3 Funny Bois
The One & Only Vanessow
You need this show in your life. I spent last summer bingeing from 1-400+ and have been doing weekly since. These boys.. Oh my. I miss "pack your bags and move away." I honestly love every minute of this and have declared it a go-to show if i need a laugh. They are so sincere and inclusive, while also being funny as hell - proving you dont have to put other people down to be be funny. Unless you post dumb Qs on Yahoo answers.
Just discovered this podcast. I’m going through them at an alarming rate. I am sleeping less because of it, and I wouldn’t change a thing
Light of my life
Primo advice 👌👌 Quality puns 💯💯 Delicious aural nutrition 👏👏
I’ll just say, if you’re hesitant to get On This Pod, watch some MBMBAM animatics on YouTube. Lots of talented people doing really good work turning hilarious audio into hilarious and accessible clips that made me tune in after having the podcast on my radar for a while but never listening. Anyway this podcast brings a lot of joy into my life and it’s really easy to just turn it on; I like that Goofs and Tangents are split up by question segments so it’s okay if I kind of zone out for a little. There are a lot of episodes but if you miss one or start with a random one it’s not a big deal. It’s never too heavy and always funny (even if the joke is “that joke wasn’t funny” :) ) and the hosts are really likable. Really good podcast!
Comfort Food
Harmless Fun. The world needs more of it, these good boys are doing it.
The chemistry is unreal.
Nert Crum
Something about these charming boys just wins my heart every time. Good good good good podcast.
Best Boys
They bring so much joy and laughter to my life. They are extremely funny boys who give hilariously terrible advice. I highly recommend that you give them a listen and bring some laughter to your life. Twenty Funny: Fill your life with laughter and love
Too much laughing
This podcast has made me laugh so hard that people around me stare at me. It’s got offbeat humor, niche pop culture references, and that great sibling dynamic. Griffin’s laugh gives me life. That is all.
So grateful this exists
These guys are the best. Travis makes me chuckle and smh, Griffin makes me giggle and snort, and Justin makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe. This podcast has gotten me through some tough times, including a 3-hr commute and stressful job. So grateful this exists.
Making up 10 years of listening
Named after a mermaid
Alright team, So this is a review to let everyone know that I discovered the brothers through an ‘The Adventure Zone’ recommendation. Then I discovered that they had another podcast that began in 2010. So when I caught up on TAZ I decided to make the 10 year long trek from the beginning of mbmbam. Let me tell you I am on episode 40 (out of the daunting 494) but it is glorious. I thought about skipping to the beginning of 2018 to save listening time but I didn’t want to miss out on the inside jokes. Boy, did I make the correct decision, they are hilarious from the beginning. So my message is, if you are new to this, it is worth it to start from the beginning; even if it takes 5 years to get current. As that is the time I have estimated to catch myself up. Cheers and much love, Laughing in Dallas Ps 2010 pop culture references are particularly amazing in 2020
always makes me laugh 💖
Skeptic turned fan
My friend talked about them for months...literally. And I finally listened and I had to eat crow and tell him he was right. Worth it though cause these guys are so freaking funny.
The McElroys are Good Boys
Golden chicken nugger
Pretty sure people in the library think I’m an insane person when I start cracking up while doing assignments.
I haven’t laughed this hard at anything in YEARS.
very pure
never trust anyone who rates this less than 5 stars, its so pure and wholesome anybody who doesn’t like it is probably not a great person
Bust a gut
Do you need an escape from the norm? Do you want to laugh at the most ridiculous advice for the most ridiculous burning questions? Spin up the MBAMBAM and sit back for the wackiest podcast on the world wide webs.
A guaranteed laugh
Honestly always helps me when I’m sad to just have a goofy lil laugh
Podcast heroes
Laughed so much when I started listening to this that I got in some trouble at work. I’ve been listening for 3 years now, I’m still laughing and my boss has just learned to deal with it.
Cried laughing 10 times within first 10 episodes
I’m talking by myself on the side walk hysterical laughter.
My favorite podcast I’ve ever listened to! Listening to the McElroy brothers while I get ready in the morning is the perfect start to my day!
One of the most hilarious podcasts out there
Never fails to bring a smile to my face, even when I’m feeling down
Thanks for the laughs
Love love it. Thank you.
they are so so good. good good boys. exuding generosity and kindness and jokes and joy. good boys. love
This podcast is responsible for like 50% of my brain’s serotonin production
The boys freely give the serotonin to the masses
Keeps the demons at bay
Taylor Theiste
The McElboys and all of their products are singlehandedly forcing my brain to continue producing serotonin and I would just like to say thank you to them for helping me forget the weight of my crippling anxiety with their good good goofs
Absolutely Amazing
It’s such a light hearted podcast that is so relaxing and fun to listen to. Even if you’re in a bad mood MBMBAM will always cheer you up. 11/10 best of the best.
