lurchs pongy
Bazilly. Gets me sized.
Oscar Santana Lies
Number one rated
The Best. Period.
Been listening to them since they were on weekend nights. Simply the best show on radio right now.
These guys are the ONLY radio program that was not fired after Howard Stern, the best in radio all time, replacing him in mornings
When I Realized I Loved The Junkies
I remember where I was when I realized the Junks are awesome. It was in the WAY BACK in the early days and I was getting ready to go out. The guys were complaining about a fantasy draft being over and talking about not knowing what to do. Somehow it morphed into let’s have an animal draft. When they came back from break someone drafted flying squirrels because they could fly AND run full speed down a power line. At that moment I said this is my show. This is hilarious.
Guilty Pleasure
I have closely followed The Junkies since they first came on the commercial scene (if memory serves, it was Saturday Afternoons for one or two hours - first guest I clearly remember was Craig Masback, the former great miler, AAU Head, Anti-Doping leader, and now Senior VP with Nike). I have since seen the “lost episodes” from their even earlier days on Public Access TV. It was clear from minute one they had a unique and charming interpersonal chemistry, enhanced by really interesting and fun language. Put in simple terms I love The Junks - and believe me, this is weird for a 71 year old to be saying. In a sense they are my temporary escape each weekday from “life.” I listen now via podcast and I never ever miss hour one - it’s wonderfully pure escapism in which they just talk about their lives and hot takes for the day. Just average guys with extraordinary chemistry. I love Lurch relentlessly seeking the next “hook,” running a swingers operation serving Ashburn, and Theresa refinishing furniture in their over stuffed garage. I love Cakes, the degenerate gambler willing to bet on how many times he will “smash” Amy on a three day trip to Vegas. I love EB, even if he never pays attention. Ok, and I like JP in small doses when he isn’t on one of his excursions down a path to save the world. And yes, I still miss the SUPDOG himself, Brett Oliveri - my Hearst aches for what happened to his brother but I admire anyone that went “back in” to save his dog. And now I love Valdez - and by extension, Laura. Keep going guys - it’s only been 25 years, even if you are still DONKS, and I am (as always) MONEY!! Everyone, everywhere should be listening - and God bless you for having the courage to both help Larry and treat him almost like anyone else...and I am still fascinated by Hymie from Manassas.
The. Best. Sports. Show. Ever.
See: Title Tell EB to turn down the political rhetoric though. That’s what politic podcasts are for
the goats
so much better than alt right chad dukes
So money
Far better than Fat Dukes
smitty | va
By far the best show out there
Love the junks!
Love the junks!
Segment 4 on 1/2/19
pool and a pond
Where’s is it? I wanted to hear about Awadd’s new year’s eve!
Not just sports, but food talk too
If you want to hear hot takes in between bites, this is your podcast. EB is king of the chews.
Entertaining and fun
Al L.
I listen from Southwest Florida and show is great to listen to even though it is slanted to DC Sports teams. A sports show that is geared more to entertainment than hardcore sports which makes it work no matter where the listener is. Movie reviews are great and Feinstein is an American Treasure. Keep it up!
Been listening since 97, used to be an amazing show, occasionally you get a segment here or there that is like the old junks show, but it’s meh for the most part these days
Whoever posted the podcast today did a very nubs job! Probably Awadd
Where did this come from
Podcast was added to my list without my knowledge
Good Show
Good show except when they talk hockey
Great show
Great podcast
Horrible and mean
These are the rudest and most hateful people. Decent people don't bother listening.
Love these Donks
Mick Virginia
Love these guys. Will do free tree-work for the King of Ashburn... or AWADD.
Simply the best!!!!
