and answers viewers may have are talked about. I like too that you can subscribe to the video or audio only shows. Top notch and top of the line shows. Never a boring minute on these shows. You feel as you know them as thy review weekly issues in IOS and Windows products. Great shows, see if you feel the same. Drew Williams
Love it!
Great show. Sometimes the hosts seem a bit underprepared, though. Stuff doesn't work or they don't know all the real details. But I enjoy both Leo and Sarah and I always learn something!
There is no better place to learn!
Marilyn ss
I have followed Leo for years...this is my favorite of the wonderful media presentation! Can't wait the visit the studio one day.
Best iPad Podast
Mike Gatzke
iPad Today is a wonderful podcast/netcast for anyone with an iPad or interested in iPads and iPad apps. I've found many great apps from iPad Today. I don't know about you, but I'd rather let someone else buy and tryout apps so I don't waste my money on bad apps or overhyped ratings.
Fantastic podcast!
Watch very episode!
Simply, the best podcast ever!
Sarah and Leo. The best two hosts I have ever seen. Even better, they complete and work well with each other. Sarah is smart, pretty, the "keep on task" person, and pays attention to presentation. Leo is knowledgable, also eye pleasing, and talks about the power in the apps and hardware. The divergent and humorous one. This acts as a great duo, a complete ensemble that happily, and without fail, provides me with new information and tech advice every week. I am not a fan of podcasts, but this one has definitely caught my eye and is a keeper. Great for all ages, i'm a junior in high school and I know older folks who love this too. Keep it up guys!
Fun and Entertaining Podcast
Comic Book Savant
Great show for finding out new and fun things to do with your iPad.
I Love iPad Today!
Sarah and Leo keep the good work you guys are fun to watch!
Leo is a tool
Sarah is okay.
The best iOS news.
I love Leo and Sarah so much. Their interaction and more importantly the information they share easily made me a fan even before I bought my first iPad. (Half of the info they share is useful for iPhone/iPod touch as well.). Most importantly Sarah Lane is hot! No other way of putting it!
Watch every week
This is my primary source for staying on top of new apps for my iPad. Cheesy humor sometimes but that is part of why I enjoy the show! If you have an iPad, you SHOULD subscribe to this show.
Informative iPad Show
I enjoy the reviews of some of the many apps available for the iPad. Sara is a personable, knowledgeable host as is Leo, of course. It's a valuable resource for iPad owners overwhelmed by the many, many apps in the store.
Leo and Sarah are Great!
Love this show. I always write down several apps per episode to download. I wish you guys had one every day. Hint hint, the name of your show. ;)
Great. Love Sarah.
Great show. Not so great without the video though. Love Sarah Lane. One suggestion that I have seen on other reviews is that the set is very cluttered. What about 2 couches with each presenter sitting with his iPad?
Great source of information
Watching Leo and Sarah is a pleasant experience and I always find that I can get at least one good tip from each episode. Keep it up and hang in there guys!
Love love love this show!
As an iPad enthusiast, I highly recommend this show. Sarah and Leo are wonderful together. I never miss an episode!
Really enjoy iPad Today
Leo Leporte and Sarah Lane provide a fun and informative summary of all things iPad. They discuss hardware and software (lots about Apps). Through my subscription to this podcast, I have learned more about the iPad than via any other source. I highly recommend watching this regularly or, at least, looking for episode titles that interest you.
Great show
Love all the shows from TWiT!
I keep learning more and more each week
Deborah J
Love this show. I have learned so much from this show since getting my IPad 2 in Oct. Keep up the great work!
Love the show...dont change ever ever !!! Love you guys
It was ...
Cool person anywhere
It was to long the one I got make it shorter and take about different apple products otherwise good!:)
Fun & Entertaining Show
Larry Jock
I just stumbled onto the podcast iPad Today, and it really is a fantastic show. It covers a lot of ground and the pace is quick. Sarah Lane really makes the show. I wouldn't be surprised if we see her doing tech segments on network morning shows sometime soon. Leo also does a great job and obviously has a wealth of tech knowledge. Whether you have had your iPad for a while or just purchased one, this show is for you! Keep up the good work, Sarah & Leo.
Let Leo Talk
For a show with two people, I hear way too much from Sarah Lane about impressions and 'pretty graphics' than I do about actual functionality from Leo Laporte. Sarah is constantly cutting Leo off and making sure she's the last one to have a say about the apps they review and it can become rather annoying; I want to know what the apps they're reviewing can DO and I often am left with completely wrong information because Sarah skipped over a major function or couldn't figure out how it worked. I really wish Sarah would become familiar with apps before she reviewed them because on multiple occasions, she has completely skipped over an app because she couldn't figure out how to get past a menu. I feel as though apps are opened for five minutes and then ignored until they're opened again on the show, and that can get pretty rough sometimes. For a show about Apps for the iPad, I'm really not getting much information about the apps reviewed. That said, It's still the best iPad app show out there and Leo and Sarah are entertaining. Carry on, but try to use apps more before you review them so that you don't skip anything important or forget what you're talking about.
You guys could be the next Regis and Kelly!!! I think you're chemistry is right on the money!!! don't ever stop this show..I look forward to it every week!!! keep up the great work!!!
I pad today
Tim Okuma
I've enjoyed the topics that Leo & Sarah discuss each week. It has taught me to use an ipad with fewer problems. Keep up the weekly ipad today podcasts. Tim
Great show
Leo is really funny, great podcast
Love the show.
I don't have an iPad yet, but with each episode you make me want to shell out the cash to buy a couple for me and my family (so that I don't have to give up mine). Keep up the great work. Apple should sponsor this show, it really shows off their magical revolutionary device. ;-)
Love iPad Today! (and Sarah)
This is a great show with wonderful and interesting content but it is also hilarious. iPad Today introduced me to the TWIT network and takes up a lot of my time. I don't know why anyone would say something negative about Sarah she is informative, delightful and, of course funny. iPad Today is a wonderful program and, I would say, one of the best shows on the TWIT Network.
A must for ipad2 users. The show has save me lots of bucks on apps but cost me money on new app caps
Love it!!!!!
Love your work you never disappoint, but what happened to ep. 49
I really want to like this....
I like Leo a lot. Very professional stuff.
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