March 27, 2020
This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy nerds out about beer and more with Jeff Cioletti, author of Drink Like a Geek. Jeremy Cowan of Shmaltz Brewing, Doug Campbell of Brewery Ommegang, and beer writer, Ben Keene join in as well to try and put a finger on the genre of geeky beers they all love. Jeremy shares the process he underwent getting the rights to sell Star Trek beer and Doug describes how the flavor was developed for Ommegang’s Game of Thrones series. They also discuss the connection between craft beer and Comic Con, what butter beer would really taste like, and their craziest projects to date including a Pastrami Pilsner. Joel Suarez and Matt Negron of Uptown Beer Society pop in to talk about their latest beer for the Bronx Culture Series: Mister Stoutee.
March 20, 2020
This week on Beer Sessions Radio Jimmy hones in on beer business trends. For this remote recording on Saint Patricks Day, Jimmy is joined by Sean McNulty of Selling Craft Beer Podcast, Cat Wolinkski of Vinepair and Zach Mack of ABC Beer Co. They talk about the beer trends they anticipated going into 2020 and how much has changed in recent days as a result of the coronavirus. While there has been an uptick in sales as people stock up for periods of self-quarantine, there is a grave concern that business will drop off for local breweries. The group also covers the growing market space for non-alcoholic beer, the merger between Untappd and Beer Advocate, and what styles are seeing a rise in popularity.Beer ListSamuel Smith - Taddy PorterThrees Brewing - Logical Conclusion Common Roots Brewing - Party Shirt Fridays,Fifth Hammer Brewing - Year of the Shwarz Guinness
March 11, 2020
The Torch and Crown team meets with Jimmy in the studio as they prepare to open Manhattan's first brewery along with a taproom and restaurant in SoHo. Torch and Crown's co-founder, Joe Correia discusses the challenge of brewing in a place where space comes at a premium. He is joined by Torch and Crown's restaurant partner, Christian Pappanicholas, and the brewery's marketing director Chris McClellan. They discuss pairing food with beer, how they built their team, and the removable staircase they need in order to move tanks in.
March 4, 2020
Brewers from around New York State join Jimmy in a jam-packed studio to talk about making beer north of the city. Adam Krawczak and Patrick Sylvester of Crossroads Brewing; Stuart Morris, Dieter Gehring, and Alex Gill of Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery; Ryan Demier of Bound by Fate Brewing, Dana Ball of Upward Brewing; and Aaron Krawczak of Grotta Azzurra are all on hand for a lively discussion of brewing in a more rural environment. They cover using local ingredients, the importance of water in beer, and their favorite brewers that not enough people know about.
February 26, 2020
With NYC Beer Week in full swing, Jimmy talks all things lambic with Greg Engert of The Grand Delancey who is preparing to host a rare bottle tasting and screening of the film Lambic: About Time & Passion. B.R. Rolya of Shelton Brothers, Ryan Brower of Gear Patrol, and Sadaf Asmolvoa of Beer Town NYC are also on hand to discuss the meeting of art and science in lambic brewing. The group tastes the holy trinity of lambics while chatting about spontaneous fermentation, how lambic production is affected by global warming, and the differences between beer trends in NYC and DC.
February 19, 2020
Visiting from Sweden, Jonas Hjalmarsson of Brewski sits down in the studio with Jimmy to talk about working at a brewery that prides itself on being different. They are joined by Beer Sessions regular B.R. Rolya of Shelton Brothers as they discuss the fun in sharing beer across cultures as well as the brewery's plans to expand in the US. Jonas shares the philosophy behind his fruited sour ales as well as the business as a whole.
February 12, 2020
In honor of the upcoming Bowl of 'Zole Festival, Jimmy talks about the festival's featured food and drink: pozole and mezcal. He is joined by one of Bowl of 'Zole's curators, Arik Torren of Fidencio Spirits, in addition to Leslie Vinyard of Roberta's Pizza and Chris Crowley of Grub Street. Arik draws on his experience importing spirits as the group talks about the traditional process of making mezcal and how increased demand has affected farmers in Oaxaca. They also discuss their favorite places to get pozole in New York and compare mezcal with natural wine. Learn more and get tickets to Bowl Of 'Zole here.
February 6, 2020
On the eve of their fourth year in business, the team from Hopewell Brewing comes to the studio from Chicago. Jimmy talks to married couple Samantha Lee and Stephen Bossu of Hopewell about building an inclusive environment in the taproom and having a brewery that supports its staff. Tom Pavlich of Remarkable Liquids is also on hand, as is Katie Cochrane of Carton Brewing who once wrote a thesis based on Crooked Stave founder Chad Yakobson's research. The group discusses the taste of sea buckthorns, brewing mixed fermentations, and Stephen's world-best brewing test score.
January 29, 2020
In anticipation of Beer Boom, the upcoming documentary on New York City brewing, Jimmy talks to the people who made the movie possible. Filmmakers Eric Schleyer and Andrew Coury, and producer Aaron Bell of Canataro Park Avenue Financial join Jimmy in the studio alongside one of the documentary's main characters, Rich Castagna of Bridge and Tunnel Brewery. The five years Schleyer and Coury spent filming Beer Boom gave them a firsthand look at the city's rapidly changing beer scene. They talk about how Castagna grew a brewery out of his garage, and the ten thousand pounds of rocks he had to move before he could open his current location in Ridgewood, Queens.
January 16, 2020
This week, Jimmy talks to his guests about the challenges of owning a craft beer bar in New York City. He is joined by Kyle Radzyminski of The Baroness Bar, Gerry Leary of One Mile House, Megan Rickerson and Brian Winget of Someday Bar, and Ryan Brower of Gear Patrol. Hear them discuss the ups and downs of their labor of love, as well as the value of independent craft beer seals and lasting effects of hurricane Sandy.
January 8, 2020
Bronx brewers come to Brooklyn to discuss a new collaboration: Mama's Candied Yams Imperial Ale. Jimmy talks with Joel Suarez and Matt Negron of Uptown Beer Society, Rey Cortez and Oscar Santiago of First Boro Brewing, Paul Ramirez and Anthony Ramirez of The Bronx Beer Hall, and Dave Lopez of Gun Hill Brewing. Dom Cook, the founder of Beer Kulture and author of This Ain't the Beer That You're Used To: A Beginner's Guide to Good Beer also calls in from Tampa, Florida. They speak about the clash between authenticity and cultural appropriation in the beer world, the importance of giving back to the Bronx community they grew up in, and how learning about beer can be a positive force in a person's life. Beer List: Mama's Candied Yams, Gun Hill Brewery Collaboration Beer Kulture and Green Bench Brewing Company's Kulture Khronicles Vol. 1 Barrier Brewing Company's Bronx Dance Party Gun Hill Brewing Company's Maple Bacon Void of Light Gun Hill Brewing Company's Antigua Moon Gun Hill Brewing Company's Felix Separatist Beer Project's Strange Landscape: Sauvignon Blanc
January 4, 2020
Recording at Top Hops Beer Shop, Jimmy is joined by Bill Shufel, the founder of Athletic Brewing, a non-alcoholic beer company. Some of his early supporters are around the table as well: Ted Kenny of Top Hops, Dan Lamonaca of Beer Karma, and Josh Bernstein the author of Drink Better Beer. Top Hops started serving beers from Athletic Brewing when they didn’t have a liquor license, but what began as a consequence of circumstance has become an intentional choice to serve non-alcoholic beer on tap. These beer industry experts discuss some unexpected production challenges in making NA beer, the retail appeal of this product, and the history of sessionable beers.
December 17, 2019
Jimmy welcomes the Beer Table team for a surprise tasting of 10 Belgian Trappist Ales. Justin Phillips, Gavin Murphy, Noah Levin, and Evan Rose are in the studio to share the history and flavor profiles of these beers as well as to discuss the naming of dubbels and tripels, the smell of De Dolle's beer, the kinds of beer that abbeys made hundreds of years ago, the popular image of monks with beer, and drinking Belgian abbey ales as opposed to cocktails at a bar. Beer List:Trappistes Rochefort 10The Bruery's MischiefTransmitter Brewing's A4 QuadChimay's Première (Red)Beer Table's Table BeerSt. Bernardus Abt 12Westmalle's Trappist Ale TripelDe Dolle's Stille NachtBrasserie d'Orval's Orval Trappist AleKiuchi Brewery's Hitachino Nest XH The holiday season is all about food and community. There’s no better time to show your support for food radio by becoming a member! Lend your voice and help HRN continue to spreading the message of equitable, sustainable, and delicious food – together, we can change minds and build a better food system. Go to today to become a crucial part of the HRN community.Beer Sessions Radio is powered by Simplecast.
