Published March 27, 2012
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    America's leaders in Cold Fusion(LENR)discuss the world's greatest energy source. Joining the broadcast will be CEO-Robert George and Robert Godes-President and Chief Technology Officer. Mr. George is a multi-disciplined executive with extensive experience in product design and commercialization, running successful companies in the public and private sector, providing creative solutions for product development, marketing and international licensing and joint ventures. Along with his duties at Brillouin Energy, Mr. George is Managing Director at Grosvenor Financial Partners, LLC, where he is a technical consultant assisting clients in establishing Joint Ventures, Licensing and Strategic Alliances in the U. S., Europe and the Gulf (GCC) region. Previously, he has produced extraordinary results as CEO for several companies including Commerce Direct Systems, Inc. Napa, CA, Imagineering International, Inc., Nashua, NH and Denning Mobile Robotics, Inc. Wilmington, MA (NASDAQ:GARD). At Denning Mobile Robotics Mr. George developed the world’s first commercial artificially intelligent autonomous mobile robots and positioned the company for a successful Initial Public Offering. Mr. George serves on several Boards of Directors that include: Equinox Equity Investments, LLC, Developer of hospitality properties. Evans Hagen & Company, Competitive market analysts, litigation support, technology telecommunications. Strategic Communications, Inc., Providing public companies with Investor Relations and Public Relations. Oklahoma Energy Corp (NASDAQ:OKOK) Oil, Gas and Energy development. Mr. George has a BSME from University of New Hampshire in Mechanical Engineering and a BA from Massachusetts College of Art in High Temperature Ceramics. While studying at the University of New Hampshire he received the prestigious Lincoln Foundation Engineering Award. Robert Godes-The founder of Brillouin Energy Corp. is an innovative technical designer, electrical engineer, and creative solution inventor with over 25 years experience in identifying and developing technology products for diverse organizations. Recognized and identified for improving overall productivity, focused on continuously delivering efficient applications while maintaining reliability and reducing overall costs. He has contributed to applications including torpedo guidance systems, paper currency recognition systems, distributed data collection and control systems, and puddle detection systems. He has actively studied mechanics, quantum mechanics, and several areas of physics, electronics, control systems, programming, and chemistry. His talent in integrating mechanical design, physics, and chemistry provides extraordinary insight into the various problems and failures of existing research in this field. Previous to Brillouin Energy Corp, Mr. Godes worked as an electrical engineer at EnergyLine, Clear-com, Versatec and ARDAC. Mr. Godes earned a BS from Ohio Northern University in electrical engineering. He is knowledgeable in the fields of Material Science, Chemistry, Astrophysics, Molecular Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics. He was awarded the Remsburg Annual Creativity Award, ONU IEEE Design Contest and the ONU Board of Engineering Director's Contest. He published a nine-page feature article in Infinite Energy Magazine: “The Quantum Fusion Hypothesis”, Vol 14 issue 82 2008. (See link in the side bar to the left.)
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