March 28, 2020
As the impact of Covid-19 took hold nationally this week's programme looked at how gardening can positively contribute to those who are home more than normal at this time. Paraic discussed the effect restrictive socialisation measures are having on the world of gardening and garden retailers, how on-line offerings are being used as a retail alternative and how that works in respect of getting product delivered to customers. There was lots of advice as to how extra time can be used in the garden, from pruning and splitting plants to growing from seed. There was information on lawn care as spring finally peeps through and Paraic looked at some vegetables suitable for planting now such as seed potatoes, cabbage, shallots and peas. Listeners questions featured hyndrageas and whitethorn as hedgerows, trimming ivy, pruning roses and planting cherry trees, sweet peas and hostas.
March 21, 2020
This week's programme featured an in-depth discussion on Grow Your Own with huge interest in people growing their own fruits, vegetables, herbs and salads at home. Paraic gave an overview of Vegepods and Vegebags which make growing your own even easier, and looked at some of the plants and seeds that can be sown now, including Chard and Beetroot. There was a focus on planting potatoes with advice on wire worm and other potato related pests and suggestions for varieties of scented roses in time for Mother's Day. Other topics included poorly performing Daffodils, sowing hedging in general and treating lawns for moss. Listeners questions included growing pears from seeds, sowing strawberries for younger gardeners, options for early hanging baskets, yellow raspberries and problems with Jasmine plants outdoors.
March 14, 2020
The Garden Programme returned for the 2020 season on the week that the Corona Virus took hold and Paraic started by looking at how this global challenge is impacting the gardening world. There was information in how gardening can serve to be advantageous at this time and how it can positively influence our physical and mental health. With Mother's Day just around the corner Paraic featured Daphne and Fujian Cherry for those looking to mark the occassion with a flowering plant. There was lots of advice on treating moss which has been agressive over the winter period and Paraic discussed pruning roses and hyndrangeas now. Listeners questions included slug resistant varieties of potatoes, feeding rhubarb, perennials for windy coastal gardens and pruning Cherry Blossoms.
October 26, 2019
In the final programme of the current series Paraic suggested a list of things to do in the garden over the Halloween weekend and suggested some Autumnal projects for the garden. The programme looked at planting indoor Hyacinths and Amaryllis and for Christmas colour and storing bulbs over winter. There was information on how to keep Hyndrageas blue, moss treatments for hard and grass surfaces, sowing lillies for net year and planting with children over Halloween. Listeners questions included wire worm in potatoes, taking cuttings from geraniums, planting garlicand Japanese Onion sets, covering Camelias over winter and seeds for birds at this time of year.
October 26, 2019
In the final programme of the current series Paraic suggested a list of things to do in the garden over the Halloween weekend and suggested some Autumnal projects for the garden. The programme looked at planting indoor Hyacinths and Amaryllis and for Christmas colour and storing bulbs over winter. There was information on how to keep Hyndrageas blue, moss treatments for hard and grass surfaces, sowing lillies for net year and planting with children over Halloween. Listeners questions included wire worm in potatoes, taking cuttings from geraniums, planting garlicand Japanese Onion sets, covering Camelias over winter and seeds for birds at this time of year.
October 19, 2019
October is bulb planting season and this week Paraic looked at a variety of flowering bulbs that are easy to grow and perfect for adding colour to patios, pots and the garden in general. Tulips, Daffodils, Narcissus, Freesias, Camassia and Alliums were all featured with hints and tips on planting up. There was advice on cutting back apple trees and treating with winter wash and also tips on growing apple trees in containers. Listeners questions included dividing herbaceous plants, transplanting Daffodils, cutting back White Beam and Cherry Blossom, propogating roses and options for natural coloured Heathers.
October 12, 2019
This week Paraic looked ahead to the Westport Honeybee Festival taking place on Saturday 18th October which includes speakers on a variety of honeybee and honey related topics including gardening and biodiversity. As this is the time of year to take cutting Paraic gave a step by step guide on how to take cuttings, the best environment for bringing them on successfully and how to care for them over the winter period. Cyclamen were featured in detail with information on both bulb and patio varieties and tips on how to sow from seeds. Listeners questions included spring flowering bulbs for shaded areas, storing Dahlias over the winter, splitting and replanting hostas, care of apple trees post fruiting, slug control, harvesting Sea Buckthorn berries and treatment for Nostock which appears on hard surfaces at this time of year.
October 5, 2019
On the programme this week Paraic looked back at the recent Climate Fest event which featured various workshops and seminars on how can positively impact the issue of climate change at an individual level. One such way from the perspective of gardening is to plant more trees and the programme looked at a range of native Irish trees with that in mind such as Hazel, Willow, Poplar, Mallus and Lime. There was information on how to get Hazel trees to fruit, the different kinds of Mountain Ash, trees suitable for an elevated site and trees suitable for wet conditions. Listeners questions included varieties of blue roses, trimming back Dogwood, growing micro greens, cultivating kiwi fruit in tunnels, the planting and care of Helibores and the creation of green manure.
September 28, 2019
As September bows out this week's programme looked at some of the beautiful autumn leaf colour available at the moment with trees such as Liquid Amber, Autumn Blaze and Parrotia Persica all in the spotlight. The honey harvest has arrived and Paraic noted the benefits of honey avaialable locally compared to that mass produced elsewhere. There was information on building and cleaning out nesting boxes in preparation for spring and tips on what to do in the greenhouse now while the Ice Plant, Sunflowers and Nerines were all featured this week. Listeners questions ranged from cutting back Poplars and Hazelnut Trees to food for house plants and using coffee cups to sow seeds indoors.
September 14, 2019
On this week's programme Paraic looked at sowing for next year and tidying up the garden. There were tips for managing moss which is very prevalent after the moist conditions in August - Paraic advised on applying treatments before it takes hold. There was information on composting, sowing sweet peas and herbs for Christmas and a reminder to plant bulbs now for spring colour. Listeners questions featured moving deciduous trees, plants for a long slope, digging and dividing hostas, collecting and saving sunflower and other seeds, advice on the best apple trees to plant for cooking and eating and managing and feeding camelias.
September 7, 2019
On this week's programme Paraic focused on treating moss in lawns at this time of year and advised on how to keep moss under control coming into the winter months. There was also advice on watering and liquid feeding plants in tubs and containers to prolong flowering and a reminder to get on top of weeds as they come into seed. As fruit is harvested so is it sown and Paraic discussed the planting of rhubarb, logan berries, raspberries, tayberries and gooseberries and suggested some interesting varieties for listeners to try. Questions this week included reseeding a damaged lawn, platning ground covering and climbing roses, collecting and saving poppy seeds, pruning back apple trees, soil testing for mineral elements and plants for wet areas of the garden.
August 31, 2019
The garden show returned for the Autumn season with a feature on Autumn colour over the coming months from both foliage and flowering plants. Liquid Amber, Pittosporum and varieties of Peniculata all took centre stage while there was a look ahead to Winter and early Spring flowering bulbs such as Winter Achonites, Snowdrops, Tulips and Honey Lillies. There was information on vegetable planting in tunnels, Christmas potatoes, taking cuttings for next season and planting winter flowering heathers. Listeners questions included bulb planting between Patriot Hostas, Pyracantha affecte by apple scab, overwintering Angel Trumpets, hanging basket ideas for Winter and care and propogation of Coleus.
