Rob Orman is the man
If you're going to actually subscribe to one evidence based, CME generating podcast in emergency medicine, it this should be the one.
Informative, and on point
If you want information that is backed by evidence-based practice and research then you won’t be disappointed by listening to these podcasts. They are cutting edge, full of info and lively!! However, if you are listening and not being drawn into the discussion between Dr.Z and his guests or find this podcast a yawn (I am directing this comment to those who are healthcare providers: Docs/NPs/RN/PAs) then you need to seriously reflect on why you have lost your passion to effectively care for patients. Continue to bring it on Dr.Z!!
I’ve been a practicing ED doc out of residency for 15 years. Every episode brings useful information and is well worth listening to.
Rob has been changing my life for years
ACNP Baltimore
Rob has been teaching me valuable and practical information for working in the ER for years - he also has this voice that makes me think that I can be a little more confident in my knowledge base and get more done for patients so it’s an intellectual and emotional support Maria Grotz NP
Plz use number for episodes 🙏
Evan Blake Keogh
RN and Director of Nursing in LTC/subacute rehab setting. Delighted to say I have found many of these episodes topical, relevant to my niche, and very informative. Wonderful find. Thank you.
Loved the bicarb in DKA expisode
Classic Internal Medicine situation where we have to be careful of the ‘yes the patient died, but he had better numbers when he died’ scenario. When orthodoxy gets accepted too quickly, unintended consequences with worrisome outcomes may occur.
Relevant and reliable
Ideal resource for EM residents and learners of all levels. Entertaining conversations with experts, updated weekly. Wide variety of topics from practice updates to literature reviews to physician wellness. Just keeps getting better!
Transformational teaching!
Great GREAT podcast April 30, 2018 re addiction, changed my thinking, wow...thank you, Rob. You do a great podcast, you have a great team, you guys have a great effect on med practice, thus, then, a great effect on patients.
The Best Info & The Best Delivery You Can Find
Kodiak PA
Dr. Rob Orman is not only an awesome medical educator he is also a consummate “radio voice” both entertaining, funny, compassionate and brilliant. I’ve been listening to Robbo for over 6 years and my practice as a rural family practice provider has improved because of him. Dr. Orman also has an interest in primary care (that is appearing more and more in the ER as access is decreasing) and he expertly incorporates this info in the ER Cast discussions. In other words you don’t have to a dedicated ER provider to get a lot of useful information out of his presentations. Listen to a few of his podcasts and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll be hooked. His effort is obvious and his guests that he gets on the program are some of the best experts in their fields. This is a 5-Star program.
Doctor or patient, the content is relevant and intriguingly conveyed.
Dr. Orman proves an excellent host. He is easy-going with his guests, which creates an atmosphere for thought provoking questions and answers. The content is relevant and he stays on topic, keeping the listener interested and engaged. I come away with a better understanding and a desire to dig deeper into each discussion Dr. Orman has so obviously taken time to research and prepare.
Informative without being boring!
Podcast fun
Pediatric ER RN- Methodist Children's ER in San Antonio, Texas. I Love the subjects and the discussions. I wish more ER doctors did podcasts!
Great Show!
Glad you are continuing the show. Entertaining and engaging host. Learned a lot as an RN from this show. Always recomend it to my freinds as one of the first FOAM podcasts they should try. If you like what you hear consider subscribing to EMRAP or Primary Care RAP both of which the host is greatly involved with. You get CE and more really entertaing and educational podcasts every month.
Sad to see the episodes stopping though
I love Dr Orman
Dr Orman is amazing.
Pure excellence
Absolutely love this podcast, anyone in emergency medicine should be listening to this
Top 10 EM Podcasts
Rob has one of my top 10 EM/CC podcasts. Always high quality information from a humble, yet intelligent physician.
Superior information and content. Easy to listen format, presents information in a digestable manner. Keeps me up to date on best practices. I recommend this to all my medical/pharmacy students.
Perfect for EM residents and attendings
Rob O nails it every time. Great education
Great Job
Colorado Snowflake
Nice Work Dr Orman!
Great education
Love the program!! Great educational value.
I'm a "mature" nursing student (translate older and changing careers) and recently discovered your podcasts. I LOVE them. Entertaining and educational. Listening to these conversations is like tuning my ear to medical music. Thanks!
Enough said
Clifford O'Sullivan
Absolutely fantastic.
Always clinically useful!
Always great pearls in this podcast.
A great podcast and review
Jma 5
This is anouther of the Itunes finest when it comes to emergency medicine/critical care. This knoledge and confidence that I gain listening to all of these podcasts especially the one about the toxic neonate is just anouther way Dr. Orman proves his bonifides.
Great Content for Any Physician
Ryan Gray, MD
I am a general practitioner in the Air Force and find this podcast to be very informative. Lots of great information and high quality production. Thanks!
