September 3, 2012
A goodbye and thanks to all of you, with special guests Steve Berthiaume of ESPN and one last visit from not Jim Tracy. Thanks for listening everyone. We remain shocked and humbled by what this turned into. It was a great ride.
August 10, 2012
0:00 Maybe you like smaller stuff 3:37 Housekeeping 4:38 Email 36:23 Call-Ups: Vitters, Jackson, Machado 44:22 Taking a stand on prospects 55:34 The Curious Case of Austin Wood 1:03:09 What's Mike Trout worth? 1:12:21 Let's scout little league baseball! 1:19:08 Special Guest: Andy McCullough, Newark Star-Ledger on the future of the Mets 1:46:57 Listener of the week: Craig Robinson: the British artist in Mexico 2:06:18 Musical Guest: The Revivalists 2:07:31 What Are You Drinking? (with special tribune to Juan Deli) 2:14:05: In the 'hood: #WeirdNeighbors - The Mattress People 2:32:45: The Week ahead
August 3, 2012
0:00 A creepy beginning 9:05 Housekeeping 10:05 Email 31:16 Special Guest: The return of my Mom 54:40 Trade deadline recap 1:13:03 KG's Midseason Top 50 1:23:46 Jason's Top 10 with bonus Mike Olt talk 1:38:35 Special Guest: Rick Giolito, on being the father of a first-round draft pick 2:34:55 Special Guest: Artie Lange, with tales of being a Yankee fan 2:55:12 The importance of music on the show 2:57:58 Worst celebration of What Are You Drinking possible 3:09:36 Listener of the week: Carl, the man with the '80 Want' tattoo 3:23:18 100 episodes, folks 3:29:27 The Week Ahead 3:35:00 Inspirational Words
July 17, 2012
0:00 Welcome 3:42 Housekeeping 4:41 Emails 41:39 The Dodgers sign Puig and what this all means 46:15 Trade deadline previews - Greinke and Hamels mania 54:46 What could go wrong, Smoak and Teheran editions 1:08:04 Futures Game preview: Players we want to see 1:33:06 Special Guest: Jeff Luhnow, GM, Houston Astros 1:55:07 Musical guest: Black Wine 1:56:22 A special edition of What Are You Drinking? 2:03:24 Tales from out trip to Texas 2:10:21 The Week Ahead - KC preview
July 4, 2012
0:00 Welcome 3:42 Housekeeping 4:41 Emails 41:39 The Dodgers sign Puig and what this all means 46:15 Trade deadline previews - Greinke and Hamels mania 54:46 What could go wrong, Smoak and Teheran editions 1:08:04 Futures Game preview: Players we want to see 1:33:06 Special Guest: Jeff Luhnow, GM, Houston Astros 1:55:07 Musical guest: Black Wine 1:56:22 A special edition of What Are You Drinking? 2:03:24 Tales from out trip to Texas 2:10:21 The Week Ahead - KC preview
June 22, 2012
0:00 Circle of Life 4:50 Houskeeping 5:41 Email 41:56 Joe Maddon vs. Davey Johnson 45:23 R.A. Dickey: WTF? 51:08 Revisiting the prototype (the gap) 1:01:45 Midwest League All-Star game fun 1:17:15 The curious case of Martin Perez 1:29:53 Special Guest: Eric Kubota, Scouting Director, Oakland Athletics 1:52:56 Listener Of The Week: Bryon, the infectious disease epidemiologist 2:21:25 Musical Guest: Wild Cub 2:24:45 What Are You Drinking? 2:28:42 That Just Happened: Texans really ARE superior 2:30:27 The week ahead
June 15, 2012
0:00 What episode are we on? 3:48 Houskeeping 4:43 Email 29:35 Pick a pitcher, any pitcher 35:16 The myth of the raw high-ceiling player 44:42 Why do people hate Starlin Castro? 49:47 New Rules: Asking about ceilings and making up trades 56:39 Special Guest: Kendall Rogers, Perfect Game, CWS Preview 1:21:18 Musical Guest: Dimesland 1:23:38 What Are You Drinking? 1:24:58 Pop Culture Moment: Boogie Nights 1:32:11 The week ahead
June 8, 2012
0:00 Congrats, graduates! 3:26 Houskeeping 4:10 Email 27:39 Jorge Soler is a free agent, so go crazy! 34:10 Judging picks before they play and the path of Stetson Allie 39:09 Javier Baez is really good but shouldn't swing 3-0 in a blowout 47:31 What Could Go Wrong: San Francisco Giants 55:07 What Could Go Wrong: St. Louis Cardinals 1:10:50 Special Guest: Jim Callis, Baseball America on the 2012 draft. 1:50:27 Musical Guest: The Ready Stance 1:52:27 What Are You Drinking? 1:54:04 That Just Happened: Calling Nick in St. Louis 1:59:24 Jason's mental state 2:07:41 The week ahead
May 25, 2012
0:00 Welcome 4:21 Housekeeping 5:31 Emails 31:47 So, um the Orioles? 35:34 Talking to Boras about the 2012 draft 49:19 Going through the Dodgers system 1:05:45 Tales from Wilmington 1:19:06 Special Guest: Shi Davidi (@shidavidi), baseball columnist and journalism instructor 1:44:14 Musical guest: Measure (@measuremusic) 1:46:10 What Are You Drinking? 1:50:04 Pop culture moment: Baseball for baseball's sake 1:55:17 The Week Ahead w/ bonus interrupting phone call
May 16, 2012
0:00 Thank you for your patience 2:31 Housekeeping/New Podcast! 3:40 Emails 35:48 Holy Crap Josh Hamilton 43:32 Seeing Mark Appel in person 51:15 We need more Powah! 56:53 Talking about the Diamondbacks system 1:03:08 Talking about the Rockies system 1:10:04 Special Guest: Doug Glanville on baseball and race 1:34:02 That Just Happened: Brett Lawrie is angry! 1:36:16 Musical guest: LA Font 1:37:37 What Are You Drinking? 1:40:09 Pop culture moment: Tales From Oakland 1:49:23 The Week Ahead
May 4, 2012
0:00 Welcome 3:49 Housekeeping 4:24 Emails 32:55 Harper and Trout are up 37:53 No. 1 pitchers revisited 44:09 Talking to folks about Rays prospects 50:04 Talking to folks about Padres prospects 58:28 Scout thoughts on Billy Hamilton and Danny Hultzen 1:08:41 Special Guest: Adam Kilgore, Nationals Beat Writer, Washington Post 1:33:19 Musical guest: Van Hunt 1:34:31 What Are You Drinking? 1:38:33 Pop culture moment: Manchester Derby 1:51:58 The Week Ahead
April 28, 2012
0:00 It's Been A Strange Day 6:45 Housekeeping 7:34 Emails 29:18 Gauche-gate 38:12 Where did that Yu Darvish come from? 44:25 What's a No. 1 starter, and why a No. 3 is not an insult 52:19 What could go wrong with the Orioles prospects? 1:02:37 Tales from Kane County (Focusing on Lindor) 1:14:51 Special Guest: Alex Speier, Red Sox beat guy, WEEI 1:49:41 Musical guest: Deskhop 1:51:12 What Are You Drinking? 1:58:38 The Week Ahead
April 20, 2012
0:00 We didn't book a guest 3:26 Housekeeping 4:15 Emails 31:41 Pudge retires 37:05 Is it real? Orioles, White Sox, Mets, Nationals, Dodgers 47:44 How crazy great is the 2011 draft when it comes to pitching? 58:45 Tales from Wilmington 1:22:49 Musical guest: Screaming Females 1:25:53 What Are You Drinking? 1:28:56 Pop culture moment: Disagea 1:34:30 The Week Ahead
April 13, 2012
0:00 But, back to that 4:07 Housekeeping 4:49 Emails 33:28 Getting to the first minor league game (lots of Miguel Sano talk) 41:54 First starts from Yu Darvish and Neftali Feliz 54:28 Yeonis Cespedes: must see TV. 59:17 When Is Player X coming up? 1:05:57 Some thoughts on evaluating defense 1:15:53 Listener of the week: ESPN Baseball Tonight host Steve Berthiaume 1:59:49 Not Jim Tracy on lifetime contracts and Ubaldo throwing at Tulo 2:02:44 Music Guest: Trampled By Turtles 2:05:05 What Are You Drinking? 2:09:10 The Week Ahead
April 5, 2012