June 29, 2019
In the final programme before the summer break Paraic looked at forgaing events happening locally, the kinds of plants that can be found it the countryside at the moment and how they can be incorporated into dishes and recipes. Increased temperates has resulted in plants really coming into bloom and there was a timely reminder on feeding and general care over the Summer. Plants featured this week included Hornbeam and Foxglove, and there was information on summer cuttings, dealing with blight, feeding lawns and controlling caterpillars on cabbage. Questions to the programme included preventing the spread of Himalayan Balsam, good varieties of floury potatoes, plants suitable to grow for a science project, planting banks and slopes and controlling red spider mites.
June 22, 2019
Weather conditions this week are favourable for blight and Paraic gave a timely reminder on the different methods and proprietary options available to reduce damage to crops. The programme profiled some instant flowering plants for colour from mid-June to October including Dahlias and Petunias. There were features on Berberis Hammond Piller, Agyranthemums and Hemerocallis and information on how the steps to take when creating a new border from scratch. Listerners questions included taking cuttings from Escalonia, saving and sowing Lupin seeds,using garlic as a means of pest control, splitting and transplanting Calla Lillies and ways to prevent Gooseberry Saw Fly and Red Lily Beetle.
June 15, 2019
Colour for June and throughout the summer featured on the programme this week with Dahlias, Dianthus, Hydrangea and Grazinia all in the spotlight. Paraic discussed how some councils are using wildflower seeds along major roadways to reduce grass maintenance and promote biodiversity and there was advice on rose care during the summer months with recommendations to dead head, feed and control pests on this flowering favourite. Listeners questions included treating millipedes, compost suitable for a medium sized Vegepod, moving Lupins, pinholes in Hostas, plating seeds in tunnels, pruning back camelias, taking cuttings from scented Geraniums and wildflowers for shady areas.
June 8, 2019
On this week's programme Paraic reviewed some of the highlights of Bloom 2019 and where one of the biggest trends was an interest in biodiversiy and how individuals can take small steps to promote this in the way they approach their gardens. There was a look at bee friendly plants that can be sown now from seed for next year and enivornmentally friendly methods of controlling weeds. Paraic gave an advisory warning on blight with tips on how to prevent it not just on potatoes but on other fruits and vegetables as well. There was information on feeding lawns, moving hostas, taking cuttings from fushia and controlling mare's tail. Listeners questions this week featured hedging for rural areas, pruning back rhodedendrons, the best soil type for sowing calla lillies and putting straw on strawberries.
June 1, 2019
With Bloom 2019 in full swing this week the programme featured an in-depth look at some of the show gardens on display; Paraic talked about current green gardening trends and bee friendly initiatives with special reports on the dementia friendly and crumlin hosptial gardens. Plants featured included the Runaway Bridge Hydrangea and flowers for summer colour in June and July. Listeners questions ranged from Thuja blight and grey mould on roses to tackling wild grass in lawns, how to care for growing sunflowers, holes in rhubarb and preparing soil for next year's potatoe crop.
May 11, 2019
Frost has made its presence felt on young tender plants and this week the programme looked at how to repair some of the damage caused in recent days - hydrangea, laurel, beech, forest flame and many other plants have been affected and Paraic advised on what to do to minimise any damage and help plants get back into growth. Lilacs are a great favourite at this time of year with many varieties to choose from while Nemecia was also featured as a plant that is highly scented and flowers for a long period. There was a reminder about sowing perennials from seeds and Salvia Purple Fairytale was recommended as being particularly bee friendly. Listeners questions featured Autumn flowering bulbs, sowing marrows, information on Ash Dieback, options for instant colour in pots, growing carrots in coastal areas, camelias that have been eaten by sheep and cherry roots coming through a lawn.
May 4, 2019
Nighttime temperatures remain low at the moment so this week Paraic reminded listeners of the importance of covering half hardy annuals at night in order to avoid frost damage. The programme discussed organic slug control, feeding and pruning roses, trimming back plants that have finished flowering, planting nerines and cyclamen and how to prevent "rose sickness" when planting new roses with old. Listeners questions included rosemary and lavender in a seaside garden, information on Philadelphus Coronoreus, wind damaged alstromerias and rhodedenrons, transplanting sunflower seedlings from pots and complementary trees for laburnum.
April 27, 2019
The trend of growing your own continues to gain momentum and this week's programme looked at how families are using different spaces to try out different kinds of vegetables with kale, baby carrotts, peas and salad crops all great options that can be sown from seed now. The programme also featured a new variety of blueberry called Pink Lemonade which has a high yeild, a sweet flavour, is self pollinating and remains compact. There was advice on materials for covering tunnels, protecting lawns from damage by badgers and the prevalence of Saint Marks flies that are visible at the moment. Listeners questions included cutting back daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs, planting on apple trees in pots, scab resistant varieties of potato, sowing parsnips and the canker free varieties available and systemic treatments for mare's tail weeds.
April 20, 2019
The easter weekend offers a wealth of gardening opportunities and this week Paraic looked at caring for early plants in pots and containers with emphasis on feeding and watering for healthy growth. Cucumbers, aubergines, pumpkins, marrows and courgettes can all be planted now while cottage garden plants such as old favourites like lupins, foxgloves, sweet peas, delphiniums and poppies can be planted now for colour in may and june. Other topics this week featured interplanting carpet roses with stem varieties for contrast, growing apple trees in pots and what to do with winter heathers that have finished flowering. Listeners questions included planting for August wedding colour, wild grass patches in lawns, pruning forsythia and how to care for young tomato plants that have been exposed to low temperatures.
April 13, 2019
As summer starts to beckon this week's programme looked at advance planting with hints and tips on preparing hanging baskets, patio planters and window boxes. There were great options for colour and edible fruits with geraniums, petunias, fuschias, begonias and other trailing plants for summer colour all becoming available now. Other topics included ground covering plants for banks, options for three foot bordders and climbers that are also suitable to use as cut flowers. Listeners questions ranged from pest control for greenfly, growing blackcurrants and raspberries in containers, dealing with frost-damaged forest flame and cutting back daffodils.
April 6, 2019
Colour for Easter opened the programme this week with some great planting suggestions available at the moment including Dianthus, Euryops, Nemecia and others. Paraic advised against planting out summer bedding as night time temperatures are still somewhat cool, however daytime temperatures are perfect for seeds and the programme looked at some alternative vegetables that can be sown now including chickory, chard, baby carrots,brussel sprouts and italian kale. There was advice on taking cuttings from orange fizz geraniums, planting lavender from harvested seed, looking after lillies in pots and growing celery. Questions this week included how to treat frost stained camelias, repotting houseplants and orchids, treating bacterial canker in apple trees and how to differentiate between Japanese and Chinese wisteria.
March 30, 2019
As Mother's Day twins with the start of National Tree Week this year today's programme looked at celebrating tree planting with many different native trees highlighted. Aquilegia (Granny's Bonnet) which comes into full flower now was featured and the programme went out and about to hear from Cregmore National School in County Galway where the school is planting up their newly acquired vegepod. Paraic discussed the challenges of planting trees too deeply, gave information on canker in parsnips and the programme looked at the life cycle of the Vine Weevil. Listeners questions included transplanting Japanese Maple, the correct depth and distance when planting Begonias, pollinating plum trees and reasons for poor flowering camelias.
