Feels like talking with friends
Chris and Chad continue to do a great job of having intelligent, fun conversation about weird tales. It feels like listening in on friends having a chat you always want to join.
Gerard Way II
Chris & Chad, thank you for 10 years of amazing episodes. What a gift you’ve given us all. Fantastic work.
Love this podcast
My only wish is that you guys would make more episodes. Also I love when Patton comes on. He’s one of my all time favorite comics. Keep up the good work guys.
Hp love craft
So good!!
I love this podcast
This is a very entertaining podcast. Even if you’re not a fan of h.p. Lovecraft the podcast is hilarious and fun to listen too. I would highly recommend it.
10 Years of an Amazing Podcast
Just caught up on now 10 years of this amazing podcast in two months. Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey are great hosts. Their discussion on the works of H.P. Lovecraft and other weird fiction writers is very entertaining and funny. Top notch voice actors and experts frequent the show too.
So. Dang. Good.
This show is a TRUE pleasure for my earholes. Its coverage of H.P. Lovecraft stories (originally) and other weird tales (now) is insightful, funny, and often a little strange, which is the way it should be. The hosts, Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer, are a great team and make other bro-mances pale in comparision. They also have fantastic guests appear occasionally, like Patton Oswalt who is a hilarious and knowledgeable addition to the mix. Do yourself a favor and listen to this now—it's friggin tasty, baby.
This podcast
is fhtagn awesome. I wake R’lyeh’vry morning grotesquely hoping for a new installment.
Amongst the best
Chris and Chad do one of the best literary podcasts focused on weird/horror fiction from the turn of the century. I've been listening since the beginning and from production values to insight its always been fantastic.
This is the best thing ever
Listening to the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast is like listening to happiness.
Good stuff
I like listening to these guys like friends around the dinner table. And the production value is pretty top notch.
Absolutely amazing
The works of Lovecraft are so rich and captivating, this is a fantastic look into that world.
Where are the Readings 1-6?!?
Let me quote and bring to life our dearest H.P. Lovecraft by saying, "Where TF are the other readings?!" I jest, of course... but only in part? This is my second trip I am taking through this wonderful and entertaining podcast and I wanted desperately to listen to the readings first... imagine my dismay and despair when I failed to locate them!! Please help!!! Post them!! They're vital to the full enjoyment of this lovely podcast!
My Favorite Podcast
Matt from Monster Island
I’ve learned so much from you guys. Stay unnameable, fellas.
Introduced me to a whole genre
I'd never really given horror much thought at all until my wife introduced my to this podcast five years ago. Chad and Chris are delightful and informative, and the readings they've produced are first-rate.
Old stuff is great... however...
Their old episodes were awesome, this used to be my #1 favorite show to listen to during the drudgery that was working at the news paper. Unfortunately, they went to a pay-to-listen model. Yes they thow the occational bone out once a month or so, but it really isn't enough for me to want to stay engaged. Hopefully they'll decide to go do a different model for income in the future.
Incredibly entertaining
Evelyn Burr
This podcast is great to listen to while doing chores around the house, on your daily commute to and from the workplace, or just chilling in your bedroom. I personally listen to distract myself from the great undulating tentacles constantly slapping at my doorframe. Either way, this is an amazing podcast for anyone who is interested in Lovecraftian content, or just history in general. I highly recommend this podcast to any listener who is interested.
Geeking Out is Fun
Mixing reverence for Lovecraft with humor that is aware of his faults (both as a writer and a person), this show does a great job of helping me understand Lovecraft better. I thought I new these stories fairly well, but with each episode, these guys teach me something new or just get me to notice something I had missed before. The bantar between Chad and Chris is great, and it makes listening to their show a blast.
Thank you!
I found this by searching Poroth in my podcast app hoping to find an audio version of T.E.D. Klein' masterpiece (no such luck) but I did land on the episode of these guys discussing it! They're smart, informed, educated, not obnoxious and not boring. That's a hard bundle to wrap into one package with decent audio to boot (not something to take for granted). They discuss Lovecraftian literature or such related. I am a fan and a new subscriber. I hope they keep it going. The only thing I can say is I wish the episodes were longer.
So I just starting listening...