0:00: How'd You Pull That Off? 5:23: Housekeeping 6:01: Emails 29:45: We owe people Yankees Top 11 talk 39:25: We owe people Phillies Top 11 talk 45:16: Minor League preview: Our guys - 10 players to watch 1:16:53: Special Guest: Pitcher Steve Palazzolo on bouncing around 1:36:51: Listener of the week: The hawk trap guy doesn't trap hawks anymore 1:56:25: Music Guest: Justin Townes Earle 2:00:33: What Are You Drinking? 2:02:57: Here's what's happening this year
March 29, 2012
0:00: Kind Of Different 4:01: Housekeeping 4:36: Emails 22:52: MLB Preview AL East: featuring special guest Jay Jaffe 34:56: MLB Preview AL Central: featuring special guest Robert Ford 49:54: MLB Preview AL West: featuring special guest Sam Miller 1:04:39: MLB Preview NL East: featuring special guest Andy McCullough 1:16:46: MLB Preview NL Central: featuring special guest C. Trent Rosencrans 1:35:14: MLB Preview NL West: featuring special guest Nick Piecoro 1:48:29: MLB Preview World Series Pick: featuring special guest Mom 2:07:25: Jason and Kevin make their predictions 2:18:30: Musical Guests: Prussia 2:19:47: What Are You Drinking? 2:23:02: Mental State updates/Getting out of Arizona
March 14, 2012
0:00 Here's what we're going to do 2:37 Housekeeping 3:29 Emails 30:00 Special Guest: Jorge Arangure on the Jairo Beras situation and what's going on in the Dominican 54:47 Musical Guests: Isotopes 57:28 What Are You Drinking? 1:00:36 By the time I get to Arizona
March 7, 2012
0:00 I'm sorry I'm yawning 3:14 Housekeeping 4:25 Emails 31:05 Reviewing the Brewers Top Prospects 40:04 Reviewing the Rangers Top Prospects 54:20 The curious case of Jairo Beras, and the more curious reaction 1:04:34 Jason's spring training diary, and dealing with the haters 1:13:24 Special Guest: Oakland A's outfield prospect Jeremy Barfield 1:41:57 Musical Guests: Yellow Ostrich 1:44:34 What Are You Drinking? 1:47:26 Tales from Arizona and Korean Television 1:55:08 The Week Ahead
February 24, 2012
0:00 We're off to a horrible start 5:54 Housekeeping 7:51 Emails 37:01 Spring Training has begun and now we need something to happen 38:29 The Ryan Bruan reaction: A rant 41:44 Boston Red Sox prospects - include Jason's list 56:34 Tampa Bay Rays prospects 1:04:26 Arizona Diamondbacks prospects 1:11:53 Detroit Tigers prospects - include Jason's list 1:20:22 What could go wrong with the Twins 1:24:15 What could go wrong with the Yankees 1:30:16 Special Guests: Top 100 Roundtable with Jim Callis (@jimcallisba) of Baseball America and Keith Law (@keithlaw) of ESPN 2:16:17 Special Guest: Mark Fainaru-Wada (@markfwespn) on breaking the Ryan Braun story 2:28:20 Musical Guests: Water and Bodies (@waterandbodies) 2:30:04 What Are You Drinking? 2:33:09 End This Shit
February 17, 2012
0:00 Don't Scare The Listeners 3:25 Housekeeping 5:35 Emails 34:13 Special Guest: Korean baseball writer Daniel Kim (@DanielKimW) on Baltimore scouting 57:51 Listener of the week: Death metal legend Stevo 1:42:31 Musical Guests: Tombstones 1:45:12 What Are You Drinking? 1:47:54 The Week Ahead
February 10, 2012
0:00 The worst person in the world 3:05 Housekeeping 4:08 Emails 42:12 Atlanta Braves Top 11 Prospects 54:51 St. Louis Cardinals Top 11 Prospects 1:06:58 What could go wrong with the Indians 1:16:15 Special Guest: Dirk Hayhurst (@TheGarfoose) on his new book, Out Of My League 1:43:47 Musical Guest: The Bye Bye Blackbirds 1:44:49 What Are You Drinking? 1:48:55 Pop Culture Moment: Real Genius 1:56:42 The week ahead
February 3, 2012
0:00 Is that a hot spot? 4:37 Housekeeping 5:18 Email 49:54 The Gerardo Concepcion signing and how this affects the market 55:16 The Hamilton relapse 58:21 Reviewing the Dodgers Top 11 1:03:25 Reviewing the Angels Top 11 and what could go wrong 1:12:37 Reviewing The Giants Top 11 1:21:30 What could go wrong with the Mariners prospects 1:25:27 What could go wrong with the Royals prospects 1:33:46 Musical Guests: The Juniper Tar 1:35:10 What Are You Drinking? 1:38:10 Pop culture moment: Hausu 1:44:13 The week ahead
January 26, 2012
0:00 It's good to be back 3:16 Housekeeping 5:35 Emails 33:59 Prince Fielder: the mystery team strikes again 41:02 Yoenis Cespedes is ready to go 46:14 Let's talk about Chicago White Sox prospects 50:44 Let's talk about Cincinnati Reds prospects 57:00 Let's talk about Cleveland Indians prospects 1:07:56 Let's talk about Washington Nationals prospects 1:15:50 Let's talk about Toronto Blue Jays prospects 1:28:07 Special Guest: Richard Deitsch (@richarddeitsch) of Sports Illustrated on baseball coverage in the new media age 2:09:48 Special Guest: Tim Dierkes (@timdierkes) of MLB Trade Rumors on being the gatekeeper of breaking news 2:29:25 Musical Guests: Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes 2:30:51 What Are You Drinking? 2:36:50 The Week Ahead (and Behind)
January 19, 2012
0:00 3...2... 4:54 Housekeeping 7:40 Email 38:42 Yu Darvish signing and the Japanese media contingent 49:21 The uniqueness of the Yankees/Mariners deal 1:05:36 Yeonis Cespedes playing in, and hopefully getting out of the DR 1:21:11 Special Guest: Ike Barinholtz on his role on the new season of Eastbound And Down 1:51:16 Musical Guest: Vampire Watching Television 1:53:34 What Are You Drinking? 2:01:19 Cooking with the Professor: Pollo Guisado and home favorites 2:04:51 The week ahead with bonus soccer talk
January 11, 2012
0:00 Welcome, I'm not in Chicago 2:57 Housekeeping 4:07 Email 38:34 Reviewing the Marlins Top 11 45:50 Reviewing the Rockies Top 11 55:58 Reviewing the A's Top 11 1:09:36 Reviewing the Mets Top 11 1:18:34 What could go wrong with the Rangers 1:28:32 4A hitters: man or myth? 1:33:39 Special Guest: Jay Jaffe on Hall of Fame voting and what lies ahead 2:00:21 Musical Guest: The Asteroid Shop 2:01:52 What Are You Drinking? 2:13:27 Cooking With The Professor: When Things Go Wrong 2:16:02 Interviewing yourself and the week ahead
December 21, 2011
0:00 The mice are back 3:16 Housekeeping 4:22 Emails/dating advice 25:13 Monday's Darvish mania 30:52 A not-so-quick rant on breaking stories and sourcing 41:03 What Darvish means to the Rangers and how good he can be 55:22 Reviewing the Pirates Top 11 Prospects 1:04:27 Why It's important to talk about what can go wrong 1:10:45 Special Guest, Mike Plugh of Akita University on the cultural adjustment of Yu Darvish 1:35:14 Musical Guest: Zoe Muth 1:36:50 What Are You Drinking? 1:40:10 Pop Culture Moment: Talking To Artie Lange 1:45:20 Cookies from Mom 1:48:25 The week ahead
December 14, 2011
0:00 A return to normality 2:37 Housekeeping 30:29 The Angels go wacky 35:49 A new world in Miami 39:52 Still some big names out there 42:02 Where is Yu Darvish going? 49:02 Let's talk about Padres prospects 52:32 Let's talk about Cubs prospects 1:00:23 Jason becomes a little more famous 1:05:53 Special Guest: Bobby Keppel, former big league pitcher and Yu Darvish rotation mate. 1:27:36 Musical Guest: Phantom Works 1:29:29 What Are You Drinking? (back to stink) 1:32:58 Quick tales from Dallas 1:43:15 The week ahead . . .