March 23, 2019
With the good weather finally allowing us to get back into the garden property after winter this week's programme covered a range of tasks that can be tackled now from getting the lawn into shape and cutting back hydrangeas and roses to trimming hedges and sowing and setting seeds. There was a preview of plants offering colour and scent in advance of Mother's Day including camelias, orchids, anthurium and scented lillies. There was information on the care of fruit bushes at this time of year, moving strawberries, hand pollinating pears and recommendations for cabbage, potatoes and other vegetables suitable for a poly tunnel. Listeners questions included what to do with early flowering calla lillies, grafting apple scions to rootstock, treating bugs and other greenhouse pests and splitting and moving rudbeckia.
March 16, 2019
This week's programme focused on getting vegetables and other early summer plants started in the garden - Paraic discussed a variety of vegetable options from early salad leaves and speedy veg to sowing peppers, chillies and tomatoes from seed indoors. There were features on scented roses, semi mature evergreens and planting options for small plots. Listeners questions this week included how to grow oleander trees in Ireland, pest control of leather jackets and bugs on clematis, re-potting lemon scented geraniums, tackling the problem of rushes in a new lawn and trimming back weeping willows.
March 9, 2019
St. Patrick's weekend is just around the corner and that signals the start of the potato planing season. The programme this week featured an in-depth look at this much loved staple with advice on sprouting indoors, planting out, layering in pots, slug and scab resistant varieties and growing in tunnels. Daffodils are in full bloom and Paraic addressed reasons for buds failing to flower and when to move bulbs. Other topics included what to do with cuttings that have rooted, fruiting trees and plants for small gardens and how to control ivy growing between shrubs. Listeners questions included sowing wild flower seeds, hand pollinating peach trees and learning about bee-keeping.
March 2, 2019
The 2019 garden programme kicked off with a general look at how gardens have fared over the winter period with lots of plants coming into growth and flower a little earlier than usual due to the mild conditions. Roses were in the spotlight as its a perfect time to prune and feed them now. There was also a focus on summer flowering plants such as hydrangeas and budleias which will all benefit from pruning at the moment while summer flowering bulbs like dahlia and begonias can be planted inside now for transplanting later in the spring. The benefits of gardening with Vegeopds were highlighted as a great way for growing a variety of vegetables while listeners questions included problems with bolting onions, sowing herbs for sensory therapy, planting oregano to attract bees around apple trees and how to deal with grubs and vine weavil on bulbs that have remained in the ground over winter.
October 27, 2018
The final programme of the series for 2018 focused on putting the garden to bed for the winter period. Paraic advised on giving the lawn a final trim and on feed and moss treatments in preparation for Spring. The programme explored compost options including the use of seaweed and featured potatoes harvested this week. There was advice on patching up a hawthorn hedge, bringing on hyacinth bulbs and plants suitable for graves over the winter months. Listeners questions featured an Arum Lily with no flowers, damaged Bux trees, splitting and transplanting Hostas, sowing whitethorn and blackthorn from seed and using copper to deter snails.
October 20, 2018
High pressure and nighttime frosts have resulted in some fantastic autumnal gardening weather - this week Paraic advised on giving lawns a final mow and feed before the winter period sets in and spoke about planting fruit for next year. The programme looked at plants providing great colour right now including asters, the strawberry tree, achonites, liquid amber and winter heathers, considered options for security planting and gardening projects for children over halloween. Questions included cooking apples that grow well in the West of Ireland, taking slips from virginia creeper and boston ivy, trimming and planting dog roses, harvesting and storing potatoes, carrots and beetroot and trimming back weeping willow.
October 13, 2018
The honey harvest has been very bountiful and this week the programme examined the different kinds of honey available inlcuding urban, heather, ivy and rapeseed honey. The programme also discussed walnut trees and fruit, pruning roses and planting orchards with a mix of soft and hard fruits. There was information on pot bound daffodils, purple berried hedges and wind damaged trees. Listeners questions included cutting back sweet pea, planting hyacinths for christmas, transplanting ash and sycamore, ripening pumpkins and growing brussel sprouts.
October 6, 2018
As the weather gets a little cooler Paraic looked at taking cutting from non-frost hardy plants this week and focused on preparing soil for planting hedging at this time of year. There were general tidying up tips and a reminder about controlling moss over the winter period. Questions this week included training Wisteria, problems with Amaryllis flowering, choosing a suitable partner for fruiting cherry trees, pruning lilac, roses, beech and raspberry canes, planting trees in scrub land, taking Grisellinia cuttings, harvesting apples and multiplying daffodils.
September 29, 2018
This week the programme looked at gardening for bees and focused on tender plants now that early frost arrived. Paraic recommended taking cuttings in order to propagate tender plants for next year and also gave some tips on planting hyacinth bulbs for Christmas colour. There was advice on caring for house plants at this time of year and a reminder to sow sweet pea and wildflower seed for future colour. Listeners questions included re-designing a herbaceous border, moving and splitting hostas and astilbes, sowing a lawn at a new build, the difference between climbing and rambling roses, treating liverworth and sowing wheatgrass.
September 22, 2018
Autumn is now in full swing and this week Pauric looked at tidying up the garden, particularly in light of damage caused by Storm Ali. The programme discussed reseeding lawns and repairing damaged areas, bulb planting for spring and general maintenance of summer bulbs and shrubs. Pauric explained how to start an orchard with apples, pears, cherries and figs and what to do with large wind damaged trees. Listeners questions included planting different types of ivy and also how to remove overgrown ivy, what to do with lupins that have now grown from seed, transplanting mountain ash, overwintering galdioli, lifting begonias and cutting back lillies.
September 8, 2018
The sowing and reaping principles of Autumn got this weeks programme off to a flying start - Pauric looked at how to take cuttings using compostable coffee cups and explained about harvesting seeds from a variety of plants. Garlic, onion sets, winter heathers and spring bulbs can all be planted now and the programme discussed the availability of honey following a bumber year for bees and beekeepers. Listeners questions included hedging for wet soils, tips for picking and ripening fruit, common laurel vs portugeuse laurel, white flowering bulbs for spring, propagating beech and pruning lilac.
September 1, 2018
As Autumn beckons this weeks programme focused on timely tips for early September, from sowing lawns to wildflower planting and forward planning for Spring 2019. There were ornamental options for autmumn colour and a variety of vegetables suitable for planting now from seed including cabbage, carrots, swiss chard and kale. Questions included treatments for leatherjackets in lawns, pruning young gooseberry bushes, harvesting onions and beetroot, evergreen and flowering climbers for high walls, boxwood blight and pruning back apple trees.
June 30, 2018
The hot weather has thrown up lots of challenges for gardeners and this week Paraic looked at the most effective ways to keep gardens hydrated with the main focus on watering pots, containers and hanging baskets rather than plants in the ground. Featured plants included the greek basil, Aristotle, and Apache chillies. As fruit trees come into crop there was advice on June drop and thinning in general. Listeners questions included spinach and rhubarb going to seed, evergreen flowering shrubs for the back of a flower bed, organic treatments for root flies, bee friendly plants and harvesting first potatoes and japanese onion sets.