"He Who Shall Not Be Named"
This podcast is very well done gentlemen! Thank you! Sorry I’m a few years late on the uptake here. Also ... I believe I heard a reference to the Quad Cities! One of my best friends grew up in D-Port and wrote a novel you may like... AE Stueve “Former”
Dead Poet
Chris and Chad are undeground stars...yes, in their universe, such polarities can exist. From the first to the future...My favorite podcast forever!!!! (And they can really PERFORM in person, too.)
Just fantastic
I have been listening to this podcast for *years* and I can't recomend it enough. It's been weird fiction for the past, what, fie years? I'm so happy they kept going.
Time to Pay the Fifer
Do yourself a favor. If you like HPL (or want to learn more about his writing) go back to episode 1 and listen through this show. Then, when they switch to premium format you'll find yourself asking - is it worth the subscription price to get the full show? Yes. Yes, it is. Chris and Chad do an excellent show with professional audio extras of their own design. When they bring on a guest, it's always entertaining - and when they run out of Lovecraft stories they introduce lesser known tales known by Lovecraft or thematically connected and you'll likely encounter treasures you didn't know you needed in your own bookshelves. Also, if you're irreverant, it's fun to get that $6.66 charge every 3 months.
AMAZING podcast
Love, love love the format. I like the bits of actor-narrated lovecraft (and lovecraft-inspired) stories, and their reviews are concise, interesting and informative. I'm addicted to this podcast and cannot recommend it enough to fans of Lovecraft and speculative horror fiction. A recent highlight was their review of Octavia Butler's short story 'Bloodchild'.
Consistently entertaining for years
Baron sansei
A triumph of Weird Fiction, and the hosts are great.
So good for a job that gives you time to listen to podcast!
The BEST Lovecraft Podcast!
Masterfully edited, fantastic narration, wonderful sound effects, and thoughtful, hilarious, awesome and fun commentary and discussion about each story! I marathon these at work!
Fantastic podcast for Lovecraft fans
Superb literary podcast that is perfect for Lovecraft but also a great introduction to the author as well. Hosts Chris Lackey & Chad Fifer are enthusasic & informative hosts, who clearly love their subject but are not afraid to touch on some of his darker sides (Lovecraft's notorious racism is addressed mulitiple times). They also do a great job reviewing the works, pointing out both his best & worst and the follow-up episdoes dealing with related authors & works are fantastic as well. While it starts as a Lovecraft podcast, it turns into one of the best literary ones on fantasy & sci-if. Well worth a listen.
New to HPL
I just started reading HPL a year ago and started this podcast a few weeks ago. It's obvious they love the stories but are immune to HP's occasional pompous banter.
Excellently produced and designed podcast. I love the humor and content- Beowulf was great!
The best
Love it
C by the bay
I only just discovered this podcast and I can't beleive what I have been missing! This is such an entertaining and insightful look through all of Lovecraft's works. These guys are smart and funny and they do their homework before the show. It's such a pleasure to listen to this podcast and travel through the stories I love so much with these guys whom quite obviously love them even more! Well done!
Instant Favorite
Even if you're not a mega fan of HP Lovecraft you can still enjoy this A+ podcast. The hosts are engaging, funny, and still very inforamtive and knowledgable. They know their stuff, they're passionate, and the overall quality of the podcast is excellent. I'd recommend it to any literature buff. Period.
One of my favorite podcasts
Chad & Chris have made a really great podcast. It somewhat reminds me of a literary version of watching video game quick looks on Giant Bomb. They go through a story or novel and react to it. There is some light analysis but it's never stuffy. It's a great way to familiarize (or re-familiarize) yourself with works you may have missed out on or read in the past. The newest episodes are even better to my taste - they've moved past Lovecraft and are taking on other weird fiction, gothic, and horror stories. Having not been a huge horror fan in my younger age I'm really appreciating learning about the history of these genres with this Podcast. Lastly, the show is extremely well-produced! There is lots of original music and the editing is top-notch. Sound quality is great and they keep on topic (with very rare and worthwhile exceptions). This would be a top ranking podcast if of a little more general interest topic.
Never has anything so creepy been so fun!
Chris and Chad have created an interesting, engaging, informative, entertaining and off-beat show that makes it easy for anyone - from the novice HPL reader to veteran fans - to hop on and enjoy each of Lovecraft’s many stories. This is by far my favorite podcast, even though I only discovered it a few months ago.
