Lori Gil left unchecked
Joey J
Hard to believe what passes for "tech journalism" these days. In episode 656, Lori Gil drones on and on about "data recovery from an iPhone" without ever mentioning or realizing that not even the FBI can break iPhone encryption and DriveSavers can't either. In fact, no one can without the passcode. Even more shocking, neither Andy Ihnatko nor Rene Ritchie even bother to correct her, as they seem too busy giggling and flirting with what they act like is the first female they ever get a chance to talk to... so much so that none of them even try to disagree with her false assumptions or even attempt to debate this issue or any other in the entire episode.
Love love love
Can't stand the music
But Andy goes toooooo long, and Donna go back to being a brunette that current hair color washes you face out.
Love this show
ATL Greg
I really enjoy Leo and his regular cast. Great info and opinions on Apple and other Apple related tech news.
Best podcast
Leo comes off as arrogant but I love the show and wouldn’t want anyone else 😁. My go to podcast.
Love this show 😎👍🏻
I like the show. Andy and Rene are great too. I would love to see Ewen Rankin from the British Tech Network, Jeff Gamet, Kelly G, Adam Christianson from the MacCast and Dave Hamilton on the show as a guest more often. Leo is a great host😎
Andy talks too long
Jared Duquette
I can’t stand this show any longer. Andy talks too long, for minutes at a time, with no point and interrupts conversation.
I'm done
Dent De Leon
The show has descended to the level of political advocacy. I have watched the podcast for years, understanding the political philosophy of Leo & company, and that's fine, I'm open to the views of others. But the show now takes the stance that there is only one viewpoint, theirs. CNN does enough political spin and virtue signaling, I don't need it in my tech news. MBW is making it clear rgat this is a private club, inclusiveness is not in the menu. Message recieved and understood.
MacGripe Weekly
After years of listening I unsubscribed. This has become little more than constant complaining about Apple and Leo constantly shows his Google bias and general lack of current knowledge about tech topics. Rene Ritchie is well informed and frequently corrects Leo's errors. Rene is the best panelist. Alex brings good content to the show when he is on. Andy, who in the past has been a positive influence on me, had degenerated into nearly constant snarkynes and complaining. His obsession with the new keyboards has gotten old after 15 show or so. Leo frequently talks about his money by discussing the new Tesla, trips he is taking, and things he is buying for his children and new wife. Odd for a man that always thinks Apple is greedy. If Apple does something ahead of Google Leo, with no evidence, will say Google will do the same soon. He spouts unsubstantiated opinons about Apple which Rene has to fact check. It's all gotten very repetitive and there is now little information provided. Rene is the one source of new information and I know I can subscribe to his podcasts.
Espresso Stain
One of the most entertaining Apple podcasts
High production values and good guests. They are trending towards more Apple criticism as of late, but it is still a quality show.
Not What It Used To Be
After 10 years of listening to MacBreak Weekly, I’ve decided to move on. Today’s episode, “Salty, Salty Funk” (06/21/2016), is the perfect example why. It was the first episode in a really LONG TIME that I actually enjoyed listening to! I forgot how good it could be. Was it because WWDC just happened and they now have a lot of Apple news to talk about? No because last week’s episode was the first after WWDC and I didn’t enjoy it. So what could it be then? Hmm? Oh yeah. Leo Laporte wasn’t hosting today’s episode. In the past, I used to hate when he wasn’t on the show. After today, I’ve realized that he’s the reason I don’t like the show anymore. It was like night and day! He’s gotten to be so negative about Apple and inappropriately off-topic that I just can’t stand listening to his voice anymore. So much so that I couldn’t even stand to listen to his pre-taped ads during the show. I had to fast forward through them. He really needs to realize that he is bringing down a lot of his shows with his negativity and his inappropriate antics. He needs to remove himself from this show, find a new host that actually likes Apple and isn’t faking it, stay on topic, cut the show down to an hour when it’s a slow Apple news day and have actual Apple-related picks of the week. As long as Leo Laporte continues to host this show, I won’t be listening/watching. If you want to listen to some good Apple-centric podcasts, may I suggest Rene Ritchie’s own “iMore Show” and “Apple Talk.” Another good one is Cult of Mac’s “The CultCast.” They cover a lot of the same news MBW does except the hosts don’t go out of their way to trash talk Apple and they know how to stay on-topic.
Used to like it
Now it's too long and the banter, and name dropping just goes on and on. Alex talking about his trips to Africa or whatever. Dvorack would keep them on message on TWIT but he's not on that and I can't listen to it anymore. I've just unsubscribed to the whole network. The Father is good and so Is PC show, but I'm a Mac person. The emperor has no filter and thinks he doesn't pull hi spants down and craps like everyone else.
great show! Rene, Leo, and Alex really know their stuff!
