Years of Grace
Sincerely, Sarah
I’m so grateful for this podcast. I’ve been listening to Tim Keller for over 13 years now, and I’m continually amazed how the Holy Spirit reveals so much to my heart through his teaching. Thank you for having this resource to spur me on. I can’t wait to share with friends.
Life Changing. Period.
Thoughtful, deep, layered teaching that keeps bringing me back to the foot of the cross each and every time I listen. Thank you so much for offering this and please keep it going!
The best thoughtful, Biblical, and practical gospel saturated speaker
Well, we’ll worth a listen and a subscription!!
So. Much. Wisdom.
I love these sermons. They’re so applicable, so real, and really does make the gospel make so much more sense on how it actually affects us in real life today.
All of his podcasts
I can not say enough good things about Tim Keller’s podcasts! He is such a solid and humble Bible teacher!!
The Goodness of God
Tim Keller has a way of giving us the bad news with such a big dose of good news. He is always thoughtful and careful in his exegesis and encouraging in the application.
Loving God with All My Mind
Westley Ingersoll
Tim Keller’s teaching and exposition on Scripture is a rare gem in our American landscape. Rather than making an appeal to my emotions, he helps us mine the truth of the Gospel in a scholarly fashion. But the end goal is never information, but transformation. The power of the living book, the Holy Bible is presented in a way that speaks to both my heart, my soul and my mind! His sermons are riveting, yet startlingly practical and applicable.
Thankful Family
Selling Phoenix
Most of my family listens to and is being built up in our faith through Tim Keller’s love and faithfulness to God and to teaching the Gospel. I am thankful for how every message in some way connects with both my mind and heart. And very grateful for the teachings that more deeply impact my mind/heart that draw me closer to Christ and the gospel as it is which continues to bring about the life long planned in advance by God. Praising Jesus continually!
Always deeply moving
kings gate
Hands down there is always a nugget of something that comes of these sermons that I’m forced to meditate and gnaw on. Absolutely transformational.
Keller is Impressive
Gagger 12
Tim Keller is one of the best at stirring your emotions for God through theology. 5 Stars
Inspirational Messages - Thank you!
This is the best podcast in my feed of many. Dr. Keller is such a helpful genius. Hearing one of his sermons in person is on my bucket list.
Converted Heart
God has used Tim Keller to change my heart. A church-goer for my life, when I listened to Keller and heard what the gospel truly was, I believe it was then I was actually converted.
Converted Minister
This is an excellent podcast and source of Christ glorifying Truth. I started listening after hearing about Keller through The Gospel Coalition. His messages beat down on my heart, yet lifted my spirit, while exalting and proclaiming Jesus. At the time, I was a minister who was dying inside and needed help preaching, thus I asked for Keller’s book “Preaching” for Christmas in 2016. I read it in two days and was convinced that I had been living in self righteousness and lawless antinomianism after Keller walked through Genesis 3. It was here, being entrenched in God’s Word that “my chains fell off, my heart was free, I rose, went forth and followed Thee!” Thank you Gospel In Life, Tim Keller, and especially Christ, our King!
Glory be to Jesus Christ our Saviour
The messages preached by Tim are phenomenal and can only be attributed to the presence of God in him. Luke urges us to ‘Listen carefully’, listening to these sermons has encouraged me to personally spend time reading word of God- Bible.
Wisdom for Living Found Here
So thankful for Dr Keller’s ministry making these sermons available on the podcast for free. The messages are a clear explanation of the gospel and directly applicable for modern people. Whether one is a follower of Jesus, suspicious of Jesus, or curious about Jesus, Tom Keller is worth a listen.
Great way to start my day
I listen to Gospel in Life almost everyday on my commute to work. It is such a great way to get grounded and centered in Christ before a hectic day! The message is always based soundly on scripture. I am constantly reminded of where my focus should be and challenged to evaluate my heart. 100% recommend!
Al Fol
I am so grateful to be able to hear Tim Keller’s sermons!! I started to listen a few years ago on you tube and now I listen to these podcasts at least 3x week. The gospel message is so logical and amazingly wonderful! I have learned so much! I keep trying to share this with all the skeptics in my life! Thank you so much 🙏🏻
So grateful for this podcast
I spent the last year overseas in medical missions, and God greatly used these podcasts to encourage me and convict me regarding my walk with Him. I am so thankful for these sermons and this ministry.
Powerful biblical teaching
Tim Keller’s captivating way of teaching the Bible is challenging and encouraging for both believers and unbelievers. He always highlights the incredible beauty of the gospel, and I come away with a deeper understanding of who God is every time I listen.