December 8, 2011
0:00 Howdy x 2 9:38 Special Guest: Mark Gonzales, Chicago Tribune 14:59 Special Guest: Susan Slusser, San Francisco Chronicle 22:30 Special Guest: Yolanda, the media room security lady
December 7, 2011
0:00 Intro 1:03 Special Guest: Juan C. Rodriguez, Sun Suntinel 7:33 Special Guest: Derrick Goold, St. Louis Post Dispatch 19:18 Special Guest: Andy McCullough, Newark Star-Ledger
December 5, 2011
0:00 The security guard won't talk to us 2:09 Nothing happened today 3:50 Update on sexy 5:25 Drinking early 8:20 Special Guest: Rob Neyer, Baseball Nation 15:46 Special Guest: Dylan Hernandez, Los Angeles Times
December 1, 2011
0:00 Breaker! This is Country Mouse 1:42 Housekeeping 2:12 Emails! - Why aren't contracts front-loaded - Why some tools guys are just tools guys - Converting position players to pitchers - The potential of having a scout on the show - Josh Leuke and the philosophy of redemption - Getting a job doing what we do - The use of the term 'sexy' to describe prospects - Guilty pleasures - Being in one band, one place, one time - Taking the show into the bedroom 48:29 Impromptu That Just Happened 51:13 Plans for Dallas
November 23, 2011
0:00 We're back, and it's OK 2:24 Housekeeping: There are many way to get a hold of us 3:18 So many emails 36:00 Baseball! But first, a word from Jorge 42:39 Orioles and Royals Top 11 review 1:02:41 Why are we going through the awards? 1:06:06 Let's talk about Neftali Feliz again 1:16:45 Special Guest Jeff Passan, Yahoo Sports on the new CBA 1:57:24 A very special That Just Happened featuring my mom 2:19:31 Musical Guest: Union Street Preservation Society 2:21:53 What Are You Drinking 2:25:33 It's Thanksgiving, so we're going to talk about food
November 11, 2011
0:00 Welcome 5:13 Getting the housekeeping out of the way 5:54 Email 25:27 Reviewing the Mariners Top 11 34:54 Let's talk about Cubs prospects 43:30 Let's talk about Red Sox prospects 49:51 Let's talk about Orioles prospects 53:58 Let's talk about Braves prospects 58:41 Let's talk about Diamondbacks prospects 1:04:37 Yoenis Cespedes: The legend of the video, and what he really is 1:25:52 Special Guest Kevin Cabral (@kevcabral), the voice of the Aguilas and the voice of the Cespedes video 1:51:31 The Wilson Ramos kidnapping 2:04:09 Special Guest Scott Drucker (@ScottyD30), RHP, Tigres de Aragua on playing this winter in Venezuela 2:22:39 Musical guest: PJ Winter (@pjwintermusic) 2:24:01 What Are You Drinking? 2:26:40 That Just Happened: Jason knows Ron Swanson 2:32:29 Some food stuff and the week ahead
November 3, 2011
0:00 Howdy, Sarge 2:25 Housekeeping 3:58 Emails 35:22 Quick World Series Wrap and the end of the LaRussa era 41:09 Do the GM shuffle 43:22 Focusing on free agents (lots of C.J. Wilson/Yu Darvish talk) 49:15 Let's talk about Tigers prospects 52:34 Let's talk about Rockies prospects 56:28 Let's talk about Indians prospects 59:46 Let's talk about Reds prospects 1:04:47 Let's talk about White Sox prospects (because we have to) 1:09:40 Reviewing the Astros Top 11 1:15:30 Reviewing the Twins Top 11 1:26:35 Musical Guest: Waxahatchee 1:28:09 What Are You Drinking? 1:31:26 Halloween tales of clowns, blood and possums 1:41:04 Winter recipe update 1:42:07 The Week Ahead
October 27, 2011
0:00 My name is, his name is 2:54 Housekeeping 4:04 Email 35:05 Agents and porn stars 38:18 Theo is in Chicago 40:00 What happened to our CBA announcement? 45:42 Let's talk about Dodgers prospects 51:48 Let's talk about Angels prospects 55:00 Let's talk about Royals prospects 1:00:31 Let's talk about Astros prospects 1:03:48 Let's talk about Marlins prospects 1:09:47 Special Guest: Andy McCullough (@Ledger_NYMets) on covering the 2011 World Series 1:38:34 Musical Guest: Ella Minnow (@ellaminnowmusic) 1:40:04 What Are You Drinking? 1:42:02 That Just Happened: Soccer, Mexico and 100,000 people 1:52:48 That Just Happened: There's a satellite truck at my house 2:03:55 Cooking With The Professor: Send us your winter recipes 2:06:03 The Week Ahead
October 18, 2011
0:00 Hello everyone, we are back, and appreciate your patience 4:12 Housekeeping 5:15 Let's check the mailbag! 27:24 Quick playoff wrap 33:56 The Cubs and Red Sox create some awfully fun drama 47:44 Rangers World Series Preview w/ Anthony Andro (@aandro), Fox Sports SouthWest 56:19 Cardinals World Series Preview w/ Will Leitch (@williamflietch), New York Magazine and Deadspin founder 1:12:21 Our World Series picks (like it matters) 1:13:51 Let's talk about Athletics prospects 1:21:20 Let's talk about Yankees prospects 1:26:18 Let's talk about Mets prospects 1:30:02 Let's talk about Twins prospects 1:34:23 Let's talk about Brewers prospects 1:40:15 Special Guest Rafael Rojas (@rafaelrojasc) on the good and the bad of baseball in Venezuela under the Chavez regime 2:09:55 Listener Of The Week: Riley Breckenridge (@rileybreck), professional rock star 2:33:38 Not Jim Leyland and Not Nolan Ryan on the ALCS and World Series 2:35:45 Musical Guest: The Scrams (@thescrams) 2:36:50 What Are You Drinking? 2:39:41 Pop Culture Moment: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans and loving Werner Herzog 2:51:28 The Week Ahead
October 5, 2011
0:00 Welcome to the real Episode 68 2:49 Housekeeping 3:09 Emails 26:04 The Playoffs (so far) 37:59 Jason's Arizona adventures and how instructs work 49:58 Let's Talk About Giants Prospects 53:59 Let's Talk About Padres Prospects 57:26 Let's Talk About Cardinals Prospects 1:00:38 Let's Talk About Pirates Prospects 1:04:05 Let's Talk About Phillies Prospects 1:09:00 Special Guest: Phil Rogers (@ChiTribRogers) of the Chicago Tribune on the Cubs GM search 1:22:22 Music Guest Thrice (@OfficialThrice) 1:34:01 I Saw Moneyball, Jason saw the poster 1:39:01 The Week Ahead
September 29, 2011
0:00 67.5 3:05 The Greatest Night Of All Time 14:56 Divisional Series Previews 29:30 Ozzie with no Ozzie impression (bonus This Just Happened)
September 21, 2011
0:00 My name is . . . 3:12 Housekeeping 4:41 Emails 21:47 We have races! (kind of) 24:37 Let's talk about Nationals prospects 30:56 Let's talk about Blue Jays prospects 36:50 Let's talk about Rangers prospects 41:32 Let's talk about Rays prospects 46:10 Let's talk about Mariners prospects 53:48 Special Guest: Peter Abraham (@PeteAbe), Boston Globe, on Panic in the streets of Boston 1:10:42 Musical Guest: Screaming Females (@Screamales) 1:12:00 What Are You Drinking 1:16:31 A quick rant on Moneyball and discourse 1:18:36 The Week Ahead
September 15, 2011
