Steep decline
I used to enjoy listening to this podcast, but the quality of this podcast has greatly gone downhill over the last two years and now most of the episodes are boring. Additionally, whenever this host interviews someone that's famous, he never asks any tough questions and he lets the other person fully control the narrative. It's almost as if he's trying to become buddies with the famous people he interviews.
Really Interesting Stories
A combination of really unique and interesting stories. Admittedly though some are almost too “out there” for my liking but always well produced and tremendous thorough work and quality. Delivers a very unique perspective though which I like tremendously.
Fun, insightful and very different
Always fun, different views on familiar subjects makes this show fascinating.
This is now one of my all time favorites
They talk about relevant stuff, stuff Everyone should know about and at least be thinking about. What I love is how they make somewhat boring topics and make it fun and interesting! Thanks and keep it up! 🤗
I listened to a couple episodes - mesmerized... then I realized ALL his interviewees are very close to the same individual with different accents... Minnesota accent professor or researcher? YES. I do not believe his research or podcast is objective as projected. World: “What have you done for me lately?” Freakonomics: “Steven Dub’d an ‘expert’ on something menial into our show and sensationalized it.”
Love Learning with Dubner!
This podcast launched my love of podcasts more generally. Every episode is interesting, gives me a new perspective, and leaves me with something to ponder. Great work, hope it continues long in the future.
Hate doctors?
I’ve been listening for years. After listening to incredibly biased show on nurse practitioners and a number of other episodes, it seems like physicians are the go-to negative comparator. You have a lot of interesting content, but I have to unsubscribe because you seem to hate my passion and profession. It’s easy to point fingers at one or another of us in history. But as a group of highly educated, dedicated and loving people I think it’s harmful to hold us in such low regard. I loved your story on universal income and looking at the world through the eyes of an economist but I don’t need a finger in the eye every third episode.
Smart and interesting
luv 2 lstn
The freakanomics folks know how to choose topics that fuel my curiosity!
Consistent, entertaining and educational
Ian Sr
Hard to find a bad show. From week to week, Freak is remarkably consistent and fun to listen to. I listen during long runs and they make otherwise grueling hours fly by. One of my favorites.
The Best
Funny, interesting, and smart. I always learn something new listening to this. One of the best podcasts out there.
Always interesting
One of my favorite podcasts. I look forward to new episodes each week and relisten to old episodes on long drives.
Steven Dubner speaks and articulates very smoothly and succinctly thus making the listening experience superb!!!!!! He is great to listen to 👍🏼
Never a waste of time!
An intelligent show that proves you can be entertained and educated at the same time.
Interview those that are suppose to serve the people
This is a request to all news media that instead of bringing us stories surrounding victims & families of these senseless acts of gun violence; how about placing the mic in front of our congressional elected officials and asking them directly what action/legislation are they going to implement to stop/halt the purchase of automated weapons. Let’s put the pressure back on those who are meant to serve the people, not the NRA, or those with the most money lining their pockets. This is where, you, the media can help us, the people, get to the real problem. Help us please and keep up the great journalism.
So much fun
I don't think there has been a single episode that I have disliked at all. Thank you and keep up the great work!
Unreliable Sources
I unsubscribed and stopped listening after they kept using Jed York as an expert on sports economics. A show focusing on economics should be able to sort out business persons who have little knowledge of economics based on their track record.
Farm Policy & Supermarkets
grateful biped
Enjoyed this show in particular. 1) In the 1980’s my step-dad worked in the international division at a medium sized pharmaceutical company. Over the years many of his colleagues came and visited the company and stopped by our home for dinner & drinks. When we had guests from Eastern European and other small countries, one of their most consistent remarks about the US was the abundance of fresh meats, vegetables and everything else available at our supermarkets. I remember a normally stoic Czechoslovakian Dr. jump out of his chair while explaining his experience walking through our local A&P. He so badly wished his wife could be with him to witness the glory of our supermarkets. Five minutes earlier he had described seeing Niagara Falls and it elicited almost zero excitement from him! I also recall many heated political discussions but it’s the dozen first time “supermarket experiences” that stick in my mind. 2) Why do we continue to treat/support some businesses so differently than others? A $16 billion farm subsidy?! There’s inherent risks in business and farming should be treated no differently. At least we should exempt the super-farms from receiving subsidies. And it’s unbelievable how ethanol subsidies have become a sacred cow for 30 years, or more. I’m guessing this is partly the result of Iowa holding the second primary? Not sure. I’m in favor of funding research and providing grants for agriculture and USDA projects (not to the tune of $16 billion), but shielding an entire industry from the normal ups and downs of the market for going on 100 years is asinine. There’s a family behind every small business and I feel for the financial hurt during the bad years. But businesses change, go out of business, etc. And some industries cease to exist altogether. About 20 years ago I recall seeing a 4th generation logger in his late 20’s complaining to the TV that he couldn’t make a living anymore. Environmentalists and the government (of course) were preventing him and his family from carrying on the family business. I was dumbfounded by his sense of entitlement and the spitting righteous indignation of his plea. Um, sorry dude; there’s a finite number of Doug Firs in Oregon and the ecosystems they thrive in. You made a bad bet thinking a resource was going to last forever. Perhaps at some point you’ll thank your lucky stars that this industry lasted as long as it did while feeding and sheltering three generations of your family. Now it’s time to move on to something else (coal mining anyone)? My family owned three donut shops and they went out of business. Not participating in any crowdfunding, Govt. subsidy or public sympathy. It was fun while it lasted. We all went to work doing something else.
