November 26, 2020
Local Hive Report, South Africa Beekeeping, Housekeeping, Australia-Puerto Rico, Exposome, The Pollinators Film, Tattoo Mocking, Spring meeting plan
March 23, 2020
Check In Episode - How to Collaborate and Present Online Virtual Meetings. Peripherals, Tools, and Tips.
March 15, 2020
Local Hive Report, Coronavirus Prep, Corrections, Warm Winters, MapMyDCA, Culling, Moth Hairs, Mead Podcast, MK350 Mite Vaporizer
March 8, 2020
One on one conversation with treatment free beekeeper Jeff Wesolowski
March 8, 2020
One on one conversation with treatment free beekeeper Jeff Wesolowski
March 1, 2020
Check In Topic - Considering a hybrid Shook Swarm - Bailey Comb Change approach
February 23, 2020
Local Hive Report, Food Labeling, Apiver Mite Resistance, Synthetic Comb, Hive size in spring, Ashes for Ant Control, Remembering Jake
February 22, 2020
Local Hive Report, Food Labeling, Apiver Mite Resistance, Synthetic Comb, Hive size in spring, Ashes for Ant Control, Remembering Jake
February 16, 2020
NJBA Meeting Recap and 1 on 1 with PA beekeeper Justin Shiffler
February 9, 2020
Check In Episode - Queen Problems
February 2, 2020
Interview with Kai Hichert
January 26, 2020
Local Hive Report, South Africa Beekeeping, Housekeeping, Australia-Puerto Rico, Exposome, The Pollinators Film, Tattoo Mocking, Spring meeting plan
November 7, 2019
Local Hive Report, Bees on Mars, BREAT, Spelling Bee, B-Box Hive, Feeding Sugar, Listener Mail, TF Reflection, HLN Thank you, Africa 2
October 20, 2019
Intro, Treatment free is real, dynamics behind making it work, queen genetics in context to environment, ways to be treatment free
September 29, 2019
Visit with beekeepers in Westerham England
September 24, 2019
Local Hive Report, Malawians-Stiles Apiaries, Association Meetings, Bettercomb Report, Conor Clear Judging, Bees Stadium-London, 8-Way escape
July 28, 2019
LLocal Hive Report, Sulfoxaflor, Swiffer for SHB, Bettercomb, Caste system, Flick-using bee brush, Chelicera, EAS 2019
June 16, 2019
Local Hive Report, Beekeeping topics with Bob Kloss
June 9, 2019
Local Hive Report, Protective masks, Desirable Traits, UHU POR Glue, Brooklyn Bee Gate, Knocking Bees off of a Frame
May 12, 2019
Local Hive Report, Queen Rearing Course, Swarm Season, Puddle swarm, Supercedure Cells, Temp Queen, Mating Nucs, Social Immunity
April 28, 2019
Local Hive Report, Sivant problems, Supermarket honey, Hive Off term, Pollenkitt, Beekeeping Barbie, Magnifying glasses, Five Apple Farm Podcast
April 14, 2019
Local Hive Report, Swarm Prevent, Regulations Adoption, Back Tips, Roundup Lawsuits, Prokopovych, Virgins and Afterswarms
March 26, 2019
Local Hive Report, Managed Mentoring Concept, Recycling Old Equipment, NJ Beekeeping Regulations
March 3, 2019
One on One Interview with Sergio Moutela from Melovino Craft Meadery
February 24, 2019
Local Hive Report, Paul Stamets – Mushroom Mycelium, Exercise for Beekeepers, Honey Uncapping, Grafting Techniques, Listener Mail, Varroa Tools
February 10, 2019
Local Hive Report, Recap of the Philly Guild Meeting, 2019 pursuits, Things we've learned since starting beekeeping
December 30, 2018
Local Hive Report, Virus transmission by queen, AFB Vaccine, Honey Powder, Oldest Insect Quiz, Free Access to research, EZ Corner Clips, Fondant
December 9, 2018
Sidebar edition - NJ News and Broodminder Team Sit Down
December 2, 2018
Local Hive Report, Pollen Trap, Fish Tank Hive, Guardian Entrance, EAS Candle Session, Swarm Proofing Task, NJ Bee Regulations
November 11, 2018
Local Hive Report, MP3, Hygienic Bees, Beard Balm, BeeHelpful Hive Stand, Audible Bee Books, Beekeeping Today Podcast, Brush Mountain Closure
October 28, 2018
Local Hive Report, Sidebar edition of what has been going on.