December 11, 2019
This week Jimmy talks about starting a beer brand in New York City with Gage Siegel of Non Sequitur Beer Project, Tara Hankinson and Johnny Osborne of Talea Beer Co., and Eric Shulz of Little Blind Beer. Hear them discuss barriers to entry in the New York brewing scene, supporting immigrants through beer, building brands that reach more women, holding tastings at Bloomingdale's and Elle Magazine, the way millennials want brands that share their values, and the use of art on a beer can. They also delve into new ways to create a beer brand such as Non Sequitur's pop-up events and Little Blind's one-off beer projects. Beer List: Freethought's Temporal Gun Hill Brewing Company's Mean Mean Bean Talea Bear Co.'s Tropicberry Tart Deco Talea Bear Co.'s Double Date Little Blind's Third Wave Little Blind's Zone Expansion Non Sequitur Beer Project's Begging for Attention
December 6, 2019
Christian Weber of Common Roots Brewing and Melanie Fronhofer of Fronhofer Design return to talk about how Common Roots has recovered from the fire at the brewery. They discuss keeping everyone employed during the rebuild, designing a canning line, holding a workshop on rebuilding pumps, improving the sustainability of the brewery, and night skiing. They also ask if there is American "lambic" and try the last batch of beer to survive the fire, a coolship founder farmhouse bottle conditioned ale. Beer List: Common Roots' In Bloom Common Roots' Good Fortune Common Roots' Coffee Cup
November 29, 2019
This week on Beer Sessions, Jimmy welcomes Josh Bernstein to talk about his latest book Drink Better Beer. Jason Sahler of Strong Rope Brewery and Drew Kostic of Circa Brewing join them in the studio as well. The group begins by talking about quality control, before moving on to the special moments that propelled them into beer, and diving into a discussion about food pairings. Their conversation continues to return to industry trends, as the guests remember forgotten styles and seek to identity what’s meaningful in the NYC beer scene today. Beers The Ripe & Ruin, Strong Rope Brewery Trophy Cat Blonde Al, Strong Rope Brewery Captain Lawrence Palate Shifter Samuel Adams Festbier
November 25, 2019
In this Cider Week NYC bonus episode, Jimmy hosts Eleanor Leger of Eden Cider; Dan Wilson of Slyboro Cider House and Hick’s Ochard; and Cathryn Gaylord, a farm apprentice at Eve’s Cidery. Jimmy awards Eleanor with the third annual Scion Award to honor her leadership in the cider industry. Dan and Eleanor discuss their decade long journey making orchard-to-glass cider, which has spanned various styles, changes in language, and marketing mechanisms, while Cathryn offers a fresh take on industry trends. The group concludes by discussing their favor cider and food pairings, which include cured meat and cheese, spiced desserts, and a unique bone marrow dish from Jeepney in the East Village.
November 19, 2019
After the Shelton Brothers' festival in Buffalo, Jimmy debriefs with Joel Shelton and BR Royla of Shelton Brothers; Amber Watts and Ron Extract of Garden Path Fermentation; Casey Wellman of Brouwerij De Ranke; Xavier Bailleux of Au Baron; Stefano Marin of Casa Bruja; Pete Lengel-Fushimi of KCBC; and Miguel Rivas, The Beer Trekker. Hear them talk about the beer scene in South America, the philosophy of the festival, using a local malt source, Belgian beer culture, their thoughts on saison, and the history of the festival's venue in Buffalo.
November 12, 2019
In celebration of New York City's Cider Week, Jimmy talks to Melissa Madden of Good Life Farm; Rachel Freier of New York Cider Weeks; Maria Kennedy who writes the blog Cider with Maria; Jahil Maplestone of Descendant Cider Company; and Page Fiori and Gennaro Fiori of Boutique Wines, Spirits and Cider. They discuss why the Finger Lakes are the promised land for growing apples, the debate about the word heritage, the demand for New York State cider, the complicated history of land in New York, and the graf (cider/beer hybrid) that Descendant made with Big Slice Brewing for Cider Week. Plus, hear them react to cider made from the fruit of a single perry tree. Cider List: Ross on Wye's Holmer Descendant Cider Company's Dry Descendant Cider Company's Pomme Big Alice Brewing's Queens Graf
November 7, 2019
This week, Jimmy sits down to talk about Justin Kennedy's new book The Bucket List: Beer: 1,000 Adventures, Pubs, Breweries, Festivals with Katherine Kyle of Blind Tiger, Evan Watson of Plan Bee, and Justin Kennedy himself. They discuss their personal beer bucket lists, Michael Jackson's writings on beer, Kennedy's previous book The Scratch & Sniff Guide to Beer: A Beer Lover's Companion, the Shelton Brothers' Festival, the beer scene in Maine, and the idea of never meeting your heroes.
October 29, 2019
Jimmy travels to Blind Bat Brewery in Centerport, Long Island to talk about the Choose L.I. initiative, which is encouraging investment in local farms and makers. That includes farm breweries as well as seafood! Jimmy is joined by Augie Ruckdeshel from the Suffolk County Department of Economic Development & Planning; Check Westfall, the owner of Thatch Island Oyster Farms; Paul Dluglokencky the founder of Blind Bat Brewery; Jamie Adams of Saint James Brewery; and Anthony and Melissa Caggiano, the co-owners of Jamesport Brewery. Together, they discuss the myriad ways that uplifting local farmers - through policy and community support - can lead to better tasting food and drink and a stronger local economy.
October 23, 2019
This week Jimmy talks all things Rye with journalist Liza Weisstuch, Tom Potter of The New York Distilling Company, Daric Schlesselman of Van Brunt Stillhouse, Christopher Briar Williams of Coppersea Distillery, and Raphael Lyon of Enlightenment Wines Meadery. Hear them discuss the role of rye in New York State history, drinking tap water in different regions, and how terroir affects rye. Beer List: Half Acre's Oktoberfest
October 17, 2019
Jimmy sits down with Joe Grimm of Grimm Artisanal Ales, Sebastian Sauer of Freigeist, and Joel Shelton of Shelton Brothers.  Hear them discuss carbonic maceration, a hat called a bollenhut, and how they use labels to market their beer.
October 10, 2019
This week, Jimmy talks all things cider with Ron Sansone of Spoke + Spy Ciderworks; Gidon Coll of Original Sin Cider; Paige Flori of Boutique Wines, Spirits and Cider; Tyler Graham of Kings Highway; Petra Paredez of Petee's Pie; and apple photographer William Mullan. Hear them discuss the market for single varietal ciders, the unidentified apple varieties living in the Hudson Valley, and the founding fathers' love of cider.
October 3, 2019
Jimmy sits with visiting guests 2 days before the 10th annual Pig Island NYC event in red hook, brooklyn. He is joined by Heritage pig farmer Tank Jackson, from Holy City Hogs; Phil Wingo, from Pork Mafia; & Mauro Chiefari, the reigning brisket king of NYC, from Juicy Lucy BBQ in Staten Island. Together they discuss how BBQ is collaborative and how low and slow wood smoking is like baking. Plus, Heritage Pigs.
October 1, 2019
In a crowded studio, Jimmy talks about the Shelton Brothers' upcoming festival in Buffalo, NY with Joel Shelton and BR Royla of Shelton Brothers, Peeter Keek of Põhjala Brewery, Bobby Carlo of Barrier Brewing Company, Yvan De Baets of Brasserie De La Senne, and Jamie Cruickshank of Naparbier. Hear them discuss the brewing culture in Belgium, Estonia, and Spain; what The Festival means to them; and treating yeast as human being.