Super teaching with style and passion. Please keep up the good work. Thanks
Good Stuff!!
Thx for the great podcast!
Excellent podcast!
I am a critical care nurse, my significant other an anesthesiologist and in pain medicine. We love listening to this podcast very enlightening. It's a good review as well.
Strong work!
DJ Simmons
I thoroughly enjoy listening to every podcast! The way that you present your material is both educational and entertaining. I also have a podcast and since the beginning have looked to you as a source of articulation and structure. Thank you so much for all of your heard work and keep the episodes comming!
One of my favs.
top notch
Renaissance Paul J
This is a great podcast. I work in a family medicine residency and I recommend this to all of our faculty and residents.
As one who has only recently discovered ERCast - I have been tremendously impressed by the superb efforts of Dr. Rob Orman. I've already "combed the archives" to record past issues. Rob gets the BEST to join him as his guests - he moderates skillfully drawing out key points. I LOVE the way he summarizes what was presented with wonderful synthesis. Fun and highly educational to listen to - and truly a source of info not available elsewhere. Please KEEP UP the FANTASTIC work Rob! - Ken Grauer, MD
PDX Rocks!!!
I love Rob's tone and insight. I especially because I am an EMT in PDX near your hospital. I enjoy the topics and are always packed full of morsels of goodness. Keep up the good work and represent!!! Mike M.
Philippe S
I won't pretend I know much about medicine but listening to this is fascinating. It seems so amazing when it is explain that way.
Emergency medicine from a consultant's perspective- great stuff!
Dr. Orman does a fantastic job of helping you understand EM from the consultant's perspective and how they manage the things we see everyday. In addition, his interviews of other EM leaders in the field are invaluable. Each episode is packed with great pearls that you can use on your next shift. If you practice in emergency medicine, you have to listen to this podcast.
Can't fall asleep--too interesting
Wow. Great podcast to expand and fine-tune medical base. Love that practice standards are reviewed as well as differences in opinion. Especially like his forthrightness when the "why" of a particular standard is experience-based rather than scientifically-based. Both are equally important in practice. Besides, he's also very entertaining.
Entertaining an educational.
This podcast is so informative and entertaining that it has become a routine part of my drive in to work every week. Real world advice for the practicing ER doc.
Love it!
NP in EM
As an NP in EM I'm constantly looking to further educate myself in the complex care/ practice of EM. Your pod cast is definitely at the top! Please keep them coming! - great job, great delivery, great information!!
Very useful
Dr. Jayhawk
Great podcast. Really gets at the information I want to know.
Great podcast
As a retired ER nurse I enjoy hearing new updates etc. Thanks Dr. Orman.
Great topics and discussion
AdRock VA
Have been a practicing ER physician for 5 years and think this Podcast is excellent. I listen to alot of different Podcasts and think this is one of the best I have heard. It is short but sweet giving the practicing physician what he needs to know without getting bogged into mundane details. I listen to it in the car on the way to work and always find it helpful, enjoyable, and I learn a lot. Thanks Rob for all you do. Adam R. Practicing physician in Charlottesville, VA
Excellent, Educational and Fun
Being a busy practicing Board Certified Emergency Physician, I'm always looking for a way to keep current and refresh on the go (in the car typically). Few programs/podcasts are as clinically relevant and potentially practice changing as Dr. Orman's project. The question and answer format with specialists in the field is engaging and a wonderful departure from Audio Digest. Between it, EM:RAP and EmCrit, you're covered. Thanks Doc O!
RNs benefit, too
New RN in PDX
As a new RN in the ED, I can use all the tips and tricks that I can get my gloves on. Dr. Orman's podcasts, while aimed at the ED physician, are full of little pearls that are helping ME help my ED docs take better care of our patients. Not only have I learned about manually irrigating bladders in hematuria patients (which I promptly did with confidence for the first time within a week of listening to that episode), I now understand more about hyponatremia and why the doc is or is not getting excited about that sodium level. Plus the learning is interspersed with laughing and that's gotta counteract new nurse burnout, right? Thanks for a great resource!
The stuff 4 what ails u
Np boy
Good info - including nice curb style consults with specialists from the Portland area. I work primary care and find some of the info helpful (pediatric hip evals - htn urgency etc). Plus it may lower your cholesterol, ease your heartburn n improve your drive... (I m # 75!)
Great Stuff
Mortimer Z MD
I am in primary care and never want to get to the ER... but these are great lessons for all of us. Practical, concise, and very real life information and lessons. It is the kind of teaching for which we all thirst.
Great podcast!
DY EM resident
Entertaining and educational. Keep up the good work!
EM resident
Great for my commute to and from my residency. Keep them coming!
Practicing ED physician
Van Hatcher
Amazing. I love it. Entertaining and informative. I listen to these on my way to my Hospital. Keep them coming!!!
Terrific podcast
I'm a critical care RN and an FNP student, and I really value this podcast.
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