Such a kind and gentle wisdom that radiates from her. As a young mother new to the faith this is just what I needed. Thank you for such a great podcast!
A mixed bag
Get back to the Bible
Donna has written some good books on discipleship, but the teaching on the podcast is a mixed bag including psychology, mysticism and extra Biblical experience. The opening welcoming prayer promotes self acceptance without the need for growth or change. I also had a concern on her promoting ecumenical acceptance regardless of pure Biblical doctrine.
This is an amazing Podcast!! I have learned so much. Everything is biblical based motherhood. I have played several podcasts over and over! Download it you will not regret it!!💕💕
The Holy Spirit Speaks
Here are some verses from the KJV Holy Bible supporting Donna’s Bonding episode that show the Holy Spirit is not only given to and within those who obey, but also that the Holy Spirit can and does speak through us as well. 💕👍🏻 Hope this helps anyone wondering about how sound her doctrine is. The Holy Spirit has spoken through her, for sure! Her podcasts have inspired and helped me greatly in my marriage and my walk with the Lord! Holy Spirit in us: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Romans 5:5 Acts 5:5 Holy Spirit speaking through: John 14:26 Acts 2:3-4 Acts 13:2 Acts 19:5-6 2 Peter 1:21
Not sound teaching
I’m sure the lady who does this podcast is very sweet. However, she’s not teaching sound theology. I tried listening to the bonding episode and within five minutes or so she was teaching that the Holy Spirit will tell us what to say on certain situations. Not true. God speaks to us through his word and it contains all we need for life and godliness. What she’s teaching is mysticism. There is no biblical teaching on listening for the Holy Spirit! Can you think about instructions in the Scriptures for how to pray? Yes. The importance of the word? Yes. Instructions on how to listen to the Holy Spirit? No! I’m not leaving this review to be mean, but I want my sisters in Christ to receive good sound teaching in order to continue to develop gifts of discernment. I’d recommend Thankful Homemaker podcast if you’re looking for a mix of great theology + homemaking.
Fell in Love
Just fell in love with this precious lady who graciously shares her wisdom! I am a young wife and mother and I am so thankful to gain advice from women of faith who are ahead of me in life.
Wonderful message
Jess Humble
This is a wonderful podcast with a very important message. Truly a must listen for any homemaker of every age.
Always Godly Encouragement
If you are looking for godly encouragement please listen to each episode! You will be encouraged! Keep shining BRIGHT for Him Mrs. Donna!
Good for All Ages
Donna is such a well read and intelligent, wise woman. She shares her heart and is so encouraging! I love the “eclectic” podcasts.
Love this podcast!
Donna helps me so much at being a wife and mum!!!
Donna's voice is easy to listen to, and she has a great perspective! I look forward to listening to each of these as I run around doing errands.
Keep 'em coming
Interested in your perspective
Excellent! Thank you so much. I tend to listen to several episodes at once, not daily but every 3-4 weeks.
Thank You
Kyra S.
It's funny how I was seeking anything on helping me with my communication in my marriage, and not knowing this was Christian based I play it. Then, you spoke of the one thing that I already felt in my heart was what I needed, Gods love and trusting him. Thank you.
Wonderful Godly Wisdom
I love these podcast & am so thankful for HBC putting these out.
Homemakers by Choice
I love Donna Otto and I truly love these podcasts! I wish I could just sit at her feet and glean from her wisdom. She is the mentor I always wanted but could never find. She has given me a renewed passion for homemaking and has encouraged me when everyone else was telling me I needed a job to be valuable :)
Love it
sammers' mother
I love the teachings of HBC. Donna gets to the nitty gritty of life, whether it's cleaning your heart or your home. I listen to every episode--even the parenting ones even though I don't have children. Thanks to Donna for teaching women how to apply the Word to life seriously and with purpose.
Thank you!!!
My mother has suffered with depression related mental illness since I was a child. I now have 3 daughter and a fourth who I did not have physically but in my heart. I stuggle so much with simple things that others know how to do (many moments of not knowing what one does with a dishtowel!) You have changed me and my family. Thank you and may God continue to use you.
Life Changing
I found this podcast by accident and I am so glad I did! I can't wait to catch up on all the older episodes. This podcast is just what I needed to hear.
such a blessings
This pod cast just started streaming through iTunes, but I have been listening to it for well over three years and it has been SUCH a blessing to me. If you have been wishing and praying for an older woman to come along and mentor you in the Lord, then this podcast is just perfect for you. I feel like I know Donna, lol. The teachings and insite they share have challenged me and helped me grow. I listend to it for a long time before I met my husband, after I got married, and now that I have become a mother and it has been a blessings through every stage.
Thank you
This podcast have helped me so much!
I've enjoyed the few episodes available of this podcast... discussions of homemaking from a Christian perspective are what I need to hear! Keep up the good work--there are so few good podcasts on this important topic!
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