0:00 Try again 2:44 Housekeeping 3:12 Emails 23:30 Did the Rays screw up the 2011 season? 32:56 Out last minor league games of the season 41:26 Minor League Awards, kind of 52:22 Are you going to see Moneyball? 1:00:13 Special Guest: Sam Miller (@SamMillerOCR), Orange County Register 1:22:09 Special Guest: My mother takes your questions via Facebook 1:50:31 Musical Guest: Lydia Loveless 1:52:52 What Are You Drinking (special hat edition) 1:54:06 Pop Culture Moment: They Came Back 1:57:00 The Week Ahead
September 7, 2011
0:00 Defending the Internet in Mexico 3:58 Housekeeping 5:58 Emails 22:51 No pennant races? At least we have Montero and Strasburg 28:34 A quick digression on the Dodgers 32:44 Baseball in the Dominican Republic: Crime, money and shenanigans 47:44 Special Guest: Josh Boyd, Texas Rangers Director of Professional Scouting 1:17:08 Listener of the Week: Peter Grossman, Photo Editor, Us Weekly 1:50:45 Musical Guest: Big Black 1:53:25 What Are You Drinking 1:56:53 Pop Culture Moment: Kickety Flip 2:12:28 The Week Ahead
September 1, 2011
0:00 Two to the sixth power 2:49 Housekeeping 6:23 Emails 35:23 September is potentially very boring 37:34 What makes an MVP? 47:12 Get excited about the Arizona Fall League (but not too much) 52:47 Special Guest: Juan C. Rodriguez of the Sun Sentinel on the Marlins and the future of baseball in south Florida. 1:13:53 Music Guest: Big Eyes 1:15:49 Not What Are You Drinking and tales from Mexico 1:21:44 The Week Ahead
August 25, 2011
0:00 We can do shows with Jason in Mexico . . . kind of 2:59 Housekeeping 4:11 Mail bag 32:37 Who wants the Cubs GM job? Everyone. 47:23 Is Toronto the new Flavor Of The Month? 54:14 The best prospects at every position 1:12:14 Special Guest Rany Jazayerli not on baseball, but on Syria 1:39:33 Musical Guest: Orpheum Bell 1:41:12 What Are You Drinking (morning edition)? 1:44:10 Adventures in NYC 1:49:02 The week ahead
August 17, 2011
0:00: Jason's back 2:00: Housekeeping (come drink with us on Friday) 6:29: Emails 33:25 Logan Morrison's demotion was not a crime against humanity 39:24 Is Jim Thome basesball's Gandhi? 46:14 Let's talk about outfield prospects 1:02:47 Special Guest: Jim Callis of Baseball America on Monday's signing deadline shenanigans 1:39:50 Musical Guest: Dex Romweber Duo 1:41:19 What Are You Drinking? 1:43:50 Culture Moment: Tales of Juan Deli 1:55:52 The Week Ahead (includes bonus Trevor Bauer talk)
August 11, 2011
0:00 He's not Jason, but he is in Brooklyn 3:51 Housekeeping 3:33 Email 31:42 Co-Hosting Options 32:33 Signing deadline (Don't Panic!) 38:55 A realistic discussion on what to do about A.J. Burnett 52:59 Do the Blue Jays = CH33TORZ? 1:01:09 Special Guest: Cardinals beat writer Matthew Leach on the soap opera of the Cardinals 1:26:50 Listener Of The Week: Philosophy Grad Student/Semi-professional poker player Nate Meyvis 1:47:44 Musical Guest: Radiant Republic Of Texas 1:48:59 What Are You Drinking? 1:55:23 Jay's life with a credential
August 3, 2011
0:00 Let's Do This 3:08 Jason's favorite part of the show 3:48 Fan mail from flounders 38:24 Man, there sure were a lot of trades 1:04:14 What it's like to cover a trade deadline 1:10:11 Let's talk about left field prospects 1:17:12 Special Guest: Dan Evans, baseball agent and former GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers 1:39:16 Pop Culture Moment: Brendan McFadden (producer) and Aaron Katz (director) of Cold Weather Listen for how you can enter to win a DVD of Cold Weather courtesy of IFC Films 2:08:26 Musical Guest: Transmontane 2:09:29 What Are You Drinking? 2:15:28 Cooking with The Professor: Call for recipes redux 2:17:54 The week ahead and goodbyes
July 27, 2011
0:00 We say hello 3:20 This is how you get a hold of us, and there are many ways, indeed. 5:08 Emails! Trade deadline scouting, Ranking philosophies, a sub-.500 Yankees team 40:35 Do teams over-value their prospects come trade deadline? 54:30 Pirates: Go for it or stick to the plan? 59:52 Predictions: Who goes where 1:12:47 Trade Deadline Special Guest: Buster Olney of ESPN 1:34:56 Debt Crisis Special: Official news correspondent Lincoln Mitchell with a primer 1:52:58 Listener Of The Week: Astrophysicist Dr. Million with a call to action 2:23:34 Musical Guest: Martha's Vinyard Ferries 2:25:02 What Are You Drinking? (We're fixing this!) 2:27:04 Newberg Night Wrap-Up 2:36:29 The Week Ahead
July 20, 2011
0:00 Bienvenidos! 5:05 Housekeeping: This is how to stalk us via email, Twitter and various other things 7:23 Emails: Mexican League, hating Michael Vick, and much more 39:05 The politics of ranking prospects 50:32 Watching very young players in Arizona 1:04:05 Checking out the Staten Island Yankees 1:13:02 Special Guest: Rocco Baldelli on his playing career and transitioning into scouting 1:42:04 Special Guest: Qamar Zaman, former play-by-play voice of the Lake County Fielders 2:10:13 Musical Guest: Sybris 2:12:11 What Are You Drinking? (Warning: worst WAYD segment ever) 2:13:50 Pop Culture Moment: The brilliance of 2.17.17 The Week Ahead/In Review
July 13, 2011
0:00 It's glorious 5:28 Houskeeping - we're are nothing if not accessible 7:32 Somehow, they gave me a national radio show 9:46 Emails, Part I 40:00 Standings at the break: who is going to win 50:13 Let's talk about the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby for less than two minutes 51:50 The best of The Futures Game 1:04:42 Trout v. Harper 1:11:32 Email Redux 1:22:37 Jason's Arizona: Dust storms, press passes and meeting Boras 1:50:32 Wrapping up the Kansas City event 1:55:12 Musical Guest: Victory And Associates 1:57:10 What Are You Drinking 2:00:29 Cooking With The Professor: How to make ribs 2:05:55 The Week Ahead
June 29, 2011
0:00 Done fixing your mic there? 2:46 Housekeeping 5:44 Emails! 26:58 Defining the term "ace" 35:37 What the hell is a "legit prospect"? 40:30 Talking about the best shortstop prospects 56:46 Special Guest: Josh Fisher of 1:22:27 Special Guest: Mark Frost; novelist, screenwriter, co-creator of Twin Peaks 1:45:36 Not Jim Tracy on the success of the 2011 Pittsburgh Pirates 1:47:33 Musical Guest: Maynard (includes bonus looky-loo discussion) 1:50:03 Worst What Are You Drinking EVER 1:52:12 The Week Ahead
June 23, 2011
0:00 My name is . . . 3:16 Houskeeping: There are a variety of ways to get in touch with us 5:24 Emails 40:07 A response to Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulus (I like you, really) 52:52 A trip to Daveport, Iowa and the Midwest League All-Star game 1:03:02 Ranking first and second base prospects 1:25:27 Special Guest: Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels 1:51:30 Listener Of The Week: Professor Matt Sienkiewicz on The Middle East, Media and First Blood 2:21:34 Musical Guest: Ha Ha Tonka 2:23:53 What Are You Drinking? (bonus you are being watched info) 2:30:45 Metal State update