September 24, 2019
For the 500th episode of Beer Sessions, Jimmy discusses the business of food and beverage with Matt Archambault of Fifth Hammer Brewing and Brewed in New York, brothers Danny and Luke Bruckert of Groundlings Pizza, and Shinobu Kato of Kato Sake Works. Hear them talk about pairing food with beer and sake, how the food truck culture in New York compares to Portland, and the state of sake in America. Beer List: Kato Sake Works' Pilot Batch 60% Calrose Fifth Hammer Brewing Company's Sonic Architecture Sixpoint Brewery's Spritzer
September 10, 2019
On the heels of the tenth annual Pig Island Festival, Jimmy sits down with chefs Danny Mena of La Lonchería and Cenobio Canalizo of Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue, and spirits importer Arik Torren of Fidencio Mezcal. They talk about what inspired their Pig Island dishes, Danny’s new book, Made in Mexico: The Cookbook, the challenges of importing authentic Mexican ingredients, the unique subtleties of Mexico City’s cuisine unique among Mexican food, and how different agave varietals and different regional origins create unique mezcal flavors.
September 3, 2019
Long Island City is home to six breweries, all in a two-mile radius. Five of them joined Jimmy in the studio: Kaitlyn Acosta of LIC Beer Project, Pat Fondiller of Alewife Brewing, Mark Hirst of Big aLICe Brewing, Laszlo Fodor of ICONYC, and Matt Archambault of Fifth Hammer Brewing and the Emmy Award-winning TV series Brewed in New York. They shout out their fellow LIC brewery, Rockaway Brewing Company, talk about local yeast strains, and take Jimmy on a virtual tour of the trail, including tips on where to eat—and bowl—along the way. Beer List: Fifth Hammer’s Sonic Architecture IPA Big aLICE’s Brunch Crusher Tangerine Pineapple Sour ICONYC’s Cucumber Saison Alewife’s Dimensional Observer #2 IPA Alewife’s Alien Technology, Russian Imperial Stout LIC Beer Project’s Back Back to Cali IPA LIC Beer Project’s Radiant Peach Vanilla Sour
August 29, 2019
Sara Hagerty of Origin Malt in Columbus, Ohio and Ivan Dedek of LIC Beer Project join Jimmy to talk about the annual Beers With(out) Beards event, LIC Beer Project’s American craft lager made with Origin’s two-row barley malt, how specialty crops like barley can revive agricultural communities, and why they predict that beer lovers will one day say “I can’t wait for Marden season!”
August 27, 2019
The day after the 9th Annual NYC Brewers Choice, a.k.a. the Slow Grains edition, Jimmy sat down with some of the Northeast’s leaders in the regional grain market. Maltster Andrea Stanley of Valley Malt, June Russell of GrowNYC Grains, Barry Labendz of working-farm brewery Kent Falls, and Evan Watson of Plan Bee Farm Brewery tell the backstory on reviving regional grains in the Northeast with malt and beer, their work getting regional malt into New York City-area breweries, and the power of integrating grains into our understanding of a local food system. Beer List: Kent Falls Brewing’s The Hollow, Pilsner made with Endeavor barley from Valley Malt
August 20, 2019
Jimmy’s got a full studio, with seven guests from across New York City’s craft beer scene: Mickey Alexander of Taproom 307, Kaitlyn LeLoup of Interboro, Chris Maestro of Bier Wax, Alex Munoz of Harlem Hops, Matt Negron of Uptown Beer Society, Juan Perez of Bar 180 and Bar 177, and Joel Suarez of The Sampler. They talk with Jimmy about Not My Pres, the third in their Pres series collaboration, which brings the flavors of popular beers like Presidente and Dos Equis to local craft beer. They talk about how they started collaborating to make beer celebrating the flavors of popular Carribbean beers, working with bars and businesses owned and run by people of color, the value of good beer bars and shops, and reclaiming fruits like guava, chinola, and tamarind.
August 13, 2019
Joel Shelton of Shelton Brothers Imports, Pete Lengyel of KCBC brewing, and brewer Ulrike Genz of Berlin’s Brauerei Schneeeule (Snowy Owl Brewery) join Jimmy to compare notes. Tune in to hear their conversation about American versus German beers, kettle versus slow sours, ugly fruit versus fruit puree, and Ulrike’s work reviving traditional 200-year-old methods for making Berliner Weißes or, as Napoleon called it, “the champagne of the north.” Beer List: Brauerei Schneeeule’s Kennedy Brauerei Schneeeule’s Irmgard Brauerei Schneeeule’s Yasmin Brauerei Schneeeule’s Marlene
August 6, 2019
This week, Jimmy turns from the art of brewing to the art He’s joined by author and writer Joshua M. Bernstein, AJ Keirans of the 16 Oz. Canvas podcast, and graphic designers Earl Holloway of KCBC and Daniel Birch of Barrier and Alewife Brewing. They talk about the expanding market for beer label art, the difference between designing for 750 ml bottles and for cans, their artistic inspirations, Easter eggs hidden in beer can art, and Can Jam. Beer List: KCBC’s Purgatorio Pilsner KCBC’s Strap Lite Lime Lager KCBC’s Strap Lite Lager KCBC’s Superhero Sidekicks IPA KCBC’s Penguins in Paradise Session IPA
July 30, 2019
This week, Jimmy checks in with two of New York’s new breweries. Co-founder John Dantzler and sales director Keith Sansone of Torch & Crown Brewing Company join Jimmy to talk about how they got started. John explains how he and his co-founder went from childhood friends to homebrewers to business partners, their flagship beers, and learning the skills (chemistry know-how, business savvy) they needed to succeed. They’re also joined by Cortlandt Toczylowski, owner and head brewer of King’s Court Brewing Company, who tells the story of serendipitously discovering his brewery site in Poughkeepsie. Beer List: Torch and Crown’s Slightly Sour Torch and Crown’s Almost Famous IPA Torch and Crown’s Sub Rosa Lager Torch and Crown’s Intersect: Simcoe + Idaho 7, Session IPA It's HRN's annual summer fund drive, this is when we turn to our listeners and ask that you make a donation to help ensure a bright future for food radio. Help us keep broadcasting the most thought provoking, entertaining, and educational conversations happening in the world of food and beverage. Become a member today! To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have brand new member gifts available. So snag your favorite new pizza - themed tee shirt or enamel pin today and show the world how much you love HRN, just go to
July 24, 2019
This week, Jimmy crunches the numbers with Ted Kenny of Top Hops, Gage Siegel of Beer Menus and Nonsequitur Brewing Project, David Steinman of Craft Brew News, and Ethan Siegler, author of a recent study on Los Angeles beer consumer choice. They talk about what kind of beer data they’re interested in, the dominance of the “hazy IPA,” the geographic differences in craft beer offerings, highlights from Ethan’s thesis study, and what exactly the “mobility gap” is. Beer List: Flora’s Tiki, Pineapple Wine Spritzer Industrial Arts’ Tools of the Trade, Pale Ale
July 16, 2019
Jimmy talks malt with Jeff Lyons of Keg and Lantern and Max Ocean and Zane Coffey, co-founders of Catskill, NY’s Subversive Malting and Brewing. Tune in for a preview of NYC Brewer’s Choice 2019 and to learn more about the rise of New York’s malt industry, brewing tasty ingredient-driven beers, sourcing up-and-coming hop varieties, and the surprising smells of malting. Beer List: Subversive’s Drinkenbier Keller Lager Subversive’s Body Double IPA Keg and Lantern’s White Noise Pilsner Keg and Lantern’s Longer Days Saison
July 9, 2019
This, week, Jimmy talks about the Good Beer Seal all-stars with the owners of three NYC beer bars: Kyle Radzyminski of The Baroness Bar + Kitchen in Long Island City, Chris Maestro of BierWax in Prospect Heights, and Joel Suarez of The Sampler in Bushwick. They talk about bar and brewery collaboration, the important role of Good Beer retailers and bars in the craft scene, and taste a special early sneak peak of Sierra Nevada’s fall seasonal Octoberfest. Beer List: Sierra Nevada’s Octoberfest, Fall Seasonal 2019 KCBC / Roberta's Collab, Pizzagate Margherita's Revenge
July 2, 2019
The teams behind Marz Community Brewing in Chicago and Mash Tun journal stopped by the studio on June 20 to talk with Jimmy before heading off to Mash Tun’s Issue #13 release party at KCBC. Joining Jimmy on air were founder of Marz Brewing and Mash Tun journal Ed Marszewski, Marz head brewer Tim Lange, former editor of BeerAdvocate and summer 2015 Beer Sessions co-host Ben Keene, KCBC’s Pete Lengyel, and photographer Miguel Rivas, who guest edited the latest issue of Mash Tun. They crack open some Gay IPAs for Pride while talking about community brewing, their creative heroes, the Marz monthly drink and draw event, and the Chicago craft beer scene. Beer List: Marz’s Gay IPA, Double Dry Hopped India Pale Ale with Lactose, a Pride special Marz’s Chela Negra, Black Lager KCBC’s Strap Lite, Rice Lager It's HRN's annual summer fund drive, this is when we turn to our listeners and ask that you make a donation to help ensure a bright future for food radio. Help us keep broadcasting the most thought provoking, entertaining, and educational conversations happening in the world of food and beverage. Become a member today! To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have brand new member gifts available. So snag your favorite new pizza - themed tee shirt or enamel pin today and show the world how much you love HRN, just go to
June 25, 2019
Jimmy finds out more new beer and cider distributors in town with Lars Dahlhaus of Baldor Specialty Goods, Brown's Brewery of Troy, NY, Lisa and Rich Costagna from Bridge and Tunnel Brewery, and Jahil from Descendant Cider. It's HRN's annual summer fund drive, this is when we turn to our listeners and ask that you make a donation to help ensure a bright future for food radio. Help us keep broadcasting the most thought provoking, entertaining, and educational conversations happening in the world of food and beverage. Become a member today! To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have brand new member gifts available. So snag your favorite new pizza - themed tee shirt or enamel pin today and show the world how much you love HRN, just go to Beer and Cider List: Bronx Brewery's Strobe Light - Gose w/ Straberry & Rhubarb Bridge and Tunnel's Bagel IPA Descendant Cider's - Pomme w/ Pomegranate & Hibiscus Descendant Cider's - New World Heritage Cider Descendant Cider's - Wilderness - Wild Pippin & Forgotten Orchards Brown's Brewing Nice to Meet Me - Revolving IPA Brown's Brewing Strobe Light - Gose Brown's Krush Golden Lager Brown's IPA Brown's Brewing Cherry Razz - Brown's Carla IPA La Parisienne Rouse La Parisienne Blonde Beer Sessions Radio is powered by Simplecast.