America’s Hidden Duopoly
curved stick
This is an an exceptional podcast on a subject that is critical to our democracy. The pod diagnoses the problem of our two party system and offers cogent reform recommendations. All Americans would benefit from hearing this analysis and reflecting on why the system no longer serves the people. Thank you Freakonomics for bringing us this excellent piece.
Bells and Whistles are Unnecessary, Unpleasant, and Distracting
I really enjoy most of the content of this podcast, but I find it painful to listen to with all the cutting and jumping around. Let me just listen to a conversation. You already have my attention. You don’t need to try to keep grabbing it. It becomes annoying.
Ms. LV
This podcast literally changed my life to the point that I once dreamed of a partner who would sounded like Steven Dubner and as 1/2 smart as him. Then my life would be completed. Thanks God for Freakonomics!
Great facts and fun!
I have been listening to Freakonomics for over two years and listened to almost every episode. I always find that I learn something fun and interesting and I particularly love the episodes Tell Me Something I Don’t Know where they touch on a variety of interesting facts from industry professionals. Highly recommend!
Listening for years and still the data stays amazing and entertaining
Marketing tip for the abortion paper title-scrap the current one and replace with “more love equals less crime:how wanted kids receive the tools in upbringing to avoid crime.” No one can argue that the this country could use more love. Keep it up-this show continues to keep me curious while also coming to my own conclusions. Appreciate the great work!
great pod
Verrry interesting - but
Topically, this show is great - far-ranging and quirky. However, they NEVER question their slavish devotion to capitalism and markets as the only viable option. Guys - do a show or three wherein you examine this!
Believe the hype
An intellectual deep dive into a variety of topics. Guaranteed thought provoking episodes that will increase your understanding of how we think. The detail and thought that goes into each episode is fantastic.
Excellent show; stunning job
I am pursuing a PhD in applied economics and owe a lot to this show for the ideas that they have given me for projects and its insights on economics and our society. Excellent job from Stephen Dubner. My favorite show.
Excellent Work
Ann Arbor Bob
The latest issue, 384, is fantastic. The organization of the points and discussion, the quality of the presentations by the academics, the pacing and the editing.are all top notch. The shows are usually good, but this one is excellent.
Sometimes is is very interesting, but sometimes - not so much.
Keeps Evolving
Keeps evolving as the podcast landscape changes -- old fans should try it with new ears!
By encouraging the listener to consider counterintuitive views of a subject, the podcast encourages us to venture out of our little boxes and preconceived notions
Jonathan smith
I like Wait wait don’t tell me petter Sagan
Best podcast
You really learn something valuable. I would suggest listening it more than once to understand and remember the gold
It took some time, but eventually it’s easy to see the conservative and unbalanced bent to the interviews - they choose to interview conservative guests and the interviews are guided toward a conservative message that is not balanced by countering perspectives. Also, they have an episode that focuses on medical advice and they choose to interview an economist and ask them to examine research studies, rather than a medical doctor or a medical researcher?? Odd choices that reflect a biased message the podcasters are trying to convey. Very shady.
Always learning.
I always learn something interesting in this podcast.
Overall great
I love the normal shows, but not the live show. If I wanted to listen to Tell Me Something I Don’t Know I would, but I want to listen to Freakonomics.
Great show
I love this show, learn something new every time.
So entertaining
Absolutely entertaining. They discuss issues that are pertinent to everyday people and analyze the economic implications and how it will affect the masses. They break down issues and discuss the interactions and the structures that effect that topic. The recordings of their live shows are the greatest!
Love This Show
Tradecraft Design
S Dubs and crew shine a light on so many interesting subjects week after week.
Liked the book, love the podcast
This podcast is fun and educational. It helps me to see things in a different light.
Quick Daily Lessons
I love getting to learn something new every day in these short, informative, and relevant episodes!
Used to be good
Dave Arneson
But then they got Woke
Subscribe Now
Insightful, clever, and entertaining. Can’t recommend enough.
i don't have one yahhhhhhh
Great podcast!
Love topics and depth of content
My favorite podcast—great scope and depth of topics—particularly as hey touch on behavioral economics
One of my favorites
I have been listening since episode one. It has been a great educational experience of looking at how we make choices as humans and how incentives can help shape others behaviors.
It is not enjoyable
Very boring in long car rides
Used to be my favorite podcast
This used to be my favorite podcast— easily. I felt like they explored interesting topics, did thorough research, and took interesting perspectives. Ever since this got taken over by stitcher, the quality has dropped way down. The interviews are boring and aren’t critical. The angles from which topics are explored are not unique at all. And there are fewer new episodes being released! I feel like every other episode is “from the archives” or an episode of the game show, which used to be a separate podcast (that I never listened to because I was not a fan). I want a return to the stuff that made the book and early episodes of this podcast good, rather than a heartless money-grab. A few episodes have been interesting, but I honestly don’t enjoy this podcast like I used to anymore. The worst part is that when stitcher took over, Dubner releases a whole episode saying the future of freakonomics was gonna be bigger and better than ever, but it’s just turned in to a lame cash grab.
Just like Radiolab
Benjamin Sprinklesworth
The older episodes are fantastic, but the newer episodes aren’t worth the time.
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Stephen, host of Freakonomics Radio, highlights all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Older Episodes???
As someone who is a recent convert to the world of podcasts, it is interesting that there is a limited number of past episodes available for listeners. While the subject matter has been interesting in the available episodes, I’m finished with all 13 (out of a supposed 379). So, now what?
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