Powerful Wisdom Through God’s Word
A pastor at my church gave me one of Tim Keller’s books, the Prodigal God, the message of which was so powerful and greatly influenced my walk with God. Since then, I’ve been looking for as many messages as I can find to seek God’s face and grow in wisdom and understanding. Gospel in Life has become a big part of that process. Thank you Tim Keller, for sharing your spiritual gifts with the world.
In the hard solitude I’ve known, the isolation I’ve endured, few sermons have more put society and my place in it in perspective. We need to stay together, or like logs pulled from the fire, we dwindle. But society is not the heat we need, not in itself. We don’t need the idols of our culture, we don’t need the approval. We are salt, and salt keeps the meat (society) from turning putrid without restraint -we must care for the world and for others. But refuse the idols. We need Christian warmth and we need the Lord, and Keller does a phenomenal job at reminding us at our core that this is so. Highly recommended.
Encouraging, Convicting, Thought-Provoking
Hubabub Johnson McNair
Tim Keller’s messages make the words of the Bible accessible and the tensions of the gospel approachable. Listening to his messages have become part of my routine so I can be reminded of who I am and learn about the nature and character of the God that we serve.
Truth and life
The words of these podcasts are truth and life to those who hear them. I love how the gospel is presented so clearly in each sermon, and this is not only a gospel to be believed for salvation but also to be believed and followed daily for life. We never outgrow it. We need it every part of each day.
Gospel for life
Incredibly well researched, always practical. Podcasts filled with wit & wisdom. Prepare to be challenged.
Diana H Q
I cannot use the right words to convey just how much Keller’s podcasts feed me spiritually. The depth of soul that is addressed through the teaching of scripture is just astounding. For the first time in my 33 year Faith journey I am actually enthralled with God’s truth. So very thankful!!
All the marks of timeless biblical teaching
Skeptics with challenges, newbies with questions, or long-time Christians seeking maturity will all find a refreshing usefulness of Dr. Keller’s teaching. I suspect he’s one our kids will continue listening to and reading. So glad these recordings were preserved.
Loved for years...middle ad is too loud
We hate to complain because we are such fans, but the audio mix of his wonderful comforting voice is so abruptly interrupted by loud ad. Her voice is very nice as well but the volume in the intro, outro and ad are way too loud. If there was no middle ad it would be so much better. Okay but otherwise I love love love this and it helps me sooooooo much !! So grateful for the wisdom I receive.
Rich, biblical teaching!!
Wow, I am just wowed. I still don’t know how I stumbled upon Tim Keller but thank you God for that. I have grown up going to church all my life, Tim’s series on “idols of the heart” has revived my heart and brought new depth and meaning to my walk with Jesus. Tim’s knowledge of the Word and teaching of daily application is powerful, I want all my friends and family to hear!
Tim is a faithful and exemplary teacher of the Bible and an attractive representative of the Christian faith. He explores the concepts and teachings deeply but clearly. Wonderful.
New perspectives
Living deeply in the word comes through opening our minds to what Jesus did for us and what it means to be a human, who’s creator loves us. This podcast dissects pieces of Gods treasure chest of infinite glory and helps the listener break down the meaning of each promise and gives good ideas on how to access those promises, not by behavior, but by shifting mindsets to the every day cliches that the Bible has turned into. My favorite teaching ever is “thy will be done” - I just sit in awe listening and thinking about what Jesus was feeling when he was preparing to go through the crucifiction. His voice is soft too so i like to listen at night. Thank you Keller Family for making this available to all!
Clarity and Conviction
Dr. Keller has the most amazing way of unpacking the density of the Word, while helping us marvel at its beauty. I don’t know a better teacher. What a blessing this podcast and his many other publications are to this world!
For anyone interesting in growing forward!
Gospel in Life
Arkansas Evelyn
Wow! Tim Keller so clarifies scripture, help us get a fresh look at the Bible and how to apply it to real life! And helps us see how we so easily miss seeing our own foibles!
B. Lab.
I can’t put into words how much this podcast has meant to me, the truth that is presented here is so refreshing. Thank you for this ministry.
Gifted thinker and teacher
Kristi d Lawrence
Tim Keller is so gifted. I’m so happy to have access to his teaching. He starts with cerebral excellence that concludes with piercing the heart.
Stirs My Affections for Christ
Excellent, gifted teacher. Keller brings the gospel into the everyday. Listening to his teaching stirs my affections for Christ. Grateful for you sharing the gift.