June 18, 2019
A few months ago, the experts from Beer Table made their way down into the cellar at Jimmy’s No. 43—Jimmy’s old East Village bar, which closed almost two years ago—to unearth the bottles that were left behind. In this episode, the team—Justin Philips, Megan Saxelby, Noah Levin, Gavin Murphy, and Evan Rose—join Jimmy to uncork the bottles and talk about what they found.
June 11, 2019
Aaron Burr Cidery’s founder, farmer, and fermenter Andy Brennan joins Jimmy to talk about his new book, Uncultivated: Wild Apples, Real Cider, and the Complicated Art of Making a Living. Also in the studio are the book’s editor Ben Watson of Chelsea Green Publishing and the annual CiderDays celebration in Franklin County, Massachusetts, and Ron Sansone of Connecticut’s Spoke and Spy Ciderworks. They talk basement brewing, place-based apples, the history of Andy’s homestead farm—including how Aaron Burr was involved—and the true meaning of “Scrumpy.” Cider List: Spoke and Spy Ciderworks’ Kingston Black, a single varietal cider Spoke and Spy Ciderworks’ Pink Lady cider, made with blood orange and pomegranate
June 4, 2019
For farmers in New York State, how does hemp stack up against hops? Laura Ten Eyck of Indian Ladder Farms and Dietrich Gehring of Indian Ladder Farms Cidery and Brewery—who grow hemps and hops are co-authors of The Hop Grower’s Handbook—join Jimmy to weigh in. Attorney Max Bookman tells the story of New York state’s slow trek towards adult-use marijuana legalization, and whether we might . They talk about annual hemp versus perennial hops, CBD, the role of the gubernatorial primary in marijuana legalization, the multitude of uses of hemp, and, if hemp is so useful, why it’s been illegal for so long. Beers: Indian Ladder’s Homie Haulers, India Pale Lager Indian Ladder’s Golden Boy, Golden Russet Cider
May 28, 2019
Tonight Jimmy uses the upcoming Rib King (May 30th) to talk BBQ! With guests including Blake Crawford of New Jersey’s The Alementary, Rob Cho of Kimchi Smoke in NJ, and Cenobio, Eric, and Penny from Morgan’s BBQ right here in Brooklyn. Together they tackle the supremacy of Texas-style BBQ, the value of "burnt ends," the New Jersey brewing scene, and how smoke affects beer / food pairings. Beer List: The Alementary's Island Life, Gose w/ Calamansi The Alementary's Random Placement of Things, Extra Pale Ale The Alementary's Seoul Brothers, Blonde Rice Ale w/ Korean Pears
May 21, 2019
Tonight on Beer Sessions Jimmy talks about exporting New York State beer with guests Qurban Walia and Peter McNulty of Crafted Exports, Dave Lopez of Gun Hill, Kelly Taylor of KelSo, and Keith Fekete of Captain Lawrence. They discuss the separation of duties between exporters and brewers, the intricacies of exporting to particular countries, and how to care for the quality of beer shipped overseas. Beers: Gun Hill's Spreadsheet Mafia, Helles Lager Gun Hill's Buena Onda, Mexican Lager Gun Hill's Broadway Boogie, American Amber Ale KelSo Brewing w/ Queens Brewery's , Belgian Session Brut IPA
May 14, 2019
Jeff Alworth, author of The Beer Bible and the Beer Tasting Tool Kit, joins Jimmy to talk about craft brewing in Portland, Oregon. His latest book, The Widmer Way: How Two Brothers Led Portland’s Craft Beer Revolution, chronicles Kurt and Rob Widmer’s journey from humble homebrewers to craft beer pioneers and purveyors of the iconic Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen. Jeff and Jimmy also talk with New York brewers Jeff Lyons of Keg & Lantern and Brett Taylor of Wild East Brewing about the satisfaction of a simple beer, whether bread or beer came first, and what ancient beer history can tell us about being human.
May 7, 2019
Jimmy checks in on the future of beer in the state of New York with Paul Leone of the New York State Brewers Association, Stefan Fleming of Empire State Development, and Jason Sahler of Brooklyn’s Strong Rope Brewery. They talk about the challenges and benefits of owning a brewery in New York City, how fast the industry has grown in recent decades, the long-term outlook for craft in New York, and how New York’s beer fans compare to other states’. Beers: Strong Rope Brewery’s Seeds of Love and Outrage, IPA Strong Rope Brewery’s Field Drinker, IPA Strong Rope Brewery’s Young Lion of the West, Cream Ale
April 30, 2019
This week, Jimmy and his guests talk about the pernicious Instagram phenomenon known as the #BossPour, where a glass is filled to the rim without any head, at the expense of taste and aromatics, and all for the sake of a good pic. In the studio weighing in are Dan Lamonaca of bar and bottle shop Beer Karma in Williamsburg, James Tai of Beer Acolyte, and Joel Suarez and Matt Negron of The Sampler and Uptown Beer Society. Mirella Amato, Master Cicerone and author of the award-winning book Beerology calls in to talk about the many obstacles to excellent beer photography and later in the show, Julia Herz from the Brewers Association breaks down best practices for pouring and keeping draft lines clean. Tune in to find out how experts are thinking about beer presentation, helping customers find a beer they will love, and what a real boss pour would look like.