October 21, 2018
Local Hive Report, Jamie Ellis, Nutrition, Wyatt Mangum Top Bar, Vegan Choices, OAV Mite Check, Wintering Gaut, Pollinator Highway, Closing Comments
September 23, 2018
Local Hive Report, Tomentum, Neonics, African Bee Protection, Hive Size for Overwintering, Broodminder T2, Listener Mail, Closing Comments
August 30, 2018
Local Hive Report, Hops Beta Acid, Pesticide Absorb, Pollinating Drones, Grafting, Queen Genetics, Honey Mustard, Golf Balls, Listener Mail, Closing Comments
August 5, 2018
Local Hive Report, Sidebar edition of what has been going on.
July 8, 2018
Local Hive Report, Hive Tools, Famous Beekeepers, Imirie Shim Usage, Bees on Southern Magnolia, Mosquito control, Waxing Plastic, Shower of Bees, Closing Comments
July 1, 2018
A special one on one about coffee with David Waldman (no beekeeping topics in this release)
June 24, 2018
Local Hive Report, Order of bees, components of the nest, winter bees, Malawi Monday, Solar Wax Melter, transporting bees
June 17, 2018
A special one on one about coffee with David Waldman (no beekeeping topics in this release)
June 10, 2018
Local Hive Report, Oldest US Bee, Finding a Queen, Marquisette, PB Honey Banana Bread, Swarm Queen Replacements, Laying Worker Observation
June 3, 2018
Local Hive Report, Queen Rearing reflections with Bob Kloss
May 20, 2018
Local Hive Report, Spritzing, Shook Swarm, Turtle treatments with honey, Yellow Jacket Traps, Bee Waterer, Water Walk Closing Comments
May 6, 2018
Local Hive Report, Oxalic Acid Spray, Bee Gym Part 2, Apitherapy Gone Wrong, Hamuli, Malawi, Poly Hive, Closing Comments
April 22, 2018
Local Hive Report, EU Neonic Ban Update, Failure is Quitting what you Love, Getting ahead of varroa, Cloake Board, Microscope meeting, BT
April 15, 2018
Bonus Edition featuring a presentation by EAS Master Beekeeper Landi Simone speaking on Recordkeeping
April 8, 2018
Local Hive Report, Gentle Killer Bees, Scrabbling, Trolls, Bottom Board Notions, New Flow Hive, Smoked Honey, Smoked Honey Coffee, Bees and Oz
April 1, 2018
Malawi Sidebar conversation
March 25, 2018
Local Hive Report, Laying Workers, Materioomics Silk, Illness and Recovery, Malawi Overview, Closing comments
March 1, 2018
Local Hive Report, The Incident, Screened Bottom Boards, Breeze Style Suits, Shop Towels Update, Meetings, Geared Up, Closing comments
February 25, 2018
2018 planning discussion
February 11, 2018
Local Hive Report, NJDOA And Honey, Lithium Chloride, Manley Frames, NJ Honey Show, Polariscope Idea, Jamb Frame, Broodminder n Brushy, Feedback Jeff Hitchcock
January 21, 2018
Local Hive Report, NJDA Regulation Update, Life Events, Upcoming Plans
January 10, 2018
Local Hive Report, NJDA Regulation Update, Life Events, Upcoming Plans
November 25, 2017
Local Hive Report, Oregano Oil, Reading Hive Frames, Antioxidants, Reclaiming Plastic, Rekindle Candles, Horseshoe Swarming, Golden Hives, NJDA Regs, Closing Comments
November 5, 2017
Local Hive Report, Top Bar Hive Deadout, Live Robbing, OAV, Closing Comments
October 29, 2017
Local Hive Report, Eyes on Hives, Homasote Moisture Board, Broodminder, Bee Themed App Names, Benny Bee Honey, Propolis Tincture, Boys are Back, MiteCalculator, Closing Comments
October 21, 2017
Introduction, Winter Management
October 18, 2017
