7 Kinds of Podcast Images for Marketing and Branding
Published May 5, 2020
41 min
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    Even though podcasting is usually an audio-only experience, attractive images can enhance your podcast branding and help you promote your podcast better! Here are suggestions to consider for podcast-level and episode-level images.

    How images help your podcast

    Establishing and reinforcing visual branding

    Are Disney's movies Frozen and Frozen II related to Pixar's movie Onward?

    Many of the 5by5 podcast network's cover art shares the same style, making the relationship obvious.

    Marketing your episodes

    Artwork makes your podcast look a lot better when shared in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

    Having images, especially for each episode, can help enable you to promote your podcast in visual-only platforms, like Pinterest and Instagram.

    Engaging your audience

    Look at No Agenda‘s art generator.

    Communicating without words

    “A picture is worth 1,000 words.”

    1. Square image for podcast apps and Instagram

    2. Crop-friendly wide image for video and social

    * 16:9 for video* 1,200 × 628 for Facebook and Twitter

    3. Crop-friendly tall image for Pinterest

    * 2:3 for Pinterest* 9:16 for video stories

    4. Thumbnail image for your website

    I suggest you design for a square crop but with margin for different ratios.

    Here's what square episode images look like on The Audacity to Podcast's homepage.

    5. Background image for creativity

    What I love being able to use background images in SecondLine Themes as my WordPress theme! You can easily add a color overlay, style effects, and even blur your images.

    Ensure it doesn't conflict with text over it.

    How this episode's background image looks, thanks to Tusant from SecondLine Themes.

    6. “Open” image for audiograms

    Headliner and Wavve are great tools for making audiograms.

    7. Show images for profile branding

    Visit Sprout Social's guide to social-media image sizes.

    How to make these images

    Hire a professional

    * Mark Des Cotes from Podcast Branding* DesignCrowd*
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