Keeping Weird Fiction Alive
The Writer's Beard
I have been listening to this show since shortly after it began. It got me to go back to reading Lovecraft and inspired me to start podcasting. This is one of the best literary shows I have listened too, it is constantly funny and informative and well worth listening. Keep up the great work guys. You are an inspiration.
Entertaining podcast for genre fans
Blue Meanie 1138
As its title would suggest, it's main focus is discussion and readings of the fantasy author H.P. Lovecraft, but the podcast also takes time out for other horror/fantasy fiction. Chris and Chad have a really nice rapport, and the frequent readings by guests voices always hit the mark.
Maybe My Favorite Podcast
Caleb Cotton
I love this Podcast. The hosts are honest and entertaining.
LOVE this podcast.
Insightful, witty, and fun. I started reading Lovecraft's short stories in order, and I listen to the corresponding podcast after each read. Even when a story isn't great, I still have the podcast to look forward too, which motivates me to read each one! The discussion is intelligent yet lighthearted enough that I don't feel like I'm in literature class. It's more like a conversation with fiends. Also, the eerie music and voice readings create a great atmosphere.
So entertaining
I've been listening to this podcast for over a year now and I have loved every minute of it. The stories are entertaining and Christ and Chad offer insightful and often hilarious analysis and commentary on them. I would highly recommend subscribing to their premium feed.
Great Podcast
This podcast is enjoyable and a great way to find new weird fictions and authors that you haven't read yet.
Binge Listening
This podcast has turned my interest in Lovecraft to a full blown obsession. Great job on the web design shirt designs show and guests, Perfect!
Great show!
Austin TX BB
They are funny and insightful. Awesome guests, great banter, great stories!
Fantastic guide!
I'm new to Lovecraft and these gentlemen do a top job in guiding one through the stories. Fantastic readings and music really set the scene and help explain the historical contexts. Great podcast gentlemen. I wish I had found it earlier.
Awesome Lovecraft Podcast
This is the best Lovecraft podcast I've ever heard. They do a fabulous job, with plenty of insight and little known information about HP. I am making my way through the catalogue, listening to each and every one.
A welcome addition to each day!
I have just recently discovered this podcast. I am so behind. I decided to start at episode 1. I'm currently on the Winged Death and try to listen to two or three a day. Very welcome and entertaining podcast. One of my favorites. Lackey and Fifer are excellent hosts. The mix of humor and information and atmosphere is charming. The guests are great too. Robert Price makes me laugh every time.....something about his voice I think. And the music for the episodes are very well chosen. Keep up the great work guys and thank you so much!!!
Simply the best (better than all the rest)
I. Sayre
Informative, thought provoking, hilarious, powerful, sexy. These are just some of the words I would use to describe this podcast. In all seriousness, I have been a sort of fringe Lovecraft fan for years. I have always enjoyed the visual themes when present in more accessible mediums, but my taste in literature was stuck almost in pure fantasy. As I got older, my tastes broadened, and I started to explore different genres of literature. Recently I've come around to Lovecraft and some of his influences, and I am enthralled by the dark narrative themes and gothic imagery. Many Lovecraft fans have been at it for years (though the community at large has never seemed exclusionary to me), but I'm glad I came to it at the age I have. I doubt I would have been mentally equipped at 12 to grip the smallness and solitude at work in what makes these stories so effective. This podcast has been an invaluable resource to me in breaking into Lovecraft's work. I appreciate and trust the thoughts and opinions Lackey and Fifer have on the stories, and they make me laugh while doing it. It's a win-win.
Great Lovecraft Podcast
Flecka's Papa
This podcast is a lot of fun to listen too...expect a great sense of humor, but a critical review of the stories the hosts, Chris and Chad, are highlighting. Truly have enjoyed my listening to them explore and enlightening many of the stories of this genre.
Greatest Lovecraft/Weird Fiction podcast ever!
About a year and a half ago, I started listening to audio readings of H.P. Lovecraft's stories. I enjoyed what I heard, and tried listening to this podcast - and was quickly swept away by the host's charming, witty and entertaining presentations. Their program is professional, intelligent, and often quite funny. After finishing all of Lovecraft's work, the hosts began covering other weird fiction works that Lovecraft himself would have been exposed too, and their presentation is so good that I couldn't help but listen along with these reviews as well. As must download if ever there was one!
A very good podcast on H.P. Lovecraft and weird tales in general. Lots of jokes, good use of scholarship. approachable, and enjoyable with good sound production.
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