Frustrated by disbelief
Edgie V
Most of my life I have heard the gospel distilled into a simply stated pat message, which I haven’t been able to understand or believe. These sermons are helping me to understand and believe just how profoundly life changing, hopeful and good the message of the gospel is. Sermon 349 and the discussion around righteousness was particularly moving for me.
Thanks, Tim
I’ve been trying to earn God’s love and acceptance for 60 years. I give up. Every second of every day I’m craving words of grace, and fighting to hold on to Jesus as my only hope. I’m beginning to understand Christmas. I’m beginning to breathe. I’m ashamed this is taking so long, but even a second of knowing His love is worth all the anguish of wondering what was so good about the “good news”. I even was in “full time Christian service” in my twenties, but having no clue!!! All that work is rubbish!!! I’m still so afraid God is going to want an account of all those works done out of the pride of trying to save myself. But now I want to want to obey. Yep. Want to want to. Obedience is a terrible and terrifying word. I want obedience to be my joy! I guess I’m still afraid of God, but I don’t want to be. His grace taught me to fear. Now I need his grace to help me not to fear, but rather know His love. ( I’m sorry that I gave you one star. Then 2. Then 3. As I tried to get up to 5. I should have had a clue at #1 that it wasn’t working to go from left to right to add stars!!! Ugh. I’m learning!! )
Life Changing
Jayda Hazelett
I love listening to Pastor Timothy’s sermons whenever I’m cleaning or getting ready for the day. He always brings a different, but Biblically sound, perspective to each scripture. His sermons are very applicable to life and keep me reflecting on my walk of faith in Christ. I recommend everyone to listen. :)
Thank you!
I discovered Tim Keller on Amazon while researching book by another author. I decided to listen to his book’s trailer and became immediately curious about him and his church. I discovered his podcast and now listen to every sermon. I repeatedly say to myself how I wish I could have had exposure to this superb teaching of Christianity much earlier in my life. I never figured out how to “grow my faith” and I eventually let go. I thank Tim Keller for his excellent lessons and coaching on understanding and living the life of a Christian and for rekindling my faith in my senior years of life. Thank you!
Gospel for Life!
I've been listening to Tim Keller's sermons for a few years now, and he has profoundly deepened and challenged my understanding and my faith. He brings in multiple sources from fields as diverse as psychology, history, other faiths, and pop culture. His sermons are well organized, often around three key points that are listed in the podcast summary, as well as the verses being studied. His books have also been a great help to me. Truly, a great blessing in my life and spiritual growth!
Love this podcast
I am very thankful for this podcast. Tim’s sermons are life changing. I listen and re-listen. Soooo good!
347. How to Grow
This is An excellent teaching about the stages of growth as a disciple of Jesus. Well done.
Dr. Keller’s words speak to my soup
Thank you so much for the consistency of this podcast over the last several months. I can’t speak for anyone else, but the frequency of this podcast has coincided with a challenging period of renewal in my faith, and I’m incredibly grateful for Dr. Keller’s teachings, which have helped stabilize me and direct me to take my cares and concerns and anxieties and sins to my savior. I would highly recommend anyone listen to this podcast. If you do, don’t just listen to one episode here and there. They’ve been doing a great job recently posting series on various topics (like the freedom of self-forgetfulness, how to pray, learning to recognize and confront idolatry, etc.) where the individual teachings build on one another. Thank you again, and I hope God continues to bless this ministry!
Life changing
Being able to listen to thoughtful, insightful, article preaching is one thing, but being able to be constantly reminded of the centrality and astounding beauty of God’s grace to me is another. As a Christian for years, I regarded “the gospel” as what you tell someone so they get saved. My life changed as I realized that THE Gospel: I am more flawed than I ever imagined, and more accepted through Jesus Christ than I ever dared dream. Such a blessing to be able to access such a wealth of encouragement and exhortation.
One of my favorites
Dr Timothy and Kathy Keller, are tools in God’s hands use for good works! Very thankful I get to listen to this!
Powerful perspectives
I’ve been a student of Scripture for years, both independent and organized Bible studies, but Dr. Keller has such a gift for pulling together relevant references, examples/illustrations and analogies that I see/understand so much more. He is certainly anointed and inspired for such a time / place as this. Please listen and thank you!💟✝️
Bk rdr
Dr. Keller teaches the Word of God clearly. He is encouraging and challenging. He makes all of it practical. This is preaching at its best!
This is the best religious podcast I’ve heard! Dr Keller’s teaching has impacted me more than any preaching!!
Yes thank you Lord Jesus
blind now i see
Some of the best sermons I have ever listened to. I want to be with Jesus Christ my Lord all the time. Praise God Bless y’all. Makes me want to be around Jesus.
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