Love the podcast!!! Great advice and wacky fun! Hard not to be motivated when listening to Joe and guests. My favorite podcast.
Dear Joe,
You were much more handsome on NEWSRADIO. I do not want to hurt your feelings but you haven’t aged well. You are bloated and swollen. You are red in color and shiny. -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Now I know why Rogan is one of the top podcasters
The variety of guest is amazing & I find myself interested in things I normally wouldn’t have bothered ever considering. Great show
If you like a lack of scientific evidence and bro-science then you will like this garbage.
Stimulates the mind in a great way.
I found that listening to this podcast during anything makes anything less sucky.
Very Nice
Really high quality podcast. I would love to see Jim Breuer on the show at some point
I honestly don’t understand the hype. The discussions are so random and Rogan makes little attempt to stay on topic. Different stokes for different folks I guess. Not for me.
Other episodes????
There used to be hundreds of episodes and now there’s only 59 on the app, why?!
The Standard
This is the podcast every other should be held against as a standard. Doesn't get any better. Joe is much more than you may have thought from seeing him on Fear Factor. Very smart and knowledgeable.
Justin Wojcicki
Joe Rogan has really earned a special place in my life, and my heart. I stumbled upon his YouTube rendition of an interview with Elon Musk one day, from that moment on, I was hooked. His piercing insight, ability to keep his audience engaged, and unbiased open mindset has inspired me. I disagree with some of his politics and ideals but in so doing realize how fair to the truth of the matter he is when it comes to his questions and shepherding the audience to form their own conclusions on any range of topics. Joe Rogan is a man of our time. If you haven’t listened to or watched him, you are doing yourself a disservice. Sick of mass media bullS%^
Sober October #1358
How can Bert be so funny and such f*cking Beta male at the same time ... he makes Tom Segura appear much more manlier than he is, with his bamby looking eyes tf... Bert sound like a chain smoking feminist ... is he prego or on his period? Jesus H Christ! lol and don’t even let me get on Ari ... if he spend as half much time focusing on getting his A** hole fixed instead spiking Bert’s drink the world would be a better place... nobody wants bloody toilet paper hurl at them lol (it’s 4am and I’m high)
Daisy love ;)
I appreciate you. Thanks for all the sick podcast. Keep up the bad work lol
I RESPECT Dakota Meyer and anybody who’s so brave. But c’m off the stupid idea that these wars are in any way righteous. Here’s another Medal of Honor name for ya. Smedley Butler and his book. WAR IS A RACKET. Read it and weep Dakota! Get on the right side of history JOE!!! Don’t be a sellout!
Cultural icon of a generation!
Dub vitski
Much respect, Use your platform responsibly sir!!!
Fair and open to learn
Joe has gone on an amazing journey over the years, speaking with people of so many backgrounds and experiences. I love listening to Joe !!!
Joe is the 🐐
Nothing more than the drug-induced pontification of an arrogant and ignorant sodomite midget.
A Voice for the People
As a young person in America, working and taking on life’s challenges. I enjoy listening to the JRE to be informed and entertained, by Joe Rogan and all of his amazing guests! I recommend this podcast to everyone, regardless of if they listen to podcasts or not. You seriously can’t go wrong with listening to Joe’s stories and wisdom. Listen for yourself!
The best.
The best.
Can’t win
Doodle Tooth
Love the cast! Even if Joe and Cameron made the decision to only hunt public land, they’d still catch flack- it would just be from the other side. “Why do a bunch of rich guys and professional hunters need to come on to public land and shoot the only bulls that are available to working class guys like me?” we all earn what we earn and get to enjoy what’s available to us. When it comes to hunting, we’ve already got enough haters outside the sport and the last thing we need is internal sniping. Whether or not joe hunts public land doesn’t put a dime in the haters pockets or get them access to exclusive private land- so why hate? Your Jealousy ain’t hurting him one bit, but it’s poisoning your own mind... so do yourself a favor and let it go!
Boss Status
Joe Rogan is a boss
Joe is the voice that society needs right now. We are lacking in great comedic and talk show voices and he takes it to another level. He has a gift for finding the truth in what people are saying and communicating ideas that people can’t always put into words.
Jon Snow Jax
What a podcast. Love it. Keep it up gents! :)
Cam Haynes says the same thing every time
joe cools 4
Last 4 episodes of cam Haynes are the same listen back . I think he’s an interesting guy but each time it turns into a hunting / vegan talk dude literally says the same thing
Almost always a good listen
Except when he hangs out with buddies who get high. I can pass on that schlop.
J Montell
variety is astounding
team handsome24
one of if not the best podcast going
Love the Pod, but sometimes I want to jump through the phone.