April 23, 2019
On this special episode of Beer Sessions Radio, recorded during NYC Beer Week 2019 at Brooklyn craft beer stronghold The Gate, Jimmy and Curator of Beer Sean McCain sat down with some of the earliest brewers, bar owners and beer shop founders in New York’s craft beer scene. They talk about their hidden talents, their communities, old-school beer bars, and how and why how why they got into craft beer, from camaraderie to chemistry. Guests, in order of appearance: Sean McCain, Curator Of Beer Dave Gardell, Owner, The Ruck in Troy, NY Kevin Mullen, Owner and Head Brewer, Rare Form Brewing Company James Langstine, Owner, Bronx Alehouse and Kingsbridge Social Club Patrick Donagher, Founder, Alewife Brewing Company Pat Fondiller, Alewife Brewing Company Bobby Gagnon, Owner, The Gate Alan Rice, Manager and Owner, City Swiggers Marianna Ruth Torres, Social Media and Press Manager, Covenhoven Adam Fletcher, Head of Sales, Finback Brewery Beer List: Rare Form’s Raisin In the Dark – Schwarzbier, with smoked raisins, caraway, and urfa-biber chile Thin Man’s Minkey Boodle – Sour Ale, aged on raspberries Alewife’s Alien Technology – Imperial Stout Finback’s BQE – Brooklyn Queens Espresso Imperial Stout, aged in tequila barrels Alewife’s Death to Ego – IPA Equilibrium’s and Alewife’s Entente – Double IPA
April 16, 2019
Description: This week, Jimmy sits down with Jon Kielty from Big Alice Brewing, Christian Weber from Common Roots Brewing, and Melanie Fronhofer from brew system design company Fronhofer Design. In late March, a fire destroyed much of Common Roots’ father-son brewery in South Glens Falls, New York. Right away, Jon and others from the craft brewing community got together to figure out to help Christian and his father rebuild. Jon, Christian, and Melanie talk with Jimmy about the Big Alice-Common Roots collab beer, brewing on the three-barrel system that survived the fire, and the benefits of working with a small, local design company. To donate to Common Roots’ rebuilding effort, visit:
April 9, 2019
What do you drink when you smoke...brisket? Tune in for a preview of Jimmy’s annual Brisket King NYC competition! Three of this year’s competitors, John Gower, John Patterson, and Matt Abdoo, join Jimmy to talk about spice rubs, pig breeds, HACCP plans, and what drinks pair best with BBQ.
April 2, 2019
Jimmy talks (and drinks) lagers with Svend Lindbaek from Millerton’s Svendale Brewing Co., Pete Lengyel from Bushwick’s KCBC Brewing, and Jeff Lyons and Alex Biedermann of Greenpoint’s Keg & Lantern Brewing. They cover New York state malts and hops, secret German brewing methods, the virtues and vices of Rolling Rock, Danish beer culture, and who’s putting lagers in barrels.
March 26, 2019
Hear about what makes New York cider special, the question of canning, the truth about dryness, and the definition of endangered apples while Jimmy checks in on the state of New York cider.
March 19, 2019
This week on Beer Sessions, Jimmy checks in with beer importers BR Rolya and Joel Shelton to talk about their latest venture, Shelton Brothers Insider Tours. Alex Zolli, general manager of Spuyten Duyvil bar in Williamsburg, also joined them to talk about Péché Mortel (French for “mortal sin”), the Imperial Coffee Stout from venerable Montreal brewpub, Dieu du Ciel!
March 12, 2019
This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy explores the phenomenon sweeping Brooklyn: Rothaus Pilsner. He is joined by Tobias Holler of Black Forest Brooklyn, Josh Van Horn of Gold Star Brewing, Kim Mercado from Brouwerij Lane, and Aaron Goldfarb, a writer from Punch. Rothaus Pilsner is an unpasteurized beer imported fresh and cold from Germany. Tobias is originally from the Black Forest region in which this beer is made and explains why he wanted to share his culture with New Yorkers. From the beer’s iconic logo to it’s short shelf life, these guests talk about why Rothaus Pilsner is good enough to compete with local brews. Beer List Rothaus Pilsner Andechser Vollbier Hell, Klosterbrauerei Andechs Palatime Pils, Suarez Family Brewery Homespun, Suarez Family Brewery Purple Haze, Abita Brewing Co.
February 27, 2019
Beer Sessions assistant producer Dylan Heuer attended Coney Island Brewery’s Beer + Cheese Tasting for NYC Beer Week. An interview with Coney Island’s head brewer Matt McCall and cheese expert Christine Clark delves into their process for finding complementary pairs, why they believe beer pairs better with cheese than wine, and how you can create tastings like this at home.
February 26, 2019
This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy is joined by leaders in the New York beer scene who started small but expanded rapidly. Kyle Hurst from Big Alice Brewing is in the studio; along with the head brewer at Coney Island Brewing, Matt McCall; and the founders of Island to Island Brewery, Danii Oliver and Kevin Braithwait. These brewers recall their first brews and the initial challenges they faced in small spaces. As their businesses grew, they had the freedom to host more guests and hold events. Plus these guests discussed the ability to become more adventurous with their craft over time. They round out the show with a conversation of NYC Beer Week and the NY SMASH (state malt and state hops) beers these breweries are excited to showcase.
February 20, 2019
This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy is joined by Matt McCall of Coney Island Brewing Company, Pat Fondiller of Alewife Brewing Company, and James Tai, a beer consultant. NYC Beer Week is around the corner, and more breweries from upstate and out of state will be attending than ever before. These guests provide insight on what to expect and how to navigate the bounty of breweries attending. Their best advice: try out a lager, kolsh, or pilsner before moving to an IPA. These styles aren’t masked with additional flavor so Pat and Matt agree they serve as a good test for new breweries. Danii Oliver of Island to Island Brewery stops by as well to share her thoughts on the differences between social media culture, and what customers actually want. Tune to hear what events and beers these guests are most excited about as NYC Beer Week approaches. Beer List Alewife Brewing Company, Death to Ego Alewife Brewing Company & Equilibrium Brewery, Entente Double IPA Coney Island Brewing Company, Cream of the Cropsey Coney Island Brewing Company, Midnight Troller Milk Stout Coney Island Brewing Company, Chocolate Ryezome
February 13, 2019
This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy focuses on what it really means to be ‘local.’ Joining him is Andrew Preston the owner of Hicksville Beer & Soda and the founder of the Local to Locals Program. Local to Locals is a certification mark that affirms both a product and its retailer are locally owned. Andrew founded the enterprise to help consumers invest 100% of their money into local businesses, rather than shopping for local products in big-box stores. Right now Andrew’s priority is expanding his network and some of his partners join the conversation as well. Ken Landin, the owner of Crossroads Brewing, Anthony Tartaglia and Joseph Mele from Coastal Kitchen & Daiquiri Bar, and Matt Archambault from Brewed in New York are all in the studio. Together they discuss educational efforts, collaborations, and where they like to eat and drink locally. Beer List Crossroads, Black Rock Stout Crossroads, New Normal Unfiltered IPA Destination Unknown, Milkshake IPA Fifth Hammer, Cashmere Kid Fifth Hammer, Iron Orchid Imperial Stout Fifth Hammer, Pineappledactyl Fifth Hammer Solar Lemur Spider Bite, Chocolate Coconut Porter
February 5, 2019
This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy is joined by Rafael Espinal, a New York City Council member running for Public Advocate in the upcoming special election. Danii Oliver of Island to Island Brewery, Heather Rush of Pine Box Rock Shop, and Chris O’Leary of Brew York, New York also join the conversation about how New York politics are affecting brewers. Danii and Heather talk about the strong role local government plays in the management of their breweries and taprooms. They discuss the difficulty of being labeled as “vice” businesses and argue breweries should be valued for providing manufacturing jobs, creating a local product, and supporting other local businesses in the process. The conversation ultimately comes down to the question: Why should breweries do business in NYC? Beer List Boulevard Brewery Space Camper Cosmic IPA Sixpoint Party Hat New England IPA Big Alice Boisonberry Current Sour Hudson Valley Brewery Pilsner
January 29, 2019
This week on Beer Sessions Jimmy is dedicating the show to an issue that affects all breweries, but is rarely discussed: wastewater. Water is integral to making beer but a lot is wasted. Typically one pint of beer requires seven pints of water. For this conversation, Jimmy is joined by John Bedard of Kushner Studios, a brewery architect; Paul Mankiewicz, a biologist from the Gaia Institute; and Evan Bowles, a wastewater engineer. These experts discuss various policies surrounding the issue and the diverse challenges brewers face from New York to California. They divulge to talk about the importance of environmentally conscious design from green roofs to solar panels and imagine how they would construct a sustainable brewery from the ground up.