June 15, 2011
0:00 Let's Do This 3:32 Housekeeping: How to stay in touch with us in various ways 4:34 Proof the we love email by reading email 29:50 Super-Twos: A problem with no good solution 36:35 Ranking relief prospects 50:44 Ranking catching prospects 1:05:19 Special Guest: Will Kimmey, ESPN on the College World Series 1:31:39 Listener Of The Week: Juan, on life in Monterrey 1:51:44 Music Guest: The Bear Coat 1:57:37 What Are You Drinking (aka We Just Can't Let It Go) 2:00:21 That Just Happened! 2:09:16 The Week Ahead
June 9, 2011
0:00 Yup, It's Us Again 3:05 Housekeeping 3:55 Email 32:10 Special Guest: Keith Law on the 2011 Draft 1:18:50 Kissing Bryce Harper 1:31:34 Rushing to judgment 1:44:56 Ranking the best left-handed and right-handed pitching prospects 2:04:11 Listener Of The Week: Juan, The Food Science Guy 2:22:11 Musical Guest: Black Wine 2:23:35 What Are You Drinking? 2:27:19 Improve and a night of crime 2:34:00 The week ahead
June 1, 2011
0:00 Let's talk about what's going to happen 2:35: Housekeeping (Jason loves it) and we explode up the iTunes rankings 6:41 Emails! 29:40 The Arizona Diamondbacks: How is this happening? 36:37 Prospects on the horizon: Lawrie, Ackley, Moustakas, Montero 51:12 The difficulty of being a catcher 59:05 Special Guest: Jim Callis of Baseball Amierca: 2011 Draft Preview 1:44:00 Musical Guest: System And Station 1:45:47 What Are You Drinking? 1:50:07 Cooking With The Professor: Easy Pork Marsala 1:51:34 The Week Ahead: Draft and Improv
May 26, 2011
0:00 And Welcome . . . 2:33 Housekeeping: Jason's favorite part of the show 3:39 Emails! 42:28 Jason's adventures in Wilmington (Royals And Rangers prospects) 57:13 Breaking down Superman: How good can Bryce Harper be? 1:14:06 Last weekend's Saber Seminar 1:22:34 Musical Guest: Capilary Action 1:24:32 What Are You Drinking? 1:27:45 Pop Culture Moment: Martin Amis and Rimbaud 1:34:01 The Week Ahead
May 18, 2011
0:00: Here's what's going down today 3:29: Here's the housekeeping 4:41: Here's the emails 35:42 Jose Bautista: how did this happen? 53:43 Saturday's Posada-gate with special guest Jay Jaffe 1:08:15 Special Guest: Scott Boras 1:29:27 Special Guest No. 2: Houston Astros 2B Jose Altuve 1:33:40 How the sausage is made: getting Altuve and Boras 1:38:31 Musical Guest: Thrice 1:40:33 What Are You Drinking? 1:41:51 Cooking With The Professor: Chicken-Fried Steak and Cincinnati Chili 1:47:51 Let's Get Emotional: Has it really been one year? 1:53:26 What's going on this week? 1:59:11 A massive note of thanks to our listeners
May 11, 2011
0:00 Let's talk about what we are going to talk about 4:37 Housekeeping: Emails us, follow us on Twitter, join us on Facebook 6:46 Emails! 37:16 Julio Teheran's major league debut 43:36 This is where Jason and I argue about calling up Eric Hosmer 55:31 Seeing Taijuan Walker and Hayden Simpson in person 1:04:05: Scouting pitchers: secondary stuff 1:14:58: Special Guest: Zachary Levine of the Houston Chronicle 1:42:04 Musical Guest: Police Teeth 1:44:00 What Are You Drinking 1:47:20 The KG Summer Tour 1:51:43 The week ahead and how we are horrible at fantasy advice
May 4, 2011
0:00 Welcome to the show, here's what we're talking about today 4:19 Housekeeping: Email, Twitter, Facebook, that kind of crap 6:28 Emails! 47:47 Prospects off to weird, but good starts: Montero, Hosmer, Altuve 58:34 The Cleveland Indians . . . really? 1:07:49 More Pitching Talk: Fastballs are more than just velocity 1:22:43 Listener Of The Week: Kent, the FBI guy 2:11:25 The return of Not Jim Tracy on the first month of the 2011 season 2:13:31 Music Guest: Jon Langford 2:15:52 What Are You Drinking? 2:17:44 Pop Culture Moment: Portal 2 2:22:33 That Just Happened: Theater, Improve, and Immigration 2:27:35 The week ahead, and wrapping this up, bonus Matt Szczur argument
April 27, 2011
0:00 The part where we go over the agenda 3:19 The part where we tell you how to email us, follow us on Twitter, stuff like that 4:55 The part where we read your emails 33:31 Flavors of the month and why we like guys that haven't failed yet 43:18 Revisiting the starter/reliever debate with Aroldis Chapman and Alexei Ogando 53:58 Workload, long tossing and Trevor Bauer 1:11:36 Special Guest Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times on the modern Dodgers 1:54:24 Special Guest: My mom 2:24:21 Musical Guest: Laura Stevenson And The Cans 2:30:00 What Are You Drinking? 2:32:02 Cooking With The Professor: Birthday Cake and more Chicken Fried Steak 2:38:33 The week ahead and Jason gets passive aggressive
April 21, 2011
0:00 Welcome, let's review the agenda! 3:52 Housekeeping: Email, twitter, Facebook, all that jazz 6:43 Email 34:46 Draft update and Matt Purke's bad week 46:55 I don't know when your favorite prospect is coming to the big leagues 56:03 Mike Leake's petty crime as an entry point to a makeup discussion 1:05:51 Lets talk about the Dodgers even though we don't know anything 1:07:45 Special Guest: Clayton Hamilton, RHP, Yokahoma BayStars 2:03:47 Music Guest: WAXEATER 2:05:19 What Are You Drinking? 2:08:22 Mental Status Updates: Fullbright scholarships and writer's block 2:20:57 That Just Happened: I might be on stage 2:24:23 The Week Ahead and dealing with commenters
April 13, 2011
0:00 Intro and Agenda Review 4:10 Housekeeping: Email us! Follow us on Twitter! We got a Facebook Group! 5:36 Email Time! 33:34 Hot and cold starts: Can we get excited yet? 39:26 Josh Hamilton's shoulder and the post-injury blame game 46:57 Sam Fuld is a totally awesome dude so enjoy it while you can 52:51 Early impressions on some big prospect performances 1:10:34 Special Guest: Mike Curto, broadcast voice of the Triple-A Tacoma Rainiers 1:41:16 Listener Of The Week: Derek . . . The Hawk Trap Guy 2:00:49 Musical Guest: Cartographer 2:02:05 What Are You Drinking (includes live tasting) 2:07:59 Pop Culture Moment: Taxi Driver on Blu-Ray (includes more drinking talk) 2:14:40 Wrapping up and the week ahead
April 7, 2011
0:00 Let's go over today's agenda 4:21 Housekeeping: Email us, do the Twitter thing, and some updates on past guest 9:16 Emails! 37:58 Major League baseball has started and nothing means nothing yet 39:12 Adventures in Kansas City: The Royals Futures Game 53:59 Minor League Preview: debuts to watch 1:00:45 Minor League Preview: Picking breakout players 1:16:09 Minor League Preview: Plans for the year 1:20:35 Special Guest: Oakland Athletics farm director Keith Lieppman 1:47:11 Musical Guest: Shellac 1:49:27 What Are You Drinking? 1:50:39 Pop Culture Moment: The Parking Lot Movie and Exit Through The Gift Shop 2:03:06 Cooking With The Professor: Oklahoma Joe's 2:07:28 The week ahead and wrapping things up