I enjoy almost every episode of this podcast but was losing my mind to want to help explain the point Nick Bostrom was trying to make about why we would assume we are in a simulation. It was minutes and minutes of these two talking and going nowhere. Joe wasn’t getting it and Bostrom couldn’t articulate it. It became comically painful.
Meathead Radio
He’s got some alright takes, and I could stomach him occasionally when he has good guests. But his recent defense of two blatant racist, hate mongers(Roseanne Barr and Steven Crowder) was a little two too much, so I had to unsubscribe. Not very cerebral Joe....
Joe Hogan
That guy smoke heefer.
Can Hanes
I know you might not read this but I really hope you do. First off love Cam Hanes and you joe. Inspirations all around. The only thing that that I might comment on is the approach to bow hunting compared to rifle hunting. I implore you try Big Mountain High Desert Mule deer hunting. These deer don’t rut like elk or whitetail. It’s hard! I love in Reno Nevada and Nevada hunting is brutal! Rifle hunting mule deer here consists of covering miles Ang glassing way more. You can’t call them in and getting into 200 yards is even harder on mature wily bucks! Give it a shot I’m sure it will be one of the hardest hunts you come across in the lower 48!
Nate McFarlane
Check him man. Love to hear y’all chat
! :) :D =) !
I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t already been said so here’s the repeat. Joe’s approach to talking to his guests is Inspiring. What I mean by that is he gives them a opportunity to speak, to give their views and opinions and basically speak their mind. That’s followed by a well thought out direct questioning on how they had come to the conclusions they did. All done with the utmost respect I might add. Joe’s approach of confirming evidence to a topic rather than running wild with speculation is just an awesome, refreshing way of doing things that I really respect. The depth of scope in regards to guest is amazing. People from all backgrounds find themselves welcome with Joe. He has a way being able to talk to anyone regardless of their background, occupation,social status, etc. He has a way of relating to them while also holding them accountable for the things they might say. In short. Joe, thank you! I must add a special thanks the the brains behind the operation (Jamie) sorry if I spelled your name wrong. You’re the internet powerhouse that Joe relies on and you do an outstanding job. Thanks.
Joe Rogan experience
Roseanne v. Alex Jones
How hilarious would be a Roseanne with Alex Jones episode be? Please give the people what they want
What a great podcast, but Rosanne is such an idiot. Please don’t start her podcast!!
Joe’s Talent
Joe is an excellent facilitator of interesting conversation. An open mind and a love of learning fuel this rocket ship.
Such a great podcast. Open to listen to everyone but Rosanne and Nikki Glaser. Rosanne is honest which is great but not funny. Nikki is actually funny but she is the girl who makes us all look bad. Please read another book and tell us all how to live our life you simpleton. I loved listening to Joe be completely honest with her but she didn’t get it. #eatmeat
Sunshine in Iowa
Get Roseanne her own podcast!!
thank you penn
For recommending this, joe’s podcast is legit interesting,open minded & kinda comfy listening experience
Thanks Joe Rogan
Quality > Quantity
So great to listen to Roseanne. Comics will be the ones to shatter this bizarre time of biased political correctness. Joe’s a real Mentsh! (Good person)
Trash podcast
This guy is trash
Rosanne Barr
Rosanne is an insane idiot. Way to fluff her up joe, keep her insanity going unchecked
Joe’s podcast is the family around the radio of today.
I look forward to a 3 hour commute as long as I’m listening to the JRE. Thank you for having some of the best individuals that positively influence the masses.
Crude but honest
Crude but honest. I like him.
Unbiased and actually funny
I like Joe because he is neutral. Unbiased. He’ll question anyone and call them out on their crap. We need more of that and less of the overly sensitive liberal vomit that this world is saturated with. Joe is a naturally funny dude. Don’t ever let them censor you, Joe! If anyone has the power to stand up to those trying to silence us, it’s you.
Great convos
It’s great to just sit down and listen to people talk about where they come from and their stories. Joe is very open minded and seems to be really relaxed.
His personal take
for better or worse, at least hes honest and trys to put the truth first.
The best podcast ever with the best diverse group of minds ever
I’ve been listening for awhile and this is by far the best podcast I’ve come across yet and for good reason. This podcast opens your mind, it introduces you brain to new and interesting ideas that widen your view of the world. Since the moment my ears embraced the sweat sound of podcast my mind has been truly refined.
1 part former hippie, 1 part incoherent rambler. Zero parts funny or insightful. Let your nostalgia for what she was range broadly and forever. Apply your reason to her current pointless and pathetic ranting to the now.
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