January 22, 2019
This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy hosts Justin Phillips and his team from Beer Table for a special tasting. Jimmy and Justin along with Megan Saxelby, Noah Levin, and Gavin Murphy taste a handful of distinct beers, which all share one ingredient: smoked malts. The origin of the beers ranges: from Bamberg, Germany, the world’s largest supplier of malts; to Scandinavian countries like Norway and Finland; all the way to Vermont where one beer was made by the Von Trapp family of the Sound of Music. The conversation covered the delicacy of smoky flavors, which varied from rich and meaty to the woodiness one might recognize in a scotch. As everyone tried to pinpoint the evocative sensation a smoked malt beer can provide, some suggested that looking to writing on cocktails, wine, and even perfumes can help anyone working to train their palette. Tasting List: Threes Short Fuse Von Trapp Trösten Lager Schlenkera Urbock Haandbryggeriet Bestefar Prykmestar Savu Kataja Hair of the Dog Adam Del Ducato Verdi Anniversario 200
January 15, 2019
This week on Beer Sessions Radio Jimmy welcomes Matthias Neidhart, the founder and owner of B. United International Inc. along with George Flickinger and Michael Opalenski, who manage sales for the company here in New York. They talk about the innovation that finally allowed B. United to import traditional lagers from the Czech Republic without interfering with the flavor or freshness of the beer. Their temperature-controlled containers convinced some of the most historic breweries in the world to ship their beer across the Atlantic Ocean. Matthias believes the market for traditional lagers will continue to grow in the US, recalling how dramatically attitudes have shifted over the past few years. Chris McClelland, founder of the Brew Enthusiast joins the conversation as well, contributing his passion for the culture, history, and high quality of Czech Lagers.
January 8, 2019
This week on Beer Sessions Radio the bar owners and brewers behind popular beers, El Pres Pilsner and Dead Pres Lager come together to discuss this collaboration and their stories as bar owners of color. To create these beers individuals from Bar 177, Bar 180, BierWax, The Bronx Beer Hall, The Sampler, and Uptown Beer Society worked with Interboro Spirits and Drafts. This group talks about the desire to create a beer that would resonate with the Latinx community. They express that their passion for creating and selling beer goes beyond making money, these men strive to represent the local businesses and culture of their neighborhoods. Many of these bars were the first to sell craft beer in their community and the conversation covers how they continue to thrive as New York City changes around them.
January 1, 2019
In this very special New Year's episode we went into the archives, way back to 2015 for a conversation recorded at the Cornelia St Cafe. Sadly, due to rent increases, the Cornelia St Cafe - a West Village institution - will be closing soon. Joining Jimmy on this evening were: Robin Hirsch, co-owner and co-founder of Cornelia st cafe; Daric Schlesselman, the Founder of Van Brunt Stillhouse in Brooklyn; Allison Patel of Brenne Whiskey; and Liz stretch, from Slow Food NYC and NYU's Food Studies Program. Together they discuss the history of Cornelia St Cafe, the local distilling movement, huge change in American palates over the past four decades, and much much more.
December 24, 2018
Jimmy greets Stefan Hansen all the way from Norway this week on Beer Sessions Radio. Stefan manages domestic and international sales for Haanbryggiert Brewery. BR Rolya and Bib W join in too. They are both NY sales representatives for Shelton Brothers Inc., an importer of Haand beers. Haand Brewery specializes in sours, stouts, and farmhouse ales, but what really sets them apart is Kveik, a strain of yeast unique to Norwegian brews. Homebrewing in Norway has regained popularity over the last decade but we learn the practice is rooted in the country’s history. Stefan shares about his tour of the NYC beer scene. By combining his own knowledge with what he's learned, Stefan hopes the partnerships he has formed will bring him back to the city in the near future.
December 18, 2018
This week on Beer Sessions Radio Jimmy is joined by Jason Sahler of Strong Rope Brewing, Chad Zimar of Steuben Brewing, Kara Johnston from Chimney Bluffs Hoppery and Chris Holden of Crooked Creek Hops.
December 11, 2018
The marriage of food and beer is at the heart of Beer Sessions Radio this week. Jimmy welcomes Hutch Kugeman and Waldy Malouf from the Culinary Institute of America.
December 4, 2018
Wild East Brewing is coming soon to Gowanus, Brooklyn and the whole team joins Jimmy on Beer Sessions Radio this week. Brett Taylor, Lindsay Steen, Tyler March have taken on this project as founding partners. Jeff Lyons is in the studio as well talking about his experience brewing at Keg & Lantern in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He is also currently assisting with the opening of their new location. Everyone talks about the decision-making required by the process of opening a brewery, from recipes to logistics and self-image. The founders of Wild East discuss their inspiration and share how their conception for the brewery has changed. One lesson they’ve carried with them is the importance of thinking big! It’s clear that these guests’ dedication to the beer industry stems from the genuine joy that arises from collaboration, learning, and creation.
November 27, 2018
This week Jimmy welcomes Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso back to Beer Sessions. Jeppe has made many memorable beers over the years, but today’s discussion is focused on his newest project: opening Evil Twin Brewery in Queens.
November 20, 2018
It’s a full house this week on Beer Sessions Radio! Brewers from Interboro, KCBC, Indian Ladder Farms, Greenpoint Beer & Ale, Cerveceria Rancho Humo, and Just Add Beer are here to talk about collaborations while they enjoy the products that have resulted from them. Partnerships stretch across New York State connecting brewers with the farmers growing hops and malts. But the local market is still developing and the brewers and farmers around the table discuss the challenges they currently face in working together. As they continue to taste, these brewers take us through the process, ingredients, and inspiration behind their beers. Everyone shares about the events, travels, and coincidences that have led to exciting collaborations in craft brewing.
November 14, 2018
"This week on Beer Sessions Radio Jimmy welcomes Pete Lengyel of Kings Country Brewers Collective and Katarina Martinez of LineUp Brewing. Recently, both Pete and Katarina travelled to experience the beer scene in Europe and they have lots to share! Pete attended the Gothenburg Beer festival in Sweden and tells us what he learned about Kveik, which Jimmy calls the “magic yeast” from Scandinavia. Katarina was just in Germany on a scholarship through the Pink Boots Society. She talks about the German Purity Law, the only brewing nun in the world, and the support she witnessed for local brewers. Alexander Korobkov from Zagovor Brewery stops by to chime in on the discussion as well! Everyone shares how an international perspective will impact their brewing back home.
November 8, 2018
The excitement of Cider Week NYC continues. Jenn Smith, Eleanor Leger, Kyle Sherrer, Gidon Coll, and Ron Sansone stay in the studio to continue their conversation about the trajectory of the cider industry, cider’s variation across regions, and cider’s role in the food and agriculture sector. Reverend Nat calls in from Portland Oregon. He recognizes how unique Portland’s cider scene is but has a clear message for the industry at large: ‘Educate, educate, educate!’ This will be made possible by new organizations like CINA: the Cider Institute of North America. Nick Gunn, the co-founder of Cider Con calls in to tell us more about it. In the meantime the question remains: what is the market ready for and what path will this developing industry follow? Check out “The State of Cider” Parts 1 and 2 on Beer Sessions Radio.
November 8, 2018
It’s Cider Week in NYC and Jimmy talks to a number of industry experts. Jenn Smith from the NY Cider Association, Eleanor Leger of Eden Cider, Kyle Sherrer from Graft Cider, Gidon Coll from Original Sin, and Ron Sansone of Spoke and Spy Cider gather around in the studio. They have lots to say about celebrating orchards, pairing cider with food, and the relationship between cider, beer, and wine. Michelle McGrath, the Executive Director of the US Cider Association, calls to talk about the support cider needs to grow as an industry. Mike Beck from Uncle John’s Cider Mill in Michigan dials in next to discuss what styles and marketing strategies are gaining traction. When people think cider, usually one style comes to mind and that’s what these industry leaders want to change. Tune in to The State of Cider: Part 2 to learn more about cider’s diversity.
October 31, 2018
This week Jimmy and his guests went on a 11-country European tasting tour with Miguel Rivas, the Beer Trekker who documents his world travels on Instagram. They were joined in the studio by international and domestic beer importers BR Rolya, Joel Shelton, and Lars Dahlhaus. The conversation got deep.
October 23, 2018
Scott Ungermann the Brewmaster for Anchor Brewing in San Francisco joins Jimmy on Beer Sessions this week. Jen Maslank from Spring Lounge, Kirk Struble of 4th Ave Pub, and Bobby Gagnon from The Gate also take a seat around the table. A sequence of tastings from Anchor Brewing commences with the Anchor Steam, followed by Anchor’s 2018 Christmas Ale, and then the Fog Breaker IPA.