March 31, 2011
0:00 Jason's sick and we review the agenda 3:34 Housekeeping: Keep the emails coming, follow us on Twitter, you know the drill 4:26 Fund raising update: 7:10 Email Time 38:25 Predicting the 2011 season: Division by division 1:09:36 Listener Of The Week: Diane Firstman (@dianagram) on the world of competitive Scrabble 1:26:02 Musical Guest: Exene Cervenka 1:27:45 Lamest What Are You Drinking EVER 1:29:30 A new segment called This Just Happened: Cats, scripts and Jeff Juden 1:34:55 The week ahead: Jason escapes Arizona; Kevin gets ready for TV stuff and Kansas City
March 23, 2011
0:00 Welcome, here's what we're going to do 3:29 Housekeeping, here's how you get a hold of us 5:07 Listener of the week, Tim Carvin on our Predict The Season fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders Visit: 15:00 Email, here's where we answer your questions 50:52 Does anyone play defense anymore? 1:02:13 What Jason's seeing in Arizona (Royals, Indians, and Mariners, oh my!) 1:21:45 Special Guest: Kendall Rogers of Perfect Game 1:43:07 Musical Guest: The Customary Silence 1:43:58 What are you drinking? (Worst WAYD segment ever?) 1:46:07 Pop Culture Moment: Public Enemy, Sonic Youth, and the riot that never was? 1:53:48 Cooking With The Professor: Italian Gravy and Bacon Sundaes 1:57:57 The Week Ahead and good-bye
March 16, 2011
0:00 Intro, Agenda Review (We're Back) 3:20 Housekeeping: Email, Twitter, Facebook and all that stuff 5:23 Email 29:27 Chuck Greenberg and the Rangers 36:21 Early 2011 Draft talk and Jason's look at Gerrit Cole 57:00 The Yankees, Manny Banuelos, and hype vs. logic 1:07:53 Special Guest Adam Rubin of ESPN NY on the mess that is the Mets 1:25:20 A modest proposal on how your fantasy league can help Japan 1:27:00 Musical Guest: IfIHadAHiFi 1:28:15 What Are You Drinking with bonus iPad and Walmart tales 1:35:08 The week ahead, but also more beverages
March 2, 2011
0:00 Welcome, agenda review 2:52 Housekeeping: Email us, follow us on twitter, all that jazz 4:05 Emails! 31:38 Not fun times in St. Louis 35:05 Breaking down the final Top 11: The Philadelphia Phillies 39:25 The Top 101 Prospects and Organizational Rankings 45:13 Jason's tales from Arizona 56:29 Special Guest Keith Law of ESPN on our respective Top prospect lists 1:38:14: Listener Of The Week: Aaron Tassano, International Scout, Chicago Cubs 1:58:38 Musical Guest: The Gary 2:00:18 What Are You Drinking? (includes bonus house hunting and video game stories) 2:12:29 The Week Ahead (includes bonus Skype-bomb of Steven Goldman)
February 23, 2011
0:00 Intro, Agenda Review, Weather Report 3:57 Housekeeping: Email, Twitter, Facebook, Books, Websites, It's busy! 9:35 Emails 47:58 Baseball has started, so there's nothing to talk about 52:53 Breaking down the New York Yankees Top 11 Prospects 1:07:17 Breaking down the Tampa Bay Rays Top 11 Prospects 1:25:16 Special Guest Cory Schwartz (@schwartzstops), Director of Stats, MLBAM 1:52:29 Listener Of The Week: Lincoln Mitchell (@LincolnMitchell), Associate at Columbia University's Harriman Institute 2:12:04 How YOU can be our listener of the week 2:12:54 Musical Guest: Phantom Works 2:14:55 What are you drinking? 2:18:46 The writing, and the traveling ahead
February 16, 2011
0:00 Intro, Agenda Review, Weather Report 3:24 Housekeeping: Email us, follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook group, all that stuff 4:32 Emails 47:43 Pitchers and catchers report: what can you learn in spring training 55:34 Soap opera of the week: The complexity of the Albert Pujols situation 1:13:21 Breaking down the Giants Top 11 prospects 1:21:58 Breaking down the Twins Top 11 prospects 1:31:45 A brief preview of the Yankees list 1:33:53 Special Guest Emma Span on the grimy little corner of baseball that is fan fiction 1:45:58 Pop Culture Moment with special guest Brad Shoemaker of Giant Bomb 2:16:31 Musical Guest: Fast Product 2:17:34 What are you drinking? (includes bonus car purchase) 2:25:21 The week ahead, secret documents and more Dee Gordon talk
February 9, 2011
0:00 Intro, agenda review 4:14 Housekeeping: email, twitter, facebook, teasing the book tour 6:00 Emails 42:52 Michael Young is not happy (so what do we do about it?) 1:05:30 Breaking down the Reds Top 11 prospect list 1:16:25 Breaking down the Braves Top 11 prospect list 1:28:50 Breaking down Jason's breaking down of Rangers prospects 1:42:30 Pop Culture Moment with ultra-special guest Steve Albini 2:17:31 Kevin gets emotional about the Chicago punk scene 2:21:17 Music Guest: Steve Albini's three-headed monster of bands 2:25:28 What are you drinking? (includes tales of Four Loko) 2:36:20 The week to come
February 2, 2011
0:00 Intro, agenda review, snow update 3:22 Email, Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, all that crazy stuff 4:30 Emails 41:34 Ramirez and Damon in Tampa 44:30 Crazy Chuck Greenberg takes on the Yankees (act like you've been there before) 49:12 Breaking down the Boston Red Sox Top 11 prospects 56:50 Breaking down the San Diego Padres Top 11 prospects 1:05:26 Let's talk about Rangers prospects even though the list isn't out yet 1:19:37 Jason's first BP article 1:25:55 Special Guest: Carlos Lujo (ESPN Deportes) previewing the Serie del Caribe 1:42:55 Pop Culture Moment with Brendan McFadden (producer) and Aaron Katz (director) 2:10:54 Music Guest: My Canadian Girlfriend 2:12:29 What Are You Drinking? (includes bonus blizzard update!) 2:16:20 SABR Day wrap-up (our listeners are the best humans ever) 2:27:58 The week ahead (Jason's court appearance)
January 26, 2011
0:00 Intro, Agenda Review, how to drink with us on Saturday night 5:14 Housekeeping: Email us, follow us on Twitter, all that kind of stuff 6:39 Emails 47:37 Trying to understand what the Angels did this week (and failing) 54:58 What Mike Napoli in Texas means for the Rangers 1:06:14 St. Louis Cardinals Top 11 Prospects rundown 1:12:17 Chicago White Sox Top 11 Prospects rundown 1:24:39 Special Guest John Coppolella, Director of Baseball Administration, Atlanta Braves 2:02:23 Special Guest Joe Hamrahi on Saturday's SABR day in NYC 2:11:34 Musical Guest: Village 2:14:14 What Are You Drinking 2:19:11 The week ahead
January 19, 2011
0:00 Intro: Jason's back 2:50 Housekeeping: Email, twitter, Facebook group, iTunes, all that jazz 4:14 Emails 45:10 Arbitration fun with Josh Hamilton 55:03 The curious case of the Rafael Soriano deal 1:01:33 Oakland Athletics Top 11 in Review 1:11:12 Detroit Tigers Top 11 in Review 1:15:21 Colorado Rockies Top 11 in Review 1:22:22 Toronto Blue Jays Top 11 in Review 1:33:11 Preview of upcoming Top 11s 1:35:55 Musical Guest: The Uncertain Sea 1:36:51 What Are You Drinking 1:41:31 Jason's brush with death 1:48:27 Researching StarCraft in Korea