Alex Lindsay
Why/how is he on this show? Flaming idiot, surrounded by true pundits, like Rene Ritchie.
Should be renamed GoogleBreak Weekly
I watched this podcast for years but now because of Leo it is so biased against Apple I can't watch it. They should either rename it or find someone to replace Leo.
Needs a New Host
I like Rene, Andy (god, if he could only cut it by half) and Alex a lot but Leo has to understand that people that listen to this podcast are mostly Apple fans and his constant negativity (I assume, resulting from Apple snubs) is really getting annoying. I am not asking for a white-wash but most people can see that his criticisms go way beyond any reasonable interpretation of the facts.
Give us a break Leo
Leo was so excited this week that the Nexus 7 finally has reached iPad like quality, and tooted that horn the entire podcast. He also stated that Google has Apple on the ropes. Now everyone on the podcast just lets him go on. I really am sick of him and his attitude. He is such a Google fanboy, while always taking stabs at Apple fanboys. It would be better to have Paul Thurrot from Windows Weekly head the podcast, he would be more favorable and fair to Apple.
No Longer Entertaining
Regretfully, the show has degenerated into Leo Laporte's personal vendetta against Apple. Very little useful information, which is covered in every other podcast anyway. Discussions amount to little more than guests "plugging" certain favored products, namedropping of Silicon Valley insiders, and bragging about their status in the tech community. The show is no longer entertaining or useful.
It Has Changed
Back in the audio-only days, MBW was my must-listen podcast for news and intelligent commentary on all things Apple. I valued the opinions of the hosts and guests. Some time in the last year, the show has suffered from length and inane banter about nothing. And some of the Apple enthusiasts on the show have changed their tune and become much more critical. And if a guest says something the host disagrees with, the host often interrupts the guest, which is completely aggravating and disrespectful. Not saying the pundits should be Apple yes-men. But this is a show for fans by fans of Apple, right? Been looking over podcasts again with the major fixes to the Podcast app and I'm going to give this show another chance. But I might be back to lower the rating and say good-bye to the TWiT network.
Best Apple Podcast
Show no longer impartial or fair
Okay, I understand the need to present both the good and the bad of Apple, but I must agree with earlier reviewers. Leo's love affair with Google has gone so far that MacBreak Weekly hasn't had a balanced panel in months. Poor Alex Lindsay can't get a word in edgewise. I understand Leo might be a bit down on Apple right now, but I feel this show should have an even balance of opinions regarding Apple. And I think Leo needs to stop taking the Apple litigation against Samsung so personal. Lawyers are going to do whatever they have to to protect their company's interests and intellectual property. These things go both ways.
For the past month I haven't been able to watch any of Leo's Large video Podcasts on my 1st generation Apple TV. I can playback any other podcasts but none of Leo's newer podcasts.
Best podcast on the net
Andy and Leo are great. As a new Mac user I really appreciate the depth of knowledge Leo and his guests bring to the table. I hope to visit the Brick House some day!
Great show!!
I really enjoy the show and like staying informed. Each of you add something different to the show and together you all make a great team. I read a few other post and completely disagree with them. Don't change anything about the show. I'm a Social Worker and listen to your podcast---each episode helps me relax and forget about the barriers I face each daily. Your team is real, informative AND have a good time.
If you want to watch the most professional, incisive, humorous, all about Apple podcast, this is the show for you. Leo Laporte's many years on the radio along with his knowledge of all things tech, Alex Lindsay's expertise in the field and Andy Ihnatko's writing and great sense of humor all make the special sauce very palatable. Mmmmmmm Mmm! Yum, and thanks guys.
Love this show!
Leo, Andy, and Alex make this show a must listen/watch. Great guests like Don McAllister are an added bonus.
Leo out of Macbreak weekly please
Abo saker
Apple hater what an ..... talking about apple like that Find another podcast that's not yours fat...
Alex is destroying the show!
Please please! Less Alex and more Andy
Macbreak Weekly is a good show about Mac's and mac news.
Kenny Kraly Jr.
Macbreak Weekly is a good show about Mac's and mac news. Good shows they always are and very good.
They should change the of the show
To: Mac Hate Weekly Leo s a Apple hater, please hire MG Seigler to host this show!
Little biased
Very biased opinions in the air there. its the same thing Andy Inhako doesn't agree, they get into some good conversations then Leo just puts his opinions on it. Good show love leo and his people
Very entertaining
Leo really is the best. The show is lively and funny. Leo has a long history in this industry. I love the story of when he bought his first Macintosh at Macy's back I-984'
MacBreak 228
I love this show... but when Alex is on turns into the 5000.00 + camera cast. Lets be realist, most listeners are not at this level nor will ever be... nor even care, Im sure some do but their is plenty of Camera/photo podcasts out there that cover this kind of hardware.