October 16, 2018
New York Rye Week inspired Beer Sessions to look to another unique New York State farm beverage: mead! Jimmy hosts Raphael Lyon and Patrick Dacy. Lyon is the founder of Enlightenment Wines Meadery and Honey’s Brooklyn. Dacy is the owner of Duke’s Liquor Box, an early retailer of Lyon’s meads. Although mead is often associated with ‘dungeons and dragons’ given its roots with vikings in Northern Europe, meads are made around the world and range in flavor from bitter to sweet, floral to herbal. Some meads resemble table wine whiles others mix well in cocktails. Lyon and Dacy delve deep into how meads are made and discuss the pull between tradition and experimentation. Dacy has always valued the story behind the products he sells and his partnership with Lyon came naturally. The two have plans to collaborate on mead cocktails in the near future. If you want more background on NY State Grains & Rye, make sure to check out Beer Sessions Episode 409, wherever you get your podcasts!
October 9, 2018
Jimmy is joined by Chris McClelland, founder of The Brew Enthusiast, Angela Steil, manager of education at Murray’s Cheese, and Anthony Malone, a partner at Swift and director of operations at Pier A. They start the show off with a pint of Half Acre, Oktoberfest and discuss what makes a beer high quality. One word that’s thrown around is “more-ish” which describes the feeling of instantly wanting more of something. Jimmy wants to know how to find more great beers and less that are just “eh.” Given beer’s finicky nature, these experts—two of whom are Advanced Cicerones—delve into the rabbit hole that is the draft system and emphasize the importance of cleanliness, cool temperature, and correct carbonation. While everyone desires a clear industry standard, in the meantime these guests strive to make the draft beers they serve taste like the brewers intended.
October 3, 2018
Women in New York’s beer scene dominate this week’s discussion on Beer Sessions Radio. Jimmy is joined by Kat Martinez, the founder of LineUp Brewing, Katherine Kyle, managing partner at the Blind Tiger, Ann Reilly from 5 Boroughs Brewing, and Lindsey Ronchi of Fool’s Gold. As they sipped on a raspberry sour they talked about the need to further categorize this broadly defined type of beer, among other things. Community was a recurring theme in the conversation, from social media networks, to the New York Brewers Guild, and the Pink Boots Society. Everyone dwelled on the many connections between beer and art as well. A strong argument was made for greater diversity in the beer industry and many believed local businesses, especially in New York City presented a good opportunity for this. Any one who listens to this episode will walk away with new events on their calendar like Beer without Beards and Blocktoberfest.
September 26, 2018
This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone hosts a group of New York Beer Retailers including Kevin Heald from Malt & Mold, Zach Mack from ABC Beer Company, and John O’Donnell from Radegast Beer Hall, in addition to Vince Turse and Mike Semenec from DSSOLVR, a brewery in Asheville, North Carolina. This group of guys talks about everything that goes into owning a beer shop: from the beer itself, to the food served, and the atmosphere. Many discuss their journey from positions as bartenders, home-brewers, or sales representatives to opening their own beer shop. And Vince and Mike tell us about their current journey across the east coast collaborating with various breweries. Everyone chimes on difficult questions about how to seek out sustainable business and the ways in which breweries and retailers influence each other. Growing beer scenes like that in Asheville and subcultures like oat beer, excite the whole group, who agree we are really witnessing the golden age of beer.
September 19, 2018
"This week on Beer Sessions, Jimmy Carbone makes a long awaited return to the studio! He is joined by John Holl, an award-winning journalist covering the beer industry and author of the newly published book, Drink Beer, Think Beer: Getting to the Bottom of Every Pint. We also hear from Justin Phillips, Megan Saxelby and Noah Levin who make up the team at Beer Table, a specialty beer shop in New York City. Jimmy and his guests discuss trends in the beer industry, trying to get to the bottom of which are meaningful and which may be fleeting. John Hull argues we should step away from modifiers like ‘craft’ and ‘independent.’ Everyone is interested in the ways the local food movement is impacting breweries as many begin to grow their own grain and malt. What seems to matter most, is how consumers are making personal connections with the beer they drink.
August 14, 2018
In the first hour of Beer Sessions Radio broadcast from the Charleston Wine + Food Festival, host Jimmy Carbone cracks into four special brews with Cameron Read and Timmons Pettigrew of Edmund's Oast. Lucky audience members have the chance to sample Gilded, their Belgian-style table beer, and learn about local oyster seasons, Charleston history, and of course, brewing. Special guest Randall Goldenberg, Chairman of the Festival, jumps in for a history lesson and a bit of trivia.
August 7, 2018
In the third hour of Beer Sessions Radio broadcast from the Charleston Wine + Food Festival, host Jimmy Carbone welcomes Morgan and Edward Westbrook from Westbrook Brewing in Mount Pleasant, SC and Chef Adam Sappington from The Country Cat in Portland, OR to talk beer and butchery. For the Westbrooks, brewing is a family affair (their kids very patiently hung out for their interview). Morgan shares stories about taste-testing local donuts before using them in their collaboration with Evil Twin Brewing: Imperial Donut Break. Adam Sappington is known for his whole hog butchery and American craft cooking. His passion for food dates back to his upbringing on the central Missouri farmlands, where he spent hours with his mother in the kitchen and attended the local farmers markets with his grandmother.
July 31, 2018
In the final episode of On the Road with Beer Sessions Radio Season One, host Jimmy Carbone travels to the Finger Lakes. He visits The Farmhouse Brewery in Owego, the first malting house in New York State in over a decade and one of only a handful also brews in-house. You’ll hear from a top grains farmer about the challenges he faces to produce and distribute unique, artisanal grains to brewers. You’ll also meet the experts who support him in his work. Up in Ovid, Jimmy visits Blackduck Cidery and meets the whole family behind some of the best cider in the state. Plus, meet the community behind New York cider at Finger Lakes Cider House.
July 24, 2018
In this episode of On the Road with Beer Sessions Radio, host Jimmy Carbone travels to the Capital region near Albany, New York. You’ll hear from the farmers of Indian Ladder Farms about how they became leaders in the region for growing hops, and about how the farm brewery license, created by lawmakers in the nearby capital, has enhanced their business and made their farm more viable. The license to brew and serve beer on site has allowed local beverage producers to prosper. In the nearby town of Rensselaerville, you’ll meet the people behind a brewery that is primarily dedicated to learning the best ways to use New York State grains and hops in beer. Finally, we visit the capitol building in Albany and a nearby brewer who has chosen not to source completely locally-- for some unexpected reasons. Carey Institute / Helderberg Brewery Helderberg Brewery is a project of the Carey Institute’s Sustainable Communities Program, located on the Carey Institute’s 100-acre estate in Rensselaerville. It is a fully operational farm brewery and brewery incubator led by Rebecca Platel, the Sustainable Communities Program and Brewery Manager, and Greg Hostash, the Head brewer. Helderberg works to build a farm-to-glass supply chain connecting farmers, malt houses and craft beverage producers in the Capital Region. They've hosted workshops since 2013 for farmers interested in growing hops and small grains, and provide frequent hands-on learning and technical workshops for the region’s many craft beverage producers. Indian Ladder Farms Laura Ten Eyck, the great granddaughter of Indian Ladder Farms founder, Peter Ten Eyck, and her husband, Dietrich Gehrig, are continuing their family’s century-old tradition of living close to the land. What began in 1916 as a dairy farm with Guernsey cattle has developed over four generations to become a prolific apple orchard that yields delicious cider. Indian Ladder Farms now grows its own hops and barley, much to the delight of those who have a passion for the beer they brew. Their vision is to stay “hyper-local,” growing ingredients and making their own products for the Albany community while preserving the pristine landscape via a land trust. Laura and Dietrich recently published The Hop Grower’s Handbook, which provides an inspiring account of the history of hop cultivation on the land surrounding their farm as well as practical guidance for those who would like to join the ‘farm to glass’ movement. C.H. Evans Brewing Co. / Albany Pump Station Now located in the original water pumping station for the Albany Water Works, C. H. Evans Brewing Co. has been the work of the Evans family for three generations. Their original brewery was built in Hudson, NY in 1786 and it continued production until prohibition in 1920. In 1999, Neil Evans decided to revive his family’s historic brewery. Today, Neil and Head Brewer Scott Veltman, formerly of Brewery Ommegang, are rebuilding the Evans' beer legacy by sourcing ingredients from local farmers as frequently as possible and recreating historic early 19th century recipes like Albany Ale. C.H. Evans also has developed new classics; such as their Award-winning English style Kick-Ass Brown Ale, a real crowd pleaser.