June 23, 2018
Watering in the hot weather was the key focus on this weeks programme and there was lots of advice on watering for different locations, plant varieties and soil types including borders, baskets and planters, and greenhouses and tunnels. Paraic stressed the importance of liquid feeding and dead heading plants to maintain continuous flowering. For summer colour; hydrangeas, roses and zinnias were top of the list this week while other topic covered included preparing new lawns, information on gerberas and leaf damage from the recent winds. Listeners questions featured flea beetle in turnips and dahlias, climbers for south facing locations, care of camelias, pollinating pear trees and planting and harvesting non-stop begonias.
June 16, 2018
The arrival of Storm Hector during the week left many gardens damaged and this week Paraic advised on the best approach to bring flowering plants in particular back to full bloom. The Chelsea Chop technique was featured as a way of trimming back to maintain flowering and balance plants that are tall and top heavy. There was also advice on pruning and sealing damaged branches, sowing new lawns and treatment for Mare's Tail and Japanese Knotweed. Plants for graves were featured along with strawberries, sunflowers, sweet potatoes, echinacea and red penstomones. Questions this week included moving Rhodedendrons, sowing New Zealand Flax from seed, cutting back Montana Clematis and sowing Persian Roses for sloping banks.
June 9, 2018
This week the programme looked at the many options for instant summer colour with alstroemerias, penstemons and hydrangeas all coming into flower now. For vegetable growers Paraic highlighted sweet potatoes and tomatoes and advised on controlling pests which are very prevalent at the moment, especially boxwood blight, carrot root flyu, gooseberry saw fly and mildew. Wallflowers, primulas, winter flowering pansies and double daisies can all be sown now from seed while featured plants this week included Tree Lillies and Violas. Questions ranged from watering geraniums and blistering on blackcurrants to house plants for darker hallways and lifting tulip bulbs.
June 2, 2018
With Bloom in full swing Paraic gave a run down on some of the highlights at this year's event in particular the Dementia and Sunsmart gardens and the gold medal winner, the Sustainable Seafood Garden. Met Eireann has issued a national blight warning on foot of the warm humid weather and Paraic advised on the importance of applying a systemic treatment to the leaves of potatoes and tomatoes, and there was also a reminder of the availability of nematodes for soil pest prevention. Listeners questions included planting wild garlic, replanting daffodils, trimming back winter flowering heathers, growing butternut squash, rhodedendrons, azaeleas and peony roses.
May 26, 2018
With the national Bloom festival just around the corner this week Paraic gave a preview of what's taking place this year, from show gardens both large and small to the myriad of food, lifestyle and cultural attractions on offer. Plants under the spotlight this week included Alstroemeria, Cistus, Japanese Maple and Croton while there was also advice on wildflower and wildlife meadows and the different categories of bark mulch for supressing weeds. Listeners questions included poorly performing rhubarb, labelling apple rootstock, roses suitable for a garden arch and tips to combat carrot root fly.
May 19, 2018
There were hints and tips this week on how to get the best from garden containers and Paraic gave an update on robotic mowers. Feeding lawns and shrubs in general is also high on the agenda at the moment and there was advice on planting up kitchen herbs which is best done in stages. There was an in depth look at nematodes and how they work to control some of the more common garden pests and information on pruning hedging, in particular, laurel, red robin and griselinia. Listeners questions included tackling mare's tail, hebe as a hedge, pruning larger trees, and flowers for early summer colour.
May 12, 2018
Hanging baksets were in the spotlight on the programme this week with advice on planting up containers and baskets for summer colour, and for something a little bit different there were options for edible window boxes and herb themed baskets. Paraic also discussed robotic mowers, a relatively new development in lawn care which will be tested on the programme in coming weeks. We also looked at hostas with advice on preventing slug damage and hedge planting for seaside locations. Paraic gave recommendations for plants suitable for large clay pots and discussed a range of plants suitable for shaded lcoations. Listeners questions included treating dandelions and other broad leafed weeds, wireworm in potatoes, transplanting boxwood, sowing peony roses and miniature dahlias.
May 5, 2018
With the May bank holiday upon us this week the programme focused on planting flowering trees which are coming into flower shortly while thoughts are also starting to turn to hanging baskets and patio containers. Paraic discussed the Living Edible Salad Bar and there was information on the Cleaner Community Campaign which has been launched recently. Dahlias, scented lillies, galdioli and sweet pea were all featured while seeds for laveteria, english marigold, night scented stock and nastursium can all be planted now. Listeners questions included problems with vine weavil, bedding annuals and flowering bulbs for borders, treatment for canker in apples, yellowing tomoato plants and fruiting plants suitable for growing in a conservatory.
April 28, 2018
Vegetable planting is now in full swing and this week the programme looked at the different ranges of onions and cabbage available and advised on protecting young potatoe plants from frost. Chillies, lavender, black kale and lemon scented geranium also featured and there was a special segment on roses with varieties for summer colour, scent and cutting all discussed in detail. Other topics covered included preventing damage from hares, growing potatoes in boggy soil, planting vegetables in pots and treating aphids on blackcurrants. Listeners questions ranged from planting bulbs and potting on roses to sowing sunflower seeds and growing horse chestnuts.
April 21, 2018
Warmer temperatures are drying put soil resulting in more favourable conditions for planting and this week Paraic took a look at some trees that are coming into flower which can be planted now. Snowy Mespalus, Laburnum, Euryops and Flowering Cherries are adding a real splash of spring colour while Flowering Malus also offers the added benefit of pollinating apple trees. There were recommendations for greening up lawns to have them looking their best and tips on preparing ground for sowing vegetables. Bedding plants for the Irish climate and climbers for south facing locations were also featured this week, while listeners questions included unwrapping tree ferns, pollinating flowering cherries, tidying up cordalines, pruning large native trees and controlling carrot root fly.
April 14, 2018
Lawn care was the main topic for discussion on this week's programme with lots of advice on moss control, sowing lawn seed and feeding in general. For those looking for something different, wildflower meadows can be sown now and Paraic advised on what's invovled. New varieties of potatoes that are high yeilding and pest resistant were also featured in addition to suggestions of seeds that can be planted now and of interest to younger gardeners. The art of Bonzai was explained while listeners questions included growing Lemon Scented Geraniums, managing carrot root fly, everlasting sweet pea and growing camelias in pots.
April 7, 2018
With school holidays upon us this week’s programme looked at gardening with children and plants that offer interest which are quick and easy to grow. Family apple trees providing more than one variety were featured and Paraic recommended planting in conjunction with strawberries. Blueberries and rhubarb were also featured with tips on soil conditions and feeding. There was information on preparing greenhouses and tunnels for vegetables while sweet pea, bleeding heart, lavender and Chilean lantern all featured for planting now. Listeners questions included leaves curling on amellias, colourful shrubs for borders, the strawberry tree and plants for hanging baskets that tolerate rainy conditions.