The Muvv
I started listening to the Junks on HFS. I recently moved to Tampa, Florida and these donks down here are horrible. Continue with the podcasts so us Ricks not in DC can listen!!!! (Listening to EB and Lurch argue!!! Classic)
Please buy a clue
What u guys don’t know about sports could fill a book
Fun show, sports is just a backdrop
Show is fun to hear the banter, not as focused on sports as it once was which is probably better since JP and EB are not good with sports knowledge. Lurch is the only one of the group to have a solid sports knowledge- Cakes is a treasure to listen to about his degen gambling habits and his nice guy yet silent assign personality. Biggest problem with the show is JP always trying pick fights with everyone, and EB just being an out of touch douche with A.D.D. Show would be a so much better if it was only Cakes and Lurch.
An absolute Junkie
I’ve been following the Junkies since the HFS days in early 2000. I moved out of the DC area about a decade ago and this podcast had allowed me to keep up with their broadcast in California!
Funny, informative, and donk-tacular
Seez Mics
Been listening for over 20 years, love the show and the podcast is always up shortly after the show airs. Subscribe, Ricky!
Thumbs up
kevin do violao
Love the junkies
Loyal Junks listener
Big fan of the Junks. Been listening to them a few years now, and I can’t go a day without hearing them talk about sports and life. Keep up the great work guys! Shout out to the producers too.
More Awadd plz
B Foles
That’s the only thing holding my review back from 5 stars. More Awadd!
Best show ever!
Once you start listening it becomes addictive! Awesome banter on all types of issues!
Best sports/hot talk show in America
Sheldon E. Jenkins
I never miss an episode. Love these guys! Just 4 donks busting balls
Too simple
VA Wiz fan
EB is not "political" but loves to bring up politics. Yet he knows as much about politics as he does the ep and current movies. I've listened for years but I'm no longer going to download this average to below average show. Way too much Redskins non-news talk & middle school humor.
The Junks are amazing crossover radio: touches on sports, entertainment, and life. Listening to this everyday is a routine bright spot. Somewhat of a sports edition of Howard Stern.
Read the newspaper instead!
These Donks are Silly
If you can muddle through the lousy homer loving comments by EB, this show is very entertaining. Lurch knows baseball & basketball. None of them really know football. Cakes is the funny guy with quick wit who understands Caps hockey, but no other team. EB is the one who only roots for home teams & knows nothing about sports - his opinions are often ludicrous. And JP is often the voice of reason that puts EB on monkey stilts. The producers, Valdez & Drab T-Shirt, add some comic relief. Each of their personal stories are what makes the show most entertaining. I wish they would take the initiative to learn more about other teams, but that would mean no stories about their nubs families. I download & listen daily for 3 years now & haven't missed a segment. Love these guys...even EB.
Wow wow :):):);(;(:(;/:):)
Thanks for helping me get through the workday. More Awadd!!!
Awesome love to listen and watch
Jimmie usa111
It's really cool to be able to see the guys you listen to every day
Cakes is the best.
Funniest morning show ever
~ Dave
Nobody's better than The Junks! GOAT!!
Log time, first time
Been listening to this show for a decade from California (can't make it to LV though, got a wedding that weekend.) Definetly a favorite. Humor, sports, news, they cover it all.
They're the best
This podcast and their show in general is the highlight of many of my days
20 years strong
Going on 20 years listening to the Junks. It's a daily listen for me. Not just for DC sports info, they are great w/ pop culture and I love the skits and bits.
Making the mornings awesome
Jordan Morelock
Cised for some JUNNNKKSS!
10 minute segments?
Thats dumb.
I love the sports junkies especially EB, he's hilarious! Also you guys got me reeled into being a nats skins and caps fan! I especially like when you guys talk about stuff other than sports
Not just for DC Fans!
Jon Mailloux
Always entertaining
Tom Dukes
I want to make love to all the Junks
Hagerstown Steve
Especially EB. I can picture him putting a wig on me, grabbing me by the ponytails, and giving me the old hee haw. While doing it, he could yell, "This money is silly, now I am cised, and I won't have to hook it later!"
I'm really only a one-sport guy nowadays (baseball,) but I can never get enough of listening to you guys. Even when the redskins horse has been beaten to death, brought to life, then beaten to death again for the zillionth time.
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