They're Back!
So glad to hear these boys in my ears again! After a hiatus, episode releases have been spotty but they're always so smart, funny, and topical, I can't hold it against them.
Pleasantly surprised!
This is a delightful and thought provoking show. I can't listen live and I am grateful for these pod casts. Keep up the good work, guys!
Seriously a good one
David L Lankford
Great podcast. These folks speak well, dialogue well, and provide a great, queer, intelligent model for how to talk about important topics. Love the podcast!
Fun & Informative
I wish the guys would do more episodes, I really love listening to them. They have great guests and are very informative.
Since I have discovered this podcast, I haven't missed a week, and I've listened to all of the archive. The show is great! It has an amazing pair of hosts, varied and interesting topics, and just the right mix of funny/educational/political. I always want more.
Funny, smart, informed, and well produced. I never miss a show.
Love the show
Hey Jupiter 13
This podcast is very informative and entertaining. The hosts have a great chemistry and interesting topics. Keep up the great work.
There's only one problem
There's only one problem with Q&Qer. They don't 'cast every day. Peterson and Zack, I expect more! I demand more! I'm a long-time fan of Peterson, and when he announced this podcast, I was already there. If you enjoy humor and perspective with a heart for people, you can't go wrong here.
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