Excellent Interviews
Very inspiring guests, I've listened about 5 interviews today.
Quality content
Steve Lee
From my first lesson I was impressed with the level of questioning and the level of guest I am definitely a fan.
One of my favorite podcasts
William gets the best of the best for guests on this podcast. He covers almost the entire spectrum of startups and product building topics. I find myself learning something valuable/actionable in almost every episode I listen to.
The Charlie Rose of Tech Interviews
I think that about sums it up.
One of the best
This is one of the original podcasts interviewing the highest caliber people in business. No fluff, no 10 minute intro's, hard to reach guests, and smart / tough questions. DRT is a must listen.
Great Show. This is a must listen.
Always have something insightful. Great show!
Great pod
Cleveland sports fan
Interesting guests combined with excellent insight and relevant questions from the interviewer
Where's the personality?
SiCk NaSty Kustoms
Love the show and it does bring great value, but it's the equivalent of listening to a monotone college professor. The person being interviewed will laugh and tell their story and crack jokes and the interviewer never even makes a peep and doesn't even reply to what anyone says. No matter what they say he just asks another question like he doesn't even know how to reply to anyone.
Great guests. Terrible host.
If you can ignore the host you will love the guests.
Love the show
I really enjoy the podcast!
Focussed and clear
In the midst of other competitors, one of my main reason that DRT is still my favourite is because of the type of questions that William asks. The questions gives room for the person to talk freely. Another reason is clarity in the topic and also the podcast. There are no other noises or low sound quality. This is like the basic necessity of a podcast.
Thoughts for entrepreneurs
Running a tech startup is not easy. Think of a roller coaster...fun right? Now remove the safety belts and clutch for dear life...oh and you are building the roller coaster as you are riding. For those of you in it, you know what I mean. Hearing from others like us and getting insights is among the most invaluable things that exist. This podcast is amongst those, so listen up!
Enjoyable podcast
I've enjoyed this podcast over the past few months. I'm happy I started listening to it.
Informative and well done!
I look forward to more content!
Amazing podcast!
Dorm Room Tycoon is podcast every entrepreneur or wantrepreneur (I don’t mean that in a negative way) must subscribe to. William Channer does an amazing job interviewing some of the most influential business leaders and does it in such a way that the interviewees feel comfortable freely sharing their experience and any advice. Keep it up guys!
Inspiring and interesting
Inspiring stories from the bes
Great guests with great insights — great takeaways for entrepreneurs and laymen alike — comparable to a16z — episodes are just the right length
A Worthy Podcast
This is a podcast with high production value. Would be perfect for a guest like… oh, I don’t know… say, Elon Musk, or someone of that caliber.
Excellent podcast
Kirk Elifson
This is a superb podcast for listening to the world's greatest entrepreneurs! Really enjoyed the interviews with David Karp and Max Levchin. Good job!
Love each interview keep them coming.
Nice way of keeping up with the startup scene
Watching the show grow over time and it’s still keeping up with the popular stuff. As his business partner I can tell that I’m improving my vision through these podcasts.
Need to have podcast for entrepreneurs
This is the podcast to have for entrepreneurs. The key to a successful venture or startup is information and experience. DRT gives you both, interviewing the top in the business.
Great show
Lots of interesting topics. William is good at making the interviewees comfortable telling their stories in depth.
Fantastic sources for entrepreneurs and anyone wanting to succeed.
The host interviewed amazing array of guests from very different industries who have different insights and visions. I personally drew lots of courages and inspiration from the conversations. Give a try!
Great show again
Crew Expendable
DRT is once again a great show! Great guests!
Great interviews
Really insightful questions and selection of people.
Brilliant - Just What I Was Looking For
Buck Inspire
Being a new father, working a 9 to 5, and squeezing out blog posts and podcasts, I needed short, to the point, nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. Dorm Room Tycoon fit the bill perfectly. William Channer cuts straight to the chase with his direct questions and doesn't back down from some of today's brightest thought leaders. Keep doing what you do!
An Allstar Guest list
Ben Applebaum
A must listen for innovative thinking
Great collection of thinkers
Really enjoy the thought provoking interviews.
Great Show
Really like the podcast. Gives me lots of ideas on how to go about starting my own thing. I am very thankful for the podcast, it sounds like people interviewed and the interviewers are my buddies sharing with their experience and their knowledge. Thanks Will and Dan!
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