January 13, 2011
0:00 Intro, intro of Steve, Jason has SARS, intro of agenda 5:58 Housekeeping: Email, twitter, Facebook group, iTunes, all that jazz 6:58 Steven's moral quandary and tales of ruined interviews 9:51 Emails 50:02 Details on the Christina Taylor Green memorial fund 51:09 HOF voting, steroids, and how cheating was treated nearly 100 years ago 58:21 A rant about the reaction to the Kyle Farnsworth signing 1:06:03 Adventures in getting a press pass 1:07:54 The uniqueness of Trevor Hoffman (and what are closers really worth?) 1:20:44 Special Guest: Alex Hinshaw, LHP, San Francisco Giants 1:42:50 Special Pop Culture Guest: Independent filmmaker Lucas McNelly 1:59:36 Musical Guest: Byrds of Paradise 2:00:49 What are you drinking? 2:07:28 Steven's mental state and wrapping up Baseball Prospectus 2011
January 5, 2011
0:00 Intro, Agenda Review, scripted jokes 3:30 Housekeeping: Email us, follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook group 5:24 Emails and communications 37:12 Dodgers Top Prospects Review 47:28 Angels Top Prospects Review 1:04:47 What the Adrian Beltre signing means for the Rangers and the Angels 1:19:12 Special Guest Jay Jaffe on the Hall of Fame 1:59:44 Special Guest Mike Ferrin from MLB Network Radio on XM/Sirius 2:18:40 Musical guest: Kowloon Walled City 2:20:26 What Are You Drinking? 2:22:50 Mental state issues 2:23:40 What we did for New Year's (or what we cooked) 2:25:51 Tales of sticky drinks
December 29, 2010
0:00 Intro, Agenda Review and Oney Guillen's tweets 3:33 Housekeeping: Email us, follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook group 4:23 Listener Mail! 47:04 Big names still on the free agent market 1:02:18 The process of compiling the Top 101 prospects list 1:12:16 Bert Blyleven and the HOF: A Rant 1:26:42 Special Guest: Rocco DeMaro on the ruthless world of baseball on the radio 1:48:38 Music Guest: Girlfriends 1:50:10 What Are You Drinking and tales of Mimosa Joseph 1:55:01 Holiday revue and blizzard update
December 22, 2010
After breaking down the trade on a baseball level, we go to the source as we are joined by Jim Breen of Bernie's Crew, who broke the story of the Greike trade, about his wild weekend. Later, we are joined by all-around Dominican media guy Rafael Bello, who helps us respond to a listener email about traveling to the Dominican to watch baseball, and of course, we also talk about the mambo. From there, more goofy stuff with concept albums about yetis, holiday plans and a special announcement at the end.
December 15, 2010
Back from Orlando, it's time to wrap up the winter meetings as after going through some widely varying email, Jason and I spend more than half an hour dissecting the utter insanity that was a Monday night that ended with Cliff Lee's shocking signing with the Phillies. From flight trackers to mystery teams to where the Yankees and Rangers go from here, we cover every angle. After a quick diversion into prospects, and a debate on if a tiny second baseman can get to the big leagues, Amanda Rykoff of espnW joins us to talk about her first winter meetings experience, as well as her involvement with the lastest venture from those folks in Bristol. Then it's the usual wackiness, same tales from our trip and the best closing song in the history of the podcast, as The Bismark delivers their tribute to the words of Curt Flood.
December 6, 2010
Kevin and Jason bring a mini-podcast with a post-midnight recap of their first day of the winter meetings from Orlando, Florida. Details include all the news from over the weekend (not much happened today), all the chatter in the lobby, tales from Jason's hotel and some, but not all of the usual goofiness.
December 1, 2010
It's a very special episode (but aren't they all?) as we preview the upcoming winter meetings. After making our own predictions for some of the most interesting free agency cases, Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated and MLB Network joins us to discuss all the latest rumors, as well as how Twitter has affected his job as well as the life of a rumor guy. From there, we talk to Robert Ford, host of the pre- and post-games shows on the Royals flagship about the winter meetings where he got his entry into broadcasting. From there, things get goofy as we discuss the documentary Cropsey, as well as our own urban legends.
November 24, 2010
It's a special Thanksgiving episode as Jason and I take plenty of listener email and then talk about award voting and the intrigue of the Derek Jeter negotiations with the Yankees. Then we get prospect heavy with a discussion of the recently released Royals and Nationals Top 11s and a side argument on Strasburg vs. Harper. Then we stay Royals-heavy with special guest Rany Jazayerli on the future of the team and the rumors surrounding a potential Zack Greinke deal. Then, what's a holiday without family, so my mother makes a special return to discuss Thanksgiving while doling out advice on how to cook turkey to go with an extended discussion on Jason's social calendar. Then it's the usual with what we are drinking, more cooking, and Jason's mental state. Happy holidays everyone.
November 17, 2010
Why just rage about the Rookie of the Year vote when you can go to the source? In this episode, Dejan Kovacevic, who submitted a National League ballot sans Jason Heyward, joins us to discuss his ballot, his way of seeing things, and accusations of homer-ism. Then, we continue our tour of the off-season leagues with Marcos Grunfeld in Caracas, who talks about the league there and how major league baseball is followed in Venezuela. When just myself and a very ill Jason are talking, we ready plenty of your email, talk about some recent trades, trade rumors and trade reactions, and finish up with an in-depth discussion of Sumo, my new second favorite sport.
November 10, 2010
Not much going on in the baseball world, but that doesn't mean we can't talk for two hours anyway. In this episode, we delve deeper into our mailbag for talking points before discussing the American League Gold Glove awards (and the reaction) and the recently posted Top 11 Prospects lists for the Pirates and Mariners. Then minor league veteran Scot Drucker becomes the first professional baseball player to guest on the podcast, joining us from Santo Domingo to discuss playing winter ball and being a minor league free agent. Yet another new Not Manager makes his debut with Not Clint Hurdle, we make a couple of book recommendations, and then we say goodbye for the week.