They need to quit it with the terrible segments.
I’ve listened to this show for maybe 7 years and it has been great at times, but I can’t take all of the terrible segments. Enough with munch squad, that’s Christmas to me, riddle me piss, etc. they’re as bad as sad libs. If they stop, I will happily come back and update the rating to 5 stars.
good good boys
giving bad bad advice
My favorite podcast
best part of my day is hearing these brothers and their silly goofs, thanks for the laughs and all the good times boys!!!
The Best!
I love this podcast, it can entertain anyone. This is one of the best podcasts in exhistance. How do i write a question? Listen ASAP!
Breakup antivenin
Have you ever been through a breakup so bad you just need pure uncut joyous nonsense piped into your ear holes 24/7 to drown out the demons? This is how I came to MBMBAM. I feel grateful that I will never have to be alone with my own thoughts again.
My inner voices come alive
There is nothing more comforting that hearing these wonderful boys jabber on. Their silliness, social anxiety, health issues, I love it all. Nayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (not no, but the horse word!)
theresa snakeinmyboot
Good goofs
I listen to the three brothers at work a lot. The massive amount of content they have is amazing. Plus they have a very good and fun energy that keeps me going through a long day. My only complaint is the audio leveling on live shows can be wacky, listening in a loud environment I have to turn up the volume quite a bit to catch all the dialogue, but it frequently blasts my eardrums out when there’s a moment of laughter or surprise. Nothing that can be done now about it but it would be nice to address for the future. Keep being excellent my goof boys, and thank you
The brothers I wanted
Don’t get me wrong I have 2 brothers but I didn’t want them.... the McElroys are the brothers I want !! Listening to them satisfies my dream of one day having funny brothers who are cool and not the two I have
Good good boys
Torsey The Torso Horse5927
I found these boys and didn’t think I’d like it but they quickly became the family that I didn’t know I needed, but I’m so glad I found. They are so funny and loving that this podcast cheers me up no matter what.
Good Funny Boys!
Truly so funny, I fell in love the first episode I ever listened to and I’ve been hooked ever since. Sometimes I genuinely worry about what I’ll do after I listen to all the episodes 😂 On a particularly tough day, I listen to these guys to help me laugh. Thanks boys!
They give me laugh out louds
The gentlemanly raging Inferno
I love ya guys!
Do not listen while driving. MBMBAM has almost caused me numerous auto collisions due to spontaneous laughing fits. On one occasion, a particularly funny goof caused me to spit diet coke all over the dashboard of my car. Safety first, people.
this show’s a ray of sunshine
Chickens are good
never fails to make me laugh even during hard times. I owe these boys so much
Always makes me laugh
These three men are the biggest goofballs imaginable and their show will steal your heart
Good good podcast boys
Love these boys. They’re funny in like the chillest most approachable way. I understand only like 10% of their references and it’s still hilarious. I recommend the ASMR episode or the one where they don’t actually get around to doing questions. Goodjob! 👋👋
Big Big Fun
Chuck Tha Boy
Ive listened to this podcast for a few years and it's a consistent delight. Out of every piece of media I consume regularly this makes me laugh the most, and routinely laugh so hard I hurt myself. It has feel good vibes and produces serotonin for free!
My favorite podcast!
Bek Shrek
It’s taken me 2 years and 2 months to listen to every single episode! It’s amazing and I love it!
My favorite podcast. Period.
The chemistry from these three is just absolutely delightful in every way. Funniest and smartest sixty minutes of audio that can be consumed. I look forward to it every single Monday.
This podcast is the only thing that keeps me going on Mondays.
Lillllll lõplik
I started listening thanks to a friend recommendation since i was working on a farm and needed something to keep me from going insane when weeding an acre of veggies. Since then i’ve switched to night shift baker at Panera Bread (shoutout to the McElroys for all the PB content 😂) and still have a whopping eight hours to kill and i have to say this podcast has been a good source to slay a couple hours. This is probably one of the only podcasts that has very great live show content. I was surprised that these people are not just voices i laugh with, they are actual flesh beings.
My Favorite
This is hands down my favorite comedy podcast. The brothers are excellent at improv. I laugh out loud at every episode. They avoid political humor so it never gets my blood boiling. I've listened to every episode and it helps me wind down just before I fall asleep.
...you know. ;)
Love these good boys and their good goofs.
Skeptical at First
When I was first introduced to this podcast, I wasn’t super on board. I had a hard time telling Travis and Justin’s voices apart. However, after listening to a couple episodes it got easier and I am so happy I stuck with the show. I laugh (almost) every episode. Not just blowing air kinda hard out my nose, but ACTUAL LAUGHTER. That’s about as high praise as I think you can give. Listen if you’re looking for a podcast full of jokes and brotherly love.
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