July 17, 2018
In the second episode of On the Road with Beer Sessions Radio, travel with host Jimmy Carbone to the Edge of the Wild! In the Catskills region of New York State, you'll meet a former racetrack veterinarian who uses his chemistry background to distill unique buckwheat liquor and whole wheat vodka, a cider maker who takes his cues from texts written about apples in the 1800s, a brewery owner who was part of saving New York City’s water through anti-fracking advocacy, and one of the first (legal) absinthe producers in the United States. photos by Miguel Rivas, the Beer Trekker Aaron Burr Cider Andy Brennan, the visionary behind Aaron Burr Cider, makes bold moves - much like those of his cidery's historic namesake. Also a painter and architectural draftsman, Andy uprooted his life in Brooklyn and traded it for the quiet sanctuary of Wurtsboro, New York. Just as his cidery is situated on a homestead that dates back to the early 19th century, Andy draws inspiration and practical guidance from old farming almanacs, citing the wisdom that was recorded 100 years ago about apple cultivation to be the most trustworthy. There is no comparing apples to apples when it comes to ciders: The variety of apples required to make delicious cider are not the apples typically available to consumers. Aaron Burr Cider specializes in foraging wild apples for its ciders, creating heavenly blends of Golden Russet, Empire, Idared and crab-apple varieties. The Catskill Distilling Company The Catskill Distilling Company is a labor of love for Monte Sachs, its founder. Distilling and fermentation had long been a hobby for Monte. While studying to be a equine veterinarian in Italy, he became fascinated by the art of making traditional grappa. After many years pursuing his passion for working with horses at the Monticello Raceway, Monte again pursued distilling as a pastime, bringing The Catskill Distilling Company to life. His full-bodied, delectable buckwheat liquor is the only liquor of its type produced in the United States. Fascinatingly, buckwheat liquor is a special variety of "whisky" made from buckwheat malt, a non-grain plant of the sorrel and rhubarb family. Catskill Brewery Catskill Brewery is a thriving example of what is possible when four friends have a dream and work together to achieve it. The founders live by the "leave no trace" principle of outdoor exploring and aspired to build a green brewery - an operation that is completely energy-efficient, community-centered and environmentally friendly. In 2014, they accomplished their goal: The internal temperature of the brewery is maintained by geothermal energy and the entire facility is powered by solar energy. Visitors to the Catskill Brewery will also notice its green roof, permeable driveway pavers and electric car charging stations. Locals love Catskill's beers, their ongoing partnerships with local farmers and the recently-established food co-op. All of these sustainability-minded contributions make Catskill Brewery a valued presence in the Hudson Valley community. Delaware Phoenix Distillery When the United States Department of the Treasury relaxed their position on the sale of absinthe in 2007, Cheryl Lins, a former computer programmer and water colorist, was the first distiller in New York State to make two versions of the spirit at Delaware Phoenix, her micro-distillery. After receiving several orders for the green fairy liquid from European enthusiasts, Cheryl procured a distilling copper-pot from Portugal and Pierre Duplais Bible of 19th-century distillation techniques book and began to experiment. Cheryl cherishes the mindful pace of Delaware County life as she distills, designs the labels and delivers her exquisite absinthe to local markets and to her customers. This episode featured music by The Hollows, Lobo Loco, Doctor Turtle, Chris Zabriskie, Bad Citizen, James Beaudreau, and Mary Lattimore
July 10, 2018
In the first episode of On the Road with Beer Sessions Radio, you will travel with us to the Hudson Valley region. Although it’s only about an hour’s drive from New York City, you feel like you’re in a different world. The Hudson Valley is an historic beer-making region, but with the rise of industrialization and cheap transportation, breweries virtually disappeared for most of the 20th century. Then, in the last few years, locals again began to appreciate and demand craft, local beer, which attracted experienced brewers to the region to open their first ever breweries. The brewers wanted to make their beer in a traditional ways with ties to the community and local products, like it was made in the region over 100 years ago. Thus, Beer Sessions host Jimmy Carbone dubbed them “the new primitives.”
June 12, 2018
Keeping it metal, one brewery at a time. Craft beer and heavy metal fans are two of the most passionate audiences in the world, two distinct industries with the same rebel spirit; our goal is to connect those working on each side. Both homebrewers and guitar heroes start in the garage with dreams of turning pro – we’ll tour cross country to the six most hardcore breweries expressing themselves like rock stars, pairing craft beer with heavy metal today. Follow Advanced Cicerone® Adam Zuniga (look it up), along with a creative team of hopheads and metalheads, as we visit every region in America where brewers raise their horns. We’ll go behind the scenes at metal breweries, drink a beer; join for brew day, drink a beer; launch exclusive beers with local bands and venues, then of course, drink a beer. Taking pit stops along the way, let’s tap the heavy metal culture in your hometown. 'The Six Most Metal Breweries' is a lifestyle series made for TV that puts you in the band, on the bus. Cheers!
June 5, 2018
We’ve got some great guests joining us tonight, including Sarah Howat from Denver’s Black Project Wild & Spontaneous Ales, Cat Brackett from Ivan Ramen, and BR Rolya from Shelton Brothers.
May 29, 2018
We’ve got some great guests joining us tonight including Chris and Joe DeCicco from DeCicco & Sons in Westchester, Joe Turco from Sloop Brewing, and Yvon Pasquarello from Bells. Mike Amidei and Ralph Perrazzo will also be joining us later in the show to talk about an exciting new project they’re working on in Las Vegas.
May 22, 2018
We’ve got some great guests joining us tonight to talk about the Cicerone program and more specifically the Master Cicerone level. Master Cicerone is the fourth and highest level of the Cicerone Certification Program. It recognizes an exceptional understanding of brewing, beer, and pairing — combining outstanding tasting abilities with an encyclopedic knowledge of commercial beers. The Master Cicerone exam challenges individuals to master every technical and aesthetic aspect of beer. Candidates must converse with professional brewers and chefs as a peer, demonstrate the tasting ability of a seasoned quality control panel member and yet also speak with consumers using easy-to-understand but vividly descriptive language. Those who possess these skills serve the industry as consultants, educators, and knowledge leaders in various organizations. We have two Master Cicerones from AB InBev’s The High End division, Max Bakker and Ryan Daley.
May 15, 2018
It’s Long Island Beer Week! We’re celebrating with two of the best breweries on the Island, Sand City and Destination Unknown. We’ve got some great guests joining us tonight, including Kevin Sihler and Bill Kiernan of Sand City Brewing, Chris Candiano of Destination Unknown Brewing, and beer writer Niko Krommydas.
May 8, 2018
We’ve got some great guests joining us tonight to talk about brewing with lactose including Matt McCall from Coney Island Brewing, Jesse Ferguson from Interboro Brewing in Brooklyn, and Sean Torres from Kills Boro Brewing in Staten Island. Lactose/milk sugar is wholly unfermentable by brewer's yeast. Because of this, a lactose addition lends additional sweetness and body to a beer. Although lactose can be used with many beer styles, it turns out that the flavors in a stout (roast, chocolate, coffee, toffee) pair incredibly well with a heightened level of sweetness.
May 1, 2018
We’ve got some great guests joining us tonight including Qurban and Peter from Crafted Exports and Patrick, Patrick, and Keir from Alewife Brewing!
April 24, 2018
For this special episode, Jimmy sat down at Haven's Kitchen with chefs Adam Dulte, co-author (along with HRN host Michael Harlan Turkell) of The Beer Pantry, Gavin Fine of Fine Dining Restaurant Group in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Steve Redzikowski, chef/owner of OAK at Fourteenth in Boulder, Colorado. talking food and beer, favorite recipes from the cookbook. The chefs were in NYC prepping for the annual Brewers Association Press Dinner.
April 17, 2018
We’ve got some great guests joining us tonight including Josh Bernstein who has a brand new book out today as well as Jason Sahler from Strong Rope Brewery in Brooklyn and Svend Lindbaek from Svendale Brewing.
April 12, 2018
We’ve got some great guests joining us tonight including Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsoe from Evil Twin Brewing and a bunch of Cicerones too!
April 3, 2018
Alex from Spuyten Duyvil invited Crooked Stave founder Chad Yakobsonto host a tasting event. From Colorado to Williamsburg...Beer Sessions Radio tagged along... We met up at The Well in Brooklyn, where Chad was making a sales call with Ian Ljundquist. We talked deep about sour, brett, and wild ale beers. Chad is "the brett whisperer," according to Jimmy.
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