How to Move Podcast Hosts and Your RSS Feed – TAP306
Published May 23, 2017
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    Moving podcast hosting companies and keeping your subscribers doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s what you need to know, especially to avoid losing your entire audience.
    Before you move podcast hosts
    Don’t rush
    I’ve seen many podcasters hurt their own shows because they were too quick to make a move (often for the wrong reasons) and didn’t know or outright ignored the consequences.
    Although moving is a relatively simple process, skipping something important or making the wrong decision could make you lose your entire audience with literally a single click.
    Don’t wait too long
    Although it’s good to take your time, don’t wait until the last day of your current provider’s billing period to move your podcast. This process is usually quick, but as you’ll see soon, some steps are best done with some time to let them sit.
    Move for the right reasons
    Podcast-hosting companies are designed to provide two core features and an optional third:

    * A content-distribution network (CDN) to serve your media files quickly and take the load off your website
    * Industry-standard, reliable, and accurate download statistics
    * (Optional) Fully customizable podcast-ready RSS feed

    Some podcast-hosting companies may provide additional features, such as automations, sponsorship opportunities, live-streaming, a basic website, crowdfunding, and such. These features can be useful for some. But they are features you must opt in to use.
    It’s not the podcast-hosting company’s responsibility to promote your podcast, submit it to all the podcast apps and directories, make your podcast discoverable, or handle your content. Like the opt-in features, these are also your responsibility.
    So never think that your podcast will grow better on one host over the other. These companies provide tools and services you must use to promote and grow your podcast yourself.
    That said, here are some good reasons to move podcasts hosts.

    * To have more control and ownership over your feed
    * To get better stats (unless you’re already using the industry leaders)
    * To get better built-in features for your desired workflow (such as WordPress integration, standalone apps, live-streaming, or a managed website when you don’t want your own platform)
    * To save a large amount of money (moving merely to save a few dollars might not actually be worth it)
    * To have more reliable stability
    * To save your podcast from a failing hosting provider (cough, SoundCloud, cough)

    Choose a new company that truly understands podcasting
    Because moving your podcast hosting and especially the feed are delicate processes, it’s vital that you choose a company you can trust to do the right thing.
    I can’t recommend any company that:

    * Can’t migrate your media for you
    * Doesn’t mirror the GUIDs (more on this below)
    * Doesn’t have an available support staff

    This is why I recommend only these three companies:

    * Blubrry—best for a WordPress-based workflow
    * Libsyn—best for a standalone workflow and mobile app
    * Spreaker—best for a live-streaming workflow and multiple shows

    Try any of these three (or even
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