March 31, 2018
This week's programme opened with a feature on planting trees to create memories across the generations - Paraic looked at a few varieties including the cherry which is about to come into flower now. As it's Easter weekend Paraic reminded listeners to use the bank holiday to attend to lawns and trim back hedging and flowering shrubs in general. Kale and cherry tomatoes also featured as well as double flowering primulas which offer great show of colour right now. Listeners questions included shrubs and flowers for heavy soils, attracting worms back into the garden, moving daffodils, sowing strawberries and mistletoe and pollinating plum and apple trees.
March 24, 2018
With winter turning to spring grass is starting to grow and moss was the main topic of the programme this week. Pauric visited a garden in Enniscrone and described the steps taken to control moss into the summer months with lots of tips and advice on the application of treatments and fertiliser. The tradition of sowing potatoes and other tillage crops on Good Friday was also discuseed while alpine plants were featured as a method of providing good ground cover in poorer soils. Listeners questions included planting oak trees, pruning hydrangeas, treating mildew on gooseberries, planting strawberries, moving ash and standard rose trees, lifting and splitting snowdrops and rejuvenating apple and fruit trees by pruning.
March 17, 2018
St. Patrick's weekend signals the start of the traditional potatoe planting season and this week Pauric discussed early planting and differient varieties favoured by Irish conditions. The programme described methods for planting in tunnels and pots with some slug and blight resistant varieties highlighted including Colleen, Orla, Setanta, Foremost and Blue Danube. Katsura and Rhododendron were also featured together with timely reminders to protect softer bedding plants where frost prevails. Listeners questions included forcing rhubarb, propogating dahlias, transplanting seedlings to individual pots, moving primulas, maintaining hebes and sowing strawberries for summer.
March 10, 2018
With Mother's Day almost upon us this week's programme looked at some colourful flowering plants available now including double flowering primrose, camelia and orchids. Pauraic discussed growing shamrock in advance of St. Patrick's Day and how to get the most from shamrock plants available now. The programme also dealt with the fallout of the snowy condidtions with many plants experiencing leaf scorch in the past week. Listeners questions included repairing lawns trampled by farm animals, pruning hydrangeas, transplanting daffodils, flowers for May and November weddings and sowing and propagating winter flowering heathers.
October 28, 2017
Our final programme for 2017 focused on tidying up jobs in the garden before winter sets in. Paraic recommended giving lawns a final cut, applying a moss treatment and using falling autumn leaves to add variety in composting. The programme also discussed harvesting final crops, sowing green manure plants to enrich soil and weed control over the winter months. Listeners questions included splitting formium for potting, watering and liquid feeding cyclamen, planting roses at this time of year, preventing leather jackets, repotting indoor plants, caring for orchids and flowers for a Christmas wedding.
October 21, 2017
Following on from recent stormy conditions this week's programme focused on cleaning up and checking for storm damage in the garden. Paraic discussed how ivy on trees can trigger uprooting and how to treat and manage wind ravaged branches. This week we also looked at harvesting garden herbs for freezing over the winter months and featured sweet peas and broad beans for planting now. Listeners questions included over wintering geraniums in pots, thuja blight, what to do with early budding snowdrops, steps to plant a sloping bank with ground cover, dwarf tulips for window boxes and taking care of sweet peppers and jalapeno plants over the winter months.
October 14, 2017
With Autumn colour all around this week's programme discussed colour for the winter months with Heather's being a great option. Paraic highlighted different varieites such as Kramer's Red, White Perfection, Furzey, Foxhollow and Darley Dale, with recommendations for companion planting to maximum effect. The programme also focused on the propogation and care of a selection of indoor plants including jade, spider, snake and aloe vera. Other topics featured pruning apple trees, improving soil in raised beds, polytunnel planting at this time of year, treating buttercups in lawns and storing begonias, dahlias and geraniums.
October 7, 2017
October is National Reuse Month and this week the programme looked at making compost for use next Spring. Paraic recommended using grass clipping, leaves, natural garden and household waste when composting and noted the importance of keeping the compost free of any wet, heavy rain. Putting the garden to bed for winter was also highlighted with tips on cleaning out green houses and weed control. Paraic discussed transplanting hardy annual and biennial seedlings, storing geraniums over the winter, controlling thistles and cutting back roses. Listeners questions included evergreen hedging for exposed seaside gardens, planting spring and summer flowering bulbs in rockeries, how to prevent a raspberry crop from failing and sowing blueberries in pots.
September 30, 2017
The honey harvest is now in and this week the programme sampled some of the honey produced and available locally. Autumn foliage was in the spotlight this week and Paraic discussed a variety of trees and berried shrubs that are awash with colour and suitable for planting now; Royal Shumac, Maples, Liquid Amber, Crab Apples, Pyracantha and Weeping Cotoneaster. Listeners questions included transplanting roses, photosythesis and experiments for children in class, growing Hyacinths for Christmas, transplanting strawberries from runners and winter/spring vegetables for raised beds.
September 23, 2017
Hedging was in the spotlight on this week with advice on when to stop feeding, and tips on tidying back and shaping for the winter months. Paraic discussed bare root planting, how to prepare the ground, and gave options for creating an instant hedge. Boston Ivy, Virginia Creeper, Bromelia and Hot Lips Salvia also featured, while recommendations for indoor plants to brighten up homes and offices included The Snake Plant, Boston Ferns, Peace Lily, Castor Oil Plant and Painters Pallet. Listeners questions this week ranged from growing acorns and treating bacterial canker on apple trees, to dividing perennials such as Crocosmia and Gladioli, and preventing mould when storing onions.
September 9, 2017
The apple harvest is now in full swing and apples were the star of this edition of the programme with lots of advice on picking and storing this year's bumper crop into the winter months. There was also information on harvesting carrots and potatoes, and Paraic discussed the merits of beekeeping with tips how to establish a beehive. Other topics included planting and feeding winter onion sets, sowing godetia and sweet pea, treating pest damage on courgettes and using sulphate of potash to ecourage floury potatoes. Listeners questions featured growing pumpkins, trees with autumn leaf colour, recommendations for short varieties of tulip and planting peony roses.
September 2, 2017
The autumn series returned with a look at autumn planting - nature's time for renewal. There's a bumper harvest this year and Paraic discussed harvesting fruit in general. He gave tips on ripening and storing apples, plums and nectarines and ways to promote flowering and fruiting where yields are low. There was advice on sowing laurel hedging and other plants from cuttings, and hydrangeas featured with Annabelle, Phantom, Bobo and Vanilla Freeze some of the varieties highlighted. Listeners questions included how to control Thuja blight, sowing lawns with dogs and children in mind, treating vegetable plants for caterpillars, feeding pampas grasses and suggestions for climbers for large bare walls.
June 24, 2017
As the summer break approaches this week's programme looked back on a very successful gardening year so far and Paraic gave some recommendations for the coming weeks including the importance of blight control, feeding lawns without forcing growth and the benefits of regular deadheading. He also discussed garden design and ways that people can practically implement new ideas in their own gardens. Plants featured on today's programme included Beetroot with advice on harvesting, Hornbeam and the practice of pleaching to provide privacy, Siberian Wallflowers and Ginkgo Biloba, while topics discussed ranged from balling of roses to june drop and trimming whippy growth on fruit trees. Paraic also responded to listeners questions on greenfly on lettuce, turning pink Hydrangeas blue, the lifecycle of Pond Lillies, taking cuttings from Cottage Roses and reseeding lawns.