Local Hive Report, Neonics in Honey, RNAi Primer, Dicamba Troubles, Selling Honey, RIRDC YouTube, Cut Out Video, Bees and Beer Event, Bee Free Honee Pt. 2, Closing Comments
October 1, 2017
Local Hive Report, Evolutionary Autism, Honey replaces Graphene, Crimson and Red Clover, Solar Wax Melter P2, NJBA Meeting Recap, Entomophobia Term, Thingiverse, Listener Mail
September 20, 2017
Local Hive Report, Vital Amino Acids, Hallucinogenic Honey, Concrete Pole Tip, Bees Understand Zero, Treat Dead Hives, Cemetery Honey, Venom Therapy for Scars, Propolis for Warts, Bourdain Video Series, Honey Taffy
September 3, 2017
Local Hive Report, Preparing for Winter, Seattle Beekeeping, NJDA Regs, MB Exam Recap, Garage Projects, Fairs and Honey Judging, EAS Purchases, Production Value
July 22, 2017
Local Hive Report, Recording from a Discord Live Video Podcast, Master Beekeeper Exam, Listener Question & Answer
June 18, 2017
Local Hive Report, Impact of distance for Varroa, Log Hives, Neonic Research insights, Swienty Mite Monitoring, Aluminum GoPro Enclosure, Blueberry NJ Top Crop, Flow Hive
May 24, 2017
Live Recording of Local Hive Work
May 7, 2017
Local Hive Report, Xentari, GLY Impact on Flight Navigation, Bee Gym, Honey Straws, EPA Oxalic Approval
May 3, 2017
Local Hive Report, Glyphosate and Bee Appetities, Thinking subconciously about Bees, Bee Free Honee, Agriculture and Bees Journal Article
April 10, 2017
Local Hive Report, Enzymes in Honey, Worker Development Stages, Melissopalynology, Warm or Cold Frame Placement, Marigold Gloves, Seed Packets, MAQs, LocalBee Hive Closing Comments
March 26, 2017
Local Hive Report, Natural Hive Finishes, Half Hour Intern, Comb Honey, Uncapped Nectar, JBZB, Ceiling Fan Extractor, Rhubarb Leaves Oxalic, Joe Lewis, USA NPN, Closing Comments
March 12, 2017
Landi Simone, John Gaut, Cheerios Program, BKCorner YouTube, Fermented Garlic, Alternative Hives, Pest-Nest-Threat, Oxalic Ideas, Closing Comments
March 5, 2017
Local Hive Report, 2017 thoughts - natural comb, BioDynamic Beekeeping, Closing Comments
March 1, 2017
Philly Symposium Recap, Karen Roccasecca, Rebecca Masterman, Meghan Milbraith, Debra Delaney, Samuel Ramesey
February 12, 2017
Local Hive Report, Can Bees Count, Wooden Hive Stand, Live Bee Cam, Seed Packets, Honey Mustard Chickpeas, Listener Feedback, Philly Symposium Recap, Closing Comments
January 29, 2017
Local Hive Report, Killing Varroa with Sound, DuoHive, Beehive Jive, FLIR-Borescope Learnings, Area51 Beekeeping, Neem Oil, Upcoming and Closing Comments
January 15, 2017
Local Hive Report, Discerning Pollen Rewards by Forages, Varroa jumping on bees, brood as food, 9 new bees, endoscopes, January recommendations
January 1, 2017
Local Hive Report, FLIR one, Reminiscing, Dan Inglin, Beekeeping Thriving Industry, Sea Bees, Video Reset, Split Options, Closing Comments
September 18, 2016
Local Hive Report, EAS, David Burns, SuperDFM, Broodminder, Yellow Jackets, Microfiber for Beetles, Alcohol Wash, How Many Boxes
August 30, 2016
Local Hive Report, Antibiotics in the US, Italy Part, Fruit for Bees, Queen Marking Moniker, Bobs Bee Emporium, Zucchini Toss Honey Recipe
August 15, 2016
Local Hive Report, India, Seattle, Italy Part 1
June 4, 2016
Local Hive Report, Cut and Chunk Comb Honey,Honey Comb Ice Cream, Roundtable
May 22, 2016
Local Hive Report, Phoretic Mites, Queen Rearing Methods, Carpenter Bees, Hive Monitoring, Swarm Capture, Fitness
