December 21, 2016
So after nearly 7 years and 250 shows, this is our final one. Rich Lowry and Wayne Barrett agree that Russia’s hacking was unprecedented and consequential although it wouldn’t, shouldn’t (and didn’t) overturn the Electoral College. Again, there’s agreement that … Continue reading →
December 12, 2016
Cooke & Corn largely agree on Trump’s recent action, especially the obvious conflict of interest between a company named Trump and a Trump White House. They think his only escape hatch is to completely divest like his predecessors did or … Continue reading →
December 6, 2016
Bob Shrum & Ron Christie debate whether Trump’s a sore winner for his tweet-storms against the Stein-Clinton recount in WI/MI/PA or whether Hillary’s a sore loser — the conclusion being that recounts are legal and this was very close election. … Continue reading →
November 21, 2016
Our panel of Ron Reagan & Ron Christie deplore the appointment of Steve Bannon, the tip of the Alt-White spear, as the President-Elect’s top strategist. Ron Reagan:“Let’s stop pretending that this will be a normal administration. Instead of being ready … Continue reading →
November 14, 2016
In our post-election program, David Frum — a conservative who abhorred Trump and endorsed Clinton — argued that it was the buckraking of Clinton Inc. that did her in. Jonathan Alter laid blame on several causes – race, gender, Comey, where was Clinton’s  strong … Continue reading →
November 7, 2016
Rich Lowry and Gara Lamarche discuss, of course, not only the Cubs but also next Tuesday’s election, looking back and forward. First, what were the biggest variables moving votes? They agree that if she won it’d be because of his disgusting comments … Continue reading →
October 31, 2016
Shrum &  Cooke discuss if the ’16 election is being “rigged” and by whom. They agree that it’s another ridiculous Trump exaggeration…but rigging by onerous Voter ID laws is threatening the franchise to millions. There’s also a consensus that Obamacare’s … Continue reading →
October 24, 2016
Randi Weingarten & Ron Chrisite — labor leader & Bush-Cheney aide — largely agree when it comes to Trump’s poor 3d Debate performance. Both regard it as an absurd alibi that he’d lose the election because it was “rigged” but … Continue reading →
October 13, 2016
David Corn (Mother Jones) and Charles Cooke (National Review) agreed broadly that while Pence helped Pence in the veep debate, the Kaine-the-Interrupter helped Clinton by reminding all of his ticket’s key arguments concerning latinos, women, nukes, Putin. A curious new poll … Continue reading →
October 3, 2016
Shrum & Christie concur post-first debate that, in Bob’s phrase, “Hillary killed him and he committed suicide.” The question now is whether he can stop talking disparagingly about womens’ weight & looks  (‘fat chance’). Ron thinks it amazing that, unlike … Continue reading →
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