June 17, 2017
With germination at its optimum this is great planting weather and Paraic started this week's programme with advice on putting in a new lawn and traditional planting of broad leaved trees and hedges. The programme also focused on vegetable beds, Roses and Sambucas and featured tips on pruing back herbs to promote autumn growth and the importance of feeding plants for longevity. Other topics ranged from organic control of slugs and snails to plants suitable for coastal areas and rocky gardens. Listeners questions included creating an instant wall of cover, mildew on Hellebores, treating Thujas for blight, problems with courgettes in tunnels and the care of post flowering Amarylis and Chilean Lantern.
June 10, 2017
On this week's programme Paraic issued a blight warning and advised to apply a systemic blight control treatment to potatoes and tomatoes. Looking ahead to autumn/winter planting the programme featured kale as a great winter vegetable which can be sowed from seed now. Roses are coming into flower and Paraic discussed some good varities for scent including Fascination, Whiskey Mac, Grandpa Dixon, Freedom and Ingrid Bergman. Other topics ranged from sowing whitethorn and lillies to tree ferns and foxglove trees. Listeners questions included Echinacea flowers for attracting bees, moving hostas, pest damage on plum trees, sowing veg in a poly tunnel and liquid feeding onions.
June 3, 2017
With Bloom in full swing Paraic gave a synopsis of some of the show gardens at this year's event taking place over the bank holiday weekend. Plants featured in this edition included Euryops with advice on how to grow and take cuttings. Paraic made some recommendations to Tidy Towns groups interested in planting herbaceous perennials and looked ahead to June drop on apple and fuit trees as heavy early fruiting is indicating a good harvest. Other topics included controlling caterpillars and greenfly, planting to provide wind & sea barriers, removing suckers from cherry trees and planting hanging baskets. Listeners questions featured problems with onion sets, yellowing dahlias, dehydrated rhubarb and an overabundance of mint.
May 27, 2017
This week's programme kicked off with a flavour of what is on offer at this year's Bloom with 22 show gardens and talks and information over the 5 days of the festival. Featured plants this week included Laburnum and Hostas while timely topics ranged from greening up lawns to bedding plants for different occassions. Paraic gave advice on replacing hedging, plants for white colour, watering in general in warmer weather and treatment of aphids on hedging, flowers and fruit trees. Listeners questions included growing mushrooms from kits, overspraying lawns with weed killer, camelias with brown leaves and moving camelia and magnolias.
May 20, 2017
As growth continues to surge Paraic reminded listeners to continue to water and feed plants in order to ensure good colour later in the summer. The programme discussed a selection of flowering plants and climbers with lupins from the west coast series, clematis, thembergia, and aztec dahlias all featured. Paraic gave tips on planting cucmbers, courgettes, peppers and chilli right now and described the best method to pinch back tall perennials. There was advice on lawn care and planting hanging baskets, and listeners questions featured rhubarb, flowering evergreen climbers and shrubs, peony roses, carrrot root fly and wild meadow planting to attract butterflies and bees.
May 13, 2017
Moist weather heralded a great weekend for planting and Paraic encouraged listeners to take advantage of the conditions over the coming days. He discussedt treating lawns, watering and feeding plants in general and highlighted some good all rounders for planting in window boxes and hanging baskets such as nemesia. Tomatoe varieties supersweet and roma were also featured with tips on cutting grow bags to create pots. The difference between ericaceous and regular compost was explained and there was advice on protecting lavender and other plants from rabbit attack. Listeners questions included sowing blue danube potatoes, problems with rhubarb leaves, thinning apple trees and the importance of waiting for June drop, and treating white aphid and white fly on hedging.
May 6, 2017
Colourful bedding featured this week with Paraic discussing Pellargonium, Paris Daisy, Ballon Flower and Non-Stop Begonias in detail. He also recommended liquid feed for actively growing plants and issued a timely reminder for aphid control. Lupins were also highlighted with particular focus on the west coast series. Listerns questions ranged from feed for sunflowers and rhubarb to growing tomatoes in hanging baskets and pruning flowering cherry. Other topics covered this week included planting a bank or slope, dead heading geraniums, control of bishop weed and treating rust on roses.
April 29, 2017
As we head out of spring and into summer this week we focused on hanging baskets, bedding plants and fruit trees which are coming into flower at the moment and showing signs of a fruitful harvest. The coronet vareity of apples were featured as a plant that is easy to grow and requires low maintenance. The repair and maintenance of lawns was also discussed as was planting for the edible garden. Paraic advised on screening planting for privacy with hedging, tree and pampas grasses and highlighted the importance of trimming and staking when planting ornamental trees. Listeners questions this week included protecting beech hedging, moving bulbs, carrot seed resistant to root fly, dampening off seedlings and tips for sowing kale.
April 22, 2017
On this week's programme Pauric reinterated the need to feed plants at the moment as they are now actively growing. He advised on treatment for aphid and greenfly with lupins, boxwood, beech and roses being particularly susceptible at the moment, while plants featured today included Geranium Orange Fizz and a special pink ribbon plant in support of the upcoming Mayo Pink Ribbon Cycle. With soil conditions at an optimum Pauric noted that it is a great time to get things into the ground. Other topics discussed this week included earthworm casts, planting hanging baskets, using green manure to supress weeds around potatoe plants and controlling grubs in pots. Listeners questions featured growing Myrtle, fruit plants in pots, sowing roses at this time of year and climbers suitable for a pergola.
April 15, 2017
Mid April hearalds the time when plants really start to open up and with moisture levels remaining low Pauric noted that conditions are ideal for planting over the Easter weekend. It's also the time to start hanging baskets with trailing petunias, fuschia, lobelia and nastursiums all available now. Pauric gave tips on growing sweet peas, rhubarb and feeding strawberries while hardy hedging plants were featured for exposed areas. Listeners questions included controlling slugs organically, growing mouse melons, treatment of japanese knotweed and the care of camelias.
April 8, 2017
Garden design was the main feature of the programme this week. Pauric examined how we use our gardens and gave a hints and tips on how to make your garden work for you. He advised on strategies for planting, looked at different features and materials for various life stages and explored discussed different ways to combine indoor and outdoor life. The programme also discussed a variety of plants available now and included some listeners questions.
April 1, 2017
With plants now coming into their own Paraic recommended applying a tree and shrub fertiliser and advised on the best approach to use. The programme also highlighted feeding houseplants with recommendations on different feeds and featured cottage garden plants such as shasta daisy, asters, lupins and foxgloves. Bee friendly plants featured again this week while Paraic discussed the importance of planning for your location when choosing plants and hedging in particular. Listeners questions included controlling ivy, planting sprouted potatoes, ground covering plant for shade, treatment of club root in brassicas and growing spinach. Other plants discussed this week featured mother in laws tongue, royal burgundy, phalaenopsis, pear trees and montbretia.
March 25, 2017
On this week's programme Pauric discussed protecting tender plants from frost and encouraged cutting lawns, and feeding lawns and plants in general. The programme focused on Grow Your Own with shallots, sets, onions and horseradish all available now and Pauric talked about Petit Posy - an alternative to brussel sprouts. The simplicity of using seed tapes was also highlighted for sowing a range of plants and Pauric reminded listeners that now is a perfect time to plant herbs for Easter. Listeners questions included sowing sunflower seeds, transplanting strawberry plants from outdoors to tunnels, controlling and eradicating scutch and wild meadow grass, moving and pruning cherry blossoms and the use of garotta and other activators for compost.