Look elsewhere. 2/5 Stars.
Juan Guapo
I used to like this show but as time as gone on, it's become increasingly adolescent and [at times] abrasive. For example, when someone says something (esp. A. Ihnatko or A. Lindsey) that I want to hear, Mr. Laporte cuts him off and chimes in with his own musing. My advice--look elsewhere. Laporte was a pleasure to listen to but since he has been syndicated, his attitude has noticeably changed and gotten more abrasive (notably during "Antennagate").
Love the show
Great show Leo
Drop all the rambling and whining, reduce the show to 1 hour
If you cut out all of Alex Lindsay's whining and bragging how he worked on ONE Star Wars movie, then drop Andy Inatko's 20 minute monologues on how he found a book in an antique store before he decided to instead buy the audiobook but then decided to go back to the antique store so he could buy the book for a friend that doesn't believe in technology book readers but still appreciates that people are reading more because of them, this show would be 1 hour long. I do like the show, and often times get a good nugget of information out of the group, but there is a lot of useless rambling to wade through. And Leo, you may consider replacing Alex. He doesn't offer anything of interest except being one of the biggest Apple fan boys who always seems to be making excuses for Apple's actions.
Its a great webcast .... so long as Merlin Mann is not on the show.
Nexus 21
Wow. Merlin Mann just spoils this truly good webcast. He just goes on and on and on, and never really makes his point. I feel sorry for Leo, Andy and Alex having to sit and listen to this guy babble on. The show on Apple's Beatles announcement was truly cringeworthy. I guess the good thing for us is ... we can either fast forward over Merlin's bits ... or simply hit the delete button and hope next weeks show doesn't include Merlin.
Enjoy The Show
Hey im new to the show and its great, Thanks. PS I need a new Mac to run Starcraft 2 on better Graphics also. MacBook 15" i7 2.8 ghz I hope.
Love it
I really enjoy this podcast for all the insight and different points of views. However, I wish most of the tech people did not live in San Fransico and NY because then they would not be able to have anything bad to say about the iPhone. Other than that keep up the good work.
5 Star Podcast
To DChamplain: Any criticism Leo has given Apple lately has been completely warranted. This isn't an Apple fanboy podcast, it's an Apple news and discussion podcast. There are times when it's extremely positive toward Apple, and times when it is critical. If it was only one-sided, I would have zero interest in the show. As it stands, the whole team does a very thorough job of tackling the weekly news from all sides and they should be lauded for their effort.
Apple criticism is increasing as Leo goes Google
I listen to this podcast because I want to hear about the positives of Apple and their successes over the years. Leo needs to step down from this podcast because he is growing very bitter against Apple as his Google love affair increases. Thats all good to love Google stuff, that's what TWiG is for. Leo is the sour one that drags this show down. I need to find a real Mac centric video podcast. It's sad.
More Lisa!
Holy Crap! Have more Lisa Bettany, she is super hot!
Great funny and informative show!
Captain Jr
The best Apple netcast out there!
One podcast I never miss
As a video professional I rely on Mac Break Weekly to keep me on top of current trends, and besides it's just fun.
Best in Show
This really is how podcasting should be done - anyone thinking of producing a podcast should first look at Leo Laporte. I do not always agree with his opinions or the opinions of his guests however their professionalism and objectivity is without reproach. Anyone interested in Apple will enjoy this show - it is far and away the best podcast of its ilk. Bravo!
These guys don't put up a front. They talk about the good and bad of Apple.
I live for macbreak
Love the podcast you guys do a great job for all of us Mac gadget nerds out there that live to watch this stuff after andys review of the iPad last Friday I had to go get one. I was gonna hold off but couldn't resist after seeing it in action!
I bow to the president of the Internet.
The best Mac podcast now with video
F Bones
MacBreak Weekly was already a kick-*** weekly podcast about all things Mac; having the video version makes it just that much better. I'm currently viewing Episode 188: a special edition of the podcast with journalist Andy Ihnakto and Alex Lindsay. This version was recorded just minutes after the embargo was lifted off of reviews of the iPad. Andy was bursting at the seams to tell us all he had learned, and Alex is asking all the right questions. Episode 187 shows Mr. Ihnatko during the embargo: less informative but highly entertaining. It doesn't get much better than this. Leo Laporte has been creating video versions of his popular podcasts, and MBW is now in the stable. This podcast will be great for downloading the podcast and viewing on your laptop, iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Leo is doing some of the best work anywhere with Skype to bring leaders from around the world to his weekly shows. The video definitely adds a great personal touch to these highly-informative shows.
TWiT's the tops!
Professor Marvel
There's never been a better gathering of technical knowledge infused with entertainment and information anywhere ever. Period.
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