November 3, 2010
The World Series ends, yet the podcast just keeps on chugging along. In this episode, Jason and I discuss the World Series, and more importantly, talk about the potential futures of the two participants, with a special eye on what the next few years might hold for Josh Hamilton. Then we talk about baseball that's still being played, with an eye towards the Arizona Fall League and in-depth discussions of six of our favorite (for one reason or another) players there. After a two week hiatus, our Not manager returns as Not Ron Washington talks about the World Series and then in the first time in podcast history, our musical guest actually joins the podcast with a special appearance by Rob Warmowski of The Defoliants, who amongst things, now blogs about baseball over at Can't Stop The Bleeding. Then it's the usual end-game stuff with what we're drinking and an update on our mental states. As always, we hope you enjoy.
October 27, 2010
You want a World Series preview? You got it. After going through our email and getting into a serious, heavy discussion on Josh Hamilton and how we choose our heroes, Jason and I break down the Rangers/Giants matchup by position while making our series picks and MVP predictions. Then Jon Morosi, national writer with Fox Sports joins us for his take while also making his own predictions and getting into a fascination talk about the future of the beat writer. Following that, it's the best eight minutes in the history of the podcast, as my mother joins us to make her picks and talk about cookies and tornadoes. Irony of all ironies? My mother is her basement as opposed to vice versa. Then it's the usual wackiness with Roy Blakely of joining us to talk Fallout: New Vegas, so cooking talk, and Jason's new cat.
October 22, 2010
Here's what happened. As we warned you, this episode would be a couple of days late, and with a big World Series Preview coming in just four days, we decided to go light, with a guest free episode that would just feature some playoff talk and a quick film discussion. Of course, it ended up being two hours anyway, as we get in-depth on the playoffs, share some tales from New York and get into an intense argument about Elvis Andrus' ability to become a media star. Lesson learned: With Jason and I, nothing is quick.
October 13, 2010
It's playoff time, so Jason and I discuss when going with your ace on three days rest is a good thing, Saturday night's pitching match-up, and a change in the way we watch baseball. Then special guest Rob Neyer of ESPN stops by to chime on the playoffs with some interesting tangents here and there on how teams have gotten smarter. For Pop Culture Moment, writer Joel Stein (Time Magazine) comes on to talk about the book he's working on and how part of the research involved getting a baseball lesson from former All-Star Shawn Green. Then it's the usual goofiness as Jason pilfers a beverage.
October 6, 2010
It's our special Post-Season Podcast. After last week's nearly three-hour rock opera, we got down to a more reasonable length despite a podcast record six guests. Following a brief dissertation on the would of baseball broadcasting, a slew of fine folks from the Baseball Prospectus family join us to preview each of the four first-round playoff series, and then Jason and I make our own picks for winner and players to watch out for. After well over an hour of hardcore baseball talks, the funny begins as actor/comedian/write Ike Barinholtz (you might know him best from Mad TV) joins us for Pop Culture Moment to talk about, well a lot of things, from growing up a Cubs fan to the new hipster trend of retro NBA jerseys. It's damn funny stuff. Then the usual goofiness continues with what are you drinking and an 'almost' story from Jason's wedding that can not be missed.
September 29, 2010
We just got away from ourselves and the next thing you know, it's almost three hours long. That said, it's a baseball-heavy episode as we talk about the race for the final playoff spots, pick our 2011 breakout prospects, and then argue with an emotional Jonah Keri (listen for him banging on his desk) about the future of baseball in Tampa and David Price's twitter habits. As if that's not enough, our special guest is Mark Newman, Senior VP of Baseball Operations for the New York Yankees. Mark goes into detail about several Yankee prospects, tells a joke about Boing! And even breaks out a few George Steinbrenner stories in what is a must-listen interview. From there, the wackiness finally begins as Jason and I have a long discussion about the art work of Henry Darger, cook several recipes sent in by listeners, and even find the time to debate Benny Agbayani's hat size.
September 22, 2010
C. Trent Rosencrans of CBS Sports joins us to discuss the 2010 Cincinnati Reds, Jay Jaffe joins us to talk about the 40th anniversary of Ball Four, and when we are guest-free, we talk about potential managerial changes, prospect disappointments, along with plenty of tangents revolving around El Topo, teenage Rangers shortstops, Conner Crumbliss and the sounds vehicles make .
September 15, 2010
In this weeks episode, Jason and I talk about why nobody should care about players buying Halo Reach at midnight, how the Mariners have hurt King Felix' Cy Young chances, while also starting our minor league wrap-up with our selection of this year's breakout prospects. Our special guest this week is Jorge Arangure of ESPN who joins us to talk about the book his writing about Latin American baseball as well as what is wrong (and what might not be so wrong) with the signing processes of various countries. It's a fascinating discussion that we're sure you'll enjoy. Of course at the end, all the usual wackiness you expect with Not Jim Tracy, What Are You Drinking and lots of food talk. As always, we hope you enjoy.
September 8, 2010
In this weeks episode, Jason and I talk about struggling first place teams, what the Reds should do with Aroldis Chapman, and the pickle the Mariners have put themselves in by acquiring relieve Josh Lueke. Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch then joins us for a fascinating, in-depth discussion of the Tony LaRussa/Colby Rasmus situation and the general state of the struggling Cardinals. For Pop Culture Moment, we are joined by Henry Owings of Chunklet to discuss their new book and how you can help, plus all the usual wackiness you've come to expect .
September 1, 2010
In this weeks episode, we have two special guests, as Joe Sheehan joins us to talk about Jose Bautista and the deeper issue of the media and how they react to breakout seasons, while our own Shawn Hoffman comes on later to explain last week's financial statements leak. Plus, the usual shenanigans with talk about Stephen Strasburg's elbow, Aroldis Chapman's velocity, the long-running reality show COPS, more Mexican beverage talk, and all your favorite features.
August 25, 2010
Ken Davidoff of Newsday then joins us to discuss the Roger Clemensindictment and his nightly record predictions. Then we wrap it all up with recipes, Bob Uecker, and the usually wackiness. As usual, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do in putting it together.
August 18, 2010
Jim Callis of Baseball America joins us to talk about Monday's draft signing deadline and the future of the draft itself. Also, what minor league numbers do and do not mean, Kevin's adventures in morning television, and we cook a recipe from a listener.
August 11, 2010
A preview of the upcoming signing deadline, Anthony Andro of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram joins us to explain last week's Rangers auction, an argument over the virtues of Wal-Mart, and much more .
August 4, 2010
Oakland Athletics Asst. GM David Forst joins us for a candid talk about making trades, helping Latin American players acclimate, and how he got into the business. Plus, Arcade Fire ruining music, why people hate A-Rod and much, much more.
July 28, 2010
The Angels make their move, Jay Jaffe on the Hall of Fame, Not Jim Leyland, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Inception and more beverage discussion as we proudly reach double digits on the episode count.
July 21, 2010
Jason and Kevin return from a slight delay and talk about All-Star week (weak), Special guest Steven Goldman discusses the legacy of the late George Steinbrenner, plus recent trades, recipe corner and Jason is getting a PS3..
July 9, 2010
Two guests from Baseball Prospectus join us as Marc Normandin explains the Padres to us, while Colin Wyers talks about what is wrong with the new defensive statistics. Plus, a look at post-modern fiction and Not Jim Tracy on big comebacks.
July 2, 2010
Jerry Crasnick of ESPN joins us to talk about the dynamic of the trade deadline in the modern age. Plus: Ediwn Jackson's no-no, Top prospects still in the minors, this week's dugout blowups and a long discussion on film.
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