March 18, 2017
It's the start of the potatoe planting season and this week's programme featured hints and tips on getting planting underway including an in-depth look at different varities that are suited to Irish conditions such as Sharp's Express, Red Duke of York, Setanta and Foremost. Paraic recommended planting indoors now in preparation for transplanting outdoors in a few weeks time. The programme also focused on spring flowering plants with camelias, magnolias and forsythia discussed. Other topics included hedging for bogland areas and seaside locations, the treatment of overgrown ivy, and the importance of worms and how to get them back into the garden. Listeners questions ranged from creating an avenue of trees on a driveway to gardening with children and planting scented roses.
March 11, 2017
This week's programme featured Shamrock in advance of St. Patrick's Day with a discussion on the history of the plant, growth and care of the different varietes plus options for sending it to loved ones overseas. With improved temperatures lawn care, feeding and maintenance was also covered on the programme while Paraic reommended tidying herbaceous border plants, hoeing out young weeds, trimming apple and fruit trees and generally feeding plants with shrub and tree fertiliser. Listeners questions included yellowing daffodil leaves, the care of indoor plants such as orchids and figs, pruning acers, bee freindly hedging, sowing mushrooms from kits. Climbing plants such as ivy and clematis were also discussed in depth with recommendations for planting and climbers suitable for different locations.
March 4, 2017
On this week's programme, the first of 2017, Paraic focused on sowing plants inside to bring them on before transplanting outdoors. Summer flowering bulbs such as begonia, gladioli, arum lily, dahlia and agapanthus all featured with a range of varieites recommended for colour and volume. Paraic also discussed planting vegetables including seed potatoes such as red duke of york, orla & colleen. Steps for the control of lawn moss were explained and Paraic also advised on replanting storm damaged mature trees and hedging. Listeners questions included planting rhubarb, blueberries and onions, repotting Christmas cactus and suggestions for bee friendly plants.
November 5, 2016
Colder temperatures signal the time to protect softer plants and the final programme of the current season advised on protecting plants over the winter period. Paraic discussed plants that provide good foliage colour in colder months including liquid amber, nandinia blush pink, smoke bush and winter heathers. Tips and hints included the importance of trimming back the tops of newly planted hedging, harvesting carrots and ground covering plants for sloped areas. Listeners questions featured planting bulbs in pots and containers, sowing green manure, winter flowers for window boxes, lifting and storing dahlias and using a step approach when covering an outdoor wall with climbers.
October 29, 2016
Garden designer Terry McEneany joined Paraic this week and the programme explored many aspects of garden design from form and function to location, lifetsytle and maintenance. Terry looked at different approaches to designing a garden including common challenges and how to plan for changes over the years. Questions included the use of artificial grass, disguising sceptic and oil tanks, designing outdoor cooking areas and trees suitable for long avenues. Other topics featured this week included mixed hedgerows, damaged viburnum davidii, problems with roses and winter flowering shrubs, plus advice on fruiting fig trees and how to ripen pumpkins.
October 22, 2016
Autumn colour was the main feature of this week's programme and Paraic discussed a range of plants providing colour and interest for the next couple of months including cyclamen, rhubarb & custard, jewel of the nile and capsicum. Paraic featured some seeds suitable for sowing now such as spring onions, broad beans, night scented stock and other hardy annuals. The programme advocated for moss control and concentrated on climbing plants that can be sown now. Listeners questions included showing a beech hedge, spring flowering bulbs for wooded areas, replanting window boxes, pruning apple trees and harvesting sweet potatoe.
October 1, 2016
Temperatures are starting to fall and this week's programme started with a timely reminder to protect softer flowering plants at night. Harvest season has arrived and Paraic explained how to recognise when fruit is ripe and the best approach to use when picking. He also advised on the importance of pruning and applying a winter wash once harvesting is complete. Other topics covered this week included planting fruit trees for next year, splitting rhubarb and propogating strawberries from runners. Listeners questions featured dwarf daffodils, cutting back wildflower meadows, pruning hyrdrangeas, controlling ivy using a brushwood killer, pruing and feeding blueberries and suggestions for good white climbers.
September 24, 2016
With Autumn winds blowing Paraic reminded listeners to firm down new trees and shrubs both at ground level and by securing stakes. It is also timely to cut back ivy on mature trees that may be vulnerable to storms in order to limit damage later. The programme focused on potting on geraniums, taking cuttings from plants such as coleus and rhus typhinia and moving hydrangeas and red flame japonica. Listeners questions included trees for colourful foliage, easy to grow house plants, harvesting conference pears, propogating using a cutting globe and soil preparation for hedge planting.
September 17, 2016
Autumn temperatures remain high this week and Paraic looked ahead to lawn tasks for the weekend such as weed control, grass cutting and re-seeding. Now is the time for planting autumn vegetables with varities of garlic, cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli, lettuce and spinach all recommended. Other topics covered included non flowering rhodedendrons, tunnel preparation and planting for Autumn, propogation of hawthorne and the best approach to planting silver birch. Listeners questions ranged from problems with poorly developed carrot roots to small decorative trees to combating the codley moth in apple trees and colour recommendations for Autumn and Christmas weddings.
September 10, 2016
In this week's programme Paraic discusses propagating plants such as rhubarb, hostas and grasses and recommends Autumn planting of onion sets. This is also the perfect time for showing seeds for hardy annuals such as sweet peas, godetia and wildflowers. Hedging was also featured this week with advice on what to choose for different environments and situations from fast growing Laurels to the colourful berry yielding Sea Buckthorn. Listeners questions included how to ripen green tomatoes, transplanting furze bushes, leather jacket infestation in lawns, the treatment of algae on hard surfaces and bulb planting in wooded areas.
September 3, 2016
In the first programme of the Autumn series Paraic discussed gardens at this time of year focusing in particular on lawn care, fruit harvesting and sowing seeds and bulbs for Spring. Topics included Plum trees with Opal and Victoria varieties recommended. Paraic also highlighted green manure as a way of enriching soil and explained how to take cuttings as the Autumn season approaches. Listeners questions included alternative varieties of Hydrangeas, how to grow coronet apples from rootstock, good pollinators to ensure fruit on Bramley apple trees, scented tulips, pruing hedges and fruiting plants and the correct method of moving a forest flame.
June 25, 2016
The final programme before the summer break focused on the effects of the strong temperatures and damp conditions which are leading to good growth. Paraic advised on the importance of treating plants that are susceptible to disease with a preventative fungicide. He also recommended tidying the garden and matintain weed control throughout the summer months. Plants featured this week included regular and short varieties of Arum Lillies, Cotoneaster and Maple trees, Dahlias, Hollyhocks and Forest Flame. Listeners questions inccluded Apple trees and June drop, control of carrot root fly, algal bloom on ponds, non flowering tomatoe plants thinning grape vines, pollinating kiwi fruit and greening lawns withouth forcing growth.
June 18, 2016
With so many plants now in full bloom Paraic started this week's programme with a demonstration on taking cuttings and gave tips on preparing the cutting, using rooting powder and compost/pearlite mix ratios. The programme also featured sowing flower seeds for next year including wallflowers, sweet williams, forget me nots, winter pansies and violas, and with moist and humid conditions continuing a reminder about treating for blight. Tomatoes, roses and mediterranean type plants also featured on the show this week while Paraic answered questions on Crinum bulbs, new lawns, alternatives to Bordeaux Mixture, aphids on cabbage and sowing Sycamore saplings.
June 11, 2016
The threat of blight was highlighted at the start of this week's programme with Paraic advising on the importance of treating straight away as humidity and moist conditions coincide at the moment. Temperatures are promoting a surge in growth and the programme focused on the importance of feeding plants and hanging baskets while taking preventative action against soil and air borne pests. Plants featured this week included the hybrid Adams Laburnum, Kale, Sweet Rocket, Basil and the Roma vairety of beefsteak tomatoes. Listeners questions ranged from damage caused by rabbits and hares to moving Rosa Rugosa and repotting Acer Ocakazuki.
June 4, 2016
With Bloom in full swing Paraic reported on some of the interetsing gardens on show this year and gave tips on getting the most out of what's on offer for those visiting the event. With temperatures remaining bouyant the programme featured advice on spraying for blight and liquid feeding plants while Paraic focused on useful plants such as Aloe Vera and Scaredy Cat. Other topics covered this week inlcuded planting lilacs, pinching back tomatoes, vegetable and herb planting and tackling Japanese Knotweed. Listeners questions featured slipping carnations, flowers for sunny areas, repotting Yucca plants, growing and watering cucumbers and tidying up daffodils and other spring bulbs.
May 21, 2016
Sweet Potatoe was the main plant featured this week - this South American native grows well in Ireland indoors and Paraic advised on fertiliser, growing conditions and varties that are particularly successful in our climate. Chilean Lantern and Laburnum are now coming into flower and Paraic spoke about the importance of feeding plants at this stage and also warned about the prevalence of pests in general recommending preventative action before its too late. Listeners questions included problems with bare patches in laws, sowing beetroot and kale, treating mare's tail and bind weed and lifting daffodils and bulbs in general.
May 14, 2016
Now that better temperatures have arrived Paraic reminded listeners this week to get vegetable, fruiting and flowering plants sown while sounding a note of caution about planting out warm weather dependent plants fully just yet. He also emphasised the importance of keeping newly sown plants watered and the benefits of applying a granultated feed at the moment. Garden tasks for the weekend included taking control of weeds and general lawn care. Tips included treating yellow patches in lawns, using a trellis-climber combination to disguise oil tanks and enriching soil with boron when sowing turnips. Listeners questions this week featured planting dwarf nastursiums in hanging baskets, planting out cherry trees, lemon scented geranium to ward off flies and re-potting Calathea Crocata.
May 7, 2016
With basket planting weekend upon us Paraic suggested a variety of flowering plants available at the moment including Dianthus, Gazania, Ageranthemum and Osteospermum. The advantages of grafted tomatoes were also discussed and Paraic advsied on the immediate feeding of young trees and shrubs and how to recognise and treat different aphid infestations. Roses, Snapdragons and Arum Lillies were featured while listeners quetsions included treating blight in Boxwood, Persicaria Affinis Superba for ground cover, rabbit proof plants and system feeds for house plants.
April 30, 2016
With the bank holiday weekend upon us Paraic focused on greenhouse gardening and suggested a varitey of vegetables suitable for planting: tomatoes, peppers, chillies, aubergine and some of the softer herbs. Paraic also advised on starting hanging baskets and suggested that plants shoudld be grown on for a week or two in advance of planting up fully. With lawn care still a challenge for many tips included moss treatment, greening up and treating bare patches. Listeners questions ranged from creating a cottage garden and sowing Hamamelis Jelena to protecting newly sown hedging against aphids and information on the Pheasant Berry shrub.
April 23, 2016
Weed control, planting up containers for spring, sowing herbs and night scented stock all featured on the first part of the programme this week. Paraic also spoke with Barry in the Bay Leaf Restaurant about herb planting and using natural ingredients in cooking. Topics discussed in depth included lawn care, treating leatherjackets and setting new lawns, sowing plants for school vegetable gardens and the importance of not over pruning Wisteria at this time of year. Listeners questions included Ardisia Crenata, growing Swiss Chard, cleaning out garden ponds to promote healhty pondlife and using brushwood killers to elminate underground roots.
April 16, 2016
It's Grow Your Own weekend and Paraic highlighted the preparation and planting of popular herbs, vegetables and fruit trees on the programme this week. With weather conditions improving it is also time to consider lawn care in general with tips provided on weed and moss control. Paraic discussed a range of trees that can be planted now: flowering cherry, laburnum, royal burgundy, stellar pink and cornus kousa while other topics included hanging baskets, organic slug control and growing wild garlic ramsoms. Listeners questions featured composting in a wheelie bin, soil conditions for growing lavender, protecting fruit trees from jackdaws, propogating old roses and maintenance of phlox plants.
April 9, 2016
This week's programme featured a community gardening initiative in Kiltimagh with Paraic out and about talking to the people involved. Wormeries as a means of composting cooked food were also featured highlighting the stacked pots method. Platning and pruning of roses in containers featured too - Paraic advised on varities that are good for growing in containers and pots including The Scarlett Patio Rose, Precious Amber and Mum in A Million. Paraic discussed the Dig or No Dig debate for raised beds and gave tips on installing land drains in wet areas. Listeners questions featured Rhubarb, basil, japanese knotweed, carrot root fly, chinese lantern and evergreen trees.
April 2, 2016
With potatoe planting season in full swing this week's programme started with a special feature on growing one of our favourite crops. Leonie provided tips on varieties and methods for growing while Paraic recommended some varities for those who like to eat them baked; King Edwards, Kerrs Pink, Orla and Cailin. Asparagus, Chickpeas, Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Peppers also featured in this edition. Listeners questions included sowing tomatoes in a greenhouse, curtailing broad leaved weeds in lawns, pruning Broom, Apple Trees and Roses and problems associated with poor performing daffodils.
March 26, 2016
The programme this week featured an update on gorwing sprouting seeds and Paraic also advised on planting sweet pea with tips to encourage lateral branching. The subject of algae on plants was also featured together with planting geraniums by propogation and the importance of using a high potash fertiliser when cutting back hydrangeas. Questions included sweet tasting tomatoe varieties, planting rhubarb, care and maintenance of amaryllis matterhorn, planting out and propagating begonias and Paraic suggested some flowering varieties for feature trees.
March 19, 2016
With St. Patrick's Day just passed potatoes were the main feature of the pogramme this week as now is the ideal time for planting. Paraic advsied on good planting conditions and best varieties for different soil types. Varieites discussed included British Queen, Setanta, Sharp's Express, Cailín, Orla, Red Duke of York and Kestrel. Paraic also featured wheatgrass which can be sown indoors now and looked at Phacelia for attracting bees into the garden. Listeners questions included how to green up a lawn, composting, planting Arum Lillies, sowing sweet pea from seed, lifting and storing beetroot and cutting back clematis, both spring and summer flowering varieties.
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