April 29, 2016
Bee Meeting Recaps, Spring Management and Local Hive Reports
April 10, 2016
Interview with J. David Waldman
March 27, 2016
Local Hive Report, Hive Defense, Contamination in Fresh Pollen, DvE Insight, Honey Color, Taste Wheels, Seeley BeeLining, Making Veil, Perfect Hive Stand
March 7, 2016
Local Hive Report, Mite Biting Bees, Cloake Boards, Honeymoon, Cathedral Hive, Dartington Hive, Slovenia Hives, Honey and Health
February 14, 2016
Local Hive Report, Killing Varroa with Heat, Wax Pastes, Meeting Recaps, Swarm Frequency, Overnight Oatmeal, Bait hives, ZomBeeWatch, Bee Cage
January 30, 2016
Local Hive Report, Local Hive Report, Spring Pollen Patties, Bee Thinking, Irish Book List, Real Corn Syrup, Bee Space, Shrews, Insulation Expedition
January 13, 2016
Local Hive Report, European study on Neonics, Bee Activities, EPA Imidicloprid, Oxalic and Nosema, Thriving or Dying, Following a Swarm, One Gallon Mead, Winter Feeding, New BKCorner Website
December 18, 2015
Bonus Edition Karoly Toth
December 7, 2015
Local Hive Report, Housel Positioning, Royal Jelly and Queens, Varroa Mimicing, Infographic, Swienty Mite Counter, Garriga Hive, Gardner Video, Penny Tip, Broodminder, Listener Mail
November 8, 2015
Local Hive Report, Coroplast Nucs, DWV Variants, Nuc Condos, Bees Chewing Mites, FLIR images, Alcohol Wash Video, Brood Minder/ Hive Genie, NJBA Mtg. Recap
October 23, 2015
Local Hive Report, NJ Honey Bee Business, Honey Lactic Acid Products, Zombie Bees, Blue Banded Bees, Small Hive Beetle Control, Wyatt Magnum Video
October 3, 2015
Local Hive Report, Reports on the Blueberry Industry in NJ, Malawi Africa, Feeding, Making Spring Splits, Feeding - Heavy vs. Light Syrup, Oct State meeting
September 27, 2015
Local Hive Report, Tanging, Essential Oils, Timing, Cody’s Bees, Honeycomb Grafting, Foulbrood Dog, Frame Wiring, Cough Syrup Recipe, Fall Feeding
September 7, 2015
Local Hive Report, Two Queen System, Bee-Pocolypse, Gene Resistance, Flea's Bees, Digger Wasp, Seattle, Hoverflies, Buzz over Other Bees, Frame Wiring
July 19, 2015
Local Hive Report, Greetings from Malawi, Competitive Bee Lining, Nosema and Larvae, Summer Meeting, Listener Mail
July 6, 2015
Local Hive Report, Varroa tolerant honey bees, EPA pesticide-free zones, Manipulation Cloth, Butane Bee Smoker, Wearing Bees for World Record, Ley Lines, Listener Mail, Earwigs, June Meeting Recap
May 25, 2015
Local Hive Report, Getting Ahead of the Curve, Bee Lining, The Language of the Bees, NJ Swarm Report Update, Water Bucket Dilemma, YouTube Views, Recent Videos, Swarm Trapping
April 26, 2015
Local Hive Report, Queen Piping, Package Bee Experiences, Is it real honey, Follow up to Hexagons on Point, Mad Honey, Swarm Lure Scents, BeeHugger YouTube, White Eyed Drones, Radio Entomology, Water Tip T-Shirt, Beekeeping in Oman, NJBA June Meeting
April 12, 2015
Local Hive Report, Oxalic Acid, Hive Starvation with Food Nearby, Mushrooms and Bees, Scents on Beekeepers, Texas Cutout, Don't Refrige Honey, YouTube Videos, NJBA Announcement
March 24, 2015
Local Hive Report, Melovino Meadery, Honey Caramel, Flower Show - Bumbleberry Farms Honey Creams, Round Up Carcinogen, Honey Comb Hexagon, Bees in Space, Bees in Space, Phil Chandler Black